Love makes a change CHAPTER 49

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Sanskar was reading the files and his eyes caught on a magazine. He took it and in the first stage it was about singer Riya aka swara. He looked at swara’s picture and he eyes welled up. He was beyond the word, he felt so happy that he found his love after 4 years. He immediately called his agents and scolded them as they didn’t inform him. He looked at swara’s residence  (dida’s) which was in the photo and it was written Delhi.

SAN: I found at last swara. I’m coming to take with me very soon my love.

He opened the drawer to take his passport but invain it wasn’t there.

SAN: Uff I left the passport at my room, k I’ll go and take.

He informed his PA to book a flight and immediately left to his mansion.


Sanskar started his car and the Radio started to play.

Chaandaniya from 2 States

Tujh bin sooraj mein aag nahi re
Tujh bin koyal mein raag nahi re
Chaandaniyaan to barsen
Phir kyun mere haath andhere lagde ne..

It seems there is no fire in the sun when you aren’t there,
and there is no music in a cuckoo’s singing..
the moonlights rain over here,
but why do I get only darkness in my hands?

(Hearing the song, he smiled this song truely reflected his pain all he went through these 4 years).

Haan tujh bin phaagun mein phaag nahi re
Haan tujh bin jaage bhi jaag nahi re
Tere bina.. O mahiya
Din dariya, rain jazeere lagde ne
Adhoori adhoori adhoori kahaani, adhoora alvida
Yoon hi yoon hi reh na jaaye adhoore sadaa

without you there is no color in holi, the festival of colors..
without you I am not awake even when I am awake..
without you, O beloved,
the days are like an ocean, and nights are like some islands..
[that is, the days are un-passably long and nights are lonely]
it’s an incomplete story (that’s ours), and incomplete goodbye.
I just hope it doesn’t end like that forever..

O Chaandaniya to barse
Phir kyun mere haath andhere lagde ne..

keDi teri naraazgi
gal sun le raaz ki
jism ye kya hai, khokhli seepi
rooh da moti hai tu
garaz ho jitni teri
badle mein jindaDi meri
mere saare bikhre suron se geet piroti hai tu
O mahiya.. tere sitam, tere karam
dono lutere lagde ne..

why are you angry,
there, listen to this secret,
what is this body, just an empty shell,
you are the pearl of soul.
however much is your need,
take from my life..
you stitch songs out of all my lost notes,
O my beloved, the pains you afflict, and your benevolences,
both seem to be looters to me..

Tujh bin sooraj mein aag nahi re
Tujh bin koyal mein raag nahi re
Chaandaniya to barse
Phir kyun mere haath andhere lagde ne

Adhoori adhoori adhoori kahaani, adhoora alvida
Yoonhi yunhi raina jaaye adhoore sada..

Na na na na.. na na na na..
Phir kyun mere haath adhere lagde ne
Tere bina.. o mahiya,
Din dariya, rain jazeere lagde ne..

Song ended.

Sanskar’s POV:

Like this song ended my wait too ends here.

Pov ends.


Swara went to their room. She didn’t switch on the light and she went to the balcony and was totally lost in thoughts.
She doesn’t know what will be sanskar’s reaction. She also don’t know how she will be reacting. Though outside she says that she has come only for kids inside she herself couldn’t with stand the separation with him. Very soon her thoughts where broken by the car sound. She looked down it was Sanskar’s car. She smiled unknowingly. Sanskar came out of his car and ran inside. She thought she could see his face but he went inside like a flash.

Sanskar came inside and saw ragini, uttara cleaning the table. He started to climb the stairs but stopped in middle.

Rag: Sanskar Bhai u want anything to eat.

SAN: No rags.

Saying this he started walking to his room. All of a sudden everyone was happy and he felt swara’s presence but she burshed of thinking it’s because he is thinking about swara. He opened his room and his heart started to beat rapidly without his concern. He didn’t know what was happening to him all of a sudden. He took in a deep breath and was about to switch on light but stopped in the middle.

Voice: Is this the time to come home Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari?

He immediately recognized this voice, the voice he wanted to hear all thses years is here, his swara is here. His eyes welled up very soon. He turned here and there to find her. Swara placed her hands on his shoulder. Sensing her touch he immediately took her in arms. He still couldn’t believe that swara is here, in front of him. He cried out showing how much he was missing her while even swara was crying silently. Only she knows how much she was missing being in his arms.
Still hugging sanskar spoke through his tears.

SAN: Swara I… I want to say something…. That…day I left early morning before u could wake up and I knew u will search for me so I left a gud morning note. I went to my room and was mentally getting ready to say about raj, I knew he could do anything which will lead us to separate. So I thought to inform u after having my break fast. Suddenly I heard my mom shouting so I went down and saw my mom crying seeing something in my hand. I took those in my hand and was shocked to see how perfectly they have edited the picture. I knew it was Raj’s work. I immediately went up and took my phone to call u and say what ever I wanted to say u so that even u will be mentally ready but invain my phone was out of charge…. I had no chance to informing…… Soon u came and u questioned me I fisted my hands and I was controlling myself not to spit out the truth. U ran out which made me broke into million pieces.(swara got flahes of what all happened and tears scrolled from her eyes) After that laksh told me about yr pregnancy, broke me even more but still I made my mind to say this to u anyhow after crying. I went out through back doors to yr house and I went inside yr house as still mom, dad, ragini we’re there in our house. I saw a paper in the table and I took it read it too…….(she tightly closed her eyes) I searched for u every where, where all u go, yr friends r there….. searched for u the whole Kolkata….after 4 years u r back. I’m sorry my love… I knew whatever I did was wrong but…but trust me I couldn’t do anything I..I’m sorry.

He broke the hug and looked at her for an answer while swara was all looking down. This confused sanskar.

SAN: Swara will u forgive me?

His voice was making her more weak.

SWA: Sanskar woh….. I want to…ha…u come with me.

Her voice was trembling sanskar thought to give her some time. He nodded her head and went with her rubbing his tears. While she too rubbed hers. They went to the drawing room. Swara opened the door and saw dev, Disha playing and Ritu sleeping sitting on the couch. Sanskar was surprised seeing these 2 kids whom he saw in the puja. Swasan went near them. Swara sat on her knees while he too sat beside her.

SWA: Dev, Disha.

Both looked at swara and then saw sanskar. Both squealed in happiness and was about to get down but Swara caught the and said.

SWA: U both wanted to see yr papa na?

Kids: yes, yes.

SWA: He is yr papa.

Both kids immediately hugged him while Sanskar’s feeling was out of the world. His happiness were immense. He closed his eyes tightly feeling this feeling, the feeling of fatherhood. Swara smiled through tears seeing father and kids together. She wanted this and it happened. Kids broke the hug.

Dev: Papa y u say that u r my papa at the puja?

SWA: Puja?

Disha: Ha Mumma r bestie he only but now our papa. (Hugs sanskar).

Swasan smiled,

Kids: Mumma papa we cmg to sleep in room.

SWA: k come

Swasan stood up.

Disha: 2 minutes Mumma papa u go we come.

Swasan nodded and came out of room and now they went to their room. Sanskar was waiting for the answers.

SWA: Sanskar woh…I need time to……

SAN: Take yr time swara I know it’s tuff but…..take ur time. (Understanding her situation).

Kiddos came in.

Dev: I will sleep with papa.

Disha: No no I will only.

SWA: What happened?

Dev: Mumma me only with papa.

Disha: No no me only.

Sanskar smiled and kneeled towards them.

SAN: Arrey if u both want to be with me then who will be with yr Mumma?

Dev: K today I be with Mumma today but tomorrow me only with papa.

Disha: k k.

Swasan smiled. Soon both made them lie in between them. Disha was hugging her papa while dev was hugging swara. Soon kiddos slept. As swasan were facing to each other and sleeping they were closing their eyes but both weren’t sleeping. Sanskar opened his eyes and saw swara. His love, his jaan after 4 years near him. He mentally thanked God for making this happen. While swara was also very happy but felt a bit awkward as they were living separately for years and suddenly she couldn’t stick on him that easily but she knew this awkwardness will vanish very very soon. Soon both dozzed off thinking for a beautiful future from now on.


Sunlight came in and sanskar woke up but he couldn’t as Disha was hugging him tightly. He slowly removed her small hands from him and kissed her forehead, he then looked towards swara but she wasn’t there. He thought she be getting ready so he kissed dev’s forehead while he nuzzled in his pillow making sanskar to chuckle seeing his son’s antics. Swara came inside. Sanskar saw her and smiled and she too gave a smile.

SAN: Gud morning jaan.

SWA: Gud morning.

Swara sat beside dev and started waking him up.

SWA: Dev get up..

Dev: No Mumma.(sleepy)

Swara was waking him up saying all sweet words and now 10 minutes have gone by, swara got fed up.

SWA: Dev u better get up otherwise no choki.

Dev: it’s k…

SWA: Ah…. This dida only used to wake him up I  don’t know how she does this. (Signs) let me call dida.

Swara took her phone and went to the balcony. While all the way sanskar was looking at his son and swara. He was having all the essence of him. He made Disha up so that swara don’t want to make more struggle. Disha was up.

Disha: Gud morning Papa (rubbing her eyes cutely).

SAN: Gud morning princess (kissed her and hugged her).


SWA: dida how do wake up yr great grand son?

Dida: I give him chocolates.

SWA: What?

Dida: yes otherwise he won’t get up (giggles).

SWA: U and ur grand son ah. Bye;

Dida: Bye.

Swara came in and again sat beside dev.

SWA: Dev…my sweet son na get up beta.

Dev: I get up only u give me something.

SWA: k ask (signs)

Dev: 10 choki

SWA: What? No no 10 all I can’t give.(Shocked).

Dev: Then me won’t get up.

Sanskar was surprised. Dev was doing the all the things just like him.

SWA: k 5.

Dev: No 6.

SWA: u….(she started tickling him while dev was laughing like hell).

Dev: Mumma……stop…..

He said between his laughs. Swara left him.

SWA: Finally u got up Uff! Dramamaze.

Dev: Yesh great granny’s only drama son.

Swara smiled while father and daughter while looking all this like a t.v show.

SWA: Challo let me get u both ready.

Kids: k.

Dev: papa! (Falls on sanskaar while he caught him).

SWA: Dev u play with your papa later now come.

Dev sat on sanskar’s lap and hugged him tightly and nodded his head vigorously in no. Sanskar smiled.

SWA: Arrey…. I’m fed up go.

She sat next to them. Dev was giggling.

Dev: k Mumma i coming.

SWA: Finally come.

Swara took both the kids inside to freshen up. While sanskar was all happy and was thanking God all heartedly. Soon swara made kiddos get ready and sanskar too got ready. All 4 came down. Dev ran shouting.

Dev: Gud morning all.

SWA: Dev don’t ran u will fall.

She nodded her in disbelief with a smile on her lips.

Rag: Swara, u made everything?

SWA: Ha rags all will bored having ur handmade food na, so thought to do it.

Lak: u r correct swara.

Ragini glares at laksh and he gulps, while all smiles.

Rag: By the way swara when u woke up and did all this.

SWA: At 4

Lak: 4 and u? U never get up that much earlier na.

SWA: It became a routine for me so leave that.

Rag: U have truely changed so much.

Sanskar smiles sadly because only he was behind of her change. Laksh went and kept his hands on him showing him not to worry through his eyes.


PRECAP: Suja and gagodias apologizing to swara, swara’s live concert and swara faints.

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