Love makes a change CHAPTER 46

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Dida: Shoru, we’ll be going to Mumbai today as there is a Durga puja.

SWA: K dida even I have some work there.

They went to Mumbai. Dida made kiddos ready while swara got ready wearing a red golden Bengali saree with jumkhs, some bangels, a pinch of sindoor in her maang and mangalsutra which adored her neck.
Swara came out. While dida looked her Shoru as she was wearing this after many years.

Dida: Looking very beautiful. K let’s go we r getting late.


All 4 entered into the hall. Swara and dida where speaking with some ladies while kiddos were looking here and there exploring the things. Maheshwaries entered the same hall which went unnoticed by swara and dida. As swara’s phone was ringing constantly.

SWA: Dida I’m getting constant calls from the music director so ill be attend the call and come inside (dida nodded) and u both don’t u dare to give trouble to my dida.

Dev: hi hi captain (he said saluting at swara).

While Disha giggled seeing her brothers antics. Swara smiled and attended the call as they were high music inside she couldn’t hear anything so she started to walk to the way out looking down. While sanskar to came looking at swara’s photo in his mobile. Both dashed each other and they mumered a sorry without looking at each other and started walking. While after few distance sanskar stopped as felt that voice was familiar. While Disha and dev went to sanskar and pulled his hands which broke his thoughts. He smiled and kneeled down towards them.

Dev: Hello, y u standing alone?

Sanskar smiled hearing his cute talk.

SAN: Just only.

Disha: Will u company us? (Will u accompany us?)

SAN: Sure and ur names?

Dev: I’m dev and she is Disha my sister.

Disha: What yr name? (What is yr name?)

SAN: Sanskar.

Soon these 3 mingled up very soon in such a short time. Dida was speaking with other ladies and she happened to see sujata. Dida was shocked. She immediately looked at the kiddos who were speaking with someone. She couldn’t see him as his back was facing her. Sanskar got up and turned as sujata called him. Dida was again shocked.

Dida(in mind): Oh no! This shouldn’t happen what if they see swara here? We have leave now itself. Dida asked one of the ladies to call kiddos. While kiddos came to dida.

Disha: Didu u called us?

Dida: Ha come.

Saying this dida grabbed both of their hands and started walking out.

Dev: Great granny y u taking us out?

Dida: I’m not well, so we r leaving.

Disha and dev: What nooooo (shouted).

Swara cuts the call and turned behind and saw dida with kiddos.

SWA: dida any problem?

Dida: Shoru, im not feeling well dear we’ll go home.

SWA: Dida r u alright? (Concerned)

Dida: Hmm let’s go.

SWA: k dida even I have to go.

Kiddos: Nooo no bestie bestie.

SWA:. Who is ur bestie?

Dev: inside.

SWA: What?

Dida was tensed because she didn’t want swara to meet them as now only swara is becoming normal.

Dida: Kiddos chup, swara let’s leave.

Swara nodded and took the kids while both were shouting and yelling not to go. Soon swara dropped them and went to the music acedamy.

It has been 4 years since has turned out being a singer. After dev and Disha’s birth swara took care of them for months and started to continue singing. Every year at least she bags one award but she used to send sakshi to get the award on behalf of her. This time she thought to show up herself due to everyone’s pressure.


Only swara came to the function while kids and dida were watching it live on the tv, waiting for to see swara.

HOST: So the next award for the best female playback singer goes to…….. RIYA
We kindly request Riya to come up on stage.

Swara came on the stage and she was given the award.


Laksh who was surfing on the t.v to see something hearing the hello he was shocked. He changed to that channel and saw swara, his bestie, his partner in crime after 4 long years… His eyes welled up with tears.


Dev: Mumma Mumma…..

Disha: Yeh Mumma in screen.

Kids were enjoying seeing their mother on screen while dida was sitting in pride.


HOST: U should really know this Riya, we all were waiting to see u at least once and at least now u full filled our wish.

Swara smiled.

HOST: Few words please.

SWA: Thanks for all who waited for me and a special thanks to my music director, my friend sakshi who comes and collects the award every year in behalf of me, my family, my dida who was back bone in each and every thing, My husband too. A special thanks to the audience who made this happen thank u.

Swara she herself didn’t know y she mentioned sanskar in this. While dida was Damm proud, kids in celebration and laksh was very happy as he found his bestie back.

Later swara bagged 2 more awards and came home. Swara was the sensation of the whole media now. Somehow swara came to her house as many media people has surrounded her house.

Swara hugged dida and placed the cups on the shelf.

Dida: U’ll be tired go and take rest.

SWA: Gud night dida (kissed her cheeks).

Dida: Gud night.

Swara went to her room and switched on the lights. The room was filled with balloons and color papers. While kiddos were standing in bed and shouted.


Swara’s eyes turned glassy and she immediately hugged kiddos. Kiddos broke the hug and wiped her tears.

Soon all three laid in the bed. Swara in middle and both of them at either sides.

Dev: Today we sing Lori for u Mumma, what say dishu?

Disha: K Bhai

Soon both of them started to sing whatever they knew and slept. Swara opened her eyes and tears fell from her eyes. She hugged her children. What else a mother wants better than this.


Ram got to know about the happings and didn’t even speak with sanskar and sujata. Uttara also came back and she too didn’t speak.


Maheshwaries we’re present in an award function.

HOST: Thank you everyone for coming to this award function now let’s all put out our hands together for this young bussiness men who bags this award every year. MR. SANSKAR MAHESHWARI.

All were clapping their hands while sanskar faked his smile and received the award.

HOST: A few words sir.

SAN: I would like to thank my staffs and clients who worked hard to make this happen, a special thanks to my brother laksh, my parents, my friends and my wife who encouraged me everytime. Thank u.

He smiled sadly and came down. Suju was extremely worried and ram was too worried as felt pain in his voice. Laksh was somehow determined to meet swara.

All came out and laksh got a call. He excused himself.

Lak: Did u get her phone number?

Op: yes sir, I’ll sms u now.

Lak: k do it quick.

Lak cuts the call and looked at the her number, yes it was swara’s number. He messaged swara to “come to hotel Hyatt tomorrow” while she to replied “k but don’t say to anyone”. This made him happy yet confused because y she was saying not to say this to anyone. Anyway he rubbed his thoughts and joined others.


Sanskar was sitting in his cabin resting his head on the seat and eyes closed tightly. His face looked pale.


4 years……4 solid years I have lived without my jaan. I still remember that movement which turned my life upside down.

FLASH BACK: (in Sanskar’s POV)

I left early morning before swara could wake up and I knew swara will search for me so I left a gud morning note. I went to my room and was mentally getting ready to say about raj, I knew he could do anything which will lead us to separate. So I thought to inform swara after having my break fast. Suddenly I heard my mom shouting so I went down and saw my mom crying seeing something in my hand. I took those in my hand and was shocked to see how perfectly they have edited the picture. I knew it was Raj’s work. I immediately went up and took my phone to call swara and say what ever I wanted to say her so that even she will be mentally ready but invain my phone was out of charge…. Now I have no chance to inform swara now oh no!…… Soon swara came and she questioned me I fisted my hands and I was controlling myself not to spit out the truth as I planned to trap Raj using this and if I spit it out it was cause something more bigger. If feel like stopping everyone from taunting swara. Swara ran out which made me broke into million pieces. After that laksh told me about swara’s pregnancy which me broke even more but still I made my mind to say this to swara anyhow after crying. I went out through back doors to swara’s house and I went inside her house as still mom, dad, ragini we’re there in my house. I saw a paper in the table and I took it read it in my mind.


Ragini I knew it will be only u and laksh who will come to pacify me but I can’t stay here, I can’t do understand my situation.
I’m going far away from u all.

After reading this I was mentally crashed but somehow I managed to got to my room and sat with a thund. After sometime I went down to search for swara and that is when lucky scolded me. I reacted like as I’m hearing it now and I left out………….. I searched for her every where, where all her friends r there. No one one knows in a day how much I could have roamed the whole city searching for her.
Till now no one asked me about this. Nobody asked my pov but I don’t care about all. All I want is to know about swara and her reaction after knowing this.
POV ends.


PRECAP: SWA-LAK meet, Maheshwari to know about swasan’s separation reason, Swara gets accident while sanskar saves her, sanskar to get to know about swara’s past.

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