Love makes a change – CHAPTER 26

                    SWASAN’S SANGEET

 HALL: ( Evening)

The whole mansion was decorated grandly ( same set up from the serial and all in same dresses too).
Swara just now arrived and she was searching for sanskaar. She saw him and went towards him but he was ignoring her. Somehow swara caught sanskaar.
SWA: Y r u not speaking with me?. He didn’t reply.
SWA: Arrey open yr mouth and answer do u have any sweets in yr mouth or what? (Annoyed because of his ignorance).
SAN: U didn’t even say a word to me that u r going to do concert but u told to everyone.
SWA: Sorry, I thought u will be busy. (With Puppy eyes)
SAN: Nothing is more important than you!
SWA: Sorry!
This melted sanskaar like ice.
SAN: It’s k! U sang very well.
SWA: hmmm…… Suddenly she gave a kiss one his left cheek. Sanskaar eyes widened due to her sudden kiss.
SWA: (with smirk) How can we forget the challenge or to say dare. Saying this she went. Sanskaar kept his hand on his cheek where swara kissed him and smiled like an idiot. Then he too went to attend the guests. Soon swasan sat on their special couch, all were singing and dancing happily for them. After sometime swara looked at everyone who were happily dancing and looked at sanskaar who was looking at them. She immediately kissed on his right cheek. Again with a shock sanskar looked at swara. Seeing him swara
SWA: No. 2 (giggles). Sanskaar smiled.
Host: Now let’s have a small game. This game is called paper folding dance. The music will play and the couple should keep on moving and inch by inch u have to fold the paper when the music stops. So hope all are ready for the game. I request the marriage couple to join the game and all the couples should come. Swasan too joined. Soon all took their positions. They both stood in the paper, sanskaar’s hand was on her waist while other was entangled with swara’s and swara’s hand was on his chest. Both were dancing according to the melodious tune, not putting heavy steps but was just moving. Going to the tune swara’s mind popped with an idea and she smiled. She looked at everyone who was quite busy in their dance as many of them participated. Soon they folded the paper many times and now only one can stand so sanskaar took swara in his arms and was moving lightly. Swara’s both her hands were entangled in his neck. Swara started to continue her dare. She kissed both his arms,chest, his forehead and finally without anyone’s notice she peaked his kiss. Sanskaar smiled seeing her.
Host: Wow the marriage couple has won, let’s give a big applause. Sanskaar dropped swara and both stood near each other. Swara slowly looked at sanskaar who was already looking at her.
SWA: Dare completed (giggles). Soon all went to have their dinner and all had lot of fun. Swara was going to uttara’s room as she left her phone in charge. Suddenly a strong arm pulled swara towards him (I know my readers r genius ?) Swara closes her eyes tightly due to sudden action. She slowly opened her eyes.
SAN: So MRS. SANKAAR has completed the dare it seems?
SWA: See I made u loose MR. SANSKAAR (proudly).
SAN: So tell me what do u want?
SWA: ah…..will think and say.
SAN: Now let me give you extra gift. ( Tightened his grip and leans towards her).
SWA: No, I only won so i will only give.
SAN: hmm, interesting never expected this from u.
SWA: So u don’t want ah? Then k I’m leaving (swara started to leave but sanskaar pulled her towards him).
Swara turned and encircled her hands around his neck and sanskaar placed both his hands were on her waist. His hot breath touched her face. She went even more closer, now their lips were just an inch apart. She smirked seeing him who’s eyes were closed. She tickled him and was running. Sanskaar gave a sad pout. While running swara looked at gave a wink and a flying kiss and ran away. Sanskaar looked at her suprised.
SAN: Offo, she’s making me crazy for her day by day. Sanskaar also went down. All went to their house.


PRECAP: Swasan’s conversation.

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