Love makes a change Season-2 Prolouge


“LOVE” this word was never a cup for him. His life has always been dark even though his parents loves him, cares for him and does every other thing to make him happy but all goes invain. He gives a smile which never reaches his eyes. He is not like this from his childhood but it’s happening now only. His only peace was and is being with his best friend SWARA and that is the only time he used to be genuine. Unknowingly his feelings grew up for her, up and up where it could have reached beyond the sky if it visible. He tired to control his feelings and failed miserably. He hardly, deeply, unimaginably, uncontrollably started loving her and no one knows this except himself. He feared to say his love out as he feared what if she broke all ties with him? No he can’t do this and if that happens that would be his last day on this Earth. It doesn’t mean he hates laksh because he knew laksh is a true gem and could take care of her well than him, he always thought laksh as his own friend and not a enemy. Other than this singing makes him look up whatever happens and tells him “How ever life goes move on, u r in this earth for some purpose” this makes his mood come up after swara, after all she is his everything for him.

Invisibly this charming man was and is “IN LOVE”❤

Her life has always witnessed only joy and happiness. She was happy with whatever she has. Her feelings are known only to one person her best friend or to say her childhood best friend SANSKAR. She knew that he knows her in and out. He could find her in every way possible way even if she doesn’t want to tell it out, that’s what she loves the most about him. Her words need not say but he could feel what she feels. That’s the time she passed on a man who could do all this just like her best friend Sanskar, LAKSH MALHOTRA. His every actions was enough for her to go flat remembering u all she’s no ordinary girl but today she herself started loving someone. She felt that wierd! Yet she loved him. He was not like others who doesn’t want their fiance to be with another man of his age. He never doubts her or sanskar for being so close and she loved that thing about him. Now she’s nothing without


He has tasted only the success in his life. He was determined in whatever he does. His hard work has always paid him off with good results. That’s when he came across his angel, his only love and his to be wife SWARA GAGODIA. Her cute, sweet antics has always attracted him, made him fall more deeper for her. He always thinks that she is the angel whom good had sent to make his life even more colourful in all sense. He has always admired Swasan’s friendship, he felt their bond is so pious and pure. He always wanted to have a friend like swara has sanskar but he has not none till date. Everyone has been behind him only for money but seeing their friendship he has always wondered ” How can there be this type of a friendship even today, in this cruel world?”. He was surprised and that’s y he wanted to have friendship as his friend after all he is swara’s bestie and he wanted to be his too!….


This is what they feel about each other. Usually I write prolouge but I don’t know y i felt like writing this instead of that. I want no one bash about these three. I have just written their feelings, their life. Hope you all understand. I’m writing this story between by busy schedule so u all really have give me good response. Hope you all are liking the prolouge, do comment and hit the like if you like 😊.

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