Love makes a change Season-2 Introduction

Character sketch:


SANSKAR MAHESHWARI: A handsome, gentle man, charming boy of 23. Secretly in love with swara, his best friend. He is a pilot. Girls go flat seeing his perfect physique. Loves his family a lot.hates Kavita like hell. He express his feelings only through singing as singing is his hobby. Best in hiding his emotions.

SWARA GAGODIA: A sweet, cute, dazzling beauty, loving, talented 22 years old girl. She has her own wedding planning company. In love with laksh Malhotra and going to get married to him soon. Her childhood friend Sanskar Maheshwari is everything to her. Love her dad and mom so much.

LAKSH MALHOTRA: Best young tycoon businessman of 23. He’s very famous. In love with swara who he’s going to marry. He treats sanskar like his best friend. Loves his family. He cares for everyone who ever cares for him. Always wanted a friend like sanskar. Girls drools over him like anything. He flirts a little to make swara jealous.



RAM MAHESHWARI: A businessman who is always busy in his work but his family is his first priority. He cares so much for them. Loves his son and wife like anything. Takes care of swara like his own.

SUJATA MAHESHWARI: A loving house wife who takes the care of her husband and sanskar. She knew that sanskar is in love with swara and worries for him as he hides his feelings and never share it with anyone. Loves swara like her own


SHEKHAR GAGODIA: A famous lawyer, Can do anything to see his daughter happy. Loves sanskar and laksh equally. Very strict in his profession but just the opposite in his real life. Only his age shows he’s old but by heart he’s young.

SHARMISHTA GAGODIA: Her daughter and her husband is her world. Loves cooking and takes care of sanskar and laksh like her own.


ANNAPURNA MALHOTRA: Laksh’s mom, house wife, likes swara, a soft character in nature.

DURGA PRASAD MALHOTRA: A strict man with moral values. He looks very strict but is soft by heart. Likes swara. A business man.


KAVITA SHARMA: Claims herself as sanskar’s fiance. Tries to stick with him always. Hates swara as she’s always with sanskar.

Few things to know:

RAM and sujata was seeing alliance for sanskar and at that time they found Kavita. Sanskar told his parents that he didn’t like her and they too conveyed this to kavita’s parents and broke the alliance yet Kavita told them that she will surely win his heart as she wanted him.

It’s a swasan story, I know I have written that swalak loves each other but u have to wait to know how they will become swasan. For that u have to keep in track of the story 😉.


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