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sorry guys for not updating because of my university pratical and now its over let starts and the link of part 3 is here
Part 3: Here

the episode starts with pragya smiles and sleep and later the day ends all went to bus stop pragya was so tired .the bus comes all get into the bus and there is no place to sit she was standing while holding the rod rithika and reka hoolds her while on the step abhi standing and watching pragya .
he got angry some time later pragya was so tired she loss her conscious and feel to fall down suddenly abhi come and holds her and scold by sayong that don’t you have any sense why you came college ,if your are ill, are you mad you think no body will care for you.
all her friedns and purab gets shocked and hold their hands in their mouth .
later abhi realised what he told and make her to sit in seat and pragya stop arrives she got down and reka goes with her to drop her
that night pragya feel better and the next day she came college and she thought to thank for abhi but she searched him she didn’t find him, because he also searched her.

they scenes shown like both of them are searching each
other in different direction in college.
later purab came and ask abhi about yesterday incident he said no purab its just concerrn for her that she was ill.
puab said that of bro if you have concern for her means then why you scolds her like you have right to scold her. he said not like that purab and went while thinking about that next day. suddenly both hits each other she said sorry while she see him. he was about to scold her but stop seeing her ,and ask you she said i search you from morning,while hearing this he have a small smile and she continued by saying that for saying thanks to you.
he told no thanks its my wish,but you will take care of your health i think if you ok today and also thought you didn’t eat anything from morning to now. she said yeah he ask her to come and buy some snacks and ask her eat she nods no but later she eat and purab watch all this from distance and smiles seeing them and goes forward suddenly pragya said i have to go and went .
abhi shoked for her reaction and turn to see purab and he understands her behaviour for purab he teases her as bhabhi.
in pragyas class all her friends was waiting for her
ananya and ajitha ask her where are you .

she smiles and said that the whole story, they again ask corrously by you don’t think that he have some feeling for her.
they teases er by standing in front of window she acts like getting fear .
abhi saw herr block and saw something different he rushes and run forward to her class and hold herr saying you ok alll gets shock and gave weiered look while pragya smilesand saying that we are playing .he ask are you playing are you mad and went out she smiles and get sad for he got angr.
in bus abhi didn’t see pragya and pragya don’t take eye from abhi he saw her with out her knowledge and smiles later she gets down from the bus so close to abh ibeacause of so rush in bus.his watch stuck into her hand thread and while she was unable to move both see that in same time and purab also see that abhi try to remove but he can’t .after he he open his watch and give to pragya and said that remove this and give it tomorrow to me in college while saying he gets into bus and bus starts to move.

here pragya holding the watch and smiles seeing the watch and went to her house she removes the watch kept it closee to her chest and smiles, while abhi think about the incident and smiles.while sleeping abhi think that that he give kiss to pragya in her foreheard and said i love yout o her.
later woke up and identify that it was dream and he smiles by saying that if may be it is real then that is the happiest moment in my life.
next day pragya gave watch to him and smile the clouf becomes black and the rain starts pragya run into the block and also abhi with her,in that moment abhi an awarely hold pragyas waist this made her to feel nervous suddenly they become move close abhi pushes her waist so close andshe puts her hand on his chest and lthey have an eyelock and abhi hugs her she too. later they came into sense and abhi apoligise to her she nods and ran away with a smile thinking hold abhi’s grip in her wai
st and

later all leave abhi comes and told her that today itself we don’t talk with each other because there is something between us which make bridge for us .
so for that u are a good girl and u want better life and don’t feel bad for this and said sorry and went out.suddenly her hand thread and his watch again holds,again he removes his watch and said keep it yourself and bye
she breaks down and crying by holding his watch.
abhi cant concentrate with anything pragya become heartbroken next day he see her eye are widened and he can’t able to tolerate that and hold her hand while going she didn’t see him he made her see and ask sorry for yesterday .she turn moves suddenly abhi holds her hand by saying that pleas forgive me and hold me hand hearing this pragya turns back and shock to see him . he see her with a smile and hugs her.they both hugs her . later while talking he said i dont know how would i fall for you she said that my love make you mine……………………………………………………………….


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