Love and love only by zerah malik episode 4

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Hey buddies….its me Zerah malik back with 4th episode of my ff
Sorry guys for the delay….
Hope you like it

And I thank all those you commented and messaged on my fr FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEARY

Oberoi mansion:

Priveer gets ready to go home
They takes blessings from everyone and bids bye

They leaves….

@shivika’s room

Shivaay : Anika…..My phone
Anika …. My file… Anika…are you listening

When he turn back he sees Anika sitting on sofa and playing game

Shivaay : ANIKA….

No response

He snaches the phone and says
: Anika.. I am asking for my important file and you are playing game here

Anika : so the great Shivaay Sing Oberoi can’t even find a file without me

Shivaay : who told you I can’t find file I am just asking

Anika : then go and find it yourself

Shivaay starts to find the file…but He can’t
he slowly peep back to see what Anika doing..he saw Anika smiling at him

Anika : just agree Shivaay you can’t do anything without me

Shivaay : No I can ….

Again he starts searching…. He mess all things in room but still he didn’t get.

Anika : don’t think that I will clean this room… After coming back from office clean it yourself

@ gaurika’s room

Om was working on his statue

Gauri : good morning Om…and gives tea

Om : good morning….and thank you

Gauri :Om.. I want to go to shopping so be ready in 11:00

Om : ask bhabi or Somya to accompany you

Gauri : Why ?

Om : because I have to complete this statue..

Gauri : hey Shankar ji you gave me an husband who has no time for his wife
No other ladies should get husband like this

Om : Gauri don’t do any emotional drama I will come tomorrow as I want to deliver this statue to Mr.malhotra

@ Rumya’s room

Somya was banging on bathroom door

Saumya : rudr…. How much Time you take to bath I am waiting for 2hours…

Rudr : just 5 mins more..

Saumya : I am hearing this for 2 hours……..are you coming out or not…

Rudr : if you had this much hurry you can come inside…I will not say anything…

Somya : Che…..
Pls.. Rudr come out

Rude came out from bathroom

Somya : phew…. At least now you came out…

@ shivika ‘s room

Shivaay gets tired an sit on bed And looks at anika
Anika laugh on him

Shivaay : Anika.. my file

Anika : fist agree other wise find it yourself

Shivaay thinks ooh god this much tadi
I am Shivaay Sing Oberoi and I am the tadibaaz too and I won’t agree

Shivaay : OK fine don’t give i am going…

Anika : OK.. Then go..

Shivaay goes…
He peep at door and says I am going

Anika : haan.. Go na… who Is stopping you

Shivaay : OK fine.. I am going GOODBYE…. and he goes

Again he rushes inside the room

Anika : what now..

shivaay think its time to become SSO

Shivaay : Anika give me my file

Anika : no

Shivaay : (fake anger)i am Shivaay Sing Oberoi and don’t have habit to hear NO

Anika : if you are SSO the I am Anika..
And make habit to hear NO

Shivaay softly

Shivaay : Anika.. Pls…. Give me that file you know how important that file is….
Anika : ooh my god..the great SSO learn to say pls…

Shivaay :And also I agree that without you I can’t do anything…

Anika : Aww.. you are So sweet and pull his cheeks…

Shivaay smiles an says.. Anika my file..

She gives his file
he hugs her and says : thank you.. you are best wife in the world…

And he goes….

@gaurika ‘s room

Gauri get a call

Gauri : ma… How are you

POC : ____

Gauri : what !! you are not well

POC : ____

Gauri : ma.. Don’t lie

POC : ____

Gauri : I konw you very well I am coming there by today itself…take care

She disconnect call

Gauri : actually Om..

She saw him packing his bags

Gauri : where are you going

Om : I a coming with you to bareily I know ma..Is not unwell

Gauri : but your statue

Then Om got a message
He hugged gauri and says Mr.malhotra only needs this statue after 5 day so we can go

Both starts to pack the bag

@ Rumya ‘s room

Somya was about to enter but our rudr block her way

Somya : now what

Rudr : I don’t have any problem to bath again can we ?

Somya : we ?

Rudr : haan.. We can bath together

Somya : you at becoming shameless day by day
And she goes to bath (without Rudy??)

After sometimes
Dadi , janvi , pinky , anika, Somya was sitting on sofa was chit chatting each other….

Then Om and gauri comes with luggage

Pinky : ooh my Mata…where these two goings

Janvi : ha.. Om where are you going

Om : actually we are going to bareily Gauri ‘s ma is not well

Dadi : anything serious

Gauri : no dadi , a small fever

Dadi : okay , take care

Gaurika takes blessings an bids everyone

Pinky : anika today sahil is coming did you sent driver…

Anika : ooh ma… I forgot about it .. I will go to pick him..

Somya : bhabi.. I am also coming I am getting bored sitting home

Anika : okay lets go…

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    1. Zerahmalik

      Thanks , glad you like it☺

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