Love and love only by zerah malik episode 2

Hey guys Zerah Malik Is back….this is my 2nd episode….last was episode 1 but by mistake it was written as episode 2
Sorry for being late…hope you like today’s episode.

Episode 1 (link):

So let start….

All members sitting at the dining table…all couples together..

Anika stays annoyed at Shivaay…
Shivaay disturbed…

Priveer enters oberoi mansion..
Tears of happiness flowing from prinku’s eyes…ranveer indulged in prinku’ss Beauty..

“Prinku” all shout in the same voice…

All runs and hugs priveer..

Rudr takes ranveer aside and says: I saw…I saw….gaping at prinku…mm..

Ranveer: ooh..Rudy..stop it..

Rudr: don’t be shy..

Dadi calls all for breakfast..
All sits together and has a nice , happy meal…(a sweet cute family?)

( obros and ranveer plans plans to make their partner feel special)

After sometimes…..

Rudr : whoo hooh ……. So everyone is present after long time there is PARTY….

Tej : after your marriage also you didn’t change rudr…and smiles

Dadi : you guys enjoy I , pinky and janvi going to temple and shakti, tej going to office

Pinky(looking at shivika) : don’t try sleep under moon like last times OK…..

Janvi : come on pinky now they can sleep together any where , they got license after marriage …

Anika blushes an become like tomato
Which is noticed by shivaay

Shivaay come closer to anika an says how can you blush soo much….. you are becoming like tomato
Anika blushes more…

Rude : bhaiyya…. after marriage you got license is true but don’t do it in front of all…
Shivaay gave a death glare to rudr

Everyone laughs

Shakti : when did that happen..
I don’t Know.. Shivaay… before marriage itself you are very naughty….

He goes to shivaay and says
: beta shivaay, you can do romance at any time I will not scold or beat but please beta don’t do it front of pinky….
She will make me sleep on couch saying that you my heera bata is so romantic and I don’t know the meaning of romance and I only want to listen her all words in her mouth….. So please beta

Shivaay laughs at his dad’s condition

Gaury : maa… You are going to temple na…

Janvi : yeah… Did you want anything

Gauri : noo ma… Actully Im also coming with you

Om(thinks) : ooh no… Gauri… You are going then why am I here

Shivruveer giggles at om’s condition

Om : gauri why are you going today morning only you go to temple na..

Gauri : they are going to xyz temple, there is a puja of protection of husband from danger…

Anika : ma… Iam also coming

Shivaay : but anika….

Anika : no need to talk i will talk

Shivaa keeps quie

anika :don’t know how danger will come to him he has many business rivals

Om and shivaay looks each other

Om get little happy but sad about
gauri going…

Ranveer thinks its good prinku Is far away from such believes

Prinku : Iam also coming ,this Ranveer is always dealing with criminals and all ,so I am scared I also want to do pooja I will ready fast and come….

Rudr thinks so everyone is going an he starts dreaming about sumo…..

Soumya : I am also coming

Rudr get shocked and says you too….

Shivomruveer exchange looks at each other an make puppy face…and goes from there…

Shivomruveer again plans something

@shivika’s room

Shivaay saw her getting ready

S: anika are you going
A: ha… can’t you see I am getting ready

he goes to bathroom and act as he had slipped from bathroom and

strats to scream: ANIKA…..

A : Shivaay … What happen…

S : I had slip from bathroom please help be I can’t walk or even stand

Anika goes to bathroom and help him getting out anika starts to cry and scold him for not taking care

A : Shivaay can’t you look and walk properly are you a kid you are making hurt yourself and also others

S : anika.. Don’t cry nothing happens to me …. Then why are you crying..

A : nothing happened you can’t even stand yourself then also saying nothing happens to you

Shivaay thinks ooh god.. I can’t see tears in her eyes but she is crying what I want to do… As this is for her happiness only

S : anika.. You go to temple I will take care myself

A : i am not going anywhere leaving you alone here

Shivaay gets happy and thinks my plan is working

A : let me go and tell to ma.. That I am not coming

S : ha…

Anika goes from there …..

Shivaay calls Om and tells him that his plan success

Om ‘s room
Om : so you are going

G :haan…

O : but I don’t want you to go

G : Om… I am only going for your better life na…

Om think I can’t lie like them then what to do ….

he gets an idea and goes to janvi and as her to help him

Janvi : gauri…

Gauri : ha.. Maa

J :actually that pooja is not today

G : ooh … No problem then i will sit at home and help Om for completing his statute…

Om smiles at his plan worked and thanked janvi…

@ rumya ‘s

R : are you going to temple…

S : yeah …..

R : if you are going then I am also coming, i will get bored if you are not at home

S : so..sweet and pull his cheeks

R : there will be many girls at temple I will talk to the when you are doing puja..

Saumya gets angry !!

S : soo you are coming to temple for seeing girls

R : haan.. Then what I will do sitting at here alone..

S : then neither I am going to temple nor you….. understand!

Rudr get happy and thinks my plan is Also success

@ priveer room

R : ouch…. My head is aching…. and I think I have got fever

P : ranveer… Don’t act I know you don’t have any head ache

Ranveer thinks ooh god what can I do she is not believing me…
He get an idea and act he calling kamini….

R : haan …. Maa… WHAT… … But ma… No.. She can’t come… She Is going to temple…

P : ranveer… what Happened to ma.. Is she is Alright…

Ranveer thinks sorry ma… She will only agree when I say your name so that’s why)

P : will you say something

R : no.. Actually maa is not well …. Yo go to temple I will handle her

P : when ma.. Is not well how can I got…. I am not going i will tell to Dadi and coming we can go fast…

Prinku goes….

Ranveer get’s happy….


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    POSITIVE That is special think in your ff story and please don’t add any negativity and vilan.with out negativity your ff giving ENTERTAINMENT and RELAX and ENJOYMENT.
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    Waiting for next.update fast…

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