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RECAP : Anika comes to know that she had misunderstood shivaay as the senior who ragged Gauri.. Shivaay gives her a funny punishment.. Omkara meets Gauri..


Omkara is in his room.. He thinks of Gauri..

“Why did I say yes when she asked me whether I am the junior student for whom she was waiting? I don’t know what made me say so.. To be honest,I was just mesmerized when she spoke to me. Actually,I was surprised on knowing that she wrote that amazing poem.. And she is amazing too.. She was daring and bossy that day.. but today she was very soft and kind.. And she writes poems too!! That is a weird combination.. But I like it.. to be frank,I like her.. I can do anything to see her daily.. I need not worry anymore.. I have got a reason to meet her everyday.. That is enough for me.. But… Am I cheating her? I should have told her that I was not the one for whom she was waiting.. I should have been honest.. (thinks) But… Everything is fair in love and war’,isn’t it? So being dishonest is not a big thing.. I am doing this only to get a glance of her everyday.. that is ok.. I will tell her some day that I did all this for her only.. I was under some magical spell when she turned and spoke to me.. I did not come out of it till now.. Am I in love? Yes.. or no… I don’t know.. I think this is not love.. But you get some special feeling when you see people who is the same like you,isn’t it? That is what I feel when I see miss. Gauri Kumari Sharma.. I like poems and she writes it.. What do I need more than someone who writes beautiful poems?

He smiles..


The next morning..Rudra returns from a mall. He comes to the parking lot to take his bike.

Rudra sings “Aaja doob jaaun teri aankhon ke ocean mein
Slow motion mein…” and tries to take his bike which is parked amidst many bikes..He did not look back and hits the other bike in which a person was still sitting looking for a place to park the bike..

On hearing the sound,he turns to see..

Rudra : (to himself)Rudy boy! Do you know what you have done? You sang ‘slow motion’ and you should have taken the bike in slow motion too.. But you did not do so and see you have hit him.. Hmm.. Find some way to convince him..

The person too gets down from the bike still in his helmet and comes towards Rudra..

The person : Hello.. Uncleji! Go and visit an eye doctor.. If you delay even more,then you will lose your sight completely..

Rudra : What?? To whom are you talking?

The person : Am I mad like you to talk to myself?

Rudra : When did I talk to myself?

The person : Before a minute.. You said something like ‘slow motion’

Rudra : (to himself) I want to see who it is! (To the person) Sorry.. but why did you call me uncle? And first remove your helmet..

She removes her helmet.. and her brown hair falls down.. she is Saumya..Rudra sees her in surprise and his mouth opens wide..

Rudra : You are that aunty right? Whom I met in college..

Saumya : Yes Uncleji..

Rudra : Don’t call me uncle..

Saumya : That depends upon your words.

Rudra : Ok aunty..Sorry..

Saumya stares and Rudra bites his tongue..

Rudra : Sorry “mad”- am(madam).. what can I do for you?

Saumya : I am not mad.. ok? Don’t call me with your name..

Rudra : (To himself) She isiso sharp..(to Saumya) Sorry.. I agree.. I am mad.. so tell me… what can I do for you??

Saumya : See… you have damaged my bike..

Rudra : That’s another shock!! Did you drive this bike??

Soumya : I think you have lost your eyesight.. Did not you see me getting down from this bike??

Rudra : Yes.. But… I can’t believe that you are driving this big bike.. actually, I can’t control my laughter..

He controls laughing..

She stares at him..

Rudra : Ok ok.. I will give you money for repairing this bike..

Soumya : Look.. I don’t need your money.. Go and visit an opthalmologist with that money.. I forgive you..

She tries to move..

Rudra : Hello.. There are two white hairs in your forehead..

Saumya gives a confused expression..

Rudra : Don’t get confused… I am just trying to prove that my eyesight is fine…

Saumya : Those are not white hairs.. it appears white because of reflection of light (physics student?),you know?

Rudra : Whatever! How much will it take to repair your bike?

Saumya : 3000 rupees…

Rudra : What!! It needs only 1500 to repair this.. don’t try to cheat me..

Saumya : I know.. but you have wasted my time.. and you have called me aunty.. so this extra money..

Rudra : This is too much..

Saumya : Then agree that you have lost your sight and use the money for your treatment..

Rudra : No no.. I will give you money..

He takes his purse and sees.. he has only 1000 rupees..

Rudra : (to himself) Rudy.. this girl is going to insult you again.. Manage with your tactics.. (to Saumya) Sorry.. I have only 1000 rupees..

Saumya : Ok.. Give me.. I will get the remaining later..

Rudra : (to himself) This girl is a miser I think.. She could have reduced the amount for my words and behaviour.. but she is not doing it..

He gives the money to her and she gets it..

Rudra : Actually.. I use cards only.. that’s why I don’t have cash..

He grins.. Saumya too grins..

Saumya : Ok.. Give me your number.. I will call and ask you whenever I need money..

Rudra gives his number.. she saves it in her mobile..

Rudra : Do you want to know my name??

Saumya : Why??

Rudra : To save my number..

Saumya : Not needed.. Uncleji is enough..

By saying that,she parks her bike and goes..

Rudra : this Auntyji is getting on my nerves..


At college..

Anika sees Shivaay at a distance with a guy..

Anika : (to herself) Oh God.. I saw him morning itself.. This day is not going to be fine for me.. (thinks) So what Anika?? You saw him but he did not.. it is good for you.. Go as if you too did not see him..

She goes casually and sees him from the corner of her eye every now and then..

Anika : (to herself) Very good Anika.. He did not see you till now.. keep it up..

She moves forward making sure that shivaay had not seen her till then..

She bumps into a strict old professor and all of his books fall down and he too stumbles?
Anika holds his hand and makes him stand..

Anika : I am sorry sir

The professor looks at her with burning eyes…

Anika : (to herself) He is gonna kill you now.. Say something and apologize to him..(to the professor) Sir.. I am extremely sorry sir..

The professor : Which year are you doing?? Tell me.. and which department? I will go and complain you.. Did you bet with your friends that you will make me stumble??

Anika looks at him with puppy eyes.. She thinks of a solution..

Anika : Sir.. Don’t do so sir.. Sir.. Actually.. I have a test in the first hour.. So I was revising whatever I studied.. That’s why I did not see you coming.. sorry sir..

Professor : Hmm.. You seem like a bright student.. So I am leaving you.. Go and be careful..

Anika : Thank you sir..

She picks the fallen books and gives him.. He moves..

Anika : (to herself) Anika.. Very good.. This lie worked out.. I have heard about him that he likes sincere students more.. I used it here.. anyways,I escaped from a problem now..

She turns only to see Shivaay staring at her..

Anika : (to herself) Oh God.. When did he see me? He might have seen me when that professor shouted at me.. what can I do now? Do I have to do what he gave as a punishment? Or else shall I go?? No.. that day,the mistake was mine.. I have to be honest.. Now he is alone.. I will go and tell him whatever he asked me to..

She goes towards him.. Shivaay smiles on seeing her coming towards him..

Anika : Sorry.. I am a stupid,idiot.. and I am mad too..

Shivaay did not expect that she would take it so seriously.. he cannot control laughing.. By then,the other guy(Varun) who was talking with Shivaay before comes again..

Varun : Hey shivaay! Who is this girl? Your girlfriend? And why she is blabbering that she is idiot,stupid and all??

Shivaay : I don’t know Varun.. I think whatever she says is right.. she must be mad..(looks at Anika with a smile) Come let’s go..

He puts his hand over Varun’s shoulder and leaves.. Anika could not believe her eyes.. She stared at Shivaay with mouth wide open…

Anika : This guy is disgusting.. Yes.. I am mad to have taken whatever he said seriously.. I will not leave him..

She angrily sees him going.. Shivaay turns and winks at her with a smile..

PRECAP : The real junior guy who had to take tips from Gauri comes.. Om thinks of an idea to handle the situation..

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