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The episode starts with Saumya entering into the college.. Riya welcomes her..

“Hey Somu! What’s up?”,asks Riya coming towards Saumya..

“Nothing much Riya! I have to complete my notes before the mam comes”,says Saumya worriedly..

“Why are you so boring Somu?”,asks Riya raising her eyebrows..

“What did I do? If I don’t complete this,that mam will throw me out of the class.. no no.. out of the college”,Saumya replies..

“Why should she send you out? Let’s go out ourselves”,Riya says.

“Riya.. No hypothetical talks.. Let’s go to the class”,Saumya pulls her.

“Why are you saying it as hypothetical? Come.. Let’s go”,Riya says.

“It’s very hot. I can’t come out. Moreover,where will you go now? I don’t have money. And if my Mumma or pappa sees me anyeanyw,I am gone”,she says worried.

“What did you say?? You don’t have money?? Yesterday you met that guy nah?? He has to give you money,isn’t it?? Call him first”,Riya says with a twinkle in her eyes.

“I will call him and ask him for money. But this is not the right time”,Saumya denies.

“Somu.. Do you know how much trouble your pappa would have undergone to get that money? Why are you so lethargic? Do you get money from tree?”,says Riya..

“Why are you being so dramatic? And can’t you see my pappa’s struggle to get money when you stole my money to get samosa from the canteen?”,Saumya asks her crossing her hands.

Riya grins. “What Somu? I am your friend nah? But he is a stranger. How come he take your money so easily?”,she tries to manage.

“Achcha! I think what you are saying is right”,Saumya lies to convince her friend for which again Riya grins.

“Call him nah?”,says Riya..“I will call him in the evening”,says Saumya.

“If you regard me as your friend,call him”,Riya says and turns the other side faking anger.

“May I know why you are so adamant in calling him?”,Saumya asks her.

“I told nah? Just to get your money back”,Riya lies.

“Do you think I will believe whatever you say?”,Saumya asks.

“No. You are very clever and my best friend too. I know that you know the meaning of my each and every move. So.. I will tell you. Actually,when you told me about him yesterday,I was curious to know about him. But you were angry and I did not want to make you more angry. But today,I am really bored and I don’t want to sit in the class. Don’t you think our lives are boring?”,says Riya.

“Can you tell me everything without much drama?”,Saumya asks.

“See.. We are studying in women’s college. And I studied in girls school too. No guys in my life. Very boring yaar! See.. what did I achieve in being so focussed? Nothing! So,I have taken an oath to enjoy my life hereafter. If you call him and ask for money,we shall go and get from him”,she says winking.

“Where will we meet him?”,asks Saumya.

“In his college. If you introduce me to him,I will see whether he is of my type. If I get to know his name,I will search and follow him in social media. That’s it. Then I will start dating him if he suits my character I won’t disturb you after that”,she says grinning again.

“What are you thinking of me Riya?”,saumya says with fake anger.

“Please! I am your best friend nah?”,she begs.

“I will not go to his college. my brother too studies there. What if he gets to know that I have come to meet a boy? He has so much trust in me”,she denies.

“You won’t do that nah? Ok no problem. I will find myself”,she starts walking.

“Riya Riya! Wait. I will call him.. only for you..”,saumya dials his number which she had saved as Uncleji.

Riya smiles.

“The number you are trying to reach is currently switched off”,said the voice on the other side.

By then the bell too rings..

“His number is switched off. We will call him tomorrow. Come”,Saumya grabs Riya’s hand and takes her to the class. Riya goes half heartedly.


Rudra comes to the college. He is lost in thoughts. Anika sees him. She comes to him.

“Hey Rudy! Why are you late? What happened to your phone??”,Anika asks him patting his shoulders.

“My phone is switched off”,Rudra says sadly.

“What? I can’t believe it. How can you breathe now Rudy?”,Anika teases him.

Rudra pouts.

By then,Gauri too comes.

“Hey honey! And Rudy! What are you guys talking?”,Gauri asks.

Anika greets Gauri and tells everything.

“Yes Rudy! Honey(Anika) is right! How are you living till now? I thought you could not live without your mobile. But you have proved me wrong”,Gauri hi fives with Anika.

Rudra is silent.

“Gauri.. Seems like he is in serious trouble. What happened Rudy?”,Anika asks him.

“Yesterday I told you nah? I have to pay 2000 to a girl for having damaged her bike. I have only 1000 and I gave my number to her. She may call me today. I don’t have money”,Rudra says.

“Poor Rudy! Chchchchu(guys.. hope you get this sound) hai nah honey?”,asks Gauri.

Anika nods. “Don’t lie. You may have money. But you don’t have good heart to pay her. Why are you so dishonest Rudy? Do you know? Dishonest people never succeed in heir life. There was a boy named Deepak and he was dishonest. Do you know what happened to him? I will tell you listen to me”,Anika talks without a pause.

Gauri and Rudra make faces. Gauri asks Rudra to stop her.

“Anika granny! I am already fed up! I don’t have courage to listen to your stories. You are right. I have 1000 rupees. But I don’t want to give her. I want it for myself”,Rudra says folding his hands like begging to her.

“Rudy! So,Anika is right! Why are you so mean Rudra? This is not fair”,says Gauri.

“Ok guys! I agree. I am dishonest and mean. Please leave me”,while Rudra is saying Om comes on seeing Gauri.

“Hi Gauri! Good morning!”,says om with a smile.

“Good morning Om!”,Gauri greets back while Anika and Rudra look in confusion.

“Guys! He is Omkara. My friend and my partner in writing poems. He is our junior”,says Gauri.

“Aha! Partner in writing poems! From student to partner! Good progress! I like it”,thinks om.

Anika shakes hand with omkara introducing herself.

Rudra looks at him doubtedly. “But,he is not looking like our junior. Seems like he is our senior”,he raises his eyebrows and come around Omkara examining him.

“I am your junior only bro!”,omkara holds his hands and shakes.

“Yeah Rudy! Everybody says so on seeing his big figure. But he is younger than us”,clarifies Gauri.

“But I still can’t believe”,says Rudra.

Om grins.

Shivaay sees om from a distance. He waves his hand. Om too sees him.

Shivaay comes towards them.

“Hi shivaay bhaiya! Long time no see.. How are you?”,greets Gauri.

“What? Gauri knows shivaay? What if she comes to know that I am her senior through shivaay? I have to escape from here”,Omkara says himself.

“Gauri! I am good. How are you?”,says shivaay.

By then Omkara runs from there when shivaay was not noticing him.

“Bhaiya! You forgot me on seeing your dear sister?”,Rudra fakes anger.

“Rudy boy! How are you?”,Shivaay asks hugging Rudra.

They have a talk. Rudra notices Anika who was standing silent till then.

“Oye Anika! What about your punishment? He asked you to do everytime you meet him nah?”,Rudra teases her.

“Do I have to do that Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi?”,Anika asks Shivaay raising her eyebrow.

“Of course. Come on. Do it”,shivaay says.

“Oho. Let me tell a story before I do”,says Anika.

Shivaay looks at her with a smile.

“Gauri! Do you know? There is a guy in our college. He is a big shot. But he needs others help to put stand for his bike. He even stumbles too”,says Anika suppressing her smile.

Gauri and Rudra ask in chorus,”Who is that strong man?”.

Shivaay is dumbfounded.

“Senior! Shall I say?”,Anika asks with a wink.

“No. I .. mean.. Gauri.. Rudy.. that is a guy in my class”,says shivaay stuttering.

Gauri and rudra look at Anika. Shivaay begs with eyes not to tell them.

“Yes guys! That is a guy in his class”,Anika says.

“Oh!”,Gauri and Rudra say.

“Anika! You don’t have to do that punishment anymore. I forgive you”,says shivaay. Anika smiles.

“Guys! I am going!”,shivaay goes without even waiting for their reply thinking that Anika would damage his name in front of them.

Anika admires his act while Rudra and Gauri get confused.

“Why did I go to them? I saw om with them. Where did he go then?”,shivaay searches for Omkara.

PRECAO : Saumya and riya come to meet Rudra.

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  1. ItsmePrabha

    Nice update..Somu aur riya ki scene is good..but absolutely loved shivaniriru scene..phir se om khud ko bacha liya..par aisa kitne din chalega yeh toh pata nhi..i hope iss sabke wajah om koi problem mein na phase..will be waiting for the next..till then take care..

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u so very much for ur lovely long comment dear.. let’s see whether om get into some trouble because of his lie… Take care.. keep smiling dear

  2. Woahhhhhh……nyc update sis….loved it totally….riya😂😂😂😭😭girls scl kodumaigal…..rudy hehehehe….anika nd her stories😱😨😰😂😂😂..totally loved shivika scenes…i had a test today…so i cld not read bfr…sry….great epi sis….pls update soon😍😍🥰🥰…with more fun nd rudy scenes

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u so very much Ramya dear for reading in this even in ur busy schedule.. I have updated the next part.. but no Rudy scene in it.. he will come back with a bang in the 11th episode.. sorry for this late reply too .. live u..

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