Hey guys.. how r u all?? Hope u all liked the first episode.. U can read the intro and the first episode here..

Let’s see what is gonna happen in the second episode..


Anika,Gauri and Rudr are on the way to their classes..

Rudr : GK..(Rudr calls Gauri Kumari as GK) How did u manage to charge at the seniors?? Are u not afraid of them??

Gauri : Afraid?? Me?? This word is not in my dictionary.. moreover,fear will get fear on seeing me…

Anika : Wah!! What a punch!!!

Gauri gives a proud look.. Anika hi fives with her..

Rudr : Ya.. even fear would get fear on seeing ur over make up-ed face..(laughs)

Gauri hits him on his head while Anika laughs..

Anika : What is wrong in being brave?? It’s good only.. Do u know?? Once there lived a girl named Celine in California..

Rudr : What?? Story?

Anika nods..

Rudra signs Gauri to stop her..

Gauri : Dear. U have told this story already.. tell us anything else..

Anika : Oh.. I don’t get anything now.. I will tell u later..

Rudr : Thank god..

Anika hits him..

Rudr : But don’t show ur Jhansi ki Rani avatar to everyone u meet.. this college is new to us.. So be careful.. what if those seniors take revenge??

Gauri : I don’t care… I have my loyal and biggest saviour with me,who would even give his life to save mine..

Rudr : Who is that?? Have u fallen in love with someone without our knowledge??

He raised his eyebrows and asks Anika “Do u know?”.. Anika pouts..

Anika : Who is that sweetie??

Gauri : What is this honey?? U know him very well…

Anika gets thinking keeping her finger in chin..

Gauri : Don’t think much honey… it’s Rudr..

Rudr opens his mouth wide..

Rudr : Oh God!! But I deserve this for being friends with both of u.. I have to stay away from both of u.. Else u guys would not sit without killing me..

He bids bye and goes to his department..

Anika : Sweetie..(Gauri) What if something like rudr says happen??

Gauri : They are not so courageous honey.. if something happens,we will handle the situation.. don’t worry.. Come.. let’s go to our class..

Gauri grabs Anika’s hand and takes her while Anika gets thinking..


Shivaay and Om are on the way to their class..

Shivaay : We have an important lecture today.. But u are wasting time in the parking lot.. U are very bad Om..

Om : Shivaay.. Do u know what I saw there??

Shivaay : What a silly question this is!! U might have seen the parked bikes..

Om stares at him..

Shivaay : What else would u might have seen?? Trees?? Students?? Professors?? College bus??

Om : U are a tube light Shivaay..

Shivaay : What do u mean by tube light?? U should tell me directly what u saw.. u asked me a question and I answered.. and then u call me tube light.. I should not have answered u first.. that’s my mistake..

Shivaay turned to move.. and Om stopped him..

Om : Cool… Ok.. I will tell u no.. whom I saw.. I saw a beautiful girl..

Shivaay just stared.

Om : Don’t look at me like this..

Shivaay : Ok tell me..

Om : She is not only beautiful.. but brave.. intelligent.. actually she is beauty with brains..

Shivaay : If u are done with it so called adjectives,we can go to the class.. it’s getting Late..

Shivaay walks towards the class..

Om : What if u don’t listen to my descriptions about her?? I will tell myself..

He murmurs something and goes..


It’s evening.. Gauri,Rudr and Anika come together..

Rudr : Grannie.. go soon .. else u will miss the college bus now too.. then I will not come and drop u..

Anika : Who asked u to drop me now??

Rudr : So,u will not call me hereafter to drop u nah?? Thank god..

Gauri : Honey.. Shall I drop u home??

Anika : No sweetie.. I have to go and ask the driver why he did not wait for me in the morning.. so I have to go.. see u tomorrow guys..

Gauri : Bye.. honey…

Anika moves..

Rudr : GK.. today she did not tell a story to us nah??

Gauri : Did not tell u… she told me when we were in class..

Gauri rolled her eyes..

Rudr : But,I pity u..

Gauri pouts..


Anika gets walking to the college bus.. she sees Shivaay standing there.. He was waiting for om..

She decides to go to him.. she goes and stands in front of him.. shivaay gives a confused expression..

Anika : How dare u??

Shivaay : Who are u??

Anika : Why should I tell u who I am to a coward like u??

Shivaay : What?? Coward??

Anika : Yes.. u are the coward.. u ran away when Gauri beat u in the morning nah??

Shivaay : What are u blabbering?? Are u mad or what??

Anika : How dare u?? I am not mad.. but I think u are trying to make me mad.. Remember,nobody can cheat this Anika..

Shivaay : Stupid girl..

Anika goes to the peak of anger..

Anika : What did u say?? Stupid? U are stupid.. u are the fool.. idiot.. scoundrel..

Shivaay : Mind ur language..I don’t know from where these girls get this cheap attitude..

Anika : What?? My attitude is better than ur 2 rupees wala attitude..

Shivaay : U must be mad.. Come I will take u to the mental hospital..

He grabs her hand..

Anika grits her teeth..

Anika : U are crossing ur limits..

Shivaay : This is my dialogue..

Anika : No.. it’s mine..

By then a girl from the college bus shouts anika’s name..

Anika : I am going to miss my bus because of arguing with a dumbo like u..

Shivaay : U are the dumbo..

Anika : See.. I don’t have time to argue.. what I wanted to say is, stay away from my friend Gauri.. if u try to take revenge on her,or do something with her,I don’t even hesitate to kill u..

By saying that,she goes towards her bus..

Shivaay : I am not a coward to get scared on the words of a stupid girl like u..

Anika could not hear him..

By then Om comes..

Om : What Shivaay?? Seems like u have got a girl?

Shivaay : Girl my foot!! She is a devil.. seems like she has escaped from a mental hospital..come let’s go..

They go home..

PRECAP : Rumya meeting.. Om gets a paper from a girls book..

Sorry for being late guys.. I was stuck up with some work.. Ramzan month started too.. so I was busy.. I will try to post whenever I get time.. Ramzan Mubarak everyone…

And sorry for the small boring update.. I will come with a good one . And thank u everyone for ur likes and comments..

Drop ur likes and comments..

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  1. Ok dr can post whenever u get tym…plz make Dua fr us too ..Ramzan Mubarak … and it’s not boring it’s really nice…..waiting fr nxt episode….

    1. Anokhi21

      Sure dear.. u are always in my duas dr.. thank u dr.. will update soon

  2. Lovely episode….it’s really nice…. waiting for next episode….Ramazan mubarak…😍😍😇

    1. Anokhi21

      Prachi dear.. thank u for ur comment.. Ramzan Mubarak for u too😘😘

  3. Sufija

    Awesome episode dhidhi…funny too😂😂😂😂…shivika meeting 😂😂😂😂..waiting fa next one didi..❤😍😚

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u d.. I am busy with some other work.. will update soon u😘😘

  4. ItsmePrabha

    hahaha..poor billuji bane anudi ki shikaar..loved this update..will be waiting fore the next..till then take care..

    1. ItsmePrabha

      aur ha Ramzan Mubarak

    2. Anokhi21

      Ya dr.. poor shivaay..thank u for ur comment dear.. will update soon.. take care dear

  5. didi superb i haven’t expected this much poor shivaay waiting 4 nxt upd8

    1. Anokhi21

      Hahaha.. thank u dear.. will update soon..

  6. NSK

    Is this fr on whattpad?
    Maybe ur on whattpad?
    Eheheh pls clear my confusion!😊

    1. Anokhi21

      Yes.. I post it in Wattpad too

      1. NSK

        Okay thanks dear😊

  7. NSK

    Ramazan Mubarak too😊
    Hope u have a healthy ramdan 😊

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u😁

  8. NSK

    Can u gimme whattpad link pls?

      1. NSK


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