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On this special day, I wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Happy belated birthday Sidhant Gupta and Vanu (Bulbul)
Hi Guys I am back with the next episode I had got 25 comments on the last episode and …. it means a lot for me so thank you guys …. Love you all sorry I could not reply to your comments … I have only a Wednesday and Sunday off and on Sundays I have to prepare for my class test … so I can only post on Wednesdays…
But this week I will post the episodes twice 1 is todays episode and the other one on Wednesday I am compensating for last week sorry 🙂

Precap: Kunj gets Twinkle’s address and Rt has forgiven him …
Lets start :
Twinkle’s POV :

“UV yaar stop irritating her “ I told UV looking at Mahi’s condition she was busy preparing a cake for me while this UV he was not letting her prepare it … “Twinkle this man is mad does not do anything and does not let me do anything also “ Mahi said putting the batter in to the oven and preparing the icing …

“All men are the same Mahi even Kunj used do this “ I said remembering the time I spent with Kunj and tears started forming in my eyes “Hey Twinkle don’t worry we will unite you both soon “ Uv said assuring me … “UV its not so easy I mean …. we can’t possibly ever be together we aren’t meant to be together “ I said moving to my room I locked it and closed my eyes remembering how 6 days ago I saw Mahi here I had walked up to her … I saw her….her eyes showed how much she missed UV and how much she wanted to get back Uv she wanted him no she needed him the line between need and want is what I got to know that day … You want your love and you need some one else love … You should love only the one who loves you …

and this is what I had realised seeing Mahi … Uv and Mahi broke up just because Uv got to know about my feelings towards him and he agreed to marry me just because for him my friendship is more important than his love he broke up for me I never realised that my love for Uv was friendship and my possessiveness for him was just the fear of losing my best friend and I am sure my best friend would still remain mine and with his wife being my even better friend I have no worries ..
Yes Mahi and Uv have got married well I was their witness and I am sure no one would have seen such a mad couple who got married in the swimming pool I mean we were actually n our swim suits during their marriage the priest was right in the centre of a pool over a concrete platform with Uv and Mahi there It was a Christian wedding Mahi has longed for ….. We enjoyed a lot but even then and even now i miss Kunj my Kunj …. Babaji when I did not realise my love for him we were always together and now when I have realised it we our miles away ….

“ Ting tong “ I heard the door bell ring and I quickly whipped my tears and rushed down as I heard “Twinkle “ Being called out loud by KUNJ my Kunj ….

“Kunj” was all I could say seeing him ……
he kept his bag down and hugged me tight …… and then probably his eyes fell on UV he jerked back ….. I could sense his jealousy …… well I have witnessed it once …”Mahi” I called out not wanting my Choco-lava to burst on seeing Mahi who looked cute with the sindoor and Mangalsutra The joy on his face could be clearly seen Uv hugged him and Mahi gave him a side hug and all the while his hand was still holding mine

“Guys Its Holi today “ I heard Sidhant call out well Sidhant is my childhood friend my dad and his dad were business partners and then dad went to setup a business in India and Uncle stayed back here in London so now I was actually his responsibility “Kunj meet Sidhant Sidhant meet Kunj “ I said and by now his hands were on my waist and seeing Sidhant his grip tightened So I decided to play a bit well I actually wanted to see this Lava bust it would actually taste yummy won’t it ?

I freed my self from Kunj’s grip and went to hug Sidhant “Plan 123” I whispered into his ears It was our code language which meant mission you are My bf and I am your gf to make your gf or bf jealous and the very next second he hugged me back rubbing my back “Over acting nahe “ I told him coming out of his grip

“Oh Kunj … Twinkle has told me about you well I wont mind you joining us for Holi come on join us “ he said looking at Kunj I was trying so hard to control my laughter because all this while Kunj was only looking at my hand which was tangled with Sidhant’s “Well he must be tired let him rest we all shall leave “ I said trying to make an exit “No I am not tired I am coming “ Kunj said walking out of the door “ I could actually see Mahi getting a hint of what I am doing and not to my surprise she was with me we walked to the car and Sidhant sat in the drivers seat and I sat in the passenger seat next to him Kunj,UV and Mahi were sitting in the back seat in the order I mentioned it was like me and Kunj were sitting diagonally opposite to each other and I could see him staring at me from the corner of my eye We stopped at an open ground type area It was actually Sidhant’s farmhouse’s backyard with lots of get ready present there many coming in some drinking some sitting in the pool people were enjoying as soon as we reached there we literally jumped out of the car … for getting the colours I want to be the first on to put colour on Kunj I looked for a tacky colour like pink for Kunj and finally I found it I quickly filled my hands with the colour and ran towards him ….. I mad it look unintentional but i did it intentionally I actually made Kunj fully pink “I am sorry it was for Sidhant “ I said and ran away …..

……………………After around an hour ……………………….
After putting colour on all my friend I ran inside the farm house I did not want anyone to put colour on me I quietly sat in Rohan’s room well water is his is mine and whatever is mine is mine 😉
I could see through the window how Mahi and UV were enjoying they were looking like Jokers well UV does not need these Holi colour to look like a Joker but he still was looking like one ….. and all of a sudden I saw Kunj going to the stage with a girl gosh did he find someone I quickly ran down stairs to see him I went and stopped right infant of the stage where he had made everyone gather around ….

What is he going to say ????????????
Twinkle’s POV ends

Kunj’s POV
Oh so if Twinkle can play with me why cant I I saw Sidhant playing holi with his gf Shruti(well for me Sidhant is Sidhant Gupta so I cant miss a chance to be his gf 😉 ) and I even heard their talks I made a plan with Sidhant and Shruti to make Twinkle fall in trap of her own plan I walked up to the stage with Shruti and I saw Twinkle come running to me aww so my baby is jealous let’s play everything’s fair in Love and war 😉

“Hey Guys Happy Holi to you well though we are enjoying the holi party its still boring don’t you think so “ I asked the people out their “ But whats missing “ asked a guy “ well lets play a game it’s quite simple lets divide us into two teams well lets get divide into boys and girls team so the leader of the Girls team is Shruti and the boys team off course it’s me
so the two teams will have to catch each member of the opposite with the same number card and push them in to the pool and remember with the same number …well the team in which all the members are in the pool will loose ….. so guys pick up the numbers and get lined up …” I said and jumped down the stage I had got the number 15 and so did I make sure that Twinkle too gets it ….

“Get set run “ I screamed I was chasing my queen but made sure I don’t catch her I secretly watched her she was sometimes looking at the other couples and laughing sometimes trying to hide from i guess me she slowly and quietly moved out form the backyard and was now inside the farmhouse she was going towards the room but then I caught her I pulled her hand making her land on my chest and her eyes were closed due to fear I smiled and moved closer to her I slowly rubbed my cheeks on hers “Happy Holi “ I whispered sensually in her ears making her shiver she slalom opened her eyes and I moved my hands from her wrist to her waist and tightened my grip on her “ So Miss.. You think you’re silly plans would make me jealous “

I told her and she bit her lips trying to free herself from me “Voh … oh who said I was doing that “ Twinkle said and bent her head down “Twinkle I Love you “ I said and hugged her she hugged me back …. suddenly she broke the hug “Kunj dad …. and how did you get my address ?” she questioned with tears in her eyes …”Twinkle RT Uncle himself gave me your address and the permission to spend my entire life with you …… (he told her all what happened ) So Miss.Taneja would you like to be my best half “ I said sitting on my knees She looked over whelmed but suddenly a naughty smirk took place of her beautiful smile and she said “On one condition **********(mute meh hai you will get to know that soon )

“No Twinkle I cant do that … “ Is said getting up “ Kunj I knew it you were saying everything just woo me you cant do that in real “ she said turning away …. “Okay I will do that “ I said holding her hand and then she pulled me out of the farmhouse with her we reached the pool and every couple was in the pool “Kunj we won I was the last to get into the pool” Sidhant said “Ahh” I screamed as Twinkle had pushed me into the pool yeah that was the deal …. she asked me to loose this game only then will she say yes to me silly girl …. but i can loose these small games for my Sweetheart why can I not …

I pulled her in the pool and then we all enjoyed the dj and the pool dance we drank the thandai( without the bhang ) and finally I meet my Siyappa Queen my Twinkle I hugged her tight because I wont be ever able to stay away from her she is my life and will be life forever ……………

Twinkle” Kunj I cant marry you ….
Hey guys I am sure the precap is scary its ought too be one but I am sure you would love the coming episodes

Love you all Keep smiling and tell me what should I post next :
Love me Like the way I Do episode 23
My revenge made me meet My true Love
Next post wold be this Wednesday 🙂
Love you all 🙂

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