Hi Guys I am back after a month God it feels so good to be back…. well sorry guys I could not post for Month …. I promised to post on 22nd but then My hand …. My right hand I am not able to move it because I have hurt my self while crossing the road an Auto hit me …. so please bear the short episode …..
So if any of you I know many of you don’t remember the story so here is the link to the previous episode

Well guys I am sorry I could not reply to your comments but the problem was that when I had time to reply I could not see the reply button so could not 🙂 Hope you guys understand 🙂 I would like to thank all of those who supported me 🙂 Love you guys 🙂 You are my support system and your comments encourage me 🙂 Silent readers It feels great when you guys comment …. Your comments encourage the writers way to much …. I hope you guys comment

Lets start :
Hope you guys don’t find the episode boring coz it is a bit emotional 🙂 and I feel boring too ….
Twinkle’s POV
“Kunj” I shouted running behind him I don’t believe it he is such a dramebazz a minute a go he wasn’t ready to accept my overcoat and now look he is the one is already inside the house “Twinkle come in fast it pretty cold out “ he said sitting on the sofa with the overcoat still on him I looked at him in disbelief “Kunj tomorrow I want you to leave “ I said trying to make it clear that I have not forgiven him “Oh ho Twinkle I said na I mean the song … Oh Heeriye Tenu lejaanga yeh gal tu manch vasa “ He said singing the song while I stopped him in between “Kunj listen its not easy for me to forgive you I cant do that ……UV and me were going to be in a relationship but now I wont be able to face him and I cant forget it that you were the one who is the reason why I had to leave my family you were my child’s father and murderer too “ I said and left for my room and looked it and cried sitting on the floor my back facing the door
Twinkle’s POV ends

Kunj’s POV
“She is really upset I remember that day after OM’s sangeet UV proposed Twinkle right infant of my eyes I wanted to kill him but …Twinkle said yes to him she also told him about our fake engagement and most important about Dadi’s wish to get Twinkle married as son as possible We then decided that UV would have to impress Dadi and he was quite successful in doing that ,I feared loosing Twinkle and that is why I made out with her that night “ I thought and sat down on the floor taking the support if the door.
The Next day Twinkle did not move out of the room and the next day too I was now hell worried for Twinkle I tried breaking the door but then stopped thinking that Twinkle might be near the door and If I break it with force she would be hurt … I then decided to ask the watchman for the keys but he said that the spare keys are with Mrs.Shikhavat I rushed to her address and knocked the door I then asked for the key … she looked worried but a wise women she is she gave me the key instead of questioning me she also accompanied me back home On the way back home None of us spoke a word On reaching I ran towards The house and quickly opened the door On opening I found Twinkle the once always twinkling girl was looking gloomy her face was pale it seemed she had cried all day Mrs.Shikhavat hugged Twinkle but she did not reciprocate the hug Mrs. Shikhavat could not take it anymore she immediately left the house , I Looked at Twinkle she just got up from the floor and moved towards a darker corner of the room It was 9 I picked her in my arms she did not react at all I gently placed her on the bed made her were the blanket and then I slept beside her hugging her to provide her cold body some warmth
Kunj’s POV ends

Twinkle’s POV
The next day I woke up when the sun rays disturbed my sleep I found Kunj so close to me ….. I mean he was this close that I could hear his breaths His body odour god I swear I Love the perfume he uses All the while I was saying him I could feel his grip tightening on my waist … I tried moving coz thought he was awake but he pulled me closer to him murmuring something “Twinkle please ….” was all I could hear. How … How can I forgive him he is the one who spoilt my life He is the one who snatched everything from me not once but twice He stole the most precious part of me Twice …. I know he loves Mahi and he is doing this out of guilt but why is he still here I mean I am no more carrying his child ….Does he love me “I thought but my thought s were broken by Kunj’s whisper “Good Morning beautiful “he said planting a Kiss on my temple I agree to the fact that once I loved him more than anything when I was 16 I still remember that day I saw him in Dad’s party with his parents I mean it wasn’t the first time I had seen but perhaps the first time I noticed him His eyes they look the same His nose was a bit smaller back then , His abs were no way close to what they are now That day I my heart skipped a beat perhaps that was love or my attraction towards him I don’t know …. After that he shifted to London I forgot him but some where still longed to see him … I meet UV , he was a fun loving guy ,playful always happy and handsome too we became friends best of friends ….. friendship is the stepping stone towards Love that was when i started loving him I made sure he never fell in Love with another girl I used to spoil his dates send his ex girlfriend to his current ones with a false story I could never see him with some one else I did not wished to loose him like I lost Kunj ….Babaji everything was going on so well why did you send Kunj back to my life ? Why did you make me fall for him one more time ?” My thoughts were broken by the sound oft he closing door ….. It has been his daily routine to wake up before me and prepare breakfast and most important he tries talking to me I sometimes feel bad ignoring him but I need to be strong I cant forgive him so easily
Twinkle’s POV ends


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  1. hey di nice to see u again….
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    1. SidMin

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  5. Sohi

    Hey sidmin iam very much happy and excited to see you back
    Love you yaar
    The episode was emotional and good
    Plz make twinkle forgive him soon
    Do continue and get well soon

    1. SidMin

      Thank you 🙂
      Twinkle will forgive him soon …

  6. Hey mili,
    Thanks 4 posting this ff also,?? epi is too gud ☺☺and emotional to,my twinj,?? but still I didn get it ki whom tw luvs.??? nd why kunj still not tell tw tht he luvs tw ?nd he made out with her purpsly,,? u knw but i thught ki it was hppn in mistke,?? well looking forward now,☺ post soon, bye,☺☺

    1. SidMin

      Hehe …Twinkle Loves Kunj only she is not ready to accept it …
      And Kunj bechare is possessive about her …
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  7. SidMin23

    Fabulous episode kunj do love twinkle a lots

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  8. Purvi128

    Hey di,
    I m sooo happy … u r back …! Now don’t disappear again nd get well soon …, love u
    The epi was so emotional .. u portrayed the feeling very well .. i just loved each nd every bit of it …! Kunj loves her alot …! Nd she also loved him … feeling bad for them …!
    Twinkle please forgive him … please .. he loves you so much …
    Kaun Tujhe Yun Pyaar Karega Jaisy Kunj Karta Hai ..!! Hehhee ..!
    Post next asap … nd get well soon ..!

    Love u di ..!???

    1. SidMin

      Thank you 🙂
      I won’t disappear again …It feels so good that I conveyed the emotions so well …
      Kunj really Loves her a lot And Twinkle also loves him …
      Twinkle will soon forgive Kunj 🙂
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      Love you 🙂

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    1. SidMin

      Hey …
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      I will always cross the road carefully pakka but this it was the Auto’s fault The auto person apologised also
      Your order …. I have to full fill it 🙂
      Love you 🙂

  14. Baby

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    sry phele wale ff par i forgot after reading sch an amazing update mili………☺
    loved it sooooooooo mch too emotional n adorable………
    lovely episode loved it it was soooooo damn good bt y twinkle luvd uv huh…he was like he luvd mahi ryt how culd he propose twinkle……………
    bt osm episode get well soon n post nxt asap☺
    love u lods♥♥♥

    1. SidMin

      Thank you 🙂
      Your concern makes me feel so lucky …
      Uv was just an attraction … Kunj never Loved Mahi … He always Loved Twinkle remember he was helping Twinkle to make UV jealous 🙂
      Love you 🙂 will post soon 🙂

  15. Shalini15

    Wow yaar my white mailer what an amazing episode. it was awesome superb nd emotional episode?????? hope kunj get his love back nd twinkle too forgive him nd realise his love ?????. well post next asap.

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    Love you ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. SidMin

      Thank you Di 🙂
      Kunj will have to get his Love Twinkle …(Meh hu na )
      Twinkle will soon forgive him 🙂
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  17. Very emotional and good episode
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