Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode-9

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Recap:Abhi asks Pragya to get ready in the morning as they wanna leave Delhi.
The episode starts with Pragya and Abhi getting in to their respective rooms by saying Gud night.After a while pragya’s room gets knocked.Pragya goes and opens the door.It was Abhi who knocked the door.Pragya opens the door and asks,Abhi..What happened?Abhi replies,I’m sorry Chashmish!!Pragya asks,Sorry..for what?Abhi replies,U said na u was hungry but I completely forgot that come let’s go for dinner.Pragya smiles and pinches him softly and says, Ohh..this is the matter..I’m scared of ur expressions.Abhi says,Auchh!!Come let’s go.Pragya nods and they gone to have dinner.While having dinner Abhi asks,U r feeling sleepy right!!Pragya says,Obviously!!Bcoz I didn’t slept well last night.Abhi asks why?Pragya murmured herself its all because of you.Abhi heard that and asks with a smile what?Pragya replies,I was saying that I can’t sleep coz I’m tensed of performing seminar.Abhi smirked her with smile.Pragya smiles at him.They both finished their dinner and they both went to their respective room.Pragya lies in bed and about sleep and she says herself,I’m very happy today and I don’t know the reason but I know my happiness is bcoz of u Abhi and says,Did u feel the same I saw something different in ur eyes is that the feelings for me and smiles herself(Mein tannu samjawhan plays)Abhi in his room sitting in the couch and thinks himself,Abhi what happened to u?What’s the feeling is this??He confused alot and closes his eyes and lies down.When he closed his eyes he gets the Pragya’s smiling face when she kept her hand on his chest and he reminds her eyes that she looked at him differently and smiles himself.(Maula Maula mere maula plays)

Next morning,Abhi packed all his stuffs and locked his room and knocked Pragya’s room continuously.Pragya rushes and opens the door and asks,Why u r knocking continuously?Abhi replies,Its already late then we ll miss the flight.Pragya says yes,I’m ready wait a minute and she rushes in.They both check out and leaves to airport.After the take-off Pragya starts to read some book.Abhi gets bored and snatched the book from her and asks,Hey Chashmish.. I’m really feeling bored.Pragya says,U r a Rockstar how u get bored.Abhi replies,Yes,I’m a Rockstar but I too a normal person na.Pragya replies,no..u r not a normal person(and thinks herself.. If u r a normal person u wouldn’t lied me that u came Delhi for meeting)and smiles.Abhi asks,What??Pragya replies,Nothing..Abhi says,K I feel sleepy and plugged the head sets and places one ear piece in his ear and another ear piece in her ear and sleeps.Pragya smiles at him and starts reading book.Abhi lies down in her shoulder.As the flight landed Abhi wakes up and they both get down and completed their formalities and came out of airport.Pragya looks for the cab.Abhi says,What happened to u I’m here na y u r looking for the cab.Pragya replies,Areyy..Look ur eyes u r so tired first u go home and sleep well I ll manage and we ll meet in evening.Abhi says,Its OK not at all a problem I ll drop u.Pragya says,Abhi..Abhi says,Chashmish..Shut up and get in otherwise I’ll punch u as punching bag.Pragya smiles and gets in.Abhi starts the car they look at each other Abhi thinks I’m happy Chashmish while seeing ur cute face and smile.Pragya thinks I’m feeling great and fulfilled when I see a special care and love in his eyes.Abhi says,we reached ur home.Pragya gets down and taking her bag from car and asks Abhi to come inside.Abhi replies,No..Chashmish I ll come some other day u told na I’m looking tired then how I will come infront of everyone then my image ll get damaged.Pragya beats him softly and ask him to go slow and says,Sleep well.Abhi says,Sure gonna sleep tight and says bye and ll meet you in evening.Pragya says,OK and bye.Pragya gets into home and Sarla hugs her and kisses her.Pragya says,Maa I’m so happy today.Sarla says,I know beta bcoz u did well ur seminar.Pragya thinks about Abhi and smiles at sarla.

Abhi reached his home,Dadi asks where u had gone Suddenly,Peehu says,Dadi I told u na bhai had gone Delhi.Dadi says, Peehu u shut up I’m asking to Abhi and not u.Abhi says,Dadi y u r angry I had gone Delhi for meeting.Dadi says,Abhi ur activities are not good I’m disappointed with u.Abhi asks,Dadi what happened now why u r doing like this.Dadi says,Nothing is going well.Abhi says,What happened to u?Why u r this much angry?and makes dadi to sit and he sat besides her and asks now tell me dadi what I wanna do?Dadi replies,U r saying by words but..Abhi says,Stop it dadi I ll do whatever u say pls don’t worry and asks,Now what I wanna do just give me an order I ll do that.Dadi says,u should get married.Abhi shocked.Dadi says,Beta..I’m requesting u to marry a girl of my choice because I won’t choose bad choice I’m always thinking for ur goodness,u Peehu and Alia are my life once I saw u all settled happily then I ll be satisfied and my health is not that much Gud so beta pls say yes.Abhi nods no and sees Dadi’s face and he can’t tolerate her crying face so he says without interest,ok dadi do as ur wish and leaves to his room.Peehu calls him bhai..bhai..but he asks her to leave him alone and closed the door.Abhi in his room throws the bag and sits in couch and cries and thinks Is my feelings for Pragya end up without confessing her and cries by throwing everything(Do pal ruka..tum kahan..hum kahan..plays)

Abhi in his room sitting desperately while his phone rings he looks at the phone and tensed that Pragya is calling and he don’t know how to face her and attends the call and says,Haan..Pragya in low voice.Pragya asked is I’m disturbed u it seems u were sleeping and ur voice is too low I’m sorry.Abhi takes the phone from ears as he can’t control his tears he cries.Pragya says,Suniye..R u thr?Abhi says,Haan..tell me.Pragya asks,Asusual u ll come at 6oclock na??Abhi thinks how could I say her and says,hmmm..I ll call u back and ends the call and throws the phone.At 6PM Pragya comes to restaurant and waiting for Abhi.Abhi is on the way and thinks how could face Pragya and looks desperately.Abhi reached the restaurant and sees Pragya waiting for him.He feels too bad and went to her and sits in the chair.Pragya says,Hey..Hi!!Abhi says,Hi!!Pragya asks,Is u r well u r looking depressed haven’t u sleep?Abhi says,nothing and looks on her face(and thinks how could I say u Pragya how could I say).Pragya orders Abhi’s favorite food and says,If u have ur favorite food then u ll b enthusiastic and u r looking bad when u r in depression and smiles at him.Abhi keeps on looking her and says excuse me I ll back and leaves.Abhi says himself I can’t say her anything I’m not having that much strength and I don’t know how she ll react and thinks.Pragya comes there and asks Abhi to come as the food had placed in the table.Abhi nods and he comes there.Pragya asks,What happened?Is everything is OK.Abhi says, dadi had chosen a bride for me and I accepted to marry the girl of my dadi’s choice and looks at her.Pragya shocked and she doesn’t know how to react.(more than a minute of silence).Pragya remains tears in her eyes and Smile in her lips and says,her words started to strucked..I’m happ..happy..for u..and that’s…that’s..really great.. and keeps on looking here and there and says,I’m..really..happy for u and congratulations..great decision!!Abhi shocked with her words and thinks is she doesn’t have any feelings for me and looks at her and he realizes her pain in her eyes and says himself I’m sorry Pragya I had made u smile but today I’m the person who giving u this much pain and I’m really sorry Pragya and looks on her.Pragya suddenly gets up and says, Huhhh..I’m leaving now and smiles with tears.Abhi says,Wait lemme drop u.Pragya says, I ll go by myself and please don’t do me any favours and thank u for all..Once again Congratulations!!and smiles at him and leaves with teary eyes.

Precap:Pragya cries and walks desperately in road by thinking abt Abhi.Abhi sits in his car and saying himself I’m sorry Pragya (Jag soona lage plays)

  1. Hey y da
    So emotional episode
    Feels really bad yaar

  2. tisha kya dadi ke choice ki girl pragya hain?

  3. Don’t worry guys!!There is some planning on this!!Hope for the good!!

  4. Oh god so sad na

  5. Nice Tisha…today episode is really a grt one…soooooo sad for abhi n pragya n hope tat tz sad s 4 some happy moments… I just hope so

  6. Sooo emotional episode…!!!! But nice to see that much love between Abhigya…!!!!!! Loved it.. Keep Continuing..:-)

  7. Awesome sad emotional epi… waiting for a happy one next..

  8. woww so good…nyc story Tisha

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  10. hyy tish ua ff s osm?.soo sentii

  11. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s sooo emotional yaarr…….So much of love showed u in between Abhigya……Its really touching yaar……Nice plot…..Go ahead…… plz update regularly…… I am waiting here 4 ur next update with manyyyyyy hopesssssssss…..

  12. so emotional episode. I like it very much…. eagerly waiting 4 ur nxt epi…

  13. Very emotional

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