1. SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI – Played by Nakul Mehta

The eldest grandson of the famous Oberoi family, only son of Pinky and Shakti Singh Oberoi, CEO of Oberoi Industries, hard core businessman, loves his family a lot specially his cousins Omkara, Rudra and Priyanka, holds pride in his Oberoi surname and cares a lot for the Oberoi family reputation, getting married to Tia Kapoor.

“Haarna maine sikha nahi hai, aur kisi aur ko Shivaay Singh Oberoi jitane nahi deta”

2. RANBIR KOHLI – Played by Krishna Kaul

Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s PA, one of his most trusted employees, treated by Shivaay as his family, does all that is required (whether right or wrong) for Shivaay, smart, sweet and hardworking

“Sahi yaa galat, Ranbir ko farak nahi padta, kyunki baat jab Shivaay ki ho toh woh jaan de bhi sakta hai aur le bhi sakta hai”

3. RANVEER SINGH RANDHAWA – Played by Ayush Anand

DCP in the Mumbai Police Department, an intelligent, honest, arrogant and respected police officer in the entire department, believes in providing justice irrespective of the status of the people, hardworking man and known for his skills in solving cases.

“Jitana Ranveer Singh Randhawa ki sirf aadat hi nahi, fitraat bhi hai”

4. ABIR RAJVANSH – Played by Shaheer Sheikh

ACP in the Mumbai Police Department, a skilled and daring police officer, fun loving and notorious, works with Ranveer in all his cases, considered the best duo in their department, Ranveer’s only friend in the department and the only person who can calm down Ranveer’s anger in all situations and dares to play pranks with him.

“Abir Rajvansh, naam hi kafi hai dushmano ko harane ke liye”

5. ANIKA RAICHAND – Played by Surbhi Chandna

The daughter of the Raichand family, daughter of Sumitra and Shekhar Raichand, her brother Arjun’s princess, a famous lawyer, has achieved great success at a young age at her own capabilities, fights cases for the under privileged people, down to earth person, chirpy and care-free.

“Insaaf par sabka barabar ka haq hota hai, yehi hai Anika ki simple si philosophy”

6. PRACHI ARORA – Played by Mugdha Chaphekar

Anika’s assistant cum best friend, smart and intelligent, Anika has always been with her in all her ups and downs in her career, they have been working together since their graduation.

“Dosti woh hai ki jab dost kuch na bole tab bhi hum sab samajh jayien, aisa sochti hai hamari Prachi”

7. ISHANA KULKARNI – Played by Vrushika Mehta

Crime reporter by profession, works for the famous “Mumbai Times”, a dedicated and hardworking reporter, works hard till she gets to the bottom truth of all her stories, strives to bring the truth to the world.

“Ishana yehi maankar jiti hai ki sach duniya ke saamne lana hum sabka farz hai”

8. MISHTI AGARWAL – Played by Rhea Sharma

ACP in the Mumbai Police Department, a fierce and brave police officer, hardworking and skilled, knows Abir since their college days

“Jaroori nahi jiski galti dikhe wahi galat ho, Mishti kehti hai pehle puri baat samajh toh jao”

9. GAURI MEHRA – Played by Shrenu Parikh

Owner of the “Shubhyog” wedding planners, a creative and smart person, sweet and kind by nature, wedding planner of Shivaay and Tia’s wedding

“Sapne dekhna achi baat hai, par wahi jinhe tum pura kar sako, kuch aisa hi maanti hai Gauri Mehra”

10. SIDDHARTH VIKRAM RANA – Played by Shaleen Malhotra

The eldest son of the Rana family, son of Vikram and Ketki Rana, CEO of the Rana Group of Companies, Shivaay’s biggest business rival, smart and intelligent, loves his family a lot especially his younger brother Dushyant

“Kabhi kabhi dushman ko harane ke liye, khud bhi harana padta hai, Siddharth Vikram Rana kuch aisa hi sochta hai”

11. ADHVIK MALHOTRA – Played by Adhvik Mahajan

The eldest son of the Malhotras, son of Naren and Pooja Malhotra, CEO of the Malhotra Industries, family friends with the Raichands, loves his younger brother Shaantanu a lot, smart and hardworking, sweet and kind

“Apno ko bachane ke liye koi hadein nahi hoti, Adhvik Malhotra sirf yeh kehta hi nahi, karke bhi dikhata hai”

12. SHAANTANU MALHOTRA – Played by Zain Imam

The younger son of the Malhotras, most loved and pampered in the family being the youngest, runs his own Music Company, famous singer and composer, loved a lot by his fans

“Jitne ke liye koi rules nahi hote aur agar hote hai toh Shaantanu Malhotra unhe tod deta hai”

13. DAKSH KHURANA – Played by Karan Khanna

Shivaay’s childhood best friend, fun loving and mischievous, intelligent and sensible, lives alone with his younger sister Riddhima, loves her a lot and can do anything for her happiness

“Apni manzil ko haasil karne ke liye sab kuch dav par lagana padta hai, Daksh Khurana bas yehi toh karta hai”

14. RIDDHIMA KHURANA – Played by Shireena Sambyal

Daksh’s darling sister and Omkara Singh Oberoi’s girlfriend, a fashion designer by profession, runs the famous “Bend the trend” boutique with the help of her elder brother, smart and skilled designer

“Ek baar jo Riddhima Khurana kisise dil laga le toh phir unhe alag karna mushkil hai”

15. SVETLANA – Played by Reyhna Malhotra

Tej Singh Oberoi’s secretory, smart and cunning woman has been working in Oberoi Industries from many years, Tej’s most trusted employee, beautiful and attractive and knows how to take advantage of her beauty

“Wafadari kaha aur kab nibhani hai yeh Svetlana ache se jaanti hai”

16. OMKARA SINGH OBEROI – Played by Kunal Jaisingh

The second grandson of the Oberoi family, eldest son of Janhvi and Tej Singh Oberoi, artist – painter and sculptor by profession, self-made billionaire, sweet and kind, doesn’t believe in the power and legacy of surnames

“Omkara yehi maanta hai ki sach ke liye apno se bhi ladna pad jayien toh koi gam nahi”

17. RUDRA SINGH OBEROI – Played by Leenesh Mattoo

The third grandson of the Oberoi family, second son of Janhvi and Tej Singh Oberoi, final year college student, fun loving and care-free, loves his family a lot

“Rudra kehta hai zindagi ka koi bharosa nahi hai, toh jo aaj hain use hi khul ke ji lo”

18. PRIYANKA SINGH OBEROI – Played by Subha Rajput

The only granddaughter of the Oberoi family, daughter of Janhvi and Tej Singh Oberoi, loved the most in the family being the only daughter, silent and shy nature but do not mess with her loved ones, also in her final year of college

“Toofan se pehle ki shaanti hi sabse jyada khatarnak hoti hai, isiliye Priyanka Singh Oberoi se sambhal kar rahiye”

19. SOUMYA SHARMA – Played by Nehalaxmi Iyer

Recently joined Gauri’s wedding planning company, sweet and kind, fun loving, working with Gauri for Shivaay and Tia’s wedding

“Soumya kehti hai ki jab baat dil aur dimaag ki ho toh dil ki sun leni chahiye”

20. ARJUN RAICHAND – Played by Pearl V Puri

The son of the Raichand family, son of Sumitra and Shekhar Raichand, loves his younger sister Anika the most, a famous lawyer, smart, honest and kind, aspires to be like his father one day, getting married to his longtime girlfriend Pankhuri Malhotra

“Arjun khel tab khelta hai jab sabki baajiyan palat deni ho”

21. PANKHURI MALHOTRA – Played by Ishita Dutta

The only daughter of the Malhotras, daughter of Naren and Pooja Malhotra and sister of Adhvik and Shaantanu, younger to Adhvik but elder to Shaantanu, helps her brother and father in the family business, getting married to her love Arjun Raichand

“Khoobsurat chehro ke piche aksar kai raaz chipe hote hai isiliye Pankhuri kehti hai khoobsurati se dhokha na khaye”

22. DUSHYANT VIKRAM RANA – Played by Saurabh Kushwaha

The younger son of the Ranas, son of Vikram and Ketki Rana, helps his brother and father in business, loves his family a lot specially his Sid Bhai, fun loving and care-free

“Dushyant kehta hai woh ishq hi kya jo hadhoin se bandh jayein”

23. MALLIKA SIDDHARTH RANA – Played by Surbhi Jyoti

The eldest daughter-in-law of the Ranas, interior designer by profession, sweet and sensible, loves her husband a lot, Shivaay’s ex-girlfriend, friends with Omkara, Rudra and Priyanka, has certain differences with Shivaay

“Agar rishte dum ghotne lage toh unhe tod dena chahiye, Mallika aisa hi sochti hai”

24. TIA KAPOOR – Played by Navina Bole

The eldest daughter of the Kapoor family, raised by her mother Anuradha Kapoor alone as her father died when she was seven years old, getting married to Shivaay Singh Oberoi, loves her younger sister and mother very much.

“Pyaar mein kuch sahi yaa galat nahi hota, Tia yehi kehti hai hamesha”

25. ROMI KAPOOR – Played by Krissann Barretto

The second daughter of the Kapoor family loves her Tia Di the most, in her final year of college, Rudra’s classmate and friend

“Simple life ko hum complicated bana dete hai, Romi yehi batati hai”


26. KALYANI SINGH OBEROI – Played by Navnindra Behl
Head of the Oberoi family, mother of Tej, Shakti and Roop

27. TEJ SINGH OBEROI – Played by Mahesh Thakur
The eldest son of the Oberoi family, Chairman of the Oberoi Industries

28. JANHVI SINGH OBEROI – Played by Mreenal Deshraj
The eldest daughter-in-law of the Oberoi family, earleir worked in Oberoi Industries but left work after few years, wife of Tej Singh Oberoi

29. SHAKTI SINGH OBEROI – Played by Siraj Mustafa Khan
The younger son of the Oberoi family, Vice-Chairman of Oberoi Industries

30. PINKY SINGH OBEROI – Played Nitika Anand
The younger daughter-in-law of the Oberoi family, wife of Shakti Singh Oberoi

31. ROOP SINGH OBEROI – Played by Vishavpreet Kaur
The only daughter of Kalyani Singh Oberoi, younger sister of Tej and Shakti

32. ANUSHA KAPOOR – Played by Anisha Hinduja
Mother of Tia and Romi, took care of her daughters with hardwork after her husdand’s untimely death

33. SHEKHAR RAICHAND – Played by Sachin Tyagi
Retired judge from the Mumbai High Court, proud of his son and daughter who followed his path to serve the well being of the society, family friends with the Malhotras

34. SUMITRA RAICHAND – Played by Parul Chauhan
Retired school principal, wife of Shekhar Raichand

35. VIKRAM PRADEEP RANA – Played by Naved Aslam
Chairman of the Rana Group of Companies, biggest business rivals for the Oberois

36. KETKI VIKRAM RANA – Played Mansi Salvi
Wife of Vikram Rana, worked with the Rana Group of Companies but left work after few years.

37. NAREN MALHOTRA – Played by Anup Soni
Chairman of the Malhotra Industries, family friends with the Raichands

38. LATE POOJA MALHOTRA – Played by Smita Bansal
Late wife of Naren Malhotra, she died in a car accident years ago.

Author’s note: So guys, how is the cast? All characters have their own ways to define life. What will happen when they will cross paths with each other? What happens when ideologies clash with each other? I am hoping that you all are excited for the story. Well, the story is going to start soon.

Keep reading, commenting and SMILING!!!

  1. Waiting for the story to start

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      The story will start soon….From the next week….Do read and continue commenting….

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    1. Prajkta

      Thank you…. Don’t worry as the story starts you’ll get to know all characters and the pairs….I loved Praghbir a lot and thought to have them too…. Once the story starts you’ll remember them well….

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    Superb se upper tak super hit boss.

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