LOVE, LIFE, SECRETS: Answers lie within – CHAPTER 88

CHAPTER 88: New phase of life

(A month after the arrest of the culprits)

A month had passed after the investigation for Tia’s murder had finally ended and brought out many other crimes committed by the culprits into the light…. Shakti and Tej had tried using all their sources to get themselves free but Shivaay and Om stood strong for justice, and did not let anything like that happen…. The Oberoi family was upset with whatever had happened, but they knew it was their deeds coming back to them, and nothing could be done for them….

Adhvik had apologized to Pankhuri, but she did not talk to him…. He could understand that after whatever he had done, she needed some time….

Raichands were happy to get their daughter-in-law back and had fixed Arjun and Pankhuri’s wedding date after two months, they couldn’t wait any longer to make her theirs forever….


“So, what have you both decided?”

Prachi asked sitting with Ranbir and Gauri…. Disha, Purab, Abhi, and Pragya were already seated…. They were all discussing Prachi and Ranbir’s wedding…. Abhi and Pragya were very happy with the decision of Ranbir and Prachi had taken….

Abhi: About what, what we had to decide?

He asked confused…. Even Pragya, Disha, and Purab were confused…. Gauri, Ranbir, and Prachi looked at each other….

Gauri: About where the wedding and the other rituals will take place?

Disha and Purab looked at each other and then at Abhi and Pragya….

Abhi and Pragya got into thinking…. Gauri had asked an important question…. The past month had changed their relations a lot…. They both had again started talking to each other and taking care of Prachi had brought them closer…. They had again started behaving with each other as they used to earlier…. They were thinking of Prachi’s father and mother, and not as ex-husband and ex-wife….

“Wherever Prachi and Ranbir want”

Both Abhi and Pragya said at the same time and looked at each other surprised…. They smiled at each other…. All others were also happy hearing this….

Purab: So Ranbir, Prachi, bolo kaha se karni hai shaadi? (So Ranbir, Prachi, tell us where do you want to get married)

Prachi was about to say something but Ranbir spoke….

Ranbir: Mehra house

Prachi looked at him surprised while he blinked at her…. Others were also equally surprised….

Prachi: Haa Maa, Papa, I want to get married there, I hope you both….

Pragya: No problem, if this is what you both want, we have no problem.

Disha: So, finally we get to plan a wedding at our house, Gauri ke bharosa to pata nahi yeh muaka kab milega. (So, finally we get to plan a wedding at our house, waiting for Gauri we may have not got this chance ever)

Gauri: Maa….

Abhi: No one teases my princess.

Gauri: Only my Bade papa cares for me.

The discussions about the wedding continued with lots of laughter, teasing, and happy moments…. Years later, a family had come together to celebrate their happiness….
Prachi and Ranbir looked at each other…. Ranbir held her hand and his firm hold assured her that everything would be fine and that this new phase of life will bring happiness in not only their lives but also in the life of their family….


The Agarwals (Harsh, Anjali, and Mishti) and Rajvanshs (Meera and Kunal) were sitting in the living room of Rajvansh mansion…. Abir had called all of them and they all were thinking about what he had to talk…. They all were waiting for Abir to come and break the suspense…. He had only informed that he had something important to talk about and had taken an important decision….

Meera was worried as to what her son would have decided…. She had also decided to fix Abir and Mishti’s wedding along with Kunal and Kuhu’s…. She could not delay anything now; they had already waited for years now….

All were waiting for Abir when Kuhu walked in and saw the people around; she was surprised to see Mishti with her family…. Meera and others noticed her….

Meera: Kuhu….

Kuhu: Maa, Abir Bhai called me, he said he wanted to talk about something important.

Harsh: That is what he has told all of us, but where is he?

Kunal: I’ll go and get Bhai, for how long we’ll we sit like this?

Kunal stood up from his place and was about to go when he stopped seeing Abir descending down…. All turned towards Abir, who came and sat beside Mishti…. Mishti and Meera both could feel something was disturbing Abir….

Anjali: Abir beta, is everything fine, you called us here suddenly?

Abir: Some things were not fine Maa, but now I have decided to make them fine.

All were looking at him confused not understanding what he meant by his words….

Kunal: What do you mean Bhai?

Abir: I have decided to get married to Mishti.

It took them all some moments to understand what Abir had told them…. Harsh, Anjali and Kuhu were happy to hear this…. Meera and Mishti were surprised and looked at each other…. Kunal did not know how to react and only looked at Abir and Mishti….

Mishti: Abir….

Abir: What happened Mishti, aren’t you happy hearing this? Don’t you want to get married to me?

Mishti: No Abir, aisi baat nahi hai, woh…. (No Abir, it is not like that)

Kunal: Bhai, how did you decide this suddenly, I mean….

Abir: Why Kunal, why cannot I decide this, anyways we have already been away for years, now I don’t want to let Mishti go away from me again.

Mishti: Abir, there is something you need to know before you make a final decision.

Abir: My decision is final Mishti, and nothing and no one will be able to change it.

Kunal: Bhai, first listen to what she has to say, and then decide.

Meera: Kunal, it is their life, let them talk and decide it is better you keep quiet and stay away.

Meera glared at him and gave him a warning look….

Kunal kept quiet and looked away, he hated Mishti even more now, she had made his family away from him, first his father, and now his brother and mother…. He would never accept Mishti as his family…. Mishti may marry his Bhai, but he’ll never let her become his Bhabhi….

Anjali and Harsh exchanged some looks looking at Meera and Kunal…. They only wished this time their daughter got all her happiness, the happiness she deserved….
Kuhu also prayed that Kunal soon changed his ways, and accept the truth…. She knew he was not a bad person and had seen his kind self, the Kunal she had fallen in love with…. She only hoped that his hatred for Mishti did not push him farther away from them….

Mishti: Abir, you don’t know many things and….

Abir: What I don’t know Mishti, I love you and you love me, our families are with us, what more should I know? Isn’t all this enough? Isn’t our love enough?

Abir began narrating everything he had got to know from Kuhu….

Abir and Mishti’s childhood…. Their families being neighbors and business partners…. Mishti and his friendship…. Mishti’s family leaving for Delhi…. The farewell dinner…. The fire incident…. His father’s death…. Him losing his memory after the tragedy…. Him forgetting about Mishti…. Mishti’s family leaving for Delhi…. Kunal’s hatred for Mishti…. Mishti coming to Rajkot for her graduation…. Mishti meeting him in college…. Abir and Mishti falling in love…. Kunal blackmailing Mishti…. Their break up…. Mishti walking away from his life…. Kunal again blackmailing Mishti to leave him….

All except Kuhu were shocked hearing him….

Mishti: Abir….

Abir: I know everything Mishti and even after knowing all of it, I love you and will always love you….

Kunal: Bhai….

Abir: Kunal, we’ll talk later; first I want to make things clear with Mishti.

Kunal kept quiet hearing Abir’s tone…. Abir then turned to look at Mishti…. Mishti did not know what to say….

Meera: Abir….

Abir: Maa, I only want to talk to Mishti, please….

Abir: So Mishti, you tell me, does me knowing any of this change our love, our relation, does it change anything for you, because for me, it changed nothing, I still love you the same. Mishti, I have made my decision, I want to marry you, now you decide, and do you want to marry me or not….

She did not say anything and hugged Abir tightly…. Abir was surprised for a moment….

Mishti: I want to marry you Abir, I want to be with you always, and I cannot lose you, I don’t want to lose you.

All others smiled seeing this…. Kunal did not stay there more and walked away…. Kuhu and Meera looked at each other, Meera signed her not to worry and let him be alone for some time….

Mishti and Abir broke the hug….

Mishti: I am sorry Abir….

Abir: Don’t be just promise me, you’ll never ever think of going away from me ever.

Mishti: I’ll never leave you Abir.

Abir hugged her and Mishti felt extremely happy…. All others smiled seeing them…. It was the start of a new phase of their life…. After going through all ups and downs in their love, they had found their happy new beginnings….


Adhvik was sitting in the cell when a constable informed him of a visitor…. He thought that Pankhuri had come to meet him…. He followed the constable towards the visitor’s room…. Adhvik was surprised seeing Gauri there…. The constable left the room…. Seeing Adhvik come Gauri stood up from her place…. They walked towards each other and stood facing each other….

Adhvik: Gauri, you here….

Gauri: Actually I came to say thank you….

Adhvik looked at her surprised….

Adhvik: Thank you, for what?

Gauri: For saving me that day, and for helping all of us. I never thought you would go against your own family to save others.

Adhvik was again surprised and looked at her hearing her words…. He had never thought Gauri would come and meet him…. That she would thank him and understand that he had changed…. And the change in him had to do with her also…. His behavior with Pankhuri and Gauri in the past had made him realize what grave mistakes he was doing….

Adhvik: No need of saying thank you Gauri, I did what I should have done earlier. I should have realized that I was wrong, that we were wrong years ago only, but we did not and it messed up everyone’s lives, and Tia and Devika had to lose their lives. We may not have killed Tia, but one way or the other we were a reason. I hurt Pankhu also, and I did wrong things to you also, I am sorry Gauri. I am really sorry.

Gauri: Don’t say sorry Adhvik, it’s all in the past now, and I think we can forget all this, and make a new beginning.

Adhvik looked at her confused…. She forwarded her hand towards him….

Gauri: Can we be friends?

Adhvik looked at her and then at her hand…. Gauri was waiting for his answer…. Adhvik smiled at him and forwarded his hand…. They shook hands with each other….

Adhvik: Friends.

They smiled at each other….

Gauri felt happy with this new phase of her life, and a new beginning with Adhvik….

Adhvik felt happy that Gauri was giving him another chance, and they would make this one better than the previous one….

Love is a complicated and intense emotion, and to pave the path for that love in your life, you should always start with trusting and understanding each other…. Gauri and Adhvik’s new journey had started and would definitely find its destination one day….


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