LOVE, LIFE, SECRETS: Answers lie within – CHAPTER 78

CHAPTER 78: Unseen danger

Pragya was sitting in the living room lost in her thoughts…. The sudden meeting with Abhi had brought back all the memories….

Memories she had kept buried deep inside her heart….

Memories she had kept locked in the farthest corner of her mind….

Memories she had promised to not remember ever again….

Memories she had tried erasing all these years….

Memories she had thought she would eventually forget….

Memories that still felt alive….

Memories that made her feel all sorts of emotions….

Pragya: Bohot gussa hu aapse, lekin aaj jab aapko saalon baad dekha toh gussa toh jaise tha hi nahi, bas khushi thi (I was very angry with you, but today when I saw you after years, there was no anger, but only happiness).

She smiled recalling her life with Abhi….

She knew she was angry with him, she had blamed him for many things, she had many issues with him, but nothing could change the fact that she loved him…. She could never deny that he loved her more than anyone in the world…. She could never deny that he cared the most for her….

She knew it was her decision to leave him, it was her decision to let go of him, and she knew she had taken that decision in anger…. But at that point of time in her life, she could not think of anything else…. It seemed to be the right decision then….

Over the years, when she reflected upon her decision, she did feel it was wrong but then she had learned to live with that….

However, when she met Abhi today after so many years, everything seemed so wrong….

Looking into his eyes, she could see that those eyes had lost their spark, there was no twinkle in those eyes that always reflected enthusiasm, happiness, and positivity…. Looking at his face, she could feel he had not smiled whole-heartedly in the past years…. And all these realizations pained her heart….

Her one decision taken in haste had destroyed the happiness of her life, and also the person whom she loved the most…. She couldn’t even keep her daughter happy…. Her Prachi had to keep secrets from her…. Her Prachi had to lie to her…. All this just because she had taken the decision alone….

A knock on the door brought Pragya out of her thoughts…. She wiped her tears and walked to open the door…. She looked on surprised seeing Ranbir standing in front of her….


Prachi and Anika were waiting in Shakti’s cabin…. They had reached half an hour before to meet Shakti when his assistant informed them that he was in a meeting and would meet them after some time…. The girls had agreed and were now waiting for him to finish his meeting and meet them…. They were hoping that whatever they had assumed would be wrong and Oberois would have nothing to do with Mr. Kapoor’s death…. But if any of it was true, and Tej was actually responsible for Mr. Kapoor’s accident, they would have to inform Shivaay first….

Anika had her belief in Shivaay that he would understand her and also stand by her side…. The Shivaay she had met months ago was very different from the Shivaay she knew now…. She trusted this Shivaay and was sure he would not leave her side and would fight along with her….

The cabin door opened and Shakti entered…. Prachi and Anika stood up from their seats to greet him when they saw Tej entering behind Shakti…. The girls looked at each other…. There was no way they could talk to Shakti in front of Tej…. If Tej was the culprit, he would lie to them and also become alert….

Shakti: Why did you both stand up, take a seat.

Anika and Prachi gave him a small smile and took their seats…. Shakti and Tej also settled down….

The girls were thinking about how to start the conversation…. With Tej being present they had to be very careful, but luck favored them and Tej received a call and he walked out to attend it…. Anika and Prachi felt relieved….

Shakti: Say, Anika, what brought you both here to meet me?

Anika: Uncle, actually….

She forwarded the papers to Shakti…. He looked at her confused first, but then he took the papers and his eyes grew wide in shock…. He looked at Anika and Prachi….

Shakti: Where did you get this from?

Prachi: From Tej uncle’s study….

And she began explaining everything to him…. The pieces of evidence against Malhotras…. Their illegal activities…. Their searching for the pieces of evidence in Oberoi Mansion…. Her search in Tej’s study…. Her acquirement of these papers…. And their doubt about Tej being involved in Mr. Kapoor’s death….

Shakti listened to everything carefully shocked by some of the revelations….

Shakti: So you mean Shaantanu Malhotra has killed Tia?

Anika: Yes uncle, he is the one who has killed Tia.


Pragya welcomed Ranbir inside…. She was surprised to see him during office hours because from whatever she had heard about Ranbir’s work and Shivaay, she knew he had lots of work to do and many responsibilities to complete….

Pragya: Beta, you here, shouldn’t you have been in office?

Ranbir: I should have been there, but I was worried for my Maa, and couldn’t keep away from seeing her.

Pragya looked at him hearing his answer and seeing his smile, her lips curved upwards…. She felt lucky to have him as her Prachi’s life partner…. She only wished the two of them stayed together always….

Ranbir: Maa, are you okay? I mean after everything that happened yesterday with Prachi revealing about her meeting with her father and everything, I was worried for the two of you.

Pragya: We are not completely fine, but after some time things will become better. I couldn’t talk to Prachi after yesterday, but I’ll talk to her once she comes back.

Ranbir: Maa, are you still angry with her?

Pragya smiled hearing his question…. It was his concern for Prachi that reflected through that question….

Pragya: No, I was angry yesterday but I am not anymore.

Ranbir felt relieved hearing her answer….

Ranbir: That means you have no problem if she meets her father after this.

Pragya: No, I was a little upset yesterday after knowing that she was hiding it from me, but when I thought about it, I understood her reasons also, and I have already kept her away for long, I don’t intend to keep her away from her Papa anymore.

Ranbir looked at her surprised…. He felt happy that Pragya had decided this…. He was sure just like Prachi got her Papa back, one day his Maa would also get her husband back…. He only wished for that day to come soon….

Pragya asked Ranbir to wait while she prepared his favorite coffee for him….


Shakti got into thinking after hearing the things Anika and Prachi told him….

Prachi: Uncle, only you can help us with this.

Anika: Yes uncle, we could only trust you with this, that’s why we came here.

Shakti: It’s good that you both came here.

Prachi: Uncle, is Tej uncle involved in Mr. Kapoor’s accident.

Before Shakti could say anything, a voice was heard and all turned towards the door…. Tej walked in….

Tej: Yes….

The girls looked at him shocked….

Anika: That means you….

Tej: Yes me, in fact not only me but him also, right Shakti?

Tej smirked and looked at his younger brother while Shakti smiled back at him…. The girls looked at each other shocked….

Shakti: Absolutely correct Bhaisaab, and look at their fate, poor girls came to the killer for help, we will surely have to help them now.

Anika and Prachi looked at each other processing the truth they had just been acquainted with…. Their doubt of Tej being involved had not only been proved right but had also brought out another truth that it was not only Tej but even Shakti’s involvement that had caused Mr. Kapoor’s death….


Ranbir was sipping the coffee noticing how Pragya was lost in her own thoughts…. He could easily understand something was bothering her…. He kept the coffee mug aside and called her…. She looked at him….

Pragya: What has happened Ranbir, do you need anything?

Ranbir: Maa, you tell me what has happened, you seem to be lost today?

Pragya: Nothing, just like that.

Ranbir: Just like mothers know if their children are lying, children also know when their mothers are lying.

She looked at him surprised….

Ranbir: Now tell me, what is bothering you?

Pragya: Actually, I met him today, Prachi’s Papa, I met him.

Ranbir looked at her surprised….

Ranbir: Did you talk to him?

Pragya: Nothing is left to talk about now, we just saw each other for few minutes and then he left, and I didn’t have any reasons to stop him also.

Ranbir was silent for a few minutes before he spoke….

Ranbir: Maa, don’t you think you should think about getting back with him.

Pragya looked at him surprised….

Ranbir: Maa, don’t think I am saying this is because Prachi should get both her parents’ love, but because I think it is high time you and Papa also get your deserved love.

Pragya was even more surprised hearing his statement…. She got into thinking about what Ranbir said….


“That means whatever Mrs. Kapoor had been saying all along was true”

Anika said looking at Prachi and then at Tej and Shakti….

Tej: Yes, she was right all along but we made sure she would never be able to prove it, and thus she had no other option than to leave chasing us.

Shakti: We did a lot of hard work to make sure no one gets even the slightest idea that we are responsible for all this, but ever since you have found out about the enmity between Kapoors and Oberois, our problems have increased, but when finally everything was over, you again came with this new clue.

Tej: But no need to worry, because just like we buried and destroyed the other clues, these will also vanish in thin air and no one will even the slightest doubts.

Prachi: No, nothing like this will happen, we won’t let you do any of this.

Anika: You both have done a lot, now no more. We’ll definitely expose all your deeds to the world. Come Prachi, let us go, we have got what we wanted.

Prachi nodded at Anika and the two moved towards the door…. They were in Oberoi office, with hundreds of people around them…. There was no chance that Tej and Shakti would attempt to do anything to them in broad daylight and in their own office…. All they had to do was reach to Shivaay; he would be somewhere near….

Prachi tried to open the door but it did not open…. She looked at Anika…. Anika tried opening the door but it did not open…. They tried hard but the door did not open…. They looked at each other….

Anika: This is not opening….

Tej: And it will not open also, this is our territory, no one enters or leaves Oberoi Empire without our permission.

The girls turned to look at him…. They both knew they were in danger…. Anika tried to locate her phone when she realized she had forgotten her phone in her office…. She signed Prachi to take out her phone…. Prachi understood her sign and tried looking for her phone…. She had Arjun’s number on speed dial…. She was about to call him when Tej walked towards them and in a moment he hit Anika’s head with a vase…. Prachi was shocked by his sudden move and the phone fell from her hand…. She saw Anika falling on the ground and before she could do anything Shakti had hit her also…. Prachi fell on the floor and blackness surrounded her….


Shivaay was working on his laptop when he felt something different, it was as if something was not right…. He thought about Anika, was she fine, the thought crossed his mind….

Shivaay: I hope Anika is fine.


Arjun was driving towards Anika and Prachi’s office…. For some reasons unknown to him, he felt his sisters needed him….

Arjun: Once I meet the two, I will feel at peace, why something doesn’t feel right.


Ranbir and Pragya were talking when a sudden gush of wind came and the photo frame kept on the side table fell down…. They both looked at the broken frame and Prachi’s photo…. Something was not right, the thought filled their heart with doubt….

Pragya: Prachi….

Ranbir: Don’t worry Maa, she’ll be fine.


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As the story is moving towards a crucial point, now many new things will come to light.

Will Shivaay, Arjun and Ranbir be able to save Anika and Prachi? Will the truth about Mr. Kapoor’s death come out in the open? Will Anika and Prachi get out of the clutches of Tej and Shakti? Is Mr. Kapoor’s death, the only crime Tej and Shakti are involved in, or is there more to their deeds? How will the Malhotra brothers react when this truth about Tia’s father be known to them?

Also, from now on, there will be very few couple scenes, since this is a murder mystery, more focus will be on the crime and culprits involved, and the investigation, so there will be very little romance till the truth is revealed to everyone. I am sure you all will understand this.

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  1. Shesha485

    Loved the chapter. Ranbir’s concern for Prachi was adorable. Ranbir asks Pragya to rethink her decision as Abhishek and Pragya deserved to unite with their soul mates was nice. Glad that Pragya has no anger with Prachi and she even feels nothing against Abhishek. It is expected that not only Tej but Shakti was also involved in Mr. Kapoor’s murder. Shocking that both Annika and Prachi are in danger. Hope Ranbir, Arjun and Shivaay reach the office before it gets too late.

    1. Prajkta

      Thank you. Well after years Pragya’s anger was going to vanish as she loves Abhi a lot. Let us see how Arjun and others save Anika and Prachi.

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