LOVE, LIFE, SECRETS: Answers lie within – CHAPTER 13

CHAPTER 13: Friends forever

Ranveer, Abir and Mishti were busy questioning the family members one by one….

Ishana was writing down whatever she felt necessary for her story….

Prachi and Anika were also listening carefully to find anything useful for the case….

Gauri and Soumya were standing at a distance as Ranveer had already talked to them….

The constables were all busy recording statements of the families as and when they answered…. Nothing new had been found either about Tia or about the killer….

\Ranveer understood that he had to dig a lot to find the truth…. He asked Mishti to take the fingerprints of all the people present…. She obeyed his orders and with the help of the forensic people started her work…. The families did not like this but had no other option than to do this….

After about three hours of extensive questioning and gathering the needed information Ranveer excused himself and left with his team….

The families were also tired and left to their respective rooms….

Rudra went with Soumya and Gauri stating he had some important work….

Shivaay excused himself saying he had some office work and walked away with Ranbir…. Anika wanted to talk to him and along with Prachi followed him….

Ishana was also done with her work and decided to leave when she remembered about Abir…. She knew he would still be outside and decided to talk to him….

Om was in the lawn when he saw Ishana leaving…. He had to talk to her and followed her….


Shivaay was about to sit in his car when he felt a hand on his hand…. He turned to look who was it and was surprised to see Anika…. The last person he wanted to see today…. He so wished to avoid her and her questions…. He knew that Anika wanted to talk to him and he knew he would not be able to answer her questions…. Not unless he had got what he wanted from the Kapoors…. She was about to say something when Shivaay spoke….

Shivaay: Not today Anika, I am busy as I have some important office work. We’ll talk tomorrow.

Shivaay did not wait for Anika’s answer and sat inside the car…. He asked Ranbir to start driving and Ranbir quietly followed his order…. Anika was looking at his car as it drove away…. Prachi was shocked seeing the entire scene…. Why was Shivaay behaving like this…. They were here to help him and what was he doing…. Anika now felt anger rising in her seeing Shivaay’s behavior…. Whoever he was did not matter, this was not the way he was supposed to behave…. What did he think of himself…. She clenched her fist tightly trying to control her frustration…. Prachi understood Anika’s state of mind….

Prachi: Relax Anika, I know you are angry with his behavior but please relax. We’ll talk to him later; now let us go from here.

Anika: I’ll make sure that next time he doesn’t behave like this with anyone. I’ll make him keep that attitude of his in his pockets.

Prachi: Sure you do that but for now calm down and let us go.

After calming herself and understanding Prachi’s concern Anika agreed and they both walked towards their car…. The day was quiet tiring for them and they decided to go home and discuss about the case the next day….


Abir was going to sit in the jeep with Ranveer when he heard someone calling his name…. He turned to the direction of the voice and saw Ishana signaling him to stop….

Ishana: I really need to talk to you now.

He knew what she was going to talk about and he did not know what he was going to tell her…. He knew that he had done all that only to show Mishti that he had moved on but now explaining everything to Ishana, he did not know how she would react…. They had become really good friends and he did not want to ruin that because of his stupidity…. He knew that whatever he did was just so stupid…. Why did he have to show anything to Mishti…. Why did she still matter so much to him…. Abir’s thoughts had to take a break as Ishana clicked her fingers bringing him out of his world….

Abir: Ishu, I am busy right now, will talk to you later.

Ishana: No, Mr. Rajvansh, I said I want to talk to you now and that means we will talk now.

Abir knew that he had no other option and just nodded his head…. He told Ranveer that he would come after sometime and Ranveer agreed knowing that Abir had many things to handle…. Ranveer just asked him not to do anything more stupid to which Abir assured him that he would handle everything properly this time…. Ranveer looked at both of them and left with the constable….

Mishti was also about to go when she saw Abir and Ishana together…. They were walking towards the lawn…. She wanted to talk to Abir and decided to follow them…. She gave some excuse to the team and asked them to go back as she would join them later….

Om also saw Abir and Ishana walking towards the lawn and followed them….

Abir and Ishana reached the lawn…. Ishana looked at him while Abir looked here and there to avoid any eye-contact with her…. She felt irritated with his behavior and decided to speak herself….

Ishana: What were you trying to do earlier?

Abir: What did I do, I do not understand what you are talking about.

Ishana: Don’t you dare try these tricks with me; you very well know what I am talking about Mr. Rajvansh.

Abir could clearly see that she was irritated by this trick of his…. She was looking at him and he did not know what to tell her…. Also she not calling him Abir only showed that she was in a serious mood and would not entertain his stupidity…. He took a deep breath and looked at her…. She was waiting for him to say something…. He held her shoulders and she looked at him confused….

Abir: Ishu, I’ll tell you everything just do not get mad at me. I did not do anything intentionally, it just happened in the moment.

Ishana did not understand what he was trying to say but decided to keep quiet and listen to him…. There was few minutes of silence…. He signed her to sit on the bench nearby and they got seated…. Abir then started narrating his story…. He told about Mishti…. Their college life, their love, their differences, their break-up…. She joining his investigation team the day before…. How he saw her looking at them and then to hurt her he had done the stupid stunt few hours ago…. He apologized to Ishana for the incident…. He kept quiet after finishing everything…. He did not look up as he was feeling awkward to face Ishana…. There was no reaction from her for a few minutes…. She saw him fidgeting with his watch…. She placed her hand on his hand and he looked at her….

Ishana: I understand what you must be feeling after seeing her after many years and it is quiet natural that you behaved this way. But please next time warn me, I do not wish to be caught off guard.

Abir: So you are not angry or upset with me.

Ishana: I am upset but not for what you did but for the reason you did it. Whatever Mishti and you have, I would not talk about that but you should not do such things to hurt her. This is not the Abir I have known, and I definitely do not appreciate this change in you.

Abir: Ishu, I know I am not being myself but with Mishti coming back suddenly, I do not understand what I should do.

Ishana: I know that this is not easy to deal with but do not lose yourself just because you want to hurt her, in the process you will only end up hurting yourself more. And also always remember, we are friends forever, you can always talk to me.

Abir looked at her and she passed an understanding smile…. He too smiled back…. How and when had they become such good friends was a surprise to both of them…. After talking for some time more they decided to head back to their respective works…. They both had a lot to work upon…. They were walking back to the parking lot when Abir’s phone rang and he excused himself….


Ishana bid Abir a bye and started walking towards the exit…. She was walking when she noticed Om looking at her…. She was about to smile when she remembered his previous behavior and looked away continuing to walk…. She stopped when Om called her name…. She turned back and saw him coming towards her….

Omkara: Ishana, I wanted to talk to you.

Ishana: Why Mr. Oberoi, do you have any work from me?

Omkara understood from her reply that she was upset by his ignorance from before…. He himself did not understand why he had behaved that way…. He felt bad for upsetting her….

Omkara: I am sorry for earlier, I was just lost in my own thoughts that I did not pay attention to you.

Ishana looked at him surprised…. Why did she talk to him like that…. Why was she getting affected that he did not pay attention to her…. Why did he matter to her…. She was here for work…. Why did she even think about all this…. Why did he apologize to her…. Why was she upset with his behavior…. Why did she expect anything from him…. She did not know him then why was his ignorance affecting her…. Why did she feel something when he apologize…. All these questions were bothering her…. Seeing her lost somewhere Om snapped his fingers and she came out of her thoughts….

Omkara: Ishana, where are you lost, are you okay?

Ishana: Yeah, I am fine. And you need not apologize for anything.

Omkara: I should especially when I know that my behavior was not correct.

Ishana: So you apologize to strangers just like that.

Omkara: You are no stranger, you are….

Ishana looked at him surprised…. What was he going to say, she thought…. Om looked at her not knowing what he should say…. She was right, they were strangers to each other…. Why did he even say that incomplete sentence…. What should he say now…. He was confused…. He did not understand why he contradicted her….

Ishana: Acquaintance

Omkara: What?

Ishana: Isn’t this what you were going to say, right?

Omkara: Yeah, absolutely right. I’ll talk to you later, I have some work. Bye.

Without even waiting for her reply Om walked away…. She looked at him surprised…. What was wrong with him, both thought to themselves…. Why did he behave like this…. First he said he wanted to talk to her and now he walked away saying he had some important work…. She brushed away he thoughts and walked away…. This Omkara Singh Oberoi was definitely beyond her understanding….


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Hello dear readers, I hope you all are doing well. I am really caught up with the projects and submissions and the schedule, doing architecture is very hectic sometimes. But I really don’t wish to break the chain of your reading and so I’ll give my best to update regularly.
Also, next chapter is going to have an important revelation, and you all can keep guessing what it will be.
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  1. This is an amazing story and I like it a lot …. I guess this is the best fan fiction till now … BUT Please do write about Misti and Abir a more … like about their past , present , and future … Otherwise It’s the best..

    1. Prajkta

      Thank you so much…. The story for now will mostly concentrate on Abir and Mishti’s present and the case….. You’ll have many Mishbir moments in the future….. Till then keep reading

  2. Arthi

    The important revelation!!!! Definitely it must be something to do with Tia’s murder or qoth Oberois… Superb part and all the best for ur projects and everything….

    1. Prajkta

      The revelation is definitely related to Tia but how, you’ll know soon….. Thank you and continue reading…..

  3. Shesha485

    Nice episode. Omkara and Ishana’s conversation is great. Will Abir and Mishti’s past elaborated even more? Excited for the next revelation

    1. Prajkta

      For now the story will focus on Mishbir’s present life and the past will be revealed way later….. Thank you and do continue reading….

  4. Jasminerahul

    shivay ignoring his own lawyer like this is not right .anika’s anger is justified.abir told his past with mishti to ishana .I hope one day he will reveal it to the readers also.abir admitting to ishana that he did it to fix mishti was nice.I liked ishana telling abir that he should not try to hurt apologizing to ishana was nice.liked him saying that she is not a stranger for him.did he really mean to say that she is an acquaintance?

    1. Prajkta

      Thank you so much….. Mishbir’s past will not be revealed soon but the story will focus more on their present life and about Om and Ishana, they too have a long way to go….. all the characters have come together because of Tia’s death and the case investigation…. so their lives will get affected by the events and each other’s influences…..

  5. Ruby_MarNy

    Annika telling that she wants to put Shivaay’s attitude was nice… Shivaay needs someone like Annika to teach him a lesson for his attitude. Abir telling Ishana about Mishti was good. I love their friendship. But still Ishana advised him to not to hurt Mishti was really sweet of her. Omkara told Ishana that she is not a stranger was cute. Ishana started to feel something for him. Waiting for their love to bloom and for the mystery to be revealed. Overall the chapter is fabulous. Keep going, friend.

    1. Prajkta

      Thank you so much yaar…. Shivika have always been about tashan and takkar so thoda tit for tat toh hoga hi…. Anika will definitely make Shivaay taste his own medicine…. Continue reading…..

  6. Loved ishana and abir’s conversation
    An important revelation! !!!!
    Definitely must be about the murder
    Waiting for it
    And take care ☺

    1. Prajkta

      Thank you Nandini…. Important revelation and definitely about Tia….. will post soon…..

  7. Fenil

    Waiting to seew how Anika handle Billu.
    AbIsh friendily conversation wow u r doing superb job.
    Loving it more.

    1. Prajkta

      Thank you dost….. You’ll get plenty of Shivika and AbISh friendship in the coming episodes of the story….. Even more than the couples Abir and Ishana’s frndship is my fav part of this story….. And I hope you all will also love them….

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