Is there love in my life?? Promo

As I told you guys I am back with my all new ff ‘is there love in my life’ this story will mainly revolve around shivika I will also try to focus on rikara and Rumya sorry ruvya fans in my story there will be rumya


“Khanna I want this work to be done just in half an hour” a boy was scolding his body gaurd
He was wearing a white kurta and his blue eyes were adorable his messy hair shows he just waked up….

His mom walks in and said  “just ordering for slippers you are disturbing your bodyguard”

”Offo mom, I am SHIVAY SINGH OBEROI I want everything to be perfect so shhh…..” he said with annoyed look

“So, Khanna did you get that”

“Yes, Shivay sir”

On other hand

A girl was sitting on a couch wearing a full pink night suit with her house slippers, On which there was a teddy…. the room does not seem to be that girlish as her attire it was pretty simple

Girl’s POV
A new day is here again….as usual I am on my couch waiting for my breakfast to come, I am ANIKA ROY I have everything except of one thing that is LOVE my mother left me when I was just 3 months I live with my dad and i know my dad loves me a lot but because of his busy schedule he can’t be here every time he visit here once in a 3-4 months I have grown up alone…. I wish I had a big family….

Just then she heard a voice
“Mam your breakfast is ready please open the door”

“Fine” answered Anika

“What’s there in breakfast today ??”Anika asked sweetly

Maid answered ” some sandwiches cookies and orange juice”she told her while removing plate kept on each dish and showing her

“Oh, wow!!”Anika answers

Anika was having her breakfast sitting on her couch in deep thinking and asking herself only one question……

Is there love in my life!??

So ya that’s the promo sorry for grammatical errors do tell me did you like this story and please do comment and also hit the like button
Loads of love❤

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  1. Shanaya_rajput

    nice promo….

  2. Hi dear, nice promo dear. Happy for Rumya. Tq for it. Really missing them… Waiting for next..

  3. Niriha

    Nyc promo…

  4. ItsmePrabha

    Good one..Looking forward to it…

    1. Ananyagour

      Thank you ?

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