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Iam pragya arora , younger sister of tanu arora and daughter of sarla arora…haa somewhat naughty and irritating person..???…This story is about my love of my life…so hope you enjoy this happy reading…❤❤❤

Pragyas pov

  Abhishek prem mehra, friend as well as bestiee of my sister always visit our mom consider him as her own son..he is too talkative and funny..when he come along my sis..i too joined in their talk..he strictly warn me to call him as he dont like to hear himself as bro..i think he feel aged while hearing so..ya he is a good company..i wish that if i get jiju like him then it will be so fun..i somewhat sure that he will come as my expectations was breaked by stupid tanu…do you knew she fall in love with you knew nikhil..oh he is too irritating person..not too more than that..the way he talkes eat my brain …not only that he think himself as talented as we are fool…i just hate him to the core..i just ask abhi too about it do you want to hear our conversation ..k i will ..

Screen shifted to pragyas house..

Sar;pragya iam going to market..abhi have reached give him coffee..
Pr;haa maa..she goes to him need of all that for maas sake iam preparing it…i moves with coffee and give it to him..he smiles but i didnt smile back..

Ab;hey prags what happened to you…

Pr;i just hate you abhi.

Ab;what happen sweety…

Pr; dont try to butter me..its all because of can love my sis na..but you..


Pr;haa..if then i can call you na jiju..when i said jiju i feel some sad in his face..

Pr; you have some love failure as suddenly your face get changed..

Ab;no nothing like that..

Pr;then did you love someone..

Abhi started to get,k leave that..

Ab;where your di..

Pr;talking with that monkey..


Pr;haa nikhil…abhi laughs…

Back to pragyas pov

It was during these days i feel something special in him..the way he look is totally ..may be its my thinking so i brushed of that thought..during an evening…i really get bored simply sitting in house..when i told ma to let me go out..she said that she will never allow me to go alone aS that tanu has gone for date with nikhil…it was that time my saviour comes its abhi..usually me tanu and abhi will goes out…maa..abhi have can i go with him..i requested him to please agree..he agreed and i get permission..i dressed up soon and enters to his car…when he ask where to go ..i said any place he want…for my surprise do you knew where he bring me to his house..mehra mansion..its too big like bungalow..i was too much excited to see his family as from his words i knew its quite big with  maa papa sister dadi mausi chachu their 2 sons their family…when i enter there was a big silence..i asked him did they have gone out ..he didnt reply me just a smile..i started to look around all the place there..each room have a name..mama papa world, my princess hub, rockstar room it was that time i noticed private room..i just opened that door and get shocked by that scene all the person whom he talks is no more their photos with garland is showcased there..when i move backward i get him on him..i turned and look at him..i want to ask him why you tell such a big lie was that time he hugs me and started to i knew he was bit emotional i didnt broke the hug and just console him..when he came to sense he says sorry that day i see an another abhi..while returning i ask him why you open that truth to me..he simply replied that he feel so…i must knew about him..i was little bit confused by that reply why he must feel like he drops me back home..i cant ask furthur…then i started to watch him and think about previous incidents..yes my doubt was clear from starting itself he is somewhat different towards me while the first meeting when i call him brother that time itself he change it to abhi…

did he fall in love with me..what will i tell if he confess i thought to keep some distance..but this stupid her relation was known to mother ,she to  agreed and restrict them for furthur meeting..if they want there is a condition then i and abhi must accompany her compel me to come with her as he need to meet nikhil ..i agreed..we are travelling in abhis car..suddenly tanu ask abhi to stop car..there comes nikhil in another car..tanu goes with him and said that she will call us then come back to pick her..oh god i was trapped…i cant go back ..i have to spend with him …i look at him..he smiles back..he asked me where to go..i replied as per his wish..i thought he will bring to his home..but our car stops near beach..abhi ask me to get out..we both sit on the sand looking at sea..there was a huge silence…suddenly he placed his hands over my hand..i look at him..his eyes are wetted…i feel bad at that time as i knew its all because of me…

Abhis pov

The person who always talk and fight with me alot suddenly started to keep a distance what you all feel …feel bad na..that too our love do so..yes guys…iam madly in love with her..only to see her and spend time with her i started friendship with tanu..otherwise i i dont like her much ..she is too different from you knew first sight of her at college itself make me fall of her…the way she you knew we feel that there is someone for us…as she is 2 years younger than tanu but doing degree in our college..i have seen her first in library …between books …ha ..

she is looking for some book ..when i take a book i see her eyes ..when i take another i saw her lips and nose..when i take next one i see her fully…at that time i feel like iam flying on air around unknown smile curved into my lips…i feel she is made for her..i always visit their house only to see her and talk with her..when she requested me to give her a company to go outside i was really happy as i was waiting for such a day we both go out alone..when she said the place is per my wish..i wish to tell everything about me to her..when  i hug without sense the feel i get was really amazing cant express in word..when she started to avoid me after i feel i really tanu is my bestiee..because of her i get some time to spend with her..i wish to tell everything to her as if wont get time afterwards..i place my hands over her ..pragya…i knew you started to sense what i feel for you otherwise you wont keep distance with me..ya you are correct iam in love with you..not love madly in you are my life…the reason of my life..when you are with me i feel completed..the day without seeing you talking you become worst day in my life..whenever i close my eyes i always see you…i feel to close my eyes for ever so that i only see you na..suddenly she place her hands over my lips cryingly..

Pragyas pov

When he talk his heart out ..i really feel bad that i have hurten him alot…i feel so bad..whats wrong in that..if he loves me..i wish na i must get such a jiju..then whats the problem of getting a husband like him…

Abhis pov

All that do at that moment is just hug and tell i love you…i love you pragya…i love you so much ..please accept me..i cant live without you ..its better to …again she stops me…now not by fingers on brushing her lips over mine..ya she did her first kiss…kiss of my love..i didnt expected it because of that when i started to respond suddenly she broke it and hugs me by hiding her face on my chest..i hugs her and smile..and i dont ask her reply as that kiss itself tell me her love…

Pragyas pov

I dont knew why i suddenly kiss him..i knew he was quite shocked by my reaction..but through that kiss i express my love and give him a feel that i will be there for you my love…

Screen shift to present…

Ab;hey fuggi…you explain our love story to everyone na..


Ab; you all heard na..till now she havent tell that three magical word..even after one year of marraige too..too bad na..tell her to say that…

Pr;no abhi..i wont..tell that to you..suddenly he kiss her again just like their first kiss but this time abhi too respond too it..
Breaking it…happy now…


Pr;you are cheater abhi..i knew why you talk about three magical word as i wont tell it …for that i will kiss you…so you use it as chance to kiss me..

Abhi smiles ..and hugs her…because you are love of my life na..
You too my love of my life…

Guys love is just a feeling..dont avoid to express time pass you cant get chance for it…
iam_abhigya happy married life sissy..this is a small marraige gift from me to you and jiju…(i think i can also ..) may god fullfill your life with all happiness …

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    Superb dear so sweet…

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  7. awesome da.. !! lovely story written by a lovable person.. loved it dear.. !! I too thought abhi started to love her without pragya’s knowledge.. ! waiting for ur other works too…

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    Very nice. .. good love story

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    omg what a story. i am flying in sky. that was really awesome i loved it keep rocking princess love you

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