Hope u all are enjoying. This part will be long.
Clock rang eight and the rings were ready to be handed over. Kunal was already there,just waiting for his lady love. Meghna was also waiting for that auspicious moment. She was just dreaming about her future with her Mr. Wrong no. Naina came there and saw her thinking and waved her hand I nfront
Of Megna’s face. She came out of her thoughts.
Naina :di,when all ur deams are becoming true,then y are you still dreaming,come back to the truth.
Meghna :ab tum ye nahi samjengi. U will only realize it when you will be at my place.
Suddenly naina’s smile fades…. Meghna realizes her mistake.
Meghna :sry cheeku…Iam sosry…. Imade u think about ur….
Naina:no di it’s ok. Aadat hogayi meri…And it’s the time for enjoy…not for being sad…Come on di ur prince charming is waiting for u.
Meghna blushed and naina took her downstairs.
Kunal:why is she so late?
Karan :relaxbhai,hum engagement karke he nikalega. Don’t worry..
Everybody laughs…
Kunal :very funny ha.(he is still looking upstairs )
Kyathi:ur saali had gone tocall bhabhi and aaj nahi toh kal zaroor aayega…
Kunal looks at his siblings to make them shut.
Then suddenly a windhits the brothers both of them turned back. There comes Meghna the beautiful bride and her sister. Meghna looks into kunal’s eyes. They are sharing an eyelock…Their hearts are growing faster and faster. tak.. Tak.. Tak.. Atlast she reached near him.. Only alittle far. He made her wear the ring. She also made him wear the ring. Now Meghna is officially kunal’s,only kunal’s…. Everyone clapped. meghnal took elders blessing.
Dadu:sharda betaji sab kucch achaahua. Such me,hum bade khush nazeeb he ki hame Meghna jese ek sanskari bahu mili…
Sharda smiled. Nk also just smiled. He was neither that much happy nor that much sad…Next was performance round. Meghnal performed on the song tereliye hi toh signal.. Naina danced on pingagapori…Nk got impressed. Karan and Kyathi danced on cheese badi he…But this time,vishal got impressed. it was about 10pm and the guests were almost gone. The elders of Chauhan familyhad left to their rooms. The youngsters (including vaibhu)were chatting. Just then someone closed naina’s eyes from back.. Naina just touched that hand and said”KAJAL”…Imissed u a lot….(kajal is asecret admirer of vishal.. No. Dr. Vishal . But the fact is that vishal knowsit. She was his junior and naina’s friend.everyone knows this factexcept kajal. Vishal doesn’t have that feeling.)Meghna also hugs her. Naina introduces evey one to her”kajal,this is my jeeju._
Kunal :hi,kajal how are u,and uare looking pretty in this blue dress. Kajal blushes nd thanks him.
Karan:bhai aapkeshaadi fix hogayi he kamsekum ab toh bandh karo ye flirting varna bhabhike haath ka kaam bahut badh jayega..
Meghna fakes anger but Kunal manageto say”kajal,u r really pretty but not as much as my meghna…
Everybody laughs…
Naina :this is kyathi,jeeju’s sister.
Kajal :hai kyathi
Kyathi :hi,nice to meet u.
Naina (pointing towards laran):aur ye he Mr……
Karan saying to himself “no Naina…Not this time.. Pls…. Hei bhagvaan mujhe bacha lena….
Naina :Mr. karan singh Chauhan,jeeju’s brother.
Karan sighed..
He looks at Naina. Naina smiles.
Naina :so v hav to decide the programs in sangeet.
Kyathi :what about dance…
Kunal :couple dance…
Meghna :s,so everyone decide ur partners..
Meghna was about it say,just then vishal said “are,Meghna,tum kiske saath dance larna chaahtee he ye hum sub jaante he. Vaibhu tum bathao..
Meghna elbowed vishal.
Vishal (boldly ):gudiyaa..
Meghna (boldly ):bhaiyyu…
Vishal (sweetly ):my sweet gudiyaa..
Meghna (sweetly ):my sweetest bhaiyyu…
Everyone laughs seeing the brother sister bonding
Vaibhu :l wanted to dance with cheeku di..
Vishal :no l will dance with cheeku.
They both argued..
Meghna :stop u fools,Kunal,l have an idea..
Karan:kya he bhabhi…
Meghna:voh baat me bathaoongi..,first let me and kunal plan..
Naina and vishal coughs…
Meghna :what,just planning ok…
Everyone leaves except kunal and meghna. After one hour(so long ha…☺☺?)they came out and said that they will announce the plan,tomorrow in the mehndhi function,in front of every one..
Naina :it’s cheating…
Meghna :it’s not cheating…,it’s a surprise……

To be continued…. Sry for the errors…Do comment….

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