LOVE OF MY LIFE AN IB FF – Chp- 2 (Part A )

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Thank uuu so much guys really a big gratitude towards all those who commented on my FF when i read the comments i was so happy with your appreciation…..really a hearty thanks and those who missed last chp – 1 here it is

Chapter 1

No more talks so lets start Chp – 2 part A
Om consoles Gauri and after she stops crying he breaks the hug…both feels embarrassed but somewhere both feels relief in each others embrace….but they go to different directions to avoid each other( this is staring of Rikara story many awaited scenes are there )…

Everyone was present one Shivaay he enters with a stern face which showed no emotions towards anyone….As soon as he descendant down the stairs Ragini went towards him to show her mehendi to him……When he realized that what is happening his became moist and he looked towards Anika who was sitting motionless with mehendi on her palms….she was looking exhausted but then too lost in some or other thoughts….

I don’t what will happen tomorrow but yes i cant marry some one else….There will be only one man in my LIFE and that is Shivaay….Even if I have to die but I can’t marry someone else….NO!!!NO!!!ANIKA YOU CAN’T DIE…who will be there for SAHIL….even how can you think of death….Why i won’t think of death what is left in my LIFE….I can’t let the TRUTH out in front of shivaay I CAN’T!!!!!!….. OH GOD PLZZ HELP ME PLZZZZ…..Shivaay I LOVE U PLZZZ….STOP THIS WEDDING PLZZ….I know Shivaay U R THERE FOR SAHIL so i can die without any second thought….I CAN ……..
POV ENDS________

Suddenly Anika gets up from her place and start moving towards her room but Gauri stops her and force fully takes her to OM Garden ( plan guys)
Anika with the support of bench is sitting there and tears are reluctantly rolls down her cheek she feels Dizzy but still tries to sit for the sake of Gauri who is making her have her food…. For bringing water Gauri moves towards the Entrance and shows thumps up to someone who is standing behind the car and as soon as the power cut took place he run towards Anika and gave her a cut on her arm because of which Anika shouted in pain which was heard by everyone inside the mansion but because of loud music no one could make who screamed but Shivaay ran as fast as he could to save his anika because his heart told him that she was in danger……she was in Pain…..she was the one who shouted…..

YES IT WAS ANIKA ……I know she was the one who screamed …..Where are u Anika ….Where re you plzz…Tell me Where are you tell me ……Why do YOU CARE ABOUT HER SHIVAAY WHY??? WHY!!!!….I CARE FOR HER BECAUSE……. I LOVE HER….YES I LOVE HER…..Then why does u want to know the TRUTH which can affect both of u….if she left u just because of that TRUTH then Why do u want to know it….I WANT TO KNOW AS IT HAS AFFECTED OUR RELATIONSHIP SO IT MATTERS……BUT NOT MORE THAN HER….

Till Shivaay reaches the garden power was back and what he saw was most heartbreaking so he just screamed ANIKA… loud as he could because the seen in front of him was just horrible
THE SCENE…..Anika had a wound oozing blood on her head and a cut on her right arm ( it wasn’t deep but then to blood was oozing out ) she was wincing in pain and sitting cuddled with her knees with the support of tree….and shivering with fear and heating because of the fever…..
As soon as shivaay’s trance was broken he ran towards her and just pulled her into a protective hug…..He understood some one was there who came to harm Anika but who was there….After few minutes of sobbing Anika just fainted in his embrace and Shivaay cupped her in his arms and started walking….

At the Entrance Shivaay stood with anika in his arms and both Pinky and Ragini boiled up by seeing the scene…..
Pinky – OMM!!!….Shivaay whats this hein…..Hows this Anika in your arms…..This CHEAP….Ladki always behind my HEERA SON ……(to Vikram ) Shes to your Fiancées na then why yous standing go there…
Ragini – Shivaay what is this…..And what happened to her…..And why you have taken her in your arms….give her Vikram he is her fiancee….
Shivaay doesn’t pay any heed to anyone and straightly moves towards his room but on the door step he remembers about Anika and unwontedly takes her to her own room….

He place her on the bed and dresses her wounds and due to burning sensation she wakes up and hugs shivaay and cries….
Shivaay – SSHH….ANIKA I WON’T LET ANYTHING HAPPEN TO YOU…YOU’RE MY ANIKA NOTHING CAN HAPPEN TO U….YOU’RE MY LIFE AND SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI’S CAN’T GO EASILY ( He pats her head and kisses her hairs ) Calm down Anika ….. You need rest plzz calm down….

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