My love My life My everything twinj ff part 19


My love my life my everything twinj ff part 19

Yuvi also started to like that girl who message him he didnt saw her yet and girl was madly in love with him and in her message also she told this to yuvi that she started to like him . She calls him to meet her. She atrange that place beautifully a date setup

Yuvi getting ready in home he spend hours infront of mirror today to get ready after sometime he came out of room looking hot and handsome . Twinj get ready they also going out today as twinkle demanded kunj to take her out and usha,bebe ,jeevika and each and everyone in home twinkle side so kunj dont have option to deny as manohar viren also gave him off from office so twinj can spend time together.

Usha and jeevika ,twinkle preparing breakfast in kitchen

Usha – twinkle beta we will do this thing .

Jeevika- ha twinkle we will do it go and sit there quitely

Twinkle – no let me help you people we are going afterward as sadu sarna got important call

Usha – who is sadu sarna ?????

Twinkle bite her tongue jeevika controlling her laugh

Jeevika- tell twinkle who is sadu here

Twinkle- oh sorry usha aunty vo vo kunj is only my sadu

Usha – what in angry tone

Twinkle- sorry making puppy face

Kunj came there he heard there talks

Kunj – yes you caught up siyappa queen . Maa scold your future daughter in law and warn her today and say not to call me as sadu sarna

Usha – twinkle beta not usha aunty dont call me as aunty i dont like it

Twinkle- mummy ji can i call you like mummy ji like di calls you

Usha- ha beta maa or mummy ji anything pulling her cheeks and you gave nice name to kunj sadu sarna

Kunj- maa??? aap bhi !!

Twinkle- hahaha

Jeevika – now stop it twinkle kunj . Twinkle go and arrange dining table

Kunj- jaa jake kaam kar pushing her twinkle arranging table she saw yuvi going outside

Twinkle- oye stop there right now . Yuvi stop and look at her

Yuvi – what happened ?

Twinkle comes near him and look him closely his shirt and all

Yuvi – now you will tell I am looking hot and handsome i know thank you sweety

Twinkle – oye shut up this shirt is kunj’s i gift him this why you wearing it huh remove it right now

Yuvi – haan vo vo so what he is my brother and i can wear it ok

Twinkle- no not ok remove it

Yuvi – mad girl no ill not

Twinkle- ill not leave you until you give it to me come here remove it yuvi started to run and twinkle behind him

Yuvi – pagal chod muje. Kunj help me .save my respect your girlfriend trying to rape me save me please.  All came outside and saw twinkle running behind yuvi

Jeevika – now what happened?

Kunj – ill go and see them yuvi hide behind kunj

Yuvi – save me yar

Twinkle- oye where will you run yuvi now remove that shirt

Kunj- ??? why you telling him to remove shirt shameless siyappa queen you are not allowed to see anyone like that except me if you want ill remove mine ok come to room

Twinkle- shut up see that minkey wearing your shirt i gifted you that

Kunj look at yuvi

Kunj-yes you are right oye yuvi why you took my shirt

Yuvi – so what bro

Kunj- twinkle its ok

Twinkle- no not ok give other but not this i gifted this for you understand me kunj please yar yuvi

Kunj-she is right yuvi

Yuvi – yes your siyappa queen will always be right ok twinki dont cry ill sacrifice this shirt for you …bro she is so possessive about you its problem to your future kids

Kunj- why

Yuvi – if they want to sit on your lap she will say no no its my place il not give you all and dont allow themto sleep with you to saying its my place i cant give it to you

Twinkle- what

Kunj – yar she is not like you leave

Yuvi – whatdo you mean

Kunj – twinkle you know what he didnt gave privacy to his mom and dad so he the only son no more . He wasnt leaving them at all so no siblings for him. Twinj laughed on yuvi

Yuvi – hahaha so funny kuch bhi you guys waste my time always now i have to get ready again uff

Kunj – where you going haan what so special today

Twinkle- haan today you looking hot and handsome where you going let me guess to meet that girl yuvi blush slightly twinj tease him lot later twinkle helping jeevika kunj teasing yuvi and also scared him telling that girl will do something to you be careful what you will do if she rape you. So for safety yuvi took pepper spray which is in twinkle’s bag

They had breakfast and left

Yuvi reached xyz  place there comes beautiful girl

She said hi yuvi yyvi turned to her and looked at her face he is amazed by her beauty

Yuvi – hello so you are the one who is following me everywhere will you tell your name atleast now

Girl – my name is mahi

Yuvi – nice name mahi gives shy smile

Yuvi – oh is that shy haan while talking in phone tho i couldnt notice that and by the way you are looking beautiful giving her naughty smile

Mahi – thank you ☺☺ and you are looking so hot slowly

Yuvi – oh what i didnt heard correctly say again coming close to her mahi gives shy smile and above to run from there yuvi hold her hand and pull her close to him

Yuvi – to run away from me you came here you cant escape now  my dear friend

Mahi – who want to escape come lets go inside she took him inside that place was decorated beautifully

Yuvi – I am impressed

Mahi- I planned to arrange it at night but why you said to meet me in morning only

Yuvi- for my safety yar if you try to do something to me in morning people will be there if i scream they come and save me but in night who will be there to help me ghad bhad hogaya tho mey apney ghar walon ko kaishe uh dhikaunga funny tune plays

Mahi – what? Like seriously yuvi you mean to say i do something to you

Yuvi- exactly first only you are behind me from many months and today I came here to meet you alone so for my safety

Mahi- whatever so how you feeling

Yuvi- very hot yar please tell them to on AC

Mahi – i asked about me understand….as i said earlier i saw you first at Mumbai when you came to my college for event and i liked you so much but didnt got chance to talk with you so i took your number and rest you know so do you also like me or no

Yuhi- oh girl i like you thats why i came hereto meet you.  I like you mahi mahi comes near to yuvi yuvi stood up looking at her they hug each other

Mahi – i love you

Yuvi – hmm

Mahi- you also say

Yuvi- i dont have mood to tell now mshi frowns

Yuvi- love you too mahi they share romantic moments they kiss each other passionately

Yuvi – maja aa gaya i goy it now why kunj always behind her for kiss really it feels so good one more mahi hit him playfully they talk other random things and about there family . Mahi tell her family coming here for some work (twinkles rishta) and that time she tell them everything she dont know twinkle and jeevika also there in sarna mansion.

Twinj enjoying outside kunj stop car near juice stall and both get down to have juice some one look at kunj

Rashmi – wow  kunj sir here look at him he is so handsome and most important thing is he is rich have all the best thing with him. I wish to become his wife and enjoy everything yes i have to ill not leave him. She didn’t saw twinkle she goes close to them twinj didn’t look at her both busy in there own world rashmi stop in middle looking at there romantic scenes kunj making twinkle to drink juice then he wipe her lips from his hand then kunj kiss on twinkle forehead then he opened car door for twinkle and then he took his seat snd drove off

Rashmi- what the hell it means he is committed no i want him she followed his car kunj stop car infront of jewellery shop they both entered hand in hand

Twinkle- kunj we will come here other day oh i forgotten my credit card in home only maa has transferred money in it so that i can buy jewellery and dresses but i forgot to get it we will come another day

Kunj- siyappa queen shut up you just take everything what you want dont worry about anything its my responsibility now to give you everything badi aayi maa ke credit card huh now come lets do shopping

They were shopping for there engagement rashmi follows them there too and burn in jealousy looking at them and how kunj taking care of her. Twinkle like some jewellery but doesn’t tell kunj as it is very costly kunj notice this

Kunj – show me that one

Twinkle- no dont want

Kunj- shh who are you to say this? I am buying it for my girl now turn ill make you wear it kunj make her to wear it and tells you increased its beauty by wearing it. Twinkle gives him shy smile…dont shy i cant control myself winking at he tells them to make bill of it and they were busy in talking rashmi opens her mouth in big “o” looking at the costliest jewellery .she asks its rate there they tell her big amount she thinks by hook or by crook she have to marry kunj by breaking there relationship so that she can enjoy his property. From there twinj move to mall for shopping rashmi look at them she comes infront of kunj and pretend like she didnt saw him both are above to dash twinkle pulls kunj to other side and rashmi falls down

Rashmi- auch

Kunj- rashmi you are you ok? Get up giving his hand rashmi hold his hand and then gives look to twinkle holding his hand tight she gets up

Twinkle – cant you see and walk correctly

Kunj- twinkke its ok. Are you ok rashmi?

Rashmi – yes sir I am okay thank you

Kunj- arey its ok if you call me as kunj only and didn’t you go office today? You didnt told me that you are taking leave

Rashmi pov ( I planned my holiday when i got to know you are not coming today how can i inform you about it earlier )

Rashmi- my friend asked me to meet today all of sudden and i cant deny so took off from office

Twinkle once looking at kunj face then at rashmi face

They both talking twinkle burning in jealousy because while talking and laughing rashmi coming close to kunj and touching him

Twinkle held kunj hand and then said

“He is my boy”  and does angry pout kunj understood she is jealous he raise his one eyebrow looking at twinkle

Rashmi- what?

Kunj- means ill introduce you both to each other… rashmi she is twinkle she is my girl we are in relationship and getting married soon smiling and twinkle she is rashmi she is working under me in sarna industry

Rashmi- hello forwading her hands

Twinkle look at her hand and doesn’t shake hands with her only says hello and looks at other side showing attitude

Twinkle- come lets go kunj

Kunj- yes darling bye rashmi

Rashmi- bye (she has attitude how dare she is to show attitude to me and one thing i got she is so possessive and jealous kind i have to use it as my weapon to make her away from kunj where you guys going ill come wait twinkle ill throw you out from his heart and ill take your place )

Twinj at food court

Kunj- something is burning

Twinkle-hmm ?? dont talk to me?

Kunj- oh my god!!! Now why are you angry on me?

Twinkle- my wish kunj pull her by waist …leave me

Kunj- no ill not. Twinki say it again he is my boy twinkle give him look …someone telling me that only I am possessive and jealous type and today they only behaving like this

Twinkle- haan tho hun mey possessive why are you not possessive about me

Kunj- yes I am but twinkle why are you angry yar she is just my employee and friend

Twinkle- but how she looking at you i didnt liked it at all

Kunj- ok leave it baby lets not waste our time thinking about others lets talk about us what say did you talk with your mom and dad

Twinkle- yes i talk with them they are so happy and dont have any problem with our relationship they are coming here soon to talk about it and kunj you know papa told me he buyed new house in amritsar they all stay here only good na

Kunj- hmm then you have another elder sister after her marriage only they will do our marriage

Twinkle- haan mom also told this to me but i told her its ok me and kunj will get marry soon no problem if mahi get marry soon or later but i cant wait  to get marry so no delay in our marriage and she smiled proudly looking at kunj ???

Kunj – shameless

Twinkle- how you got to know that mom said me shameless

Kunj – yes you are so i got it didn’t you got shy while saying like that twinkle node in no confidentially

Twinkle- kunj i want baby boy

Kunj- what

Twinkle- haan I am planning about kids soon after marriage i want baby to play look at tara she is so cute baby i love her and we also get cute baby only because we both are cute

Kunj – not soon after marriage after 3-4 years of marriage will think about that

Twinkle- no no i want

Kunj- shhh dont talk that loud siyappa queen you have gon mad today chup chap kaavo abh after sometime they wear walking hand in hand everywhere in mall and they come near car rashmi pretends like she is talking with someone and she is tensed

Rashmi – what? How? When ? Is she is ok now? Yes I am coming oh my god my car also not working now what i will do?

Twinkle- what she doing here again

Kunj- may be some problem wait ill ask

Twinkle- no need kunj wait..

Kunj- what happened?

Rashmi hug kunj and start crying showing her fake tears twinkle look at her angrily kunj becomes shocked

Kunj- what happened?

Rashmi- kunj my sister meet with accident i dont know how she is? That person was telling she have got so many injuries started to cry kunj tries to console her

Kunj- where? She tell some address ok come ill take you there and twinkle you go home by cab

Twinkle- why only ill go home you too come with me

Kunj- Didn’t you heard what she told her sister meet with accident i have to go there got it now please rashmi take your seat dont cry ok everything will be alright

Twinkle- kunj ill also come

Kunj- no that area is not so good now you leave from here go to home take out your bags

Twinkle- but also kunj

Kunj- damn it he takes out bag angrily and gives everything to twinkle ..dont waste my time twinkle

Twinkle- arey tell her to call her friends or relatives why you will go

Kunj- have you gone mad you are doing over Twinkle someone in dangee and you why you behaving so strange leave it we are going bye . Twinkle gets angry she goes back to sarna masion being upset jeevika usha see her they call her but she doesn’t listen them goes in her room both jeevika and usha look at each otherdace jeevika tells she will go and check

Jeevika- oye my little sister what happened? Where is kunj why are you angry  twinkle tell her everything

Jeevika- its good kunj hrlping her what is problem in that

But di …..

No twinkle kunj is right when someone is im trouble we have to help them ok dont worry after kunj come talk with him ok. Twinkle node in yes

Next scene

Kunj reaches that place there  were no sign of any accident

Kunj- no one is here ?who called you call them back she called back and some boys came laughing and surrounded her started to misbehave with her telling its our plan to get you here to enjoy and kunj tho kunj he cant see this he fight with them and rashmi happy because her plan got successful the boys ran away

Rashmi- they are so cheap its good you come with me otherwise and cried kunj convenced her twinkle called kunj . Kunj phone rang he saw caller id and pick up call

Twinkle- hello kunj . Where are you? And how is her sister?

Kunj described her everything twinkle was shocked

Twinkle-its good then you were with her but how they got her number

Kunj- dont know baby ok I am coming home now kunj drop rashmi then returned to SM

Yuvi returned home twinj teasing him lot

Kunj- so did you used pepper spray????? seriously you took it with you

Twinkle-what really?

Viren- what is going on here why you both teasing my yuvi he is my innocent brother

Kunj- oh yeah too innocent so he took pepper spray for his safety then told her to meet him at morning so she cant do him anything

Viren- what pepper spray like seriously????

Yuvi- kunj you only said me now teasing me huhu and i told you to come with me

Twinkle- you mean to say you asked kunj to accompany you in your date ?

Yuvi- haan its my first date na so I dont know anything about it so

Viren- yes we all had experience certificte in going for date right leave it tell me did you like her yuvi shyly node in yes

Viren /kunj – jeevika/twinkle also didnt shy this much and both hi- fi

Yuvi- hahaha so funny guys don’t tease me this much ok today I am so happy because i kissed her

Twinkle- ???

Yuvi- sach mey maja aa gaya i got it now why kunj always behind this twinki for kiss really it feels so good . Seriously viren bhayya it feels so good do you know about it. Did you try?

Viren- hey i wasn’t knowing man seriously you think without doing that all or knowing about that all me and jeevika got baby seriously you are asking me whether i know about it or no ?

Twinkle- why you closing my ears kunj let me hear what they talking about

Kunj- shut up you go from here twinkle goes from there making faces

Kunj- bhayya aap bhi na

Viren- then what kunj look at him today he got first kiss and acting like he completed master degree in everything and teaching me to try kiss

Yuvi- arey leave it na i wasn’t knowing you never told me

Kunj- yuvi leave it. Then tell us about your marriage

Yuvi- you guys have to tell about it bhayya please help me

Viren- take detail about her family ill see and talk in home

Twinj are talking something kunj gets call of rashmi

Twinkle- who is that?

Kunj- rashmi

Twinkle- why she calling you kunj received the call rashmi thanked him again and then talking about there projects and he busy in discussion of project while rashmi simply asking him doubt and talking with him twinkle got bore and also angry she snatched his mobile

Twinkle- you can talk to him in office got it then she cut the call she talked rudely

Kunj- twinkle behave . We are just discussing about project how rudely you talk with her huh

Twinkle- kunj you guys talked for one hour instead of talking with me you are busy in speaking to her. And you scolding me only

Kunj- i didnt scold you but making you understand something leave it you dont understand give me my mobile now i have to talk with her about project and you should say her sorry

Twinkle- no ill not say sorry to her i didn’t do any mistake and you are not calling her now

Kunj- i said give me my mobile and i dont want your permission to talk with someone get it in stern tone Twinkle throwed his mobile on bed snd went from there in anger kunj too got angry thinking she is silly and simply over acts on everything

Next day

Taneja’s come to sarna mansion to talk about  twinj and mahi also came with them she doesn’t know yuvi also stay there

Mahi pov ( hmm so this is twinkle’s future husband home not so bad i think this people are rich lets see )

Usha – how are you all?

Leela- fine

Rt – its been long time i haven’t meet you all its good to see you all and I am happy now our friendship changes in relationship really my princes is so lucky to get family like this

Manohar- and we are lucky to get bahu like twinkle.  Twinkle pretending like raising collar looking at kunj .

Kunj- dont fly

Leela- arey naa ji hum lucky hey kunj jeshe dhaamad pane ke liye and twinkle is very lucky to get husband like kunj he is good in everything and he will keep her happy always leela eyes searching for jeevika

Viren comes with jeevika holding her hand leela goes close to jeevika

Jeevika- maa teary eyed

Leela- puttar both hug and cry

Rt -forgive me jeevika puttar for forcing you to marry someone and they are cheaters you told us many time but we didnt listen you folding his hands jeevika node in no and hugs her papa looking at them twinkle also above to cry and was above to go there kunj pulls her by holding hands

Twinkle- kunj teary eyes

Kunj- twinkle abh kya teri bhari hey ganga jhamuna bahane ke liye huh he wipe her tears rone walon ko math roh kehne ki waja khud jaa rahi hey roney key liye

Twinkle- you care about me so much

Kunj- no its just you have applied 4 layers of makeup today if you cry now you look like devil and ek aur cheez bhaki logo jab rothey hey sirf aanko se pani behtha hey per tera case different hey aanko ke sath sath nhak bhi chi aur thum mera hankey use karthi hey wash bhi nahi karthi chi ?????

Twinkle – kunj you are so bad your hankey is more than me haan

Viren- oh hello romeo and juliet kya chal raha hey

Kunj – kuch nahi bhayya just telling her not to cry because and told same reason everyone laughing twinkle look at kunj angrily then looks at mahi who is laughing like anything she laughs louder to irritate her

Twinkle- ill not talk with you making angry pout and stand behind jeevika .

Leela – and she is my other daughter her name is..

Yuvi- mahi looking at her shocked

Rt – how you know?

Kunj-twinkle told come here yuvi he is my brother yuvi

Bebe – haan mere surjith ka puttar hey

Mahi – slowly yuvi yuvraj sarna???

Yuvi drag kunj other side

Kunj- why you dragging me yuvi leave me

Yuvi- she is here

Kunj- who?

Yuvi- my girlfriend

Kunj- where?

Yuvi- arey she only tar pointing to mahi

Kunj -???? really good now will you tell everyone

Yuvi- no you tell please

Kunj- no no i am not going to wait ill call viren bhayya

Viren- what now yuvi comes close to him and hold his hand looks at him lovingly

Viren- thu muje kiss tho nahi kar raha hey hena

Yuvi- are no bhayya she came here only one who kissed me yesterday

Viren- ???

Yuvi – vo ji jo mene bathaya ki mene ek kiya hey vo yehi hey

Kunj- vo kiya mene kiya what are you telling man?

Kunj- he is uncontrollably happy so cant tell anything may be ill tell bhayya mahi is none other than yuvi’s lover yuvi hugs kunj tightly

Yuvi – exactly bro i love you and kiss him on cheeks

Viren- chod usse ok its very good news come lets tell to papa first

Yuvi- but he is in Mumbai

Viren- tell to my papa

Yuvi – ill tell to bebe he calls bebe side

Bebe – kya hey puttar guest ke saamne aishe karthe hey kya

Yuvi- arey mene aapke liye nuu laya hun shying mahi vo mahi hena twinkle ka behen i love her

Bebe heard it as chocolate he brought chocolate for bebe and twinkle so they can eat …..bebe didnt wear her hearing machine

Bebe- changa puttar fridge mey rakho bhad mey dhekenge

Yuvi -hein? Mahi ko fridge mey rakhu bebe goes from there

Yuvi – i have to listen bebe but mahi ko fridge mey its ok pyar ke liye kuch bhi karunga

Mahi sitting in hall alone others busy with leela and rt rt with manohar and ladies in upstairs talking they called mahi but she didnt go viren and kunj sat with her and talk with her nicely

Yuvi – i talked to bebe about mahi

Kunj /viren- what she told?

Yuvi – mahi you come with me ill keep you in fridge bebe told me to keep you there she will come and see you later there only dragging her .

Mahi- what me in fridge no yuvi

Yuvi- please jaan .

Viren- pagal rukh .

Kunj-????? fridge me rakhega bebe ne bhola hey haha???? thank god sbe didnt told me to put twinkle in fridge

Viren- shut up you both and yuvi leave her hand may be bebe heard something else wait they called bebe again twinkle also came with her

Viren- bebe why you told him to keep mahi in fridge

Bebe- who is mahi? He told me he brought chocolate so i tell him to keep or on fridge

Kunj- may be she didnt wear her hearing machine that time

Viren- no bebe he told he love mahi and wants to marry her

Twinkle-??? she will come here too baba ji??

Bebe- mahi she is servent of rt and leela right

Twinkle- hahahaha????? servent mahi look at her angrily kunj close her mouth and sign her not to laugh

Twinkle- sorry bebe she is my sister not servent

Bebe- oh ok so my yuvi too liked girl good kunj aur yuvi key shadi ek hey din kar dethe hey ill talk with everyone

Kunj – why are you tensed my siyappa queem

Twinkle- now she come here means she will tell me to go out from here

Kunj- no why she will tell you are going to become my wife and DIL of this family she cant do anything ok now be cool

Twinkle- happy for yuvi smiling

Kunj – thats my twinkle

Everyone happy hearing this news

Mahi was feeling insecure in sarna mansion because of twinkle because everyone love her she tried to neglect her in everyone eyes but not happening and if she tals anything against her with yuvi he wasn’t giving damn to her as he likes twinkle as his friend and he knows how she is. Sometimes bebe taunt mahi looking at twinkle saying she is younger than you but know how to cook and have resposibility but not you . And anita surjith came back to amritsar happy by news they dont have any problem both are positive character. Anita too likes twinkle more than mahi because she is friendly and talks nicely with everyone but mahi no doesn’t respect elders and doesn’t do anything what others tell her to do.

Anita- usha twinkle is very good she learnt cooking quickly and listen to you. You are lucky mahi too listen but have some ego

Usha- arey didi chodo na she will also learn

Bebe- she cant give respect to elders

Twinkle- bebe coffe now ill go for college

Bebe – see i asked to get coffe for me to mahi she told she is busy and cant waste time in this all and she is not jobless like us is it way to speak if she would have told me she us busy and cant do its ok but bebe was upset and then i told twinkle she was also going to college but she gave me coffe then left and if she is busy she tells in smooth manner not like her

Anita- how dare she to speak with bebe like this ill see her from now ill treat her in my style

Mahi joined sarna industry and working with them not so good in work but ok doing it . She complaint in home Everyone tells twinkle to do  work and not to her if they give her then she too does with responsibility anita told her to bring vegetables

Mahi broght it and tell servent to help her to keep it inside

They were bringing it in everyone shocked

Jeevika- mummy ji what is this ? This much vegetables is any function in home

Usha- anita told mahi to bring vegetable means she brought this much

Kunj- ye kya hamare shadi key din ka saman abh bhi aa gaya

Yuvi- tho aaj shadi hey???

Anita – what the hell ?

Mahi- mummy ji i have brought vegetables for 2 months

Viren- for 2 months ??? anita scold her she cant do anything properly and tells her to learn from twinkle mahi cries yuvi console her and support her

Mahi start to hate twinkle like anything and thinks she should not become DIL to sarna’s if she comes then they will not give her respect and everyone loves only twinkle.

Rashmi – mahi bhura math mano twinkle tuje apna naukar bhanayegi aur uss ghar mey tera kohi nahi sunega twinkle doing wrong with you if i was in her place i wasn’t doing this all and then she tells she loves kunj if she help her then after becoming kunj wife she will listen as mahi says mahi agrees and joins hand with her to separate twinj.

And that work also in process twinj fighting daily for one or other reason

Jeevika tell twinkle to understand kunj he is busy in work twinkle decide to join office to help kunj and she joins

Aman and rashmi are friends

Aman also doing best to create misunderstanding betwen twinj

Precap – same as before

To be continued

(Hey guys share me your response about this episode and any suggestions and last time Precap as i said i couldn’t write it today it will become long i have to describe each and everything what is going on so didn’t write it now only response for this one if you like the track them comment and share your views then only ill continue otherwise break again who all read it please comment and tell me you are liking it or no )





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    1. Anusha

      Yes dear they are made for each other
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  3. Today episode was funny uv is so funny yaar
    Hate that two devils if kunj slap twinkle then only he should come to know the truth then I don’t want twinkle to forgive him so easily n give him punishment post soon don’t be a ghost writer

    1. Anusha

      thank you
      Yes ill take your suggestion
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