My love My life My everything twinj ff part 18

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My love my life my everything twinj ff part 18
Twinj on the way for shopping they are going in car twinkle saw gola ice on road and looked at kunj
Twinkle- kunj gola
Kunj – no gola bola shut up
Twinkle- i want gola please he node in no and made sadu face twinkle started to scream all were looking at them like what is going on
Kunj- shut your mouth all were looking at me like i did something to you
Twinkle- ill shut my mouth only when gola come in my mouth having no option kunj stop car infront of gola shop parked car in side twinkle opened door and ran towards gola stall
Twinkle – bhayya give me 3 gola
Kunj- only 1
Twinkle – i want 3
Kunj- shh she was having it like kid she offered kunj too he nodes in no and she started to eat one by one she eat almost all flavour in middle she want to eat more but her hand paining holding it
Twinkle- kunj hand paining but i want some more kunj smiled at ger ge held gold and made her to eat like he is making baby to eat and cleaning her face in middle all girls there jealous looking at twinkle and telling there boyfriend to learn from him something and some wishing to be in twinkle place the gola stall became rush as all girls thinking its some advertisement going on and this boy (kunj) makes every girl to eat gola by his hands so all girls in queue behind twinkle waiting when she will stop having and when there turn comes girl push twinkle telling how much you eat give side its my turn
Girl – you feel me also no
Kunj – what me haan why i have to feed you
Twinkle- oye lombdi what you telling its my gola my stomach how much i eat what is your problem did i ask money from you and its my boyfriend why he will feed you haan and why so much queue dont tell me you all came to eat gola by his hand shameless girls
Girl 2 – what he is your boyfriend hawww you are so lucky
Girl 3′ yes he is so hot
Girl 4- so sweet he is making you eat gola how cute and yot are so hot what is your name handsome touching his cheeks twinkle pushed them
Twinkle- shut up all of why you all looking at him like that and dont dare to touch him come kunj we will go from here she gave money to gola
Kunj- why so soon twinkle take one more and they all waiting to talk with me hey beauties teasing her
Twinkle- i saud come with me
Girl – let him na he also want to eat gola can i feed you
Kunj – ohh yes i didnt have gola twinkle
Twinkle- haww suddenly you want to eat it that time you said you dont want
Kunj- now i want and see she said she will feed me
Twinkle- i will feed you all flavour at once
Kunj- oh how
Twinkle – like this snd sge drag him to side of car and place her lips on his lips kunj was shocked looking at twinkle who wont give kiss easily but now kissing in public he to pulled her more to himself lifted her but up to match his height the kiss was so deep and full of passion twinkle showing her possessiveness and jealousy after sometime they broke kiss all girls were shocked looking at them
Twinkle- ooyeee what i did
Kunj – ill tell you like this snd above to place his lips on her she ran from there and sat in car she became red like tomato in shyness kunj outside car he ruffled his hair and touched his lips remembering her line now ill make you have every flavour at once and dragging him he to sat in car
Kunj – why are you shying now haan I am shocked twinkle you kiss me in public
Twinkle- then how dare those girls to look st you like that and to talk with you like that haan ill kill them if they come near you you are only mine
Kunj- oh acha by the way the gola i tasted was awesome twinkle got shy and hit on his chest playfully
Twinkle- abh chalo na they moved further
Kunj – ill challenge you twinkle you kiss me again today being happy because i made our lunch set up like that in new Chinese resturent
Twinkle- acha will see he stopped car infront of new chineese resturent
Twinkle – I am hungry kunj lets order something
Kunj- yes twinkle snatched menu from his hand
Twinkle- let me order today
Kunj- ill order twinkle you dont know how to order here acha ok let me show you she made faces
Twinkle- iam not kid ok now see ill order waiter came there twinkle order something and waiter looks at her
Twinkle -are go and bring na that na saying some chinese name kunj controlling his laugh
Waiter – maam its our cook name not food name
Kunj – hahahaha
Twinkle- oh oh i mean listen to me correcty i said i want food cooked by him
Kunj- acha ill order now ok and he ordered something and teasing twinkle so much there order came waiter served to there plate twinkle took spoon and taste food made faces kunj too ..twinkle eat twinkle they serve less to you let me serve you and he put some more in her plate
Twinkle- arey future hubby aap sab kuch hume khilayege tho aap kya kavogey pehle aap both looked each other face
Kunj- what is this yar only green dry veggies no salt no taste
Twinkle- you spoiled my lunch date kunj kiss cancel
Kunj- please na yar one more chance we will go to some other resturent come he took her outside
Twinkle- now ill take you and you just love food there see and she took him to punjabi dhaba
Kunj- here
Twinkle- yes here come sit and she ordered tanduri roti ,butter chicken, tanduri chicken , aloo paratha everything there table is fullbof foods
Twinkle started to eat enjoying food
Twinkle- arey datling what are you waiting for eat na
Kunj – hmm spoon ,fork
Twinkle- why spoon eat from hand only hmm yummy tasty eat fast but he was telling to get spoon twinkle slapped her forehead and startedto feed him food first kunj made faces looking at food but when he tasted it
Kunj- hmm really yummy yar twinkle she only feeding him talking about this and that kunj admiring her he bite her finger
Twinkle- haww kunj ahha
Kunj- hahaha winking at her she too smiles and they finished food they took lassi glass and started to drink it twinkle finished first and clapped for herself while kunj haven’t completed half glass too kunj looked at twinkle face and signed her to wipe left over lassi drops on her lips she didnt understood he wiped it from his hand then they spent some time there talking about this and that kunj pulled twinkle close to him she sat on his lap shocked
Twinkle- kunj what you doing haan everyone looking at us leave me above to get up kunj pulled her again she sat on his lap and also there lips meet for second
Kunj – shh you cant escape from me here atleast like in home you always do his grip on her tighten
Twinkle – ahha kunj…. all are looking at us please baby kunj looked at surrounding she is right he though and loosen his grip
Kunj- then we will continue in car backseat beautiful he said in her ears making her blush more then next scene they were in car romancing
Kunj- i just cant wait more now to make you mine baby kissing her cheeks and rubbing his cheeks with her
Twinkle- ahha kunj dont kiss me or rub your cheeks on me
Kunj- why so ill do it again and again and he did
Twinkle- ahha kunj how many times i told you to shave huh but no you will not listen to me
Kunj- that only dear wifey good husband should not listen to wife and i think i look hot with this beard my employees were also telling
Twinkle- huhu who
Kunj- tanya, grishma, and many and especially my sweet pa rashmi
Twinkle- they dont have eyes and how dare they are to say you like this haan and rashmi who is that now i forgotten to ask you about her why she will message you haa many times she did and you to reply why
Kunj- where is my mobile twinkle gave him …when you took it twinkle and when you read messages
Twinkle- while you busy in romance i took it and read it now tell me who is that lomdi
Kunj- that why your face become like angry bird haan and her name is not lomdi its rashmi good employee works really good and good friend of mine
Twinkle- ok talk in only office that to only office matter not other and after that dont talk or reply to her messages got it ordering him I’m feeling she is not good so better stay away from her
Kunj – haan meri maa abh shanth ho jaa they came out of car after some time twinkle correcting her messy hair and tgen applied lip stick
Kunj- why you applyed again it will go now see and cane near to her face
Twinkle- kunj no you kissed me enough today now no more covering her lips from her hand kunj smiled at her then something flashed in his mind he took out small box from his pocket twinkle signed him what is that
Kunj- first give me your hand and he took her hand which is on her lips and gave her box and told to oprn it twinkle opened box it has beautiful finger ring in it he brought it from his first salary she hugged kunj saying thank you i loved it so much kunj its so beautiful
Kunj- you love it then what about me she told are i love you so much
Twinkle- now make me wear it he took ring and made her to wear it and said it is looking beautiful now

Twinkle being happy kissed on his cheeks and peck his lips quickly then hugged him tightly
Twinkle- love you so much kunj promise me you will never leave me if you go away from me ill die…
Kunj- shhh pagal why are you talking about death and where ill go leaving you haan why you talk like that suddenly
Twinkle- dont know leave it I am sorry
Kunj- its ok now come lets go for shopping you were complaining me that im not giving you time from some days right really i was busy in work dear sorry for not giving you time but please dont tell I am ignoring you and all ok try to understand me ok and trust me ill not leave you or cheat you i only love you
Twinkle – ok sorry then they left for shopping roaming everywhere hand in hand enjoying very much soon kunj hand become full in holding twinkle shopping bags and she buyed new shirt and jacket for kunj too
Some car stopped infront of mall a beautiful couple came out of car holding each other hand and they head some voice from car a cute baby voice

Baby – where you people going and you leave me …… only ill tell dadi to scold you
Jeevika – oye tara you woke up baby come to mumma and she lifted her in her arms
Viren – princes we aren’t leaving you here we thought you are sleeping so thought notto disturb your beauty sleep
Tara – oh ok good you didnt spoil my sleep but tara loves shopping too now come lets go shopping ill buy chocky and doll
Jeevika- no you have enough chocolates snd toys too
Tara – mumma not for me for kunj and yuvi chachu and chinki chachi and for dada dadi
Viren- oh i wasn’t knowing this those people still play with toys and dada dadi too and kunj yuvi they dont go office but play with toys
Tara – haan haan kunj chachu called me yesterday and said me to get toys for him
Jeevika – viren ji chaliye iski bathe katham nahi hothi
Viren- haan yar chalo
Twinkle – kunj try this also na baba
Kunj- i dont want pink jacket twinkle
Twinkle- kunj…. go he wear it
Twinkle- it looks so good on you see my cute baby pulling his cheeks he made irritated face
Kunj- dont do that now come lets go home
Twinkle- no no i want to buy chocolate and kunj arey see that its so cute drag him somewhere and showed some toys and teddy
Kunj- when our baby will come we take that ok now keep it there
Twinkle- i want it for me please kunj please please making puppy face he node in yes she went to try some dress giving her clutch in kunj hands
Jeevika busy in shopping and viren hand full of shopping bags
Viren- jeevika you tell my daughter but you also same haan she smiled at him and continued shopping ignoring him she went other side viren busy with his daughter tara viren sarna is of 3 year old totally a drama queen
Tara – put me down papa
Viren- no why
Tara – ill not go anywhere promise
Viren- no ways ill not leave you
Tara – arey ill go to kunj chachu
Viren- he is in home not here
Tara- then is that kunj chachu doll i want it then pointing her finger somewhere viren looked in that direction and shock to look at kunj state his hand full of shopping bags and he held clutch in other hand and checking his phone now
Viren- kunj here cone lets talk with him he went close to him
Viren- hello mr.kunj sarna kunj didnt look at him
Kunj – hello hi
Viren- oye
Kunj looked up and shocked
Kunj – viren bhayya aap happily wgat a surprise and my cutie baby come to me
Viren- no she will not your hands full with shopping bags and tell me with whom you came haan girl friend
Kunj – hey hey bhayya aap bhi na ye tho bass mera shopping bags hey
Viren- acha let me see he checked some bag and found skirt he looked at kunj shocked
Viren – are you ok bro? When you started to wear skirts haan and what is this its girls clutch right
Tara- ha ha its girls
Kunj- no no its boys its new fashion bhayya leave it why you came here now we do one thing you go from here to home ill meet you there only ok bye
Viren- no ill stand here only and what you doing infront of ladies trial room now dont tell me its new fashion and you use this room
Kunj- vo vo
Twinkle- baby …..kunj baby see how I am looking

Kunj – gaya mey tho gaya
Viren- baby kunj baby answer to your baby how is she looking? Very cute right
Twinkle- thank you ji and who are you ? Kunj’s friend
Kunj – oh oh
Tara – kunn baby hahaha chchu also baby like me papa lift him too
Twinkle- hey you are so cute pulling tara cheeks
Tara – oh ho tell me something new i know i am cute and you are also cute kissing her cheeks twinkle smiled at her kunj sign her something but she didnt got what he is telling
Kunj pov (abhey twinkle bhag jaa)
Twinkle- what you telling honey iam not getting
Viren- honey hmm and what is your nane cutie
Twinkle- I am twinkle and kunjs girlfriend and you are his friend right is this baby is yours he nodes in yes see kunj learn from him something he got married and see have baby too now but you also na busy in office always and send me college we will also get marry soon na baby
Kunj- shut up go from here
Viren- hey let her talk you continue
Twinkle- ha kunj signed her not to speak anything she left to trial room again
Viren- baby honey what is going on bro haa maa key liye aapne bahu dhund liya from when it all started ha is she is the same girl you talking that day your crush haan? Kunj node in yes smiling…..shying
Viren- why you didnt told me haan
Kunj- bhayya you were not here to tell and where is my lovely bhabhi
Tara – shopping see she is coming here only papa you gone today look at mumma she is looking at you angrily
Viren- i totally forgot her hehehe she is looking damn cute with all of her shopping bags
Jeevika – what is this viren ji you oeft me alone there i search you every where you know now hold this bags snd you come to me tara
Kunj- hey bhabhi I am also here
Jeevika- kunj ????? how are you?
Kunj- I am good bhabhi they talk for some time
Jeevika- and what is this bags and all in your hand
Viren- its his baby’s shopping bags darling
Jeevika- when he got baby he is not yet married then how come baby?
Viren- no that baby babe wala baby his girlfriend
Jeevika- oh girlfriend haan what is her name
Viren- you love that name guess it
Jeevika- i love it hmmm what twinkle came outside room and shocked to see her di her eyes got moist and jeevika too looked at twinkle she got shock first then smiled with teary eyed both were glued to there place numb to react anything both though is it dream like always or not.there eyes speaking so much a word escape from jeevika mouth with lot of difficulty but she tried to call her name
Jeevika- t…t…tw…twinkle crying both boys confused looking at them
Twinkle got confirmation now its her di only she is very much happy to hear her name from her she loved her name now she didnt waste second to run to her she ran to her and hugged her tightly crying and sobbing di jeevika di
Viren got everything now jeevika always told him about twinkle and he know how much she love her thats why she kept her daughter name as tara kunj who didnt got anything looking at them like there is some serial going on
Kunj- what is this bhayya why both girls crying
Viren- he too have tears in his eyes kunj ye khushi ki aansu hey
Kunj- acha but
Viren- shhh
Both sister broke hug jeevika cupped twinkle face and touch her cheeks twinkle Twinkle and kissed on her forehead twinkle too doing same kissing on her forehead and cheeks
Kunj- ill stop them before they do lip kiss look at this twinkle she never kiss me like this
Viren- kunj.. shut up you know na jeevika family members not in contact with her and she told she have sister she is the one kunj twinkle jeevikas baby sister twinkle didnt twinkle told you
Kunj- oh yes now i get it oh god what a twist bro my wife snd your wife sisters
Viren- your wife??
Kunj – i mean to say future you know future wife
Jeevika- kithni badi hogayi hey meri pyari behna bacha i miss youbso much tried to contact you but couldnt try to reach you but got news you shifted to other city for your studies
Twinkle- miss you too di i love you so much you know i also tried to contact you but no didnt got sny information about you after you leave me no one cared about me di they send me hostel because of mahi you know na she dont like me at all and you know our mom na she always listen to her first they made you run away from home then me that home is not home without you di i missed you so much you know na i love you more than maa you are my forst mom who understand everything about me no one can take care of me like you take after you left us i became all alone i craved for your love like anything and where are you now what you doing and this mangal suthr sindhur means you got married di smiling who is my jiju where is he?
Viren- here only dear I am her husband viren sarna
Twinkle looked at jeevika she smiled snd node in yes jeevike took twinkle near viren
Jeevika- viren ji meri twinkle…..crying viren hugged her and console her calm down jeevika yes you got your twinkle back
Twinkle hugged kunj tightly jeevika looked st them viren node in yes signing jeevika something she got to know who is kunj girl friend now her happiness have no bounds now
Twinkle- kunj my di kunj i told you about her na my jeevika di kunj i cant beleave it she is infront of me
Kunj- yes siyappa queen and other surprise for you she is also my bhabhi jeevika viren sarna and he is my bhayya viren manohar sarna abd not my friend
Twinkle- what cant you tell me that time only kunj now see what all i told him huh
Kunj – no problem
Viren- so tell me saali ji
Twinkle- jiju vo vo sorry viren hugged her
Jeevika- mummy ji didnt told me about kunj marriage
Kunj- bhabhi no one knows it yar only yuvi knows and now you people snd you only speak in home na you know i cant speak infront of papa please you guys only do it
Jeevika- we will no need to request iam so happy my sister will be with me always and both hugged each other
Tara – oye mumma why you crying and what is going on here haan can someone explain me here I am confused honey baby girl friend sister uffo kya hey ye
Twinkle- di she is your daughter
Jeevika- hmm twinkle took her in her arms and hugged her and gave many kisses tara too enjoying
Viren- now come lets go to home they reach home jeevika meet with everyone all were hapoy and then she took twinkle hand and told everyone that she is her sister and also told twinj liking each other everyone became hell happy after listening it usha hugged twinj and gave kangan to twinkle and she talked with leela too she was too happy knowing jeevika is her bahu and she got her daughter back leela told usha she is coming to amritsar to talk about rishta
To be continued……

Precap or promo
Everything going well? No vamps also there to destroy everything kunj’s employee rashmi have crush on kunj snd want to marry him st any cost she wanted his property and she loves his money jealous on twinkle and join hands with aman to seperated twinj snd some other family members to join hand in that then what?
One fine day someone came and cry infront of kunj said something kunj left all workand storm into sarna mansion where everyone present twinkle too he went near twinkle
Kunj – damn it twinkle why you did like this haan
Twinkle- i dont know anything kunj i didnt do anything why you tell always me haan
Kunj – because i know you did it because of you chey
Twinkle- what haan why you listen to that b*t*h always kunj after some argument kunj slap twinkle infront of all all were shocked

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  1. Shalu Choudhary

    Nice epicode and plz post soon??

  2. epi was fab ….Anusha
    Everything was gud ….but precap was really scary ..
    Finally twinkle got her sister back …
    waiting for next epi…plzzzzzzzpost next soon
    Luv u

  3. Epi was awesome…precap seems scary

  4. Hi anusha after so much tym I am seeing and reading this ff love it that kiss wala part was brilliant u have rocked it babes hope u post u love u dear ple ple post soooon because ur fff makes me happy and satisfied and dear ple try to write mujhe hak hai tooo ple dear even the *remember* one ple and the sajana ve also . Sorry for demanding so much anusha hope u fulfill my wish love u dear have a great day bye??☺☺☺☺

  5. SSK

    The episode was really amazing. Full of drama and romance and the precap is super amazing. Plz post the next episode soon dear. 🙂

  6. Kiya1234

    Sorry sorry I’m late.: but What to do di..
    well episode was out of the world .. gola part was hell comedy they silly girls???. Think kunj will feed them gola? standing in line?????????????.. twinkle anger and dialogues ufff yaar. Kunj too funny. He to wanted gola twinkle will feed him together all favours ???. Epic., she really kissed him in public great yaar.. kiss ? ???.. brilliant everything Twinj romance and Kunj gifted her ring ❤️❤️ So adorable. Lipstick ruined ???. Now who is new rasmini behan.. hope.. everything is fine and shopping part ?????.. Kunj stuck twinkle baby lol. Viran ???????. Twinkle meet with her sister so lovely.. awesome episode overall ..
    best funny comedy full. Now promo seemed scary yaar plz hope Twinj together always.
    And plz plz plz plz post soon and my favourite one give me one chance more plz plz plz..
    yaar: again beautiful episode bye.

  7. Sameera

    So sorry Anusha Di kaan pakad Kar I am hell busy due to exms and frustrated too ????????…due to it ..
    So sorry for commenting late …
    Your epi made my day today it was perfect Di loveddd it like anything hahaha their kiss soooo cute one haha romance anytime ???????lovely chapter …
    Most amazing thing was jeevika n twinkle reunion can’t wait for the shocks ..
    Lovedd it post soon ?????????????

  8. Fabulous mindblowing episode dear
    Precap ne dara diya yrrr
    Plzzz post soon
    Luvv u

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