where there is LOVE there is LIFE (Epi 8)

Assalam o Alaikum ?

Hello i don’t feel to write coz i am not well these days but i can’t make you all wait too much so i am here with next epi


Thank you for all comments and Likes It feel so good that you are liking my writing ?

Most important i am Hella Happy coz Bae’s (Sid) Birthday is coming and he is gonna come live on insta (i think so ?)


Its sunday

Twi: Siaaaa Wake up

Sia: What happen? Is someome died

Twi: No one died but if you will not get up from bed than i am gonna kill you

Sia: why so..?

Twi: Because you promised me to select a dress for me i have to go

Sia: ohhh.. i forgot

Twi: Its ok *Faking a smile* Idot get up and help me

Sia: Yeah yeah

Sia got up from bed hurriedly and get freshen up quickly because Twinkle is really eager to go Sarna’s house

Sia know that she love her bua so much but this much eagerness Something is fishy (something naa Everything is fishy)

SIA was lost in her thoughts when twinkle jerk her

Twi: What are you waiting for..?

Sia: Yrrr Breakfast toh krna de

twi: no first help me

sia: ok You moron ?

Twi: Some casual yet classy & elegent but Eastren

Sia: Really Eastren..? ?

Twi: Yup any problem

Sia: Twinki you are going for a lunch not to see a boy for marriege

Twi: Yeah but eastren look good

i am not going to find a boy but gonna impress my Sadu husband *mumur*

Sia: Did you say anything?

Twi: No

Sia: Ok btw look this one is pretty

Twi: Yeah its awsome i will wear it only

Sia: Now can i eat my Breakfast

Twi: Yeah sure

Sia ate Breakfast and twinkle get ready in the same dress

Put a little makeup and leave her hair open with Curl in ends

Sia: You look Vulgur ?

Twi: thank you for compliment

Rosy: She is joking you look really pretty

Twi: Awww. thank you and i know her Cheapo

Sia: Whatever ?

Twi: ok Byee i have to leave

Sia & Rosy: Byee Take care

Twi: Hmmmm..

twi left quickly after picking her bag

On the way

Twi to herself: Ohhh… God i am nervous Am i looking good? I have to impress that sadu Same as he did yesterday he was so sweet and caring Mujha pata nahi tha Sadu itna Caring bhi hosakta hai Twinkle Taneja opppsss.. Sorry Twinkle Sarna is impressed ?

Her chain of thoughts broke by a Call

Twi: Hello who’s there

Man: Spy

Twi: What you want now?

Spy: Nothing just telling you Be safe miss Taneja

Twi: I will thank you for you Concern

Spy: Byee Miss Twinkle

Twi: Byeee

Twi to herself: What the hell? His work is done now what he want?Its ok Twinkle just relax he just Well wisher *think so*

Driver: mam we had reached

Twi: *lost in thoughts*

Driver: Mammmm

Twi: ohhhh. Yeah thank you

Twinkle come out of cab and Walk toward the door of Sarna mansion

Twi rang the bell Usha Open the door

Twi: Good morning bua

Usha: Morning I was waiting for you only

btw you look Pretty

Twi: Really thats so sweet of you Btw how are you

Usha: I am fit & Fine infront of you

Twi: Yeah i can see Now can i come in..?

Usha: Ohhh.. Yeah sorry come

Twi: Thats ok ?

Both went inside chit chatting Talking about life when twi ask about where kunj do Job

Twi: Bua What is kunj profession

Usha: He Run a personal hotel

twi: ohhhh.. Thats good

Usha: You sit here i will prepare for lunch

Twi: i will also help you

Usha: No twi you are guest

Twi: You only said that i am your daughter and now you are not Letting me help ?

usha: Ok ok You can help just stop your drama ?

Twi: Ok now tell me how can i help

Usha: Cut these vegetables

Twi: ok

Twinkle cut all vegetables

Twi: Now??

Usha: Now go to store room and take some cutlery

Twi: Where?

Usha: Upstrain Right last room

Twi: ok

Twinkle went upstair to the Store room There was too much dust

Twi: Where is switch of light? ?

She found the switch on the light and went toward cutlery But something caught her eyes

Twi: Ohhhh.. Its uniform of an army man ? ummm.. Most probably of manohar uncle

Twinkle was looking at uniform when someone Pin her with wall and held her with neck

Twi: Ahhh.. Help Uncle what are you doing?

Manohar: You are stealing my things ?

Twi: N…noo.. naahii Se feels dificulty in brrathing

But someone jerk manohar twi Fall but never touch the ground two strong arms held her Twi close her eyes with fear When she open her eyes feeling warmth of someone She Share an Eyelock with browns Dark Orbs She look at the owner of eyes Ofcrs kunj in hus usual attire Dark blue ripped jeans with Light blue sweater and Hair falling on forehead (Heavenly) and the song plays

*Sajnaaaa veeee Aja ve sajna roh main shamil tujha kr lo*

Kunj broke the eyelock make twinkle stand and shout

Kunj: Maaaaa

usha: What happened

Kunj: I told you not to let anyone come upstair you know dad is not well he can harm anyone but Meri sunta kon hai ?

Usha: I just tell twinkle to take somethings i am sorry

kunj: No why are you saying sorry i am sorry because i shout at you held her hand lovingly and kiss usha’s forhead

Usha: ? now come lunch is ready

Kunj: you go i will come after getting freshen up

usha: ok Come fast

Kunj went to his room. Usha and twinle went downstair after sometime kunj also come they have there dinner Twinkle is talking nonstop and Both (usha & kunj) just listening

Screen freeze on their faces


Ok first sorry because there are not twinj scene but i promise there is more twist coming ahead you will enjoy it surely

Btw some question

Who is the spy?

How twinkle know him?

What is the work twinkle talking about?

Is that thing/work harmful for twinkle or anyone?

Will try to reveal the work about which twi was talking in Next epi


love you all ❤


  1. Awesome episode eagerly waiting for next episode n get well soon dear?

  2. Hello…
    Episode was nice …
    But there was not twinj scenes…
    Twinkle dress was soooo beautiful ??…
    While reading that spy ?? scene I was like huh who the hell is this now I felt like I forgot something from previous episode ya phr tm kch ghalt likh gai ho…

    I hope this time I am first commenter in ur FF… ????
    But u know tmra ff dekh ka m soch rhi thi ka ye Kya ye toh 22 ko Post krny wali thi or aj kesy is ka FF ho skta ha …

    Chl Byeeee…
    Aj Subha Subha Tera FF parha Warna m toh Raat ko hi parhti ho par socha ka agr Raat tk wait kiya toh m cmnt m late ho jao gi sooo Tery liye neend kurban ki ha ab is liye nxt 23 ko post kr dena must warna nxt time sa no cmnt…

    Or han reply b krna…
    Chl ab m Breakfast kr lo …
    Byee …
    Luv u …

    1. Lovey_kz

      Ummm.. Yeah no twinj scene but first Sajna ve moment main pehla 22 ka socha phr Main na aj hi kr dia spy is new charachter will reveal about him soon.
      luv you too Perra ?

  3. awesome
    waiting the next part

  4. Fenil

    Awesome !!

  5. awesome!

  6. Can someone give me the link of this ff first episode actually that time I couldn’t read it because of exam

  7. Hi lovey I am soooooooooo sorry as I couldn’t comment early really sorry the episode was so cute and romantic tooo and sia (not me ☺?) and twinkle scene was so funny I loved it alot plsss do post soon bye take care

  8. SSK

    Amazing episode 🙂

  9. Awesome

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