where there is LOVE there is LIFE (Epi 10)

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I know I know i said that next epi on my birthday but i did not post it

I apologize for that i was bzy plus i was not willing to write plus i have many idea about this epi but all have less twinj Scene so trying to get some best ideas.

Here is next epi Enjoy


Next day The uni was Closed because of some reasons So twinkle had one day off plus they have birthday of one of there common friend Rahul

Rahul a childish yet mature guy he is Twinkle’s friend since day one helping her in all Sort of things, Going out and having fun

Twinkle has planned a birthday surprise for him with whole uni, its gonna be best birthday party for Rahul

Twinkle is supposed to make birthday cake and all other to decorate the Hall of Uni

Rosy and sia was helping twinkle to make cake She was making Ginger bread house,Which have cream as ice on its roof its like perfect house

The cake is ready now they have to go

to hall They off the lights and When Rahul came they all shout Happiest Birthday Bee ? (nick name)

Its time for cake Twinkle went to kitchen Take the cake and come to hall

When everyone saw the cake they all were drooling like they were seeing their Wife or husband There moment break when they here clicking sound of door twinkle Turn and faced the door

Suddenly someone come inside almost falling on twinkle but He did not fall

The cake fall ??

Twinkle look at the cake And thn at person with anger

Twi: You! *pointing finger*

But before the person can say Anything twinkle take the cake and smash on His face (ofcrs he is kunj)

Twi: Go to hell

and strom out of the room *Her dream house is Laying on floor ?*

Kunj: i am soo sorry guys i didn’t want to do that

Rahul: Its ok btw i am Rahul twinkle’s friend

Kunj: Kunj… Kunj sarna Twinkle’s cousin *And husband* He wanted to add but can’t

Sia: Ohhhh.. my God ? You are kunj?

Kunj: Yes…

Sia: Are you real? You are so Handsome and Hot ?

kunj: Thank you *Weirdly*

kunj: ok byee i have to talk with Twinkle

All: ok

And he run out of hall

Kunj: Yrrr… Yeh lrki kahan gayi *Running fingers in hair and looking here and there*

Soon he found her Sitting Near the lake and dipping her legs in water he went toward her and sit beside her

Kunj: Ahmmm Ahmmm… *fake cough*

Twi: *ignore*

kunj: Is here any Twinkle Taneja?

Twi: *ignore*

Kunj: Can i talk to this Lady sitting beside me?

Twi: *ignore*

He cupped her face and make her look toward him

kunj: Ohhhh.. God Twinkle you are crying *Hug her tightly*

Kunj: Shhhhh… It was just a cake i will bring many for you

Twi: I am not… Not crying… fo.. for cake i am crying because i made it with so much love and hard work and and..

Kunj: And?

Twi: And you ruined it

Kunj: I am sorry

Twi: No and went from there

Kunj: Areyyyy listen

But she did not listen and ran toward the her room after coming in room she closed the door and start jumping on be

Twi: Wohooooo… and played the song

My heart is in Havana

Oo na na na na naaa

My heart is in Havan ?

Twi: Oooo yeahhhh He hugged me *jumping on bed*

twi: Thank you soooooooo much baba Ji

And start dancing but suddenly she stop

My phone is ringing but where And start searching here and there Finally Got her phone under the table

Twi: Finally got it

twi: Who’s number it is?

She pick the call and say

caller: Hello

Twi: You! from where you got my number? *Idiot*

Kunj: Madam i am kunj Sarna so i acn do anything

Twi: Whatever! Why you called me?

Kunj: For forgivness please Yrrr.. meri Kulfi bn rahi hai yahan

Twi: Kahan?

Kunj: Outside your room

Twi: What are you doing there? And rush outside kunj wave his hand and say

Kunj: Dance

Twi: Ok i forgive you come inside

Kunj: Shukran *Thank you soo much baba ji but she is a big Siyyapa Queen*

and pass a smile to twinkle

Twi: welcome Mr.Sarna

Kunj: Thank you Miss.Taneja *But Mrs. Sarna is Perfect*

Twi: Coffe or tea?

Kunj: Apple Tea (Turkish type of tea)

Twi kle went inside the kitchen and he goes behind Twinkle was Facing Back at kunj so she don’t notice him she turn around and got slip but Buttt Ofcrs kunj caught her and their eyes meet conveying THE LOVE FOR LIFE

and screen freeze


Ok ok sorry i was late thn short epi but plzzz bear me i am A cute si girl *puppy eyes* ?

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  1. H my lovely dovey I am angry that u r late but the episode was so cute twinkle is so cute love it plsssssss do post soon I can’t wait for the next part I want to know twinj reaction when they get know the truth plsss dear post soon love u take care posts soon

  2. Shalu Choudhary

    Superb dear plz post soon

  3. Awesome epi

  4. Go to hell with u r puppy eyes
    Next time post Soon
    Y u r taking this much time to post a bit of an episode that too this much short
    If u post longer one then it’s ok but small nd take time also that’s not fine
    Please postsoon
    If u can’t then stop writing

    1. Anaya_Ali

      Hey I know that she post late and also short epi but plzzzz try to understand she is bzy and plzzzz don’t be so rude it may hurt her plzzzz it’s a request ?

      I know u r angry Bcz she make all of us wait …

  5. AryanBhattacharya

    Beautiful episode cute si girl

  6. awesome

  7. lovely epi
    full of cute & lovely antics ….
    plz post soon

  8. Superb fantastic episode dear
    Plzzzzzz post soon dear
    Luvvvv u

  9. Fenil

    Belated Happy birthday Sis, now wish me also just went on 7th may. Hahaha so cool lolz.
    Fabulous chappy.

    1. Lovey_kz

      Happy Birthday Bhai? Sorry mujha ap ki birthday ka nahi pata tha Many more to come

  10. SSK

    Awesome episode 🙂

  11. Awesome and cute one

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