love that last for eternity (chapter 2)

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A house is shown or u can say big mansion beauti of that place is really a treat to eyes and srounding are adding to the beauty of the house . The house was situated at the mountain from where u can see the beauty of the nature. secenery will syrely stole every ones heart but sence inside the house was something diffrent. A man is shouting on servents for properly doing thier work it seems that he is the head of servent ….then sence shifts to the most beautoful room of the house which had a wall size glass window cum door for balcony from where the sence is different from the world here at this place one can forget all thier worries , promblems all u can remember is beauty of the nature or u can feel love in every breeze of air ….”if u r in love ” u cant resist ur self in folling for ur beloved allover again . From the window of the room u can see the sun rising behind the mountains and sending his rays to the person placed in the bed in to the room and sending his chaming snd positive energies to the person …. here at this place feels like the sun has risen for u the morning had came only for u …..not only the sun sends his blessing to this place but moon also spread its beauty here the white curtens of the room start dancing in the light of the moon and cool shade of moon is visible right from the bed where the person is laying the interor of the room is of white and blue shade which when visible in the moon light look like chamber of the moon prince…and the cool breeze when enters the room, provide peace to every soul present there. but there is no one in thre room to observe the beauty fusion of the room and nature. but wait …wait there underthe bed ……………some thing is there oh………there leaned and curled up on the flour was a handsome young man nearly in his mid 20’s a face that can stole any girls heart ..”need not to describe him as we all know how handsome he is ” it seems that he is trying to escape from somebody in his dream and he heard the most sweet and beautiful voice of an angel saying in his dream that “I LOVE U ARJUN U R MY LIFE I CANT LIVE WITHOUT U …I WILL FOLLOW U TO THE NEXT BIRTH U CANT ESCAPE FROM ME”

Arjun in his dream said i love u too radhika u also cant escape from me where u will go i will be behind u , u just need to look behind and u will found me standing there just then his dream was broken and he woke up creaming the name rrrrraaaadhiikkaaaaaa………and as he woke he banged his head at the bottom of the bed and again he aaaaooooouuuchhhhhh……….but this time little louder that can br heard by his servants downstairs now he back to his senses understands that he was dreaming ……he wishpered under his dream “again the same dream, a girl is running behind behind me as if catching me and i am trying to escape from her and again pinch her na start running and again she try to catch me. but one thing is very wierd i am seeing this dream from childhood but never seen her due to blur image of hers only heard her voice saying i love u arjun …….the voice for which he has fallen for ……….i did not know when i have fallen for u my dream girl i have never met u nor didi i saw u but still i can do anything or can go to any extent for u radhika ……aahhhhhhh this name radhika which has stolen my heart ……..never saw u but still i can say that u r the most beautiful person present in this earth for me ur my world radhika ….and i will find u from any corner of the earth …..where r u i am despreate to meet u, to feel u, to see u, how u look , how u walk , how u talk , very egear to listen the sweetest voice in the earth , i can do anythink to listen ur voice , want to see how u smile for which i can give my life …………..who r u …..dont know but still i love u radhika ……..and what if such a girl does not exits in this world said a voice there at the corner of thr room standing a man with rinculed face nearly in his mid 50’s …..arjun turned face him and said no kaka this cannot happen….she exist in this world and i know that ……but how can u so confident about his existence arjun baba …….i know kaka because i am living in this world and my existence is the proof that she is there ……living in this world and will fid her nd make her mine …….i am comming radhika just wait for me ……….may god fullfill ur all wishes beta take care nd bf is ready come and eat …..comming kaka thank u…..

precape: arjun confrents radhika ……..

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link of the view from arjun’s house. actully is a hotel but in my story it is arjun’s house…….

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