Love kills all fear: Kriyyam SS – Part 11

Krishna felt at ease after a long time. It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders. It was not like she never loved Yuvan, she did. But somehow she felt a lot more at ease out of the relationship than in it. With him, she was always trying to fit in. It did hurt her a lot that he cheated on her, but somehow, having the courage to finally step out of the relationship made her feel strong. She looked at Sayyam, he was now dozing off on her shoulder. The innocence looked too alien on his face that always wore a glare. He looked to adorable that she almost wanted to pinch his cheeks. She stopped herself at that thought. Maybe all the emotional turmoil of the past day was getting to her. Why would she ever find Sayyam adorable in her right mind? Thats right. She chuckled at herself. In little time she was soon dozing off beside him.

Swara was on her way from the canteen when she felt someone follow her. She turned around to find the hallway completely empty. The darkness of the night made it feel chillier than usual. She increased her pace and made her way towards the waiting area at the hospital. That feeling of someone following her only grew with each second. Suddenly, she felt a nudge on her shoulders. Too scared to turn around, she ran as fast as she could. But whoever had nudged her got a hold of her dupatta and it wrapped tight around her neck choking her. Another tug and she came crashing towards a figure behind her. “Die, Die, Die” were last words she heard before her vision blurred.

Sayyam woke up with a startle and realized he was alone. He wondered were Krishna had gone at this late hour. Sanskar and Swara were not around either, he wondered if the three of them had discontinued the trip because of baby’s accident and were perhaps on their way back home. That thought made him feel uneasy for an unknown reason. Or was it really unknown? His growing feelings for Krishna were getting more difficult to ignore with each passing day.

He looked around and saw Yuvani and Karan sleeping peacefully in each others arms. Even though he did not like their close proximity, it was nice to see that Karan was taking care of his sister. The way Karan wrapped his arm around Yuvani looked protective and reminded him his feelings for Krishna. That was odd he thought. Everything reminded him of Krishna now. He had to keep away from her, going after his brothers ex went against his moral code. No matter how much he liked her, he could not act on those feelings.

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