Love ka hai intzaar twinj shots by kiya (Episode 8)

Episode 8

Episode start

Kunj office @
Kunj cabin
He was working in laptop ? and talk with alisha….
Alisha : kunj baby we are going na it’s final …Plz don’t cancel at last moment..
K: ya Alisha I will try na will try to understand my problems… soo many works are pending …when my work is complete we will go it’s my promise to u
Believe me …
Alisha: more than myself Kunj….
K: that’s like my baby…?

Alisha: kunj can I asked you some thing..
K: yah u can
Alisha: kunj do u love her ….tell me na
K: plz Alisha u know I am not believing in love and all things ….
Alisha: hmm ?
Sm @
At hall
Bebe and buha dadi was sitting in the hall ..( Manohar father sister)’
Buha dadi and Bebe was talking to each other about twinj and anya (anant +Maya)
Bebe: haa aap shai kah rhi hai ….
Phar iss me hum kya bol shakte hai woh log khush hai saath me …
Riya : maaa where is twinkle bhabhi
Bebe: puttar in her room na
Riya : okk thanks maa

She went to twinj room …and knocking on door ?
T: come riya u inside
Riya: what r u doing bhabhi are you busy I think
T: not busy just arranging the wardrobe
Riya : hm
T: you have any work…
Riya : not work I thought let’s go for the shopping ???na
T: gud idea but
Riya : but Kya bhabhi …take maya bhabhi as well ….I will go and ask her
T: okk
She went to maya ………

While twinkle was thinking go and not …..
After sometime later
Maya and riya comes inside her room and asked her why r u not ready…
T: woh I am not going
Maya : but why twinkle let’s go na
T: Mood nhi hai bas

Maya : riya u go down i will come with her
Riya: okk
Maya : twinkle chal na ishi bhane shopping bhi hojaye gi aur karwa chauth bhi toh hai after 2 days
T: hmm ok fine
They both went downstairs
Twinkle said to usha mummy ji we are going for shopping please see them when they came …i will try come fast ….
U: twinkle beta u go and enjoy I will take care of both.. After all I am there dadi …hugged her and they left .:……..

At mall

Maya : first we will go kids collection ….
T/R :ok
They went inside kids shop and buy so many dress and toys for Ansh aayat ….
After this …they go ladies collection…in kaalki shop
Maya select one saree for her ..twinkle just seeing the saree….
Maya: tum bhi apne liye ek saree lelo na
Parso ke liye..
T: hmm
Riya : maya bhabhi plz come with me in
Maya: okk twinkle we will come till then u select saree for you ok
T: okk come fast….

On the other side
Kunj and Alisha was also doing shopping
In same mall ..
While Twinkle bumped with a man ……….
Kunj and Alisha went in Zara shop (my bunny favourite brand after all)
Both buying dress for with each other….
K: Alisha I will come in 10 min

Alisha : where are u going now …..
K: I will come quickly till then u do ur shopping and take my credit card ?..and do payment (she smiled greedy girl ?????)
He left the shop….

Man :I m sorry miss…while twinkle look at him and get shocked ? he also…. and got happy ?
T: tum yah keshe ….
M: hi twinkle long time yaar
T: hi Neil and both hugged each other
( Neil khanna twinkle childhood friend)
Neil: twinkle keshi ho tum

T: gud what about u neil…..
Neil: great as always..and what r u doing here
T: what u do mean mall me kya karne aate hai …
Neil: I know that but akele keshe
T: nhi akele nhi woh kunj ki bhabhi aur us ki cousin sis ke saath ..
Neil: where they are …
T: in other shop

Neil: ok coffee ☕️
Twinkle think for while …she scared ?…because….
Neil: where are u lost twinkle….
T: no let’s go..

They went in cafeteria and sit
Neil Oder the coffee for both….
Twinkle and neil talking with each other…
Kunj also entered in cafeteria he Oder 2 coffee ☕️ …..
Twinkle and neil have there coffee …neil took twinkle hand in his hands …..
Neil: yaar twinkle u r totally changed those twinkle I know she lost in somewhere…
T: I am not getting neil what are u talking about…
Neil: I mean meri jhali twinki phale jeshi nhi hai ( u r not my old crazy twinkle….
T: phale ki baat bhi toh alag ti na Neil

Now ur friend is married and mother of one child….
Neil: smiled but still u looking like a newlywed
Twinkle smiled nice joke haa by the when will u get married ….bachelor rahna hai kya life time haa tell me …
Neil: ek militi phar wo bhi kishi aur ki hogi…
T: understood
Neil; nope yaar ….no one is found yet ….
T: which type of girls u want ..
Neil: just like u ….
T: meri jeshi kyu anything special in me ..
Neil in mind (yes twinkle u r really special for me )

Twinkle where are u lost haa
Neil: no and howz u r son
T: gud
Neil: how he looks like ..
T: carbon copy of his father
Neil: haa face se hi same hai yah aur kahi se bhi ?
T: same to same bola na
Neil: okk bye see u soon

T: okk bye come home
Neil: yup
They hugged each other just then Kunj see them ..and gets angry ( because he didn’t like Neil)
Twinkle left and went toward Riya and maya…..
T pov
Thanks babaji agar kahi neil ko mere saath kunj ne dekh liya toh to ….acha hua woh yeh nhi hai …
They all left ..
Alisha come to kunj
Alisha; kunj baby I m waiting for u past 30 minutes are you listening me kunj…
K: yeh Alisha let’s go
Alisha: but happened suddenly you kunj …
K: nothing u do ur shopping comes after wards I am going…

Alisha : why
K: I have some argent work I have to go ok bye …
Alisha : ok
He Left
Twinkle went in her room and kept shopping bag aside ….and get to freshen..
Went downstairs..goes in usha room
Twinkle ask usha maa where is ansh
..are twinkel he went with Manohar
But where mummy ji ..that I don’t know
Ok mummy ji
At night…….

Twinkle and maya was preparing for dinner
In kitchen just then….niki entered in the kitchen asked for water twinkle give her (twinkle and niki had not good bonding because she always taunt her about everything niki was not like to twinkle )
Niki: are twinkel where is kunj
T: in office…why u ask this

Niki: nothing just aeshe hi
She out of the kitchen….
Maya: plz don’t spoiled ur mood
T: yah …..
After dinner gets ready… maya and twinkle arranged the dining table and called everyone for dinner ….
Everyone comes and having there dinner
Bebe: where is Manohar and kids today…..
U: Bebe they went out in evening yet they not come .:.
Bebe : let at be ….
Just then kunj come inside
Bebe: kunj puttar come have ur dinner
K: ji bebe I will come and get freshen
Bebe: come fast

He went in his room and get freshen
Come downstairs and sit with everyone….
Maya and twinkle serving the food ?
Twinkle come to kunj and serves Him
And went toward cherry ( cherry Bebe son god for nothing same like as in show and bad intention for twinkle)
And serving while he just looking at her
After this maya and twinkle also had their dinner…..after this both cleaned the table … and went to their respective rooms
Twinj [email protected]
Kunj was standing in balcony and stare the star ⭐️
Twinkle entered in room and looked at him
( think what happened him today why he is in silence mode …and went toward him …..
Stand beside him…
T: what happened to u

K: he looks at her face …..nothing..
And where r u today…..twinkle…
Twinkle get nervous where will I go Kunj…turned her face other side…and played with her duppta
K: I am asking you something answer me twinkle don’t wast my time
T: woh kunj me
K: what are you doing in mall today and why u go

T: riya and maya bhabhi take me forcefully
I said no also but …they insist me
K: but what …
T: Kunj what happened if I go

K: did u asked me …before going
Twinkle look at him….tears comes
T: kunj tum bhi toh konsha mujhy informed karte ho …kuch karne se phale ….why should I …
K: u should be …twinkle….and pinned her to the wall…both looking at each other eyes with …..and why you meet with him
Twinkle was get confused first…
I am not getting kunj..
Really twinkle …i will remind you … cafeteria.. she understood..and get scared ? now u understand..
Kunj held her shoulders tightly…answer me
T: woh kunnnnnnjjj me …….while her Lips were shaking

bg music ? plz listen while reading
K: kyu mile tum usse haa u know I don’t like him ….
T: coincidently mili me mall me mujhy toh pata bhi nhi ta ki neil mall me hi hai
K: don’t take his name ….ok fine coincident tum us se mile what about coffee…
t: Kunj woh neil ne insists kya iss liye ….
He cupped her jaw ……………

Twinkle twinkle u force me to do something with you … u make me angry
Even I don’t like to hurt you..but u did those thing which I don’t like…
Then you know my anger……

T: but mene aesha kya kiya Neil se hi toh mili hu na iss me kya galt hai woh mera
Bachpan ka dost hai …..tumhe us se kyu itni problem hai … yuvi se bhi toh milti hu na … se toh tumhe koi problem nhi hai ……..bolo kunj ….. ok fine me Neil se ab se nhi milugi what about u tum bhi Alisha ko chod do …..phir……
Kunj twist her hand ……and slap her face
Twinkle was crying……blood comes from her lips…
K: me kya karta hu tum he bata nhi koi jarut nhi hai mujhy…..Kon kiss ko chodega yeh tum decide nhi karogi it’s me who will it….

Only I have rights on u to touch and hugged everything no else….
Because I can’t see you with anyone samji twinkle…..
Phar kyu kunj why you can’t see me with anyone..tell….u don’t love
K: yes I don’t love you but u r my wife…. and he looks at her cheeks it’s got red …he cares her cheek with his hand twinkle feel pain…and closed her eyes…due to pain………..
He joins his head with her head while twinkle sobbing ?….
Just then twinkle phone rang ….kunj took her phone from her hand and id its shows unknown…he declines the call
And put the call in speaker……
Call: hi twinkle…I hope I m not disturbing you…kunj look at her (she’s whole body was shivering…)

Call hey twinkle r u listening me….
Are twinkel it’s me Neil…..
( his anger is gone high ) kunj cut the call and throw her phone in corner….
Us ke pass tumhare Num keshe hai ….
T: Kunj woh mahi ne diya ta Num Neil ko mujhy toh pata bhi nhi ta ….
K: don’t lie ..
T; no Kunj it’s true me kyu tum se jhoot bolugi…
K: because he liked u
twinkle get shocked listening this word..
T; yeh tum kya bol rhe ho Kunj

K: such Bol rha hu ….twinkle
T; phar me toh nhi karti na us ko like
Tumhe problem nhi hone chai hai…………
Tum be toh alisha ke saath affair chala rhe ho na uska kya bolo ha (in loud voice….)
K: don’t shout….
T: tum chila shakte ho mujhy pe me kyu nhi ….kunj
Aaj tum ko batana padega mujhy aesha kya hogay jo tum mere saath aesha wevhar kar rhe ho phale toh Sab thik ta
Bolo kunj…..
kya kiya hai mene ….grab his collar

Tell me …. tak gai me tumhara toucher se
Tum jesha bolte woh kar ti hu tumhe jo pasand hai woh karti ……;phir bhi………
(For a changed he had also tears in his eyes)
Twinkle knees down and kept her head on under her legs…and crying ? just then Ansh entered in room and search for twinkle…
He goes in balcony and look at his parents….and see the twinkle she was cried… and went toward her and kept his hand on her head….
Ansh: mamma ( they both look at him)….
Mamma aap roh kyu rhe ho ….

t: nhi ansh me kha rorhi hu wo na meri eyes me kuch chala gay hai bas …
He wiped her tears ? while twinkle just looking kunj ……he hugged her tightly..
He also cries ……..she broke the hug and cupped his face and asked him why r u crying… ansh said because u cry…
Kunj went toward them and sit down and took ansh make him sit in his lap
K: don’t cry.. ansh … u know na papa can’t see tears in ur eyes….he wiped ansh tears and took out his handkerchief and cleaned his nose …
Ansh:: ah papa and smiled kunj too…
Kunj: where r u ansh..

Ansh: me and aayat go with dadu…
K: ok
Ansh hugged both… they went inside room….
Twinkle changed Ansh clothes …and he sleeps covered him with blanket ..
She Get up going to the washroom…
Kunj hold her hand.. she looks at him..with fear…he goes close to her and take her ..toward couch..sit on the couch
Both looking at each other….
He opened the first aid box took out cotton ball
T: yeh tum kya kar rhe ho kunj I will do by myself…
K: me kar rha hu na

T: phar
He cleaned twinkle blood on her lips while
K: thoda jalega okk
He imposed the ointment on her lips …cupped her face … both looking at each other….eyes
K: sorry mujhy tum pe haat nhi utana chahiye ta …. and wiped her tears…
I can’t control on my anger twinkle….

U know mujhy Neil starting se pasand nhi
Jab bhi me us ko tumhare saath dekh ta hu na mujhse control nhi hota…he hugged her … while twinkle was not responding she broke the hug without saying anything she went to washroom…
after sometime later …she comes out of the washroom…..and switch off the light
lay down on the bed and sleep…..


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