Love ka hai intzaar Twinj shots by kiya episode 56

Episode 56…!

Everyone is sleeping peacefully in their seats because it’s very long hours journey so everyone resting some of waked up..!
Mahi and yuvi sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace. Mahi cuddling Yuvi tightly..! Next side..! Twinkle and Kunj sleeping nicely. Twinkle head resting on kunj chest while Kunj hands around her arms rapping her tightly. Twinkle hairs comes on kunj face while Ansh sleeping in side… after sometime later Ansh wake up
Ansh sleep totally complete till now from starting he slept. He open his eyes and look here and there get confused.. where he is now..he started rubbing his eyes..!
He looks at his parents they both sleeping in hugging position…
Ansh: where is me.

Ansh get up from his seat and stand went near kunj and twinkle. He pat on their face slightly but they were sleeping deeply
Ansh went out from his cabin and look at out. A one girl playing with her toys in side seat he looks at her and even she too looks at him back giving him smile in return back Ansh to give her smile back..she gestures to Ansh tell him come here Ansh went towards her..
Girl: hey..
Ansh: Heyy..’

Girl: come sit.. Ansh sit beside her even her parents to sleeping she was getting bored so playing. What’s your name..
Ansh: my Ansh Sarna and yours..
Girl: my Pihu.

Ansh: hoo..
Pihu: so play together hmm..!
Ansh: yup..! They both playing games in iPad..! Both enjoying with each other…
after sometime later..!
Twinkle sleep get disturbed she wakes up and open her eyes slightly looking at Kunj first. She smiled at him she just looking at his face there face is very closed to each other’s.. twinkle making circles on his hairs. She did like this with Kunj for sometime. After kunj wake up and look at her. Both looking at each other only kunj stretch his eyebrow gesture to her while twinkle making face on him.which makes kunj laugh. Kunj one arms around twinkle arms rapping her.. kunj tickling on her shoulder while twinkle head resting on kunj chest..
T: kunjjjjj..
K: what..’

T: don’t do these na..!
K: till now ansh sleeping what’s the matter like he never sleeps..
T: hm Kuch bhi bolte ho..! Twinkle turned and look at Ansh seat it’s empty twinkle shocked..!kunj where is ansh..
K: what here only na twinkle yaar.:
T: no kunj he’s not here. Now both get worried about Ansh..! Next scene
Pihu and Ansh playing games after pihu take out lipstick from her bag.. Ansh look at lipstick and get confused..
Ansh: what is this.??

Pihu: sensually it’s a lipstick stretching the word of lipstick ?… now I m gonna applying this on my lips…
Ansh: why..
Pihu: with pouty lips it’s make my lips more beautiful idiot.. she applied lipstick on her lips and looking Ansh..!
Ansh: my sister has too this lipstick..!

Pihu: awesome.. pihu kissed on Ansh cheeks her lipstick mark print on his cheeks..
Ansh: why you did this haa I hate..
Pihu:uff it’s very expensive I give you only samje now come play next game..
While Kunj and twinkle checking Ansh even check in Yuvi and Mahi seat as well but Ansh was not there..
T: Kunj Mera beta with wet eyes.!
K: twinkle wait he’ll not go anywhere he’s here only wait na. Kunj and twinkle seeing him after kunj stop and look at in side he

gets relief to see this… Kunj see ansh sitting with a girl and both playing games.
He went near them and stand there only.
K: twinkle come here..!
T: what… twinkle went near kunj…
K: here is your son..Twinkle too relief to see him..Ansh look at twinkle and Kunj..’
While pihu too..
Pihu: why you both looking us like this..
K: Ansh.. pihu look at Ansh..

Pihu:you know him..
Ansh: yes he is my papa..
Pihu: hoo..
T: what are you doing here ansh..
Ansh: mamma we both playing games together..’! Okay come.. kunj lifts..
Ansh: okay bye pihu..!
Pihu: bye..! Kunj and twinkle take Ansh went from there back to their seats..!
Twinkle and Kunj sit in their seat while Ansh sitting on kunj lap..!
K: who went like this ansh haa you know how much we get worried about you ha.
T: yes Ansh..!

Ansh: ofoo what to do I mamma. I try to wake up you both but you both sleeping and I get bored where I m so I went out pihu call me we both started playing games that’s it…!
T: offo sorry okay but don’t go anywhere next time you know mamma love you so much..!
K: me too.!!
Ansh: mamma why we are in airplane…
K: hmm Ansh we are going for holidays..
Ansh : haa he gets happy ?.. where?

T: Switzerland..
Ansh: swiitz….er….land… he can’t pronounce perfectly.. but mamma where is Aayat.. twinkle and Kunj look at each other face..
K: woh Ansh Aayat is not come with us..
Ansh: why papa.. now she must be angry with me na. Now Again I have to give her chocolate..
K: hmmm..! Twinkle pulling Ansh cheeks..
Twinkle eyes went on lipstick mark.
T: Ansh what is this on your cheeks haa.
Ansh: what mamma..
T: this lipstick marks come from on your cheeks haa.
K: what lipstick..! Kunj too see this Ansh cheeks red with lipstick color…kunj laughing…who give you this ansh.
Ansh: woh papa pihu that girl did this I told her don’t do this but she said it’s very expensive mark. Twinkle and Kunj smiling on this..! I hate this even Aayat to did this on my cheeks..! Twinkle kissed on Ansh cheeks..
Ansh: mamma you too chiiii… Ansh look at twinkle lips. he touches her lips with his little finger you also applied lipstick why..!
Mamma you don’t apply this okay.’

T: okay..
K: but why..!
Ansh: I don’t like this… Ansh rubbing his cheeks try to clean but it can’t..
T: wait.. twinkle clean his cheeks..!
K: happy now..
Ansh: yes..! After sometime later they have their breakfast even Yuvi and Mahi as well after Ansh watching cartoons kunj and twinkle looking at him and missing her somewhere.. India to Switzerland flight takes time almost 8 hours 59 minuets… while in whole flight journey they all had lots of fun.. Mahi and yuvi busy in their romance while Kunj and twinkle just looking at each other’s sometime you can do romance though your eyes rather than touch..!
T: why suddenly you come Switzerland kunj..!
K: yup suddenly I know I come here for business meeting even Yuvi too.. why you
ask this..’
T:because you take us..

K: you don’t want to come here twinkle..!
T: mene Aesha kab bola kunj..!
K: But I can sense twinkle..
T: kuch jada hi sense nahi kar rahe ho kunj.!! Kunj pulled her near him. Both is very closer to each other’s..!
K: why you breathe heavily twinkle winking at her.. kunj pulling her cheeks..
Twinkle slightly look at Ansh..!
T: Kunjjj what are you doing.. Ansh is here.
K: I know this.’he is here only.. kunj going more closer to her.. twinkle slightly closed her eyes.’ Kunj see this and smiled on her..Kunj kissed on her forehead slightly..! Twinkle open her eyes and look at him with love eyes..! Just than Ansh screamed slightly mamma they both come out of their own world quickly they composed and look at Ansh..
T: what happened ansh..
Ansh: nothing..
soon they reached Switzerland airport finally.. Everyone come out of Flight went out in airport.. it’s really cold weather twinkle holding coats and muffler in her hands… Kunj and yuvi taking their luggage’s while Mahi and twinkle wears their coats.while Ansh shivering hell in cold like anything twinkle try to make him wear but he deny.. Ansh lips become grey…
K: Ansh wear okay..!
Kunj make him wear coat his covered him fully he looks hell cute as well..! After kunj too wear his coat they walk out from there ..twinkle holding Ansh hands. He literally

Ansh: I can’t walk now..
T: Ansh walk little bit only..
Ansh: no mamma My leg started paining.,, Yuvi immediately…
Y: so soon you just walk for 2 steps..
K: shut up.. come Ansh here.. kunj lift him while Ansh hugged him tightly due to over cold weather..
Y: huhu..
Ansh: same.. huhu..! Mahi laugh out…
they come out of the airport..
Kunj booked cars already from hotel where they going to staying…
Yuvi and Kunj kept the all bags in car..
Kunj sit beside driver with Ansh while they three of them sit in back seats..!they switched on their phones..!
K: I’ll inform MAA that we reach…

Y: hmm me too..! Kunj and yuvi informed their mothers..!
..India and Switzerland (Zurich) times difference between them it’s almost 4 and half an hour …
next side in India..’Sarna Mansion…
Everyone sitting and having their breakfast…
Usha: kunj and they all reached safely..
Anant: that’s good MAA.. while maya making Aayat ready for school..maya and Aayat come and sit with everyone for breakfast. Maya give her milk she drink…
Aayat: mamma where is ansh we already late..
Anant: let’s go Aayat today I’ll drop you school..
Aayat: okay happily.. Anant hold her hand take her they left for school..’soon Anant drop her she went inside the school..!
After breakfast everyone busy in their works..
Next scene ( Switzerland)
Soon they all reached the hotel its nice beautiful and luxury hotel and very famous hotel as well 5 star..’hotel name is The dolder grand hotel..!
It’s very elegant the interior of hotel is very traditional..
They all come out of the car..! And look at hotel just lost in beauty of there..
Y: it’s amazing view yaar awesome..
Mahi: so beautiful Yuvraj..

T: awww so elegant and beautiful as well.
K: yup..! After all choice kess ki hai..!
Y: great bro..’I must say fabulous planing winks at him..!
K: thank saale slightly whispers…
Ansh: Papa the same house in barbie cartoons too. They all laugh..
Y: this is not your cartoon Ansh baby..
Ansh: don’t call me baby…..
Hotel servant come take out their luggage’s. They all went inside the hotel…
[email protected] they went towards reception they stand..
receptionist: how can may I help you sir.
K: I m Kunj Sarna I booked two rooms here

Receptionist: okay sir I’ll check.. she check in laptop.. yes sir two rooms one for mr Yuvraj Luthra and Kunj Sarna m I right..
K: yes..
Receptionist: wait I’ll give your rooms keys.
Yuvi and Mahi or twinkle standing..
While Yuvi slightly..
Y: itni toh planing iss ne apne honeymoon pe nahi ki hai now this time full on wing?.
Mahi: chup..
T: he is right Mahi..’sadu or this never..
Receptionist: sir take your rooms keys. Kunj take it from her hands..
K: thanks.. kunj turned look at them they three of them giggling cam laughing ?.
What happened to you all..

Y: nothing bro..!
Hotel Servant: come sir I’ll show your rooms.. they all went behind him.. their rooms in second last floor..! They went in lift. After they all come out of the lift..
servant showing their rooms door to them he left..! Yuhi room opposite to Twinj room.
K: take you room key. Kunj throw while Yuvi catch it..’
Y: give some respect bro..!
K: now don’t irritate me Yuvi… kunj rubbing his eyes..! Yuvi open the room door and went inside the room..before he closed the door..!
Y: enjoy ?…!
Twinj room @
He closed the door while Kunj open their room door and they went inside twinkle lock the door.! Kunj lay down on the bed directly while Ansh jump on the bed..! It’s very beautiful room glass window big you can see garden view and snow fall as well nice view come from there’s big master bedroom…!
T: very soon you tired kunj..!

K: hmm you not..!
T: nope I m very well not like you lazy..!
K: whatever..’ twinkle sit on the bed next side.. looking at father and son..! Ansh sitting on kunj stomach pulling his cheeks and messed up his hairs.. Ansh giggling..
Ansh: pappaaaa mereee..!
K: hmmm..! Kunj hold him.. Ansh face resting on kunj face..
Ansh: so coldly coldly here..!

T: enjoy you both if you can..!
Ansh: mamma why Mahi Massi went with Yuvi chachu..! He makes fun of me huhu..!
K: what he did haa..!
T: you both do this I’ll go and get freshen up..! Twinkle take out their clothes arranged them..! Twinkle forcefully take Ansh in washroom giving him bath.. while Ansh shivering in hot water..! Twinkle rap him in towel fully take him out.. kunj who still laying down..! Twinkle place Ansh on the bed..!
T: go sit under the blanket okay..! I’ll go..
Kunj covered him fully in blanket both lay down beside each other’s..! Twinkle went in washroom soon she gets freshen up..!
After she come out of the washroom. Dress up to Ansh fully in warm clothes..!
T: whom you wait kunj haa.!
K: no one Twinkle.!
T: so go get ready na..!
K: hmm wait na..

T: No go fast if you not go I’ll not talk to you.! Kunj give her look..
K: funnily Tera kuch jada nahi ho raha.!
T: okay fine from now I’ll not talk to you.. kunj get in frustration take his towel went in the washroom..! While laughing..!
T: pagal.!

Yuhi [email protected]
In Yuvi and Mahi room they both to get ready both sitting in each other’s embrace
Y: you like this place jaan..
Mahi: infect I loved this…???

Mahi: But it’s too cold..
Y: he cuddles her more on him.. don’t worry jaan I m here only your cold ran fast he winked her.
Mahi: means..
Y: don’t worry you here jaan I’ll give you my warmness..??
Mahi: shiiii…??she blushed..
Y:uff..! Next scene..!

Twinj [email protected]!
Kunj come out of the washroom in towel.. he takes his clothes and wear them only.!
Ansh: Papa don’t you feel cold..!
K: nope..!
Ansh: strong Papa my..’
T: wait see in last day ?? red nose uff.. kunj Give look at twinkle..
K: what does that mean twinkle hmm.!
I have allergy cold that’s it..!
T: when did I say that not.!. Than what’s the need to come here kunj.. I have to Handel you both OMG.!
K: don’t worry ?…
T: what..’
K: nothing..’ again they three of them sit.. twinkle sitting beside kunj..
Kunj checking his messages and mails.
Twinkle eyes went on him.’
T: what you do kunj haa..’
K: nothing twinkle yaar.’ Before he complete twinkle snatch his phone..
T: me bhi toh dekhu iss phone ke andar akhir hai kya.!
K: kar.. Meri James pond.. twinkle try to open his phone but not. both sitting together only still..kunj laugh ?..
Kya hua kar na..!

T: don’t become to smart kunj this finger print pass word kab lagaya last time to nahi ta..!
K:why mera phone Bhai.. twinkle trying many attempts..but not happening.. after twinkle eyes went on Ansh who playing game in iPad in side.! Twinkle smirk..
T: Ansh come here baby..
Ansh: why mamma.
T: come na mera. Baby..! Ansh come near her. Twinkle hold his hand while Kunj get confused… twinkle take his thumb place on the phone button.. phone get open.. kunj mouth become like O..! While twinkle laughing.!
K:how did you know..

T: I’m smart my dear husband ji..! It’s simple if you put two pass words and finger print as well how can ansh open your phone in car so it’s simple..
K: you siyappa Queen cleaver..!
T: thanks for this twinkle open kunj contact list and checking.. yeh husband kon hai ha.!
K: tera ek lota jija..!?
T: Yuvi..! Dodo numbers..after suddenly twinkle see Alisha name. She looks at Kunj with anger eyes.!what is this still you have her number why???
K: aeshe..! Twinkle.. twinkle immediately delete her number..!yeh kya kiya..
T: aeshe hi..!
K: do whatever you want to do.! Kunj playing games with ansh.! After..!
T: want to eat something..’
K: let’s go down for lunch..I’ll messaged Yuvi..while Yuvi and Mahi already went down they both sitting in hotel restaurant
Waiting for twinkle and Kunj..!

They three of them come out of their room went inside the lift after they went in restaurant. Kunj see both of them they went towards them..!
Y: bhut jaldi aayga..!?they sit.yuvi and Mahi sitting beside each other’s while even twinkle and Kunj too ansh sitting on the table between twinj.!
K: let’s Oder whatever you all want..
Y: yup.. soon waiter come for Oder..!
Twinkle Oder what she wants even Mahi and yuvi too.
Ansh: I want noddles..!
Waiter: that’s it sir anything else..
K: nope..!
T: what about you kunj.!
K: I don’t want anything I m fine..
Y: but why..!

Waiter: sir tell me fast.!
K: you go that’s it..! He left..!
Y: may be kunj ne fast rakha hai ??Twinkle ke liye..!
K: hogya tera..!
Y: nahi bhaki hai..! ?both abusing each other’s in lipsing way..
Y: what you say kunj tell me clearly..
K: kya kuch nahi..! Just than Kunj phone ring..! But phone in twinkle hands..
Y: Arey bhai kess ka phone hai…!
T: Kunj it’s your phone..!
K: hmm give me..
Y: Kunj phone you have what’s the matter
twinkle give it to him..
Kunj pick up the call.. it’s Manish call..
Manish: so you both reached bro..
K: yes..!
Manish: didn’t inform me why..!
K: I’ll but forget totally..
Y: who.!
K: manish..
Y: wooo.. soon their food come waiter served them and left..! Kunj still on phone. Twinkle put food in kunj plate too.,while Kunj gesture her why.?
Y: But abhi moon ko aane me time ?.
Mahi: Yuvraj Kuch bhi bolte ho.. Ansh eating noddles while twinkle feed him with her hands..
Ansh: yummy ?..
Y: I know ?..
Ansh: pappaaa… kunj hang up the call.!
K: what..!
Ansh: see this Yuvi chachu..
K: mat kar Yuvi yaar..
Y: what I did yaar nothing..!
K: jhoota..
Ansh: huhu?…Yuvi making faces…
T: Kunj have this much only..!

K: hmm.. Yuvi feed Mahi with his hand while she too..! Even Kunj and twinkle along with ansh..! After lunch they went out roaming around hotel seeing beauty of this place..
T: it’s so beautiful moments.. twinkle giving cute smile..while Kunj look at her click her pics slightly captured in camera..
Ansh: my too Papa..!Its beautiful garden
everywhere garden green nature beauty…
Mahi Yuvi Roaming in other side together alone.. while twinkle and Kunj or Ansh..
kunj clicking their pics together in nice and beautiful background everywhere flowers..
Y: akhele Bhai..
K: you only went.. now they all stand together kunj taking their selfies.. while Yuvi and Ansh making puppy faces on each other’s while they three of them controlling their laughs..! It’s nice and cold beautiful weather. Mahi and yuvi sit in side clicking their some cozy pics.. while Ansh playing in side twinkle admiring him..!

After kunj come with two coffee in his hands. He went near twinkle and give her too she takes it..!
T: Thanks..!
K:your welcome..twinkle cuddles twinkle sit resting her head in his arms..!while kunj hands around her arms.
T: talk with Anant Bhaiya..
K: nahi..
T: I m not feeling good..
K: hmm now what to do twinkle..
T: it’s better kunj you don’t take us here..

K: why it’s not a solution..
T: she felt bad na..
K: leave this.. they both enjoy hot coffee in cold weather..
T: weather is so beautiful and romantic..
K: acha…where is Yuvi..
T: let at be them na.. why we disturbed
K: hmm..
T: Kunj let’s go see Switzerland..
K: now..
T: yes na..
K: your Oder is my command?…
Kunj informed Yuvi they sit in their cars different.. they went too see lake Zurich..
Soon they reached the place they come out their’s very beautifully place and lake other people too there they to enjoying..

Ansh: so big lake na Papa..
K: yup.. they see lake beauty and clicking their pics here too..! They roam around with their partners. Mahi and yuvi went in side. Yuvi pulled her closer to him..
Mahi: Yuvraj what you do.,
Y: don’t you know haa.. before Mahi say something Yuvi connected his lips with her lips both kissing each other’s… whole day they enjoy nicely now sun sitting over a lake.sunset are proof that no matters what happens every day can end beautifully., kunj and twinkle to click their some nice and cozy pics while Ansh busy in him only..! Now in night increase lake beauty more now cold increases like little bit.. cold wind started.,twinkle feeling cold.. kunj see this he takes out his coat give her..!
T: why you take out your coat.!
K: I m fine..
T: But kunj..
K: no buts and ifs.. i already wear swear it’s enough for me..!
Next [email protected] India..!
Aayat playing in garden she asked maya where is ansh and twinkle chachi.. while maya give her some excuses..even she didn’t impose so much.. Anant take maya and aayat out to distract her mind,,
Aayat: why we come here Papa and you didn’t take Ansh..
Anant: today only my princess,, they went in gaming section Aayat enjoying fully to see her happy her parents too happy to see smile on her face..!

Maya: nice idea Anant..
Anant: what to do I can do anything for her to see smile on her face maya apart from her no one us whatever we have only she had in our life..
Maya: yes she is everything for us..!
Humhari lifeline..
Anant: yes..! They too enjoy with Aayat..!
Her smile makes me smile her laugh is infectious. Her heart is pure and true above all I love that she is my daughter
Maya yes our daughter..!they went for dinner after sometime later they left for home..’!!..
next side in Switzerland ??… after see lakeside.. they left for hotel again…
@hotel..! They come out of the cars went in their rooms.
Twinj [email protected]
Ansh directly went and lay down on the bed.. within no time he sleeps.. while twinkle went in washroom get freshen up.
While Kunj Busy in laptop.. kunj arrange dinner for their.. But in alone.! Yuvi and Mahi busy in their romance..! After sometime later twinkle come out of the washroom in bathrobe.. kunj look at her and freeze in her beauty..!he gets up and walking towards her while twinkle get confused why kunj coming near her.!
Twinkle going backwards.. she stops by wall kunj stand near her..! Kunj both hand resting on walk both sides.!
T: Kunj Yeh Kya Kar rahe ho..!!
K: jo sab karte hai..! Kunj going closer her face.. both can listen their breathe..
Twinkle hairs come on her face kunj tucked her hairs behind her ears..! Kunj pulled her near him..! Kunj one hand on twinkle waist…
T: Kunj Ansh is here only..!kunj turned slightly look at Ansh..
K: he sleep twinkle don’t worry..
T: still kunj..!

K: so what..
T: understand na..! We are not like Mahi and yuvi..!
K: I know this..! Kunj rubbing her cheeks against his cheeks..! Twinkle become all red in shyness..!
T: go get freshen..
K: I’ll wait na..! What so hurry..! Both looking at each other’s faces.. and lost..
Let’s get lost in a world where there are no tears, heartache, or opposition. A world where it’s just the two of us only no one is there..!Sometimes I just wish you were here so I could tell you how much I need you and how hard every day has been without you. Twinkle..
T: Kunjjj. Go na..
K: why you become so shy twinkle..
T: me not at all she didn’t maintain eyes contact with him.. kunj ruffles his hairs while twinkle push him in side..!
K: Arey twinkle listen to me yaar..!
Twinkle went toward dressing table she started getting ready..
K: don’t take 3 hours.. okay..

T: huhu sadu..! Kunj went in washroom.. twinkle get ready in beautiful dress which Kunj select for her when they went for shopping..!
She did light make asper kunj like it..!
Looking nice and stunning in this outfit..
twinkle sit in side covering Ansh in blanket
After sometime later Kunj come he wears nice blue jeans with White tshirt.. along with baby pink jacket looking handsome.!
Kunj Get ready. He looks at twinkle.. many people have caught my eye but only you have caught my heart..
T: ready Mr Sarna..
K: yes Mrs. Sarna.. let’s go than..
T: Kunj what about him if he wakes up in our absence so..
K: don’t worry about him.

T: means..
K: you come na twinkle..! They both come out their room one man standing in side..
K: take care of him till than we come if he wakes up call me..
Man: okay sir..!he went inside the room sit in side.. twinkle hold kunj arms both went downs.. Yuvi an Mahi already went and surprise to see the view..
Mahi: it’s awesome Yuvraj thanks..
Y: I didn’t do it your jiju did thank to him..
Mahi: okay but I loved it..! They both went and sit..!
They both holding each other’s hands and admiring the beauty and smiling.. Yuvi pour champagne ? for them in two glass
It’s candle light dinner for them they enjoy.
Screen shifted..!
Kunj and twinkle coming holding each other’s hands.. while busy in her phone she looks down.. they reached the place where kunj arranging dinner for them still twinkle looking down..!
Whole scenario like this everywhere candles lit in swimming pool side.. one table with two chairs in side between under in roses heart making the climate suits too as well very elegant decoration kunj did for twinkle.. twinkle slightly look up and shocked to see the view.. one word come from her mouth it’s..
T: awwwsome kunj…
K: you like it…
T: yes not like it infect I loved it kunj.. you did this all.!
K: hmm slightly try kiya.,
T: beautiful kunj this all.. twinkle eyes fill with love eyes.. the phrase is right sabhar ka fhal meetha hota hai.. twinkle looking around all her smiling not stoping..,
Kunj look at her lips..
Bg music

K: I’ll not let your smile go away from your face twinkle it’s my promise.. every moment I spent with you is like a beautiful dream come true..
K: may I have you..
T: yeah sure. kunj forward his hand twinkle give her hand to him. Kunj hold take her towards table.. kunj take out chair for her she sits while Kunj to sit.. both settle down.. two candles lit one champagne ? bottle is there with two glass.. kunj open the bottle in style cape falls up..
T: hmm nice one..!kunj give her smile..
Kunj pour champagne in their glass it’s fruit champagne none alcohol.. twinkle take her glass while Kunj too both cheers ? the glass.. twinkle take one sip of the drink she makes face.. kunj gesturing her..
T: it’s tasty kunj..!
K: yup I know this..!
T: Kunj it’s alcohol no Baba..
K: don’t worry ? it’s none alcohol champagne ? okay you can..! Kunj can’t take off his eyes on twinkle.. you look beautiful twinkle?..
T: thanks shyly.. it’s your choice so I m..!
K: uff.. you give credit to me..
T:huhu even you look to good today..
K: I know this say something else..! Twinkle look at him she remembered Aayat even she too Said same dialogue..
Her face becomes plane..kunj understood.
K: hey twinkle what happened yaar..
T: hmm nothing kunj..! You tell me when you planned this all.. quite impressing me.
K: great you like it.. sometimes I can too.,
T: good… soon waiter come with food..
waiter: sir served..!
K: no I’ll..he left..!
T: what you Oder for us let’s eat.,
K: here i m sitting but you interested in food.. what a wife I have..
T: huhu sadu what to do you know I m very big foodie..
K: true… kunj about to served.. twinkle stop him..
T: wait I’ll today..
K: okay..! Twinkle served food in plates..
T: shall we have…
K: yup great today you enjoy at least my hard work worth it. Last time toh because of that Yuvi you spoil your mood..
T: what I did he did only..! Now forget about that time now enjoy ?.. twinkle take spoon in her hands went near kunj lips.,
K: what..!
T: eat..
K: hoo..! Kunj eat from her hands while Kunj to feed her both eating like this only with lots of giggles and nice moments.. both laughing..
K: now bas twinkle yaar still Laughing.
T: hmm.. by the way kunj what about Yuvi and Mahi…
K: even they too enjoy it with each other’s.
T: hooo. Where they are..
K: what you concentrate here on me ??.. let them enjoy alone.. that’s why I planned differently.. it’s become like family dinner..!
T: right.. twinkle and Kunj get up and near poolside both looking in the water their face too see in the water.. twinkle smiling to see this.. increase her beauty more
Look beyond the naked eye and you will see the beauty of one’s soul, and the true essence of who they really are. We came together underneath the stars above. What started out as liking soon turned into love. I sensed a certain something in my heart that was true. I know I waited all my life to fall in love with you..!
Twinkle turned she about to fall in the pool

But before she kunj hold her on the time..
Kunj holding her from waist while twinkle hand around his neck..!both looking in each other’s eyes..! Without blink they both continuously seeing each other’s…
When I look into your eyes I tend to lose my thoughts..
T: I want to be in your arms kunj where you hold me tight and never let me go(saying in heart.)
K: you are my entire world my very reason to live and because the way you make me feel you twinkle you my heart ❣ give you twinkle.. both come in sense composed themselves but still kunj holding her even twinkle too.. twinkle hairs comes on her face kunj side them..
T: Kunj it’s quit boring now..
K:acha romantically..
T: you don’t know anything like others husband..

K: matlab..
T: it’s easy kunj you totally buddu unromantic man huhh..kunj smiling on this. You can’t praise me kunj nicely at all.
K: uff twinkle I said to you. You look good beautiful..
T: bas aeshe hi even Ansh can praise me better than you and look at you..!both is very near to each other’s
K: okay..! I’ll too…when I look into your eyes it is like a gateway into the world of which I want to be a part Twinkle..! Twinkle make face not good more..
K: okay next what..Everything and everyone in this world can be replaced except you, my wonderful wife! Twinkle give him fine smile with closed eyes not too good..!..kunj cupped her face..Still, I can’t understand how God could create such an ideal woman like you, you are perfect from the toes to the head .Even thousands of orchids can’t compare to your beauty, you are unique twinkle.
T: hmm more..

K: You are beautiful, you made me believe that this world is worth living in.kunj caressing her cheeks bones… twinkle give him smile..
T: bas Mr Sarna..
K:Even if you do not believe that you are beautiful, look into my eyes and you’ll be surprised by your pretty reflection.
Twinkle surprised to listen words from his mouth it’s like a dream.. kunj look into her eyes and place soft kissed on her both eyes.. The moon and the stars don’t glow as bright as your eyes, you are extremely beautiful.You are the light of my life twinkle , keep shining! Twinkle become totally like a red tomato’s.. she turned and smiling brightly and shy too as well kunj smile on this.. kunj back hugged her. He rest his chin on her shoulder.. kunj smell hairs..
K:The smell of your hair is more pleasant than the scent of thousands of roses, I dream to plunge into its warmth and to spend eternity in your arms. Twinkle shying more now.. Kunj lock their hands
Twinkle hands become cold..
K: why your hands become so cold twinkle.
T:slightly don’t know breathing heavily..
Kunj take her hands near his lips kissed on her fingers tips.. his touch make her more cold.,kunjjjjjjjjjjjjjj sensually…kunj turned her towards him while twinkle looking down in Shyness. Kunj cupped her chin made her look at him.. still she
look down..
K: why you look down twinkle… nothing is on the floor what you find ??.
Twinkle hit on his chest play fully..!
Than why looking down..
T: aeshe hi..
K: first look at your self twinkle you look like red tomatoes.who shy this much haa
T: I m not kunj.,.
K: you are twinkle…apne pati se kaun itna sharmata hai twinkle haa..twinkle controlling blushing… but can’t kunj cupped her face up her face make her look at him.. twinkle slightly look at him.
K:go and look at your face in mirror..
T: why M i looking bad.,,
K: nope ?smiling face… I mean your blushing cheeks… why you blush so much twinkle.. you only said Praised you now you become cherry.. wait I’ll do more.
Kunj about to speak twinkle covered his mouth with her hand..
T: bas no more thanks okay..,kunj controlling his laugh.. kunj kissed on her palm twinkle pulled back her hand….
K: twinkle you totally amazing and unique too..kunj going near her face..
T: kunjjjjjj…Kya Kar raho ho..’Kunj kissed on her both cheeks. Twinkle clutch his tshirt..,
K:tu toh blushing se hi itni tension me aagi twinkle so cute..
T: you did this purposely now..
K: nope my dear wifey. They click their moments in camera.. both sitting together.
Talk for while…
T: so cheesy lines kunj. Between I m little bit impressed with you I don’t know you too know how to praise girls…
K: don’t know about every girl but know only about you??winking at her…
Sometimes all the words in the world can’t describe a single feeling..kunj pulling twinkle cheeks your smile is literally the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life twinkle.. kunj caressing her hands while twinkle resting her head on his chest…
They spent quality time with each other’s first times..! New feeling good..even Yuvi and Mahi too enjoying the night..!after later Yuvi and Mahi come where kunj and twinkle is there.. Yuvi giving voice to kunj.
Kunj and twinkle heard this both separate from each other’s immediately..!
Y: awesome ? kunj I must say your hidden talent ??…
K: you should thanks to me… they sit…
Y: everything is on point kunj yaar you planned very well..
Mahi: yes thanks Jiju..
K: hmm..!
Y: here also beautiful..impressive engineer Babu.leave this business bro.. started this.
K: no need you can if you want..!mahi showing twinkle pics..busy..
Y: thanks he kissed on his cheeks..
K: haa saale in return you have to do for me I planned everything for you and Mahi okay so.. enjoy you can as much as you can after you know me..
Y: haa pata hai…
K: great enjoy than after you can’t…
Y: saale yeha Meri saadi ko 6 months hui hai teri ko 6 years kuch toh daya kaha mere upar please..
K: atlest tune 6 months toh enjoy kiya na better than my worst 6 years so aeshe hi nahi me yeha tere ko laaya hu samja na.
Y: pata hai saale…
K: privacy issues nahi tujhe maze phir teri shakal dekhar toh lag raha tu toh jada hi kar raha hai..?..
Y: saale mere room camera fit kiya hai kya ha..
K: nahi teri shakal dekh kahar bol raha hu?.. energy boost up??..
Y: already ???… dancing car??.
Kunj laugh at him chiii..twinkle and Mahi look at them..
T: what happened to you both..
K: nothing..!??
Y: weshe where is junior sadu Sarna..
T: Aooooo Yuvi so bad you call my son sadu huhu..
K: hmm Yuvi you irritate my son..
Y: uff you both..
T: wait your turn too come.
Y: okay Bhabhi ji..’weshe hai kaha Bhai sab…
Y: aww.. twinkle check the time…

T: Kunj it’s too late I must be wake up let’s go.
K: okay..!
Y: wait na.. sit..
T: nahi you sit kunj I m going..
Y: Arey twinkle he is not 2 months baby..
T: for me ??..
Mahi: let’s go Yuvraj di is right… even I too feel cold here..
Y: don’t worry baby slightly I’ll give you warmness..???all heard this Mahi look at Yuvi with anger eyes. Yuvi scared ?
K: now Mahi give you anger warmness
..whispers..!just than Kunj phone ring..
It’s that men calls only..’ kunj pick up the call..

Men: sir please come fast he waked up slightly.
K: okay..! Kunj hang up the calls…
Let’s go twinkle..
T: hmm..!they both went fast.They reached went in their rooms.. Ansh sitting But his eyes closed..
K: thanks to you..
Men: welcome sir he left..! Kunj and twinkle went towards Ansh they sit beside him..! Twinkle caressing Ansh hairs..
T: mera baby..!
K: thanks to god he didn’t wake up before we come..
T: hmm..! Ansh slightly open his eyes….
He blabber Aayat names…
Ansh: mamma. Aayat take my ball..
T: Ansh aayat is not here..
Ansh: nahi na she takes..twinkle wiped his eyes…take him in her lap..
T: waked up now.. don’t you hungry Ansh..
Ansh: hmm little bits..
K: okay what’ll you eat..
Ansh: anything..
K: okay milk fine..
Ansh: nooo na I hate milk Ansh make puppy faces twinj smile on this..mamma give me milk all the time yak ehhuuh..
T: uff.. Kunj Oder cheese sandwich for him. Twinkle change his clothes till than.
Twinkle and Kunj too did..after kunj take the sandwich. Twinkle feed Ansh after they three of them lay down the bed..
Kunj talk with usha asked her about Aayat.
K: okay MAA bye..
T: what did mummy ji said..

K: nothing..’
T: matlab how she is..
K:good till now toh..
T: hope aagye bhi..!
K: hmm..!
T: Kunj we know her very well..
K: ab me kya karu twinkle MAA ne bola hai na.. she didn’t know about us good..! After kunj and twinkle seeing their pictures which they clicked..! Twinkle thinking about her..’
K: don’t think too much.. about her..
T: it’s easy for you not for me.. Twinkle look at Ansh. Both of them same for me kunj..
K: what did you mean twinkle like not for me..!
T: when did I said about this I m just telling about my thoughts.
Ansh: Papa see I win this level too..kunj give little smile..twinkle off her side lamp.
Kunj too.. Ansh sleep in middle of them twinkle holding Ansh while Kunj holding twinkle hands..
K: okay sorry twinkle mera matlab woh nahi ta yaar..!
T: okay goodnight kunj..!kunj take Ansh on him went near twinkle.. Ansh laying on him it’s all dark hardly seeing something little lights comes from windows glass..
K: twinkle..!
T: haa bolo na kunj..

K: sorry bolana mene..!
T: I know this it’s okay.
K: Tu naraz toh Nahi hai na..
T: nahi na..‘ twinkle kissed on his forehead and Kunj on her nose tips..
Ansh: mujhe toh needh hi nahi aarhai hai slightly..
K: phir me sojao Ansh..they covered in blankets fully twinkle resting her head on kunj chest while Ansh half on kunj half on the bed.. kunn slightly place ansh on the bed he lay down little pillow.

Yuhi [email protected]!
Mahi and yuvi spending their intimates moments with lost is love..!yuvi come upon Mahi.. Yuvi kissing on her neck while mahi caresses his hairs nape.. her moan make him more crazy for her.. night fill with love and pleasure moans and groans
Screen blurred slightly..freezes on twinj face and yuhi as well..
Episode end here only..!

I hope you all like it this episode as well..!thanks for your comments and likes and dislikes?????????..
Please ignore any grammatical mistakes.
Next episode depends on your comments numbers..dislikers I m not giving you people shit so ?????????.
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