Love ka hai intzaar twinj shots by kiya (Episode 2)

Episode 2
Love ka hai intzaar twinj by kiya
Episode start :
Twinj room
Twinkle is folding their clothes. Maya comes in her room went to twinkle and sit beside her.
Maya: twinkle why r u looking so pale
Kuch hua hai kya .
T: kuch bhi toh nhi hua hai Bhabhi
Maya:phar tumhari aakhe toh kuch aur hi bol rhi hai twinkle such bata tere aur kunj ke beach me Sab thik toh hai na twinkle
T: haa bhabhi Sab thik humare beach me and give fake smiled..
Maya: ok
(Something is fishy between in Kunj and twinkle but what )
Ok I am going you do your work.
Scen shifts in kunj office
Kunj cabin

Kunj and yuvi was discussing about project details.just then yuvi phone beep
And see its my mahi’s call .
One minute Kunj I m just coming back
He Pickup the call and went .
Y: hi jaan how’s u
M: fine u
Y: tumara aawaz sunli na ab to fit and fine
M: ohh really
T: yes koi shakh
M: yuvraaj where r u right now
Y: mahi abhi me kha huga office me hu
M: okk tum free ho kya abhi
Y: tere kadoos jija ?free kha hone deta hai
M: mere jiju koi kadoos nhi hai samje tum
Y: tumhe koi important kaam hai .

M: nhi bas aeshe hi tum se mil ne ka dil kar rha ta .
Y: ohhh ? mahi mera bhi dil ab kya kare ab let’s go for dinner what’s say
M: hmm nice idea my would be hubby ?
M: kyu hum di aur jiju ko bhi saath me lejate hai na double jaza aajayega
Y: good but mahi kunj dinner ke liye jane ko maanege
M: let’s try na yuvi I will talk to jiju I’m sure woh meri baath maanege but tum di ko mess kardo ok then see u
Y: ok bye love u
M: u to
Mahi calls to Kunj he received the call
M: hi jiju
K: hi mahi
M: I m not disturbing u
K: no Mahi tell me why u call me
M: woh jiju mene aur yuvraaj ne Aaj raat ko dinner ka plane banaya hai
K: toh?
M: aap aur di ko bhi aana hai plz no mat bolna .
Kunj smiled.
K: okk fine
M: o jiju u r too best jiju ??❤️
K: bas bye
M: bye
Mahi mess the yuvi
(Jiju said yes)
Y: ok gud
M: what about di
Y: I will do
M: ok
Yuvi mess the twinkle
Twinkle we all are going for dinner ? plz be ready at sharp 9clock
Chalo yeh kaam bhi hogya i hope twinkel mana na kare..
He went for meeting where kunj was already present
After meeting kunj went for home
Sarna mansion
Bebe usha was sitting in a hall Kunj went to them
B: are kunj puttar aaj tu itni jaldi keshe aagya office se .
K: kaam jaldi finished hogya ta iss liye
And where is twinkle
U: aap ne room me hogi kunj.
K:ok he left
Kunj goes to in his room while he was not found her in room
Where is she ..maa told me twinkle is in room let at be .
Kunj went for shower ? after shower he comes out of washroom and went to the cupboard and open the cupboard finding his clothes but he can’t..
Just then twinkle entered in the room
And she looked at Kunj and see kunj throw all clothes on the floor .
T: Kunj what is this . This is the way takes the clothes
K: don’t teach me .
T: oh really I m not your servant who always doing ur works .
Kunj went close to her and twist his hand
Don’t dare to talk to me like in this way
T: Kunj leave my hand it’s paining
K: really?

T: ahha kunj plz
Kunj again twist his hand more tightly
Twinkle cried in pain
He throws her on bed and took his clothes went to washroom .
Twinkle got up rubbing her hands
)Note; twinkle didn’t know about dinner plan because she did not seen yuvi mess yet )
Kunj getting ready but he was not finding his watch ⌚️ he called twinkle
T: what now kuch aur bhi baki hai kya ??
K: where is my watch and give me
Twinkle went to wardrobe and takes out
The watch and give to him he took rudely
And think why is she was not getting ready till now and asked her why r u not really.
T: for what
K: tumhe yuvi ne nhi bataya hum dinner par ja rhe hai
T: nhi
and check her phone ? and read yuvi mess
T: yuvi ne mess to kiya hai mene check. Nhi kiya.
K: now go get ready fast
T: I m not going U go
K: I am not asking u
It’s my Oder get ready don’t make me angry ? twinkle.he left down
She cried and get ready. She was wearing back less saree looking stunning as always.
And she went down kunj got mesmerised seeing by her beauty .
Twinkle goes to Usha and asked her for permission going out for a dinner .usha gave permission to twinkle.
Thanks mummy ji and she left went to kunj who was waiting for her .
K: come sit fast
Twinkle sit in the back sit in car ?
K: why r u sitting on back sit?? I m not ur diver
T: I know that u r not my diver. If I sit with u in front sit what people think about u
K: what do u mean and what they think
U r my wife that’s sit .
T: ohh finally u remember I m ur wife Mr kunj sarna.. life me toh tum ne mujhy kabhi wife ke place nhi di she sits beside him
And they left .kunj drive the car while twinkle is just crying ? and think
Babaji aap ne mere Saath aesha kyu kiya
Kunj mere saath aeshe kyu karta hai …
Just then alisha call comes on Kunj phone ? ( note kunj phone was connected to the car’s Bluetooth and phone was on speaker ? ) he pickup the call
A: hi kunj
K:hi alisha bolo kuch kam ta kya .kunj looked at on twinkle face .she turned his face and looked out the window
A: nhi bas aeshe hi kar liya r u busy kunj
K: hmm I will talk to u later okk alisha bye
A: okk bye ….
JW morriott hotel
They went in the hotel where yuhi was all ready there.
Y/M : offo aap logo ne kitna time laga diya
T: sorry ?
M: I m just joking di plz don’t be sorry ?
They both sat on their chair and they oder their dinner ? yuhi was enjoying the moments. Kunj was busy in his phone ?
And twinkle was just sitting silently her eye was all red
Mahi look at on twinkle face and asked her
Di why is ur eye red so much and r u cried di
Twinj both look each other eyes ?
T: nhi mahi wo kuch eyes ke andar chala gay hai bas me balha kyu roughi and smiled
M: phar
Kunj changed the topic and asked them about their marriage preparation.
K: mahi how was ur shopping is going on
M: gud jiju
They all were talking to each other
Soon they left
During in way both are silent…
Soon They reach at home
Kunj was hell angry ?…
They went to the room suddenly
Kunj locked the door ? and grabbed her waist and cup his face
T: Kunj what r u doing leave plz
K: tum Sab ko kya batana chati ho mere bare me.
T: me kya bataugi and leave my hand
K: no I won’t
T: why r u doing this with me at least tell what I did with u
Tum hamesha mere saath aesha hi karte ho kyu …..
kunj grabs his hair tightly throw her on
The bed and take off his shirt and throw in corner
T: no Kunj … she gets up on the bed
And going to the washroom but (kunj is kunj) he again grabbing her and pin to the wall
T: chodo mujhy kunj…
K: kyu chodu me u r my wife I have right on u she was feeling disgusting at that moment.
T: just leave me kunj
Suddenly Kunj was Kissing on her lips wildly twinkle was try to stop him
He was holding his one hand and broke her bangels .
She jerked to him and twinkle lips was bleeding badly because he bites her lips wildly
Kunj took her in his arms and throw her on the bed comes top on her . Twinkle tried to get up .kunj comes allover on her
And kissing on her neck she resists him
No Kunj it’s totally wrong and crying loudly
He connected his lips with her &kissing her
After kissed he went down to and try put out off his saree skirt
T: nhi Kunj
Twinkel hair was all messy and his kajal smudged his face was all red because of crying . He was holding his both hands tightly
K: sorry wifey but I can’t .
he forces her to get to engage in a s*xual intercourse…
She was just screaming whole night ….

I hope u like it ????????
Ignore any grammatical error

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