Love ka hai intezaar Twinj ff episode 94 revelation episode

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Episode 94

The most awaited episode revelations time is come finally babes get ready?


Take tissues box anyone needed???????????????

Episode started from continued scene.

Maya and twinkle standing in middle. Twinkle was hell angry today maya cross her all limits.She has tears in her eyes. Sheetal holding her cheeks.Maya looking at twinkle with rage eyes. While others come there.They all looking at them get confused to see them what happened.

Maya: you twinkle. She shows her finger to twinkle.

Twinkle:don’t dare to do this. Interpreted by usha.

Usha: what happened??

Twinkle:(in rapidity voice)asked this to your great bahu mummy ji. What detestable she talk.You know what you are sordid women.

Maya:acha you were very good.

Twinkle:at least better than you.And you sheetal what you did today next time I’ll see na remember that will be your last day.

Maya:see mummy ji your daughter-in-law.

Twinkle: acha ??. Don’t you feel shame on yourself.

Maya: wait Aayat now I’ll tell her.

Twinkle:acha go ahead even I too want to see you what you’ll do.You take me granted you can’t digest the respect I give you.Till now I thought let it be jaane de twinkle you have problems with me but today you cross all limits. Remember this slap.And you were blackmailing me haa.

You didn’t see the power of mother. You didn’t take time to hate her but me each and every minutes seconds I counted for her.What did you say she is manner less Fine. She is not capable for you but jeshi Bhi hai mere liye Meri sab Kuch hai.You can hate her because you have choice I don’t have.neither I can’t choose her.aap ke pass rashta hai mere pass Nahi hai. Whatever she is mannerless hai buri hai. End of the day Mera aapna khoon hai.You can break your relation with her but I can’t. You can throw her but I can’t Maya Bhabhi get it.MAA word is easy it sounds good to listen but hard to justify this words. I give you my both kids give their all responsibilities to you never turned and asked you about them. Why??? Because you are their MAA.My husband never asked you anything how you treat them.

We both hand over our ansh to you. Twinkle wiped her tears and give smile to maya. Good Maya Bhabhi you did best. Acha shilla Diya mere pyaar aur ijazat ka aapne. And go and do whatever you want to do.. god never let you stay in peace. Yeh ek MAA ki baddua hai aapko.She said this and went to see her kids.She come outside while others didn’t understand what actually happened between them so suddenly why they were talking like this.

Tears escaping from twinkle eyes slowly. She come in garden and see Ansh and Aayat both playing with piya and Rahul.

Twinkle went near them.

Twinkle: Ansh and Aayat come with me. She said in plaintive voice. They both didn’t get up. Twinkle held their hands forcefully and take them with her inside the mansion.While Usha asked maya what happened between her and twinkle.

Maya: what you’ll do after knowing mummy ji after all she is your favourite son wife na. In brutal voice.

Usha: maya behave yourself don’t dare to forget that whom you talk.?. Just than twinkle entered there along with her both kids all look at her. Twinkle just walked out from there and went upstairs goes in her room.She entered room and lock the door with loud sound which listening till downstairs.Anjali and Usha sit in confusion. While maya and Sheetal went in side.Maya just remembered how twinkle slap her.

Sheetal: she didn’t do with us..

maya: hmm she totally forgot who I’m. Wait twinkle yeh tappad tum ko bhut bhari padega.Wait I’ll give answer back of this slap.She went in her room.

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<Twinj room&gt;

Twinkle sit in anger while Ansh and Aayat looking at her become sad to see her like this.

Aayat: (think) yeh Meri mamma is not good she always fought with twinkle Chachi in every small things she started yelling at her.Always taking her in wrong way. I’ll tell this to kunj Chachu..

Ansh: (in low voice)Aayat what happened to Mumma??

Aayat:nothing Ansh. Let’s make her normal.

Ansh: how??

Aayat:when Aayat is here nothing is impossible for her get it baby.

Ansh: yes Meri MAA..Aayat whispers something in his ears both give each other’s winning smile.Aayat push Ansh slightly.They both started fighting making loud noise twinkle see them.

Twinkle: you both can’t sit properly.Don’t

Do this now I’m not in my zone if I did something with you both don’t tell me anything.Ek woh tum hara baap aayega aur mere upar barshega.They again started fighting twinkle have to get up and went to them. Ansh and Aayat look at each other’s.

Aayat: see your son twinkle chachi.

Twinkle:bas karo mere baapo please. Twinkle sit on the floor.Tear falls from her eyes.Ansh and Aayat see this, and they both too sit on her both side laps. Both cupped her both side of cheeks.

Ansh / Aayat: mamma and chachi.Don’t cry please see we are sorry both hold their ears.They both wiped her tears.

Twinkle:why you do this all Aayat??

Aayat: what I did.. she started first. Twinkle see her cheeks which become red like anything. She caresses that part.

Twinkle:don’t do this all Aayat you know na just because of you I have to listen to others when will you understand this..

you know when anybody tell you something I didn’t like it.

Aayat: I didn’t understand one thing till now whenever i did something all complaining to you Aayat did this and that even my mamma too nobody tells to my mamma why you haa???

Twinkle:don’t know..they both rest Their heads on twinkle shoulders.Both smirked give smile to each other’s.Twinkle cuddles them let her tears flow because this written in her destiny.She can’t blame anyone for this because somewhere she too responsible for this.If she would tell kunj about maya words what she think about Aayat and show him that video this situation will not come maybe. Twinkle think.

Twinkle: waha babaji Don’t know from which pen you wrote my destiny in every step you keep storm for me.I was happy with Aayat to give them in my past life I bear that pain good she will not be but I’m idiot how I forget. Her life is more horrible than my she gives painful smile. I can fight with my all pain I bear pain being a wife but this pain I can’t bear babaji If you wanted to give me pain you can I’ll not say uff but spare my daughter.

Kunjjjjjj… ??????????.

While in maya room.She started throwing things here and there.

Maya:twinkle you b*t*h. Maya take her phone and called Anant tell him come home immediately. If he wanted to see her alive.Anant didn’t waste anytime he just leave for Sarna Mansion.After an hour he reached Sarna Mansion.He went inside. Giving voice to maya.Usha and Anjali get up to see him like this.

Anjali: Anant.

Anant: di where is maya??

Usha: in her room I wanna talk to you about your wife??

Anant: MAA please later. He just ran from here. He went in his room and find Maya sitting while holding her head. Sheetal and Niki sitting around her. He takes step towards her immediately.


maya see Anant and started crying like hell. Anant sit beside and look at her face and get confused.Maya lips bleeding.

Anant: what happened to maya.

Sheetal: woh Anant Bhaiya. She to act like crying.

Niki: this all done by your great brother wife Anant..

Anant: what??twinkle why?she did this.

Sheetal:Anant Bhaiya Twinkle come itself and started fighting with Maya Bhabhi without any reason.

Maya:Anant I was just telling her that Aayat behaving badly with everyone, but she yell at me.. and slap me and sheetal.

Anant: what??how dare.. Three of them telling rubbish and false story to Anant about twinkle.Anant fuming in anger: they three of them see this and smirked.

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After all meeting get over kunj and yuvi sit in cafeteria.Both Oder their coffees. Soon their coffees come both take it.Kunj looking in stress.

Yuvi: what bothering you now? Kunj calling to twinkle again and again, but she didn’t answer to his calls.

Kunj:see from past 30 minutes I was calling her, but she didn’t bother to answer me once.

Yuvi:maybe she is busy kunj.

Kunj:Arey Yuvi I don’t understand one thing she and Maya Bhabhi can’t stay peacefully.

Yuvi: you went home na so what she said to you.

Kunj: Maya Bhabhi want to disclosed aayat real parents truth in front of her that makes her afraid Yuvi.

Yuvi:what that’s not good kunj. How can she said this haa.

Kunj: Arey yaar pinni maami told her some story after listening this she started thinking over about Aayat always staying in fear. What’ll happen when she knows about this she’ll start hating her Yuvi.

Yuvi:uska dar bhi toh sahi hai Kunj.From many years she tell you that it would be good to leave Sarna Mansion but you didn’t understand this.

Kunj:Yuvi I know I understand her each words what you think about me that I didn’t know about my bhabhi I sometimes know she harsh with her.I just ignoring as you know Yuvi. I can leave my family stay anywhere she wants. But I just stop because of Aayat Yuvi.

Yuvi: means??

Kunj:I always thought and feel bad too I separate a baby from her mother that guilt always killing me.Twinkle didn’t stay in Sarna Mansion with Maya Bhabhi. I just wanted that at least Aayat in front of her eyes she can see her how she is.I already give her so big pain. She just saying in anger. But I know about her how she is. She can’t stay without Aayat for 1 hours Yuvi if she didn’t in front her.Twinkle become sad immediately after see her she gets relief.I know how she stay when Aayat went somewhere.Till than she didn’t come back Twinkle just like same. I’m ready for to leave my family.Can she stay without Aayat nope Yuvi. She thought I just stop because of my own reasons I make her realise this.

Yuvi: hmmm I understand kunj.But one day you have to took any step whole life Maya Bhabhi can’t hang up twinkle anytime whenever she wanted.

Kunj:yeah I’ll talk to Anant Bhaiya.Just than Kunj get call from Anant. He picks up the call And Anant tell kunj each and everything whatever others said about twinkle Kunj just freezes after listening this. Anant cut the call.

Yuvi:kunjj What happened.

Kunj:Yuvi I’m going.Kunj just ran from here

In whole ride he just thinking about Anant words.After he reached Sarna Mansion and went inside. While all family members sitting and having their dinner kunj see there his eyes were finding twinkle there.

But she wasn’t there.Kunj see Anant he was sitting with all and having dinner.

He went upstairs goes in his room directly.

Kunj open the room door.He entered inside the room and find lights were off.He on the lights and his eyes went on couch.He gets surprised to see twinkle and his both kids like this.Twinkle sitting on the floor and while her both kids sitting on her laps twinkle cuddling them tightly while they sleep There only itself. Kunj take step towards them.

He kneels down and sit in front of them. Kunj keep his hand on twinkle shoulders and shaking her.Twinkle open her eyes with jerk.She scared so much which written on her face.

Kunj:Twinkle it’s me relax.

Twinkle:kunjj.Tears were again started flowing from her eyes. Twinkle about to get up, but she stops realised her both kids in her arms.

Kunj:wait.He takes both of them from twinkle.Both blabbering in sleep.Twinkle get up stand kunj went to bed and place them on the bed carefully.He turned and look at twinkle.He takes step near her.

Twinkle were looking down.! Kunj breaks the silence.

Kunj: Twinkle.What happened?

Twinkle:kunjj I didn’t do purposely she poked me she started sobbing. Listen to me once.

Kunj:leave it.

Twinkle:Kunj today Maya Bhabhi cross all limits now I can’t take breath in this house anymore. Twinkle screamed on him.I told you number of times kunj take me from here.But you didn’t understand me. See what happened today.Kunj held her from her shoulders tightly.

Kunj:fine you want to leave this house good. Think once again twinkle did you live without her haa remember when you leave this house Aayat can’t stay with us anymore you’ll not see her face every day.

Ek din toh rahe nahi shakti hai iss ke bina. I’m ready to go with you anywhere.

Twinkle:I don’t know anything kunj. Just than Kunj got call from Anant. He takes the call immediately and Anant tell him to come in his room.

Kunj:let’s go.

Twinkle:where come. Kunj lifted Aayat and hold twinkle hand went in maya and Anant room.They both entered in room. Anant turned and see them tell them to come.

Maya: how dare you entered in my room.

Anant:maya please.You come kunj.While twinkle stand in corner.

Kunj:yes Anant Bhaiya you called me.

Anant:yeah kunj I told you about everything on phone.How can twinkle slap my wife Kunj.

Twinkle:itself I didn’t Anant Bhaiya first asked your wife. What rubbish she talked about my kids is it fine haa.

Maya:acha why you have problem when I scold her.

Twinkle:I don’t have.Anant Bhaiya she always blamed on me for everything Aayat did this and that.

Maya: shut up ? twinkle see kunj your wife.

Twinkle: you know what I didn’t feel bad to slap you deserved it this I should do before. She said this in anger and went from there.

Anant:see kunj what did twinkle said just.

Listen kunj twinkle making Aayat hate maya.She snatches Aayat from maya that’s not good.

Maya: yes kunj she always fills Aayat ears against me.She started her melodrama.Kunj didn’t say anything.

Kunj:okay but why you said her this you’ll tell Aayat everything after listening this maya and Anant face colour fades away.

I’ll see Anant take Aayat from kunj hands.

Maya:not kunj I didn’t say anything. Kunj just went from here and went back to in his room.

While twinkle standing in anger just that scene coming in front of her eyes when maya slap Aayat and her words echoing in her ears like anything.Twinkle throw the candle stand and screams in noooooo.

She covered her ears with her both hands.

Just than Kunj entered in her room. And see her like this.

Kunj:Twinkle stop ✋.

Twinkle:why did you come here haa.Kunj went near her cupped her cheeks.

Kunj:now what you wanted haa. What’s the need of slap her haa.

Twinkle: when you listen what they said about my kids you’ll do same more than me kunj. She gives Oder to Sheetal slap Aayat. If she wanted she can but kishi aur ko me maarne nahi dugi chahaye kuch bhi hojaye kunj.When anyone pointed their fingers on my kids I’ll not stop.

Kunj:good. Let’s go from here you

Wanted this only na haa. And stay away from Aayat that would be good for her us too. Because from where we both standing today single moved will worse for us only kishi ka kuch nahi jayega.

Twinkle: good kunj. Now you get ready great. And what did you say just now haa. I stay away from her why?? When you can’t stay without your mother jab ki tum itne bade ho meri toh beti itni choti hai. After become father you didn’t leave your parents. Itself you separate my daughter when she takes her first breath you didn’t think once about me haa.You all hurt me a lot. Kunj having tears in his eyes he knows whatever she said its hell truth. Today she finds her mannerless why?? They are the one who support her make her like this when I told them many times please don’t make her like this today you love her, but when she misbehaves with other’s but when will she started misbehave you both than don’t dare to blame me. See today they both blaming me about her whatever she did they put all blame on me why?? I m responsible for my son not for Aayat. When she misbehaves with twinkle that time what did they said twinkle Leave her she is small what happened today when it’s come on them now they doing this haa.

Kunj:Twinkle I’m helpless.. twinkle just wiped her tears and went towards bed and just lay down while Kunj too did same. Whole night went like this only they both just turning the side.Don’t know when twinkle sleep.

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Kunj wake up and sit there only he looks at Ansh and twinkle.Just than twinkle wake up with jerk. She screamed Aayat name loudly breathing heavily. Kunj get shocked to see her like this.Twinkle sit and sweating so badly. Tears coming from her eyes.

Kunj: Twinkle are you okay na..

twinkle:hmm.Twinkle wiped her face and ran in the washroom.She just washing her face with water hurry. She looks at her face in Mirror and seeing blood drops were falling on wall. She immediately turned and but didn’t find anything on the wall twinkle get scared now more why this unwanted things seeing her.She stands under shower let flow water on herself. She closed her eyes.While Kunj get ready in another washroom. He sits in side just than Ansh wake up sit on the bed only. Twinkle come out of the washroom losting in her thoughts.

Ansh: mamma please give me something I’m hell hungry I didn’t have anything last night.Twinkle didn’t give him any response

Kunj see this.

Kunj:ansh wait I’ll bring something for you.

Kunj went downstairs he went in kitchen didn’t find anything to have. Because nobody come to make breakfast till now. Kunj search something in refrigerator. He takes eggs and make French toast after so much struggles. Usha entered in kitchen and see kunj like this she had tears in her eyes.

Usha:(think) babaji I did my level best to connect them together. Don’t know what’ll happen next please don’t do anything like that I have to choose anyone between my both kids.I never see kunj and Anant with two eyes for me they both are equal. I know what kunj mean for me. But my heart can’t neglect Anant too. Please don’t make me selfish babaji. I can’t forgive my own self.

Usha: with fake smile. Kunj what you do here.

Kunj: nothing MAA just making breakfast for Ansh. French toast get ready he takes the plate and went in his room back. Twinkle still in dilemma.Kunj see her sit beside her call Ansh too.

Ansh: aww Papa French toast ??.

Kunj make him sit on his lap. Kunj make him feed he took another morsel went near twinkle lips.

Kunj:Twinkle please.She looks at him but didn’t say anything she open her mouth have it.Like this kunj feed them feeling good.After he make Ansh ready.

Later all sit for breakfast. Kunj downstairs.

While twinkle and Ansh didn’t come down.

Neither maya let Aayat go upstairs. Kunj about to going. Just than Usha give him voice.

Usha:kunjj wait come have your breakfast.

Kunj: no MAA I’m fine you have. He said this.Usha went to him take his both hands in hers. Usha look in his eyes.

Usha:you are my strong beta na. Kunj nodded his head in yes.I arranged dinner at our place so please come soon. When we all sit together na kunj other’s to become normal.

Kunj:hmm.He hugged Usha and left.

After breakfast all left for breakfast and Usha tell everyone come home early.

Kyu main jaagoon song in bg from patiala house please listen bg..

Kunj sitting in lonely place he just thinking about whom he trusts.One side Aayat other Anant. One side own blood second Anant they both same blood. Like this whole day went.Twinkle didn’t come down till now.

Kunj come back home he went in lobby.

Maya and Sheetal talking loudly. Kunj stop there.

Maya:uff Kunj didn’t believe on twinkle hhehe.

Sheetal: yes.

Maya: I told her I’ll break her.That Aayat nonsense girl make my life hell. Kunj was shocked after listen this all. He went from there and stand.

Kunj: what??how can she said this.I have to find everything what is actual story.Just than Kunj eyes went on cctv camera which little bit facing to hall as well.I’ll check this I’ll get something what happened yesterday.Kunj went and check all clips.He finds yesterday part. It’s not clear because cctv camera recoding who coming from outside.Kunj start the clip. He sees each and everything how maya tell sheetal hit Aayat and her all single dialogues what she said about kids. Kunj closed his fist after listening this he never thought about these his bhabhi will do something like this.Kunj shut the clip. Anger clearly visible in kunj eyes.

Kunj: it’s totally different story what Anant Bhaiya tell me. I’ll tell him everything.

Kunj went in hall.Till than Taneja’s and Luthra’s both come there.Kunj didn’t see anything he just went in Anant room.He stops at door because maya and Anant voice coming outside.

Maya and Anant talking about Aayat. Maya telling Anant don’t need to name the property on Aayat name. Kunj just give her for money.Even Anant tell her thanks to save her. Now kunj whole world break totally.He doesn’t know how to react now. Whom he believed most he think about him this it’s better to die before listen this.

Maya about to coming outside just he heard her footsteps he hides behind pillar.Maya come and went to everyone.Kunj knock the door and went inside Anant see him give him smile.

Anant:what happened kunj..

Kunj:nothing.They both argue with each other’s Kunj come from their room in anger. He come in hall everyone looking at Kunj who burning in anger.

Kunj:Twinkleeeeeeeee.All get up and get confused.Twinkle come down stairs. While Anant standing in anger.

Kunj and Anant both standing in middle against each other’s.

Kunj:waha Anant Bhaiya.He clapped. I never think about you chiii.Twinkle stand in side.How dare you Anant Bhaiya.I’m idiot person who trusting you like anything. Agar yeh hi karna ta Kyu ki Meri beti..

Manohar: what happened kunj.

Kunj:today no one will come between us.

Kunj look at twinkle face who sobbing in side. See her she always tell me that I’ll regret one day see this day come today. Maya come there and asked kunj what rubbish he were talking.You Maya Bhabhi don’t you feel shamed call my kids this ha.

You both have so cheap mentally chiii. Kunj look at sheetal.You Maya Bhabhi plotting against my wife along with her haa.Today you like her haa.What happened that time to her haa. When you asked her give baby to you people are you forget her words let I’ll remind you both haa. In loud voice. She was the same Sheetal who deny giving her baby to you both.Tell you both in return go and bring from orphanage. Did don’t have to give others.Still she had two kids at the same still. Kunj went near twinkle hold her hand bring her in middle.

Kunj:we are the one who give you both our baby.Didn’t think once.She put the storm on her heart and give you Maya Bhabhi her baby.Tears coming from everyone eyes.Arey you don’t know the meaning of parents.How a baby important for their parents.i killed my feeling.Whenever I see you both I feel so bad.aside the our feelings but give you both happiness.We didn’t give you both our one baby but both Handel over you both.Asked anyone importance of first baby.When any father baby comes in this world his first dream to hold his baby first but I wanted you live that happiness. When doctor bring Aayat you are the first Anant Bhaiya whom I told to take Aayat first in your hands.Me and my wife didn’t think about our emotions.I was so selfish didn’t think about twinkle.Even Ansh too come in your hands first. I thought so what kunj my brother don’t have his own babies so what if I can give him little happiness.I was wrong you didn’t know the values of our sacrifice.The first word of from baby to listen call his parents mamma and Papa.

My both kids call you both first MAA and Papa.That two words to listen from their mouth it’s so precious.But you make this words shamed. And what you both said I give my daughter you people just for money. Everyone shocked.

Kunj:listen MAA this your son talking about me this.If anyone gives their baby to others for money tell me their one name Anant Bhaiya even you too.I’ll give my daughter to you both just for this paper money that can damage anytime. But my baby can’t. Arey us ke apne baap ke pass itna pesha hai aap ke jeshe hajar kharid shakta hai. Agar bet ke bhi khaya na Meri wife and bache unki 7 generation ko kam nahi padega.He said this all in painful voice as well in anger too. Agar peshe ke liye baby deta hai. Lo I’ll give you my whole money give me your baby. You can’t understand this.

Because it’s easy for you both say this. Aap baap bane nahi ho na toh keshe samjoge. Phale bacha peda karo Phir baath Karna samje na. And we give you baby girl but not boy to devour Sarna empire.

Because everything will went on waris name. Haa. Listen carefully today. Agar anyone asked me to give my Aayat I’ll not give her but I can give my life for her.But I give her you both. Asked me it’s so tough for me and my wife to give her you both.

For whom we waited from 9 months. She isn’t important for you both but for me she is my everything I can see everything but to see tears in my kids eyes that can’t. You both make my Aayat crying so much.

And everyone wanna know who told Aayat this she wasn’t Maya Bhabhi blood but of twinkle.You are the one who told this to my daughter. You are so harsh towards my soul. Why??? What she had done with you both.

Anant:bas kunj. I’m right you give us baby girl insists of baby boy why?? Just for money.

Kunj: acha I didn’t come to you beg in front of you to take my daughter I asked you.You can take other baby. But you said you are happy with baby girl.Now you talk rubbish about my daughter.You compare my baby with money haa. Give importance to money but not her why???.

Today just for some money you forget everything you love your money more than Aayat.

Anant: acha yes I did. You always love like her daughter just wanted to show her that you love her more than me and maya.

Kunj:waha.I salute to you. I want to show her haa.I never did always hide my love for her emotions never me and my wife let come our emotions in front of Aayat.Just because of you both. Swear of my kids I always love Aayat to think like she is your daughter not mine.Anant Bhaiya ??. Me and my wife never said this she is our daughter in alone too.We both become her Chachu and chachi.I give you both respect more than my parents understand Maya Bhabhi as elder sister

always tell my wife treat you like MAA and Papa never disobey you both. Whatever you said I never dishonour you. always I respected your decision. Even teach this my ansh too love you both more than us. And you both said twinkle making Aayat away from you both. Arey she was the one who told make her understand your values never give her encourage her wrong things if she wants this why’ll she gives her to you both haa. My daughter is mannerless fine what about you both whatever she is everything is for me.

How happy and proudly she said this she is Aayat Anant Sarna. But truth is she isn’t Aayat Anant Sarna but she is Aayat Kunj Sarna l.

You both said right she isn’t your daughter but of my woh Kunj and twinkle ki beti hai in loud voice which echoing in whole mansion.aap ki nahi hai.My and twinkle blood running her nerves. You both wasted our 6 years sacrifice and pain flow in water. Play with my daughter feelings think she is tissue paper used and throw.

Anant: yes now I don’t want your daughter anymore i done with her.

Kunj:awesome.Give my daughter back to me. Now I don’t want to give her you both anymore that mother who push my daughter she can do anything for her profit. Go and twinkle bring Aayat. Twinkle did listen to kunj he again said her in loud voice.

Twinkle: no kunj please leave everything.

Kunj: no twinkle now everything is finished.They don’t wanted her she isn’t burden on me. After so much prayers and pain I get her. Twinkle went in their room and find Aayat sleeping while crying twinkle lifted Aayat come in hall back. She about falls Yuvi hold her on time and take Aayat from her place her on side couch.

Kunj: and you were blackmailing my wife you’ll tell Aayat everything haa. Now I’ll decrease your work. Twinkle eyes pop out in fear. Me batauga iss ko pointing on her ki yeh whom she thought her parents they aren’t her parents.Whom she called kunj Chachu and twinkle chachi they were her real parents. We are her mamma Papa not you get it. You scared twinkle because of this haa.I m proud of you Anant Bhaiya today my all proud break down. I didn’t know how to face myself. How I’ll look in my wife eyes what I’ll tell. I give her daughter you type of people who doesn’t love her daughter.I hand over you both her. Maya Bhabhi you wanna bring baby from orphanage don’t want Aayat. Now I give you permission go bring baby from anywhere. My daughter is-not road side that she is without parents till now her parents is alive who love her like everything.And my dear brother.You didn’t deserve call a father because you don’t know meaning of father same your wife too.You both think my daughter like toy play with her until you wanted after throw her haa.. kunj eyes went on doll he takes in his hands and show to Anant and maya.

See this doll Anant she doesn’t have feelings

This doll heart didn’t break.But my doll have feelings her heart to hurt because. This doll just for fun but my doll isn’t.

Mene toh aap ko apni jiti jaagti doll ti. Whose buy doll from markets even they too take care for her know the value of buying doll but you both didn’t understand value of my real doll.Kunj Throw doll on Anant face. Till now I just keep quiet for this house happiness I can give pain to my own family but you can’t all. Always think about you all Before my kids and wife still what I get in return just pain. Kunj grab Anant collar Usha get shocked.

Kunj:if you are not my brother I’ll not leave you surely. I’m not angry with you because I m their culprit not you. Kunj look at usha face she cry too. Just for my MAA I leave you both. I can’t forget what she had done for me you didn’t understand my pain but I can understand my MAA.She just wanted one thing her son never never fight ever never stand against each other’s but MAA itself Anant Bhaiya make this. And you Maya my kids is nājāyaja haa.Fine my is whatever you want.You don’t have this as well.

Today I understand why god didn’t give you baby because you don’t deserve baby. No deference between me and twinkle just happened whatever because of you.You always fill my ears against her. What did you think I don’t know about you. I just stop because of my brother I thought I don’t care how are you for me my brother is important but today this too break.I neglected my wife tears for her baby.Just see your tears make her godh Empty But fills yours hands. Kunj Showing them finger today I’ll open each and everything Aayat to get know about her real identity. Twinkle hold his hands.

Twinkle: no Kunj you’ll no say anything to her please I beg you.

Kunj: nahi twinkle. Please let me improve my mistakes.

Twinkle: I’ll Not let You tell anything.

Kunj: see Maya Bhabhi MAA yeh hoti hai. When her baby cry she started before her she never thinks to give pain to her baby but you give so much pain to my daughter even your family too.My biggest mistake to give you both Aayat. After see you both no one think about to give their baby anyone.At least put good example in front of her about adoption.Don’t cry twinkle. Bas no more you’ll cry. Yuvi feeling like kill Anant. Kunj wiped his face. Remember six years ago here only I give you my daughter Anant Bhaiya to you.Put her in yours hands now I wanted her back.

Today I snatch her all rights from you both. Now don’t dare to think go near her now she is nothing of yours now.She was born being our daughter remain like. My name connects behind hers not yours. She always thought and questions too why she look like me. Because I’m her father. Ansh is her real brother.Leela MAA and rt Papa is her nani nanu not Maya Bhabhi parents.Dev isn’t her maamu but naman is real.Twinkle is her mother not maya.She give her birth.Inside in twinkle womb she cradles.She is Part is me and twinkle.I don’t have any allegation with you.i was response for this all. Many times I see your behavior towards her but never said anything. Leave it baat kar ke kya fhahida. Kunj fold his both hands.Thanks ?. Kunj take Aayat in his arms everyone look at Kunj. Maya and Anant didn’t think kunj will do this.

Kunj:regretted today so much. Better later never than. Kunj hold twinkle hands went from there. Manohar and Usha looking at maya and Anant.

Usha: chii you both didn’t this with my kunj.

Episode freezes on twinkle and Kunj face Aayat in middle.

Precap: flash back get ready.


Finally I done with this episode the I thought from starting.You all want this only. Don’t worry that kunj ll leave them. After all he is kunj Sarna. ??..

how was the episode???

Hope you all like it.. maya and other face come in front of kunj and others..

Now in my sehri time I posting.????.You’ll find more painful scenes parents for their kids. ???.

Please leave any mistakes..???.

Hope I justify with episode and you all loved too.

Bye love you all twinsidminfan I posted episode for you all. See my raj???.

Hope I did well.. ???

Love you all.. bye allahafiz goodnight.

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  1. Sameera

    Amazing episode Kiya loveddddd it …it was hell Amazinggg …????????
    Finally finally after so much finally kunj got to know the real truth of his god n goddess Bhaiya Bhabhi really felt bad for him he considered them their everything but what they gave him in return chii chiiii ..
    Now I understood why kunj always neglected twinkle wish to stay away from that family because the didn’t want aayat to go away from her and he is also fulfilling his mother’s promise to not separate from hisr brother
    Loveddd his all emotions felt pain behind each word of him can imagine a father’s state at it ..
    Hah ???Maya was plotting with Sheetal who refused to give her baby chi …
    Really want Maya and Anant to cry in pain ..
    What Anant said he is done with aayat …
    Never ever let aayat go back to him even if he apologized to kunj ever …
    Wanna see them crying in pain just like the pain kunj and twinkle bare for past 6 years ..
    They wasted their whole sacrifice in a minute chii even after this Anant was telling why he didn’t gave them boy chi chi ..
    Felt really bad for twinkle ..
    Can’t wait for next post soon ???and which flashback ??? ..
    See you in DM love you ????

  2. SSK

    Kiya the post was so amazing and awesome and brilliant. Finally the truth is out and you have written it so well. Maya and anant deserve this and finally kunj came to know all their deeds. Maya is a fool she was planning with Sheetal, who herself use plan against Maya. Stupid Maya. Now they will understand ayaat’s value and they will cry. Kunj side was also justified. It’s amazing dear, jitna but bolu Kam hai??. Love u??

  3. i m soooo happy today
    u made my day api…loved it
    finally kunj came to know about the real face of his so called bhai and bhabi…
    kunj’s outburst waa awesome..whatever he says to anant and maya was so true..they din’t deserves to be called as parents thats way god didn’t give them their own child as they don’t deserve it….
    u know my own mamu give his son to his sister when he born as she can’t be a mother…and my aunt and her husbnd love him alot he is their lifeline they both can’t love without himeven that child also came to know about his real parents but he stil love my aunt and her husband like before he is now 16 and after knowing about his real parents he didn’t leave them tganks to Allah bcz they both ae not like that maya and anant…
    eaerly waiting for tge next part can’t wait to know what will kunj do with maya anant and sheetal…plz post soon
    and sorry for my own story if u don’t life
    plz post soon…once again sorry
    bye take care
    Allah Hafiz

  4. i m soooo happy today
    u made my day api…loved it
    finally kunj came to know about the real face of his so called bhai and bhabi…
    kunj’s outburst waa awesome..whatever he says to anant and maya was so true..they din’t deserves to be called as parents thats way god didn’t give them their own child as they don’t deserve it….
    u know my own mamu give his son to his sister when he born as she can’t be a mother…and my aunt and her husbnd love him alot he is their lifeline they both can’t love without himeven that child also came to know about his real parents but he stil love my aunt and her husband like before he is now 16 and after knowing about his real parents he didn’t leave them tganks to Allah bcz they both ae not like that maya and anant…
    eaerly waiting for tge next part can’t wait to know what will kunj do with maya anant and sheetal…plz post soon
    and sorry for my own story if u don’t life
    plz post soon…once again sorry
    bye take care
    Allah Hafiz.

  5. Waah waah kya likha hai yaar tooo good . Awesome . Amazing . Actually no words to define . But next wala jaldi post kardena . Intazaar nai hoga hehe

  6. Shalu Choudhary

    Amazing episode dear finally kunj know whole truth but plz dont give aayat to that blo*dy anant and maya z they dont know the vue of parenthood and plz post soon

  7. Awesome can’t wait update soon…….

  8. Anusha

    Awesome amazing episode dear
    loved it lot
    It was emotional cried lot while reading
    Kunj’s painful dialogue were awesome had meaning of being hurt and betrayal
    Ananth maya chi chi very bad people cheap mentality for money kunj gave them baby anath thinks blo*dy kunj said him right he dont deserve to be called as father kunj did right by taking all rights of aayath from him they dont deserve hat pure soul now they get value of her this maya believes that sheetal huh she got trapped n her plan she didnt got in good happened ith her ger true colour xame infront of all amazing epi dear
    very well written nted to read more
    pot woon dear cant wait
    love u

  9. Twinjsidminfan

    Hey Kya the episode was sooo amazing and emotional ??
    I was crying while reading thinking about twinkle and kunj state…. kunj must be dieing of guilt ???
    Now it’s such a big phase of aayat’s life don’t know how will she react ?????
    It’s all of these cheapos non deserving Maya and anant……. please add a plot where each and every family member slaps anant and maya ??? an also bring out the truth of how aayat fell from the stairs in the marriage and PlZzzz make Maya get double slaps for it ???? aur haan do teen extra thapad hum fans ke taraf se bhi de dena PlZzzz aur extra punishment bhi after all usne hamare babies ko it na dard diya hai ??
    i just hope aayat will be able to take up such a big news ??
    U r an amazing writer… I’m in awe of ur wrting and imagination ???
    plzzzzzzzzzzzz post sooner now I already cant wait plzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Maybe tomorrow itself PlZzzz I i know I’m being very selfish plzzzzzzzzzzz ??????????????????????????
    Luv u sooo much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Byeeeee ?????

  10. Omg kiya kyaaaaaaa phadu likha hai yaar itne awsm episode that I can’t tell u ancd tge part from where kunj started till where he need waa superb fantabulous magical and what not the paun through which kunj and twinkle were suffering was out today and maya and anat Ko sharam toh bilkul bhi nahi hai besharam behaya bachaln blo*dy fool log aa jaye hain kahain se and how could anant even say this from past 6 years they were just acting in front of them how can they do this and this maya hamesha sheetal sheetal karti rehti hai par sheetal ne bhi usse aapna bach nahi diya kunj s angr is my fav and hi confrontation was outstanding when ever u write intense scene kiya each one of us reading it can’t hold on our tears seriously telling u that it was brilliant and I don’t have any words left for a gem of a writer like u kunj finally took a great step and this time he didn’t scold twinkle as he knew it was his family s fault and not his wife s it ws more than expected reaction and I loved it kiya plss next wala jaldi post karna kiya as i want to see anant and maya ka reaction and I really want everyone to know maya and sheetal reality so that they should get more exploited when kunj got plss jaldi post katma love u take care

  11. Awesome epi…..loved it a lottt….

  12. Wow what an epi ….dear
    Awesome u rocked it…..
    Plss post soon

  13. Really yaarr .. It was an amazing update !!
    Kunj’s outburst on Anant and Maya was amazing .. Felt really bad for him.
    Greatly written dear

  14. it was amazing..mindblowing….
    aaj toh sch me rona hi aa gya bechare twinj …apne bche ka dukh sirf apne maa baap hi smjh skte h woh khte h na kisi ke kitna hi kr lo or apne maa. baap hi tumhare liye acha soch skte h or koi nahi…
    anant ki soch bhi itni ghatiya ho jayegi …believe ni hota …aaj toh sch me limit cross kr di sheetal or Maya ne …acha hua twinkle ne thappad lgaye dono ke …
    aaj finally kunj bola …Or aisa bola ki sub sunte rhe or woh bolta rha …..
    ab toh chahe anant or Maya twinj ke pairo me bhi kyn na pd jaye aayat ko wapis ni dena unko ….blo*dy rascals ….koi kese apni family ke logo ko aise words bol skta h Maya is b*t*h kamini …khud toh maa ban ni payi or jb kisi ne usko maa bnne ki khushi di bhi toh use bhi nazayaz bol diya…Or tune sahi Kha kunj itni easily ni chodega inko afterall in logo uske bcho pe finger point kiya h …
    bechare twinj feeling very bad for them.
    luved it so much ….can’t wait to read next part….luv u so much….
    thanks for posting..

  15. it was an amazing mindblowing episode …
    luved it from bottom of my heart ..
    kunj outburst was really superb….finally kunj ko apne pyare bhaiya ji or bhabhi ji ki asliyat ka pta chl gya ….woh Kya sochte h twinj ke bcho ke bare mein …twinj ke bare…..
    really yr anant ko zra bhi sharam ni aayi apne bhai or uske bcho ke bare me he bolte hue ….limit hi cross kr di aaj toh…blo*dy Maya or sheetal kamini h to no. ok..acha hua twinkle ne unko thappad mare or pdne chaiye…..woh log aayat ko deserve hi ni krte…aayat ko ab twinj ke pass hi rhna chaiye .chahe pairo me gir jaye but twinj ko ab maaf ni krna chaiye aayat ko Maya ko ….kunj ne aaj sbki bolti bnd kr di …great.
    luved it so much …
    luv u so so so much…thanks for posting kiya .

  16. Firstly a big sorry for commenting late
    Coming to episode
    It was fantastic
    Maya sheetal and Niki???
    Poor twinkle and aayat…??
    Finally everything revealed before kunj
    I really want to see both anant and Maya cry in pain
    Hopefully aayat understands twinj and accepts them immediately
    Super excited for next
    Post soon dear
    Love u loads❤❤❤
    Stay blessed???

  17. Aamna_2690

    OMG ??
    What a rocking and shocking episode shaheen ??
    It was superb , fantastic and what not ??
    I have no words to explain how beautifully you moulded twinj’s emotion ??
    Through out the story we have witnessed twinkle’s pain as a mother but today you truly justified a father’s pain of giving away his child to those whom he considered his everything ??
    Kunj’s outburst , his each word was full of pain and emotions ??
    Every word touched the chords of my heart ❤❤
    The way you specially moulded kunj’s emotions , outburst and feeling’s is truly commendable ??
    Everything was perfectly portrayed ??
    I am seriously hating Anant more than Maya this moment ?? throughout the story I thought that no at least anant love Aayat unconditionally but no he is worst than Maya ??
    How could he even say this ??
    I wanna kill them both ??
    Aggh they deserve worst ?? Kunj was correct that they can never understand pain of being mother and father cause they never experienced parenthood ??
    How would they know the pain twinj had endured to get their both children , in true senses you portrayed kunj’s side ?? he killed his feeling’s and emotions for the sake of his brothers happiness and this is what he got in return ?? I seriously want Aayat to hate Maya and Anant to the extent where she don’t even wanna see their face ?? they deserve to experience the worst pain after losing Aayat ??
    And there is no way for forgiving them ??
    Chii they both are so narrow minded that they would say this ?? How can they claim that kunj give his daughter to them for the sake of money ?? I felt so bad for twinj ??
    Please I request that don’t give more pain to twinj when Aayat comes to know about the truth ??
    Hope she understands them and except them cause already Aayat and twinj had suffered a lot ??
    The best part was that kunj took all the rights from Anant and Maya ??
    And this sheetal ?? isko aur Maya ko pankhe se ulta latka kar chittar parne chahiye ?? aur ab iss mein anant bhi shamil hai ???
    Finally the reason is out why kunj don’t wanna get separate from his family and i felt he did good by doing this else don’t know what poor that poor soul (Aayat) would have to bare in their absence ??
    Post soonest Kiya ??
    I am waiting for next episode ???
    Please a request post this earlier than ??
    Bas buhat hui meri bakbak ??
    Buhat lamba comment hogaya ??
    Love you ???❤?❤????????

  18. Emotional…..epi…….can’t get over it…..
    I wish everything ends well

  19. Kiyaaaaaaaa babyhhhhh
    I’m soeechless
    Aaj kunj ne tho matlab
    Seriously it was the best ever episode
    Finally ayat will get her rightful happiness.
    Dekh meri face se yeh smile ja hi nahi hai.
    I’m so happy for that innocent little soul and also for Twinkle.
    After what felt like eternity she is getting her baby
    Her little bundle of happiness
    And Kunj uska life.
    Now his little family
    Amazing awesome super

  20. Yrrrr kya bolu aaj me mtlb bolti band h meri to
    aaj yrrr sach me mindblowing grt episode tha
    Ab aayat sahi haato me jayegi yrrr aaj kunj ne sabki bolti band kr di aaj sirf usne bola aur sabne suna aur jo bola na awesome bola yrrr mtlab uske dialoge ne to maar dala

    Aur itna emotional ho gyi hu me aaj iss episode ko read krke ki bta nhi sakti hu me to
    Ab mere ko aayat ka reaction dekhna h sach jaane ke baad
    Plzzzzzzzz post soon dear plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Luvvvvv u sweetheart
    Aaj meri teri aur badi wali fan ho gyi hu ????

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