Love ka hai intezaar Twinj ff episode 91

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Episode 91..::


Episode continued from… maya holding twinkle hand tightly and shouting at her.. while all others just looking at maya..

Tears just coming from twinkle eyes…

Twinkle: bhabhi what you say Just think.. ??????..

Maya: stop twinkle..

twinkle was already become like a lifeless girl.. her hands and leg are just shaking only she knows how she stand.maya jerking her..

Maya: what happened to you..

Usha: maya… just than Kunj come there and see this.. Whatever’s comes in maya mouth she just telling to twinkle. Her each words hitting on her heart like fire. Twinkle duppta falling down slightly her hairs just mess up..

Twinkle: Nahi bhabhi..twinkle falls down on her knees.. Kunj ran towards twinkle.. he didn’t listen maya words.. he is little bit far from here..

Kunj: twinkle..

she was sobbing so badly.her whole neck bones too seeing outside..

Twinkle: i didn’t do anything..??.. Everyone has tears in their eyes.Maya just looking at twinkle with anger eyes even she too crying..

Maya: shut up twinkle just because of you my Aayat she is in this condition.. she point her hands towards icu room door.tears escaping from her eyes.. her words choking.. Kunj look at maya what she said.. while twinkle almost lost herself her hand resting on the floor tears falling down on the floor..

Kunj: bhabhiiiii.. what are you saying.. no

One will blame my wife for any reason..

Kunj look at twinkle.. he bends down and sit on his knees and hold twinkle shoulders.. twinkle loose her body totally.. Kunj make her stand while she can’t stand on her feet’s.. properly her body didn’t support her to make stand on her feet’s..

Kunj: Twinkle get up.. Kunj hold her from her shoulders tightly make her stand still holding.. twinkle eyes just stuck down..

Twinkle just blabbering I didn’t do anything bhabhi..

twinkle: mene kuch nahi kiya..

Kunj: Twinkle stop.. let’s go.. Kunj look at maya who crying in side.. Kunj take Twinkle with him in other side no one is there.. Kunj didn’t tell anything to maya just because he don’t want any scene happened here it’s not the time.. its tough time for both parents.. Kunj take Twinkle near couch.. and they both sit.. Kunj cupped her face twinkle still looking down.. Tears escaping from twinkle eyes..

Kunj: look at me twinkle… she didn’t listen to him. Slightly sobbing.. Kunj make her look at him he held her chin.. twinkle look at in kunj eyes.. Kunj can see the pain for her daughter in her eyes.. stop twinkle you promise me that you wound not cry now see you breaking your promise..

Twinkle: kunjjjjj in painfully voice.. I was the reason behind this all really… ??..

Kunj: noooo Twinkle who told you this.. don’t listen Maya Bhabhi.. Whatever she tell it’s just rubbish… I know she is in pain, but she can’t say this.. we all know na.. Don’t explain yourself.., first look at yourself twinkle what you made yourself.

See I give her blood now she become fine twinkle don’t worried okay..

Twinkle:keshe I’ll not worry kunj.. my body didn’t support me.. Kunj can understand her emotions.. which pain she caring.. twinkle hugged kunj tightly.. she cried loudly… Kunj if something happened to her how I’ll live..

Kunj give her tightly and warm hug back.. he too had tears but didn’t let falls down.,

Kunj: Twinkle don’t say have to be strong.. hum nahi rohyege..’ twinkle agar we show our emotions for her you know what they all thinking they didn’t understand your pain instead takes in wrong way.. I told you to not come here because they blamed you.. just for you I come here.. they break the hug both looking at each other face.. Kunj wiped twinkle tears..

Twinkle: Kunj what I’ll do.. I know you are right but Bhabhi..????..

Kunj: she is in pain too leave her twinkle..

Twinkle: I can understand kunj even she to love her.. just than icu room lights went off.. doctor come out along with nurse.twinkle and Kunj too went towards them..Doctor come towards all. Anant and maya looking at docter with hope..

Maya: Doctor how’s my daughter..Doctor looking down with sad face.. twinkle and Kunj get worried..

Kunj: what happened docter..

Doctor: it’s really hard for you all.. Operation is successful but..

Anant: but what?????

Doctor:can’t say anything now she is in danger.. we give her treatment but her body totally freezed.

Twinkle: why means???

Doctor: even I too don’t understand.. she is in under stress.. can’t say anything till she didn’t wake up.. if she didn’t wake up

Than she went in coma.. doctor words breaks kunj and twinkle as well Anant and maya too..

Maya: co…ma…..??..

Doctor: one more thing many injuries’ comes on her head, so we have to do her another operation that this operation nothing is not in ours hands so you have to sign the operation have to take decisions later don’t blamed us.. nurse give paper to Yuvi.. her parents think and tell us.they both left the place..

Maya: Aayat….. ????.. Anant.

Twinkle about to falls down.. Kunj held her on time..

Kunj: Twinkleeeeeeeee…

Twinkle: kunjjj Aayat…..????.. all get shocked to see twinkle condition. Both maya and twinkle become mad.

Usha: maya please handle yourself..

maya:’mummy ji I don’t have no one apart from her.Twinkle become silent..

Anant hold his head and stand in corner while Kunj don’t know what to do. Everyone just crying.twinkle went in corner she put stone on her heart.. nurse come

Nurse:please sign the papers who is her parents.Anant and Kunj looking at each other’s both just don’t know what to do on this hard time.Please do it fast.. I’ll come in few minutes back..

Yuvi:please do it fast na what you all thinking.Anant take the papers from Yuvi hands.he went in side.While Leela and Mahi went near twinkle.

Leela:Twinkle Puttar.she didn’t say anything.She got scared to see her stage she cuddles her tightly.. Meri bachii??.

Kunj went near icu room see Aayat through door small window.. she is laying down on the bed oxygen mask on her face. Many painful machines connected to her. She take breath with a lot of difficulties.

Tears coming out from kunj eyes. To see his lifeline in this condition only he knows what going on to him.

Yeh hosla kaise juke yeh aarzoo kaise ruke – 2

Manjil mushkil to kya bundla sahil to kya

Tanha ye dil to kya ho….

Raah pe kante bikhre agar

Uspe to phir bhi chalna hi hai

Saam chupale suraj magar

Raat ko ek din dhalana he hai

Root ye tal jayegi himat rang layegi

Subha phir aayegi ho….

Yeh hosla kaise juke yeh aarzoo kaise ruke – 2

Hogi hame to rehmat ada dhoop kategi saaye tale

Apni khuda se hai ye dua manjil lagale humko gale

Zurrat so baar rahe uncha ikraar rahe

Zinda har pyar rahe ho….

Yeh hosla kaise juke yeh aarzoo kaise ruke – 2

Kunj: (in heart.. ) what happened in just few minutes I never thought this will happen to you Aayat.. after seeing, you like this my whole world breaks down just for twinkle I make myself strong. Aayat smiling face coming in front of kunj eyes. Aayat thik hojaa teri MAA marjaygi Tere Bina. She can bear your separation but this wouldn’t Aayat.Please get fine for her. Kunj wiped his tears before anyone saw.Anant called kunj while Kunj went to him.Maya just crying loudly all others consoling her. Twinkle just in dilemma.

Kunj:yes Anant Bhaiya with lot of difficulty.

Anant:Kunj this papers. He look at Kunj with question eyes.

Kunj: haa so.

Anant: what you think about this..??

Kunj: what why I’ll think it.. it’s your decision what you wanted do it..

Anant:I know kunj but still I can’t take so big decision without you.You have right to give your opinion too.

Kunj: Anant Bhaiya why you tell this.. you will do everything good for her only.

Anant: I know kunj still. I can’t take any blame on myself. Anant this words shocked Kunj. He gulps his anger as well pain too.

Kunj:you can do I’ll with you.

Anant: you can ask twinkle once what she wanted.

Kunj: why so suddenly Anant Bhaiya you were talking so wired haa. In low voice.

Anant: Kunj please understand to me..

Kunj: first you asked Maya Bhabhi.Anant went near maya and call him in side.

Anant: maya what you think about these consent papers

Maya: what do you mean??

Anant:I can’t say anything.Kunj look at Anant with drastic look, but he didn’t say anything.

Maya:anything can happen Anant. No baba I can’t.. I can’t become reason.

Anant: we have to maya anyhow.. Kunj you tell na. Please..

Kunj:it’s very strange you both scared with blamed good.. Give me the papers.

Anant: Kunj you take me wrong Bhai.

Maya: yes kunj. You know what she meant to us..

Kunj: hmm I can..

Anant: you tell twinkle.

Maya: why twinkle.. she is our daughter. Just because of her..

Kunj: bhabhi please… Anant gestured to maya shut up..

Anant:I’m sorry kunj whatever she said in tension bas..

Kunj: hmmm. Kunj take the papers.Went towards twinkle. Leela and Mahi around her. Kunj take the water glass for her.

Kunj went near twinkle..

Kunj: Twinkleeeee.yeh papers.Twinkle didn’t say anything.Twinkle yaaar kuch toh bol.Kunj get up and went back to Anant.Anant Bhaiya I don’t know anything you can do whatever you wanted. Nurse comes.

Nurse: did you sign the papers or it..Anant sign the papers give to nurse. Twinkle seeing this but didn’t say anything.Later they started her operation.

All sitting just waiting for the doctor.

Nurse: you all can’t say here.Only her parents can stay with patients. Hospital didn’t allow so..

Sheetal: who will stay here twinkle or maya..

maya: I’ll not go anywhere she is my daughter.

Anant: maya..?. Kunj look at twinkle with helpless look..

Manohar: we all should leave.Anant and maya is here.. all started moving.

Kunj don’t know how he asked to twinkle go. Itself he feel disgusting on himself..

After so much guts he takes step towards her.

Kunj: Twinkle lets go.. he holds her hands.. twinkle didn’t move slightly. Twinkleeeee.

She looked at him.. chal na..

Twinkle: I’ll not go anywhere..

Kunj: don’t do this twinkle.. in low voice enough to listen her.. twinkle jerk Kunj hands.

Twinkle: Meri Aayat….???.She stand in front of operation theater. Maya looking at twinkle with anger like she will kill. Maya went near her..

Maya: why you will stay here haa from what right.. Didn’t you listen they allowed patients parents not others.Twinkle looking at maya face..

Twinkle: me…

Maya: listen twinkle one thing if something happened to her I’ll not leave you.. now you are happy always behind her..

Twinkle:I’m happy really.. She is nothing my. ??

Maya: yes.. get lost from here. No need to come near my daughter.. Sheetal And niki enjoying..

Twinkle: bhabhi I know you are in pain but can’t say this.. kunj and Anant went to them before their conversation get turned into in fight.. it’s not the time..

Kunj: Twinkle lets go..

Twinkle: I’ll not go..

Maya: if you not go than I’ll..

Twinkle: no need of this.Kunj hold her hands take her with him.All sits in their cars. Raining is going on badly.Rt told them to go their bungalow it’s near to hospital.They all left soon they reached and went inside.Yuvi place Ansh on the couch. Everyone sits down. Twinkle look at Kunj.. with anger eyes.she went near him.

Twinkle: what happened to you now kunj. Why you take me here.,

Kunj: it’s good Twinkle what you will do there nothing don’t you heard what Maya Bhabhi say..

Twinkle: so what today you cared about her words but I don’t care at all.. what did you do she just blaming me I’m happy to see aayat like this really..

Kunj: forget about that twinkle she didn’t mean it.. I come to you asked about consent papers.

Twinkle:really kunj you come to me asked me about this you always take decisions without me today how can you need me..

you take my daughter life decision. Twinkle grabbed Kunj collar.. if something happened to her Kunj I’ll not leave swear of my kids. Today she fights for her life.

Kunj: trust me twinkle nothing will happen to her.

Twinkle: I don’t want anything kunj.. you do one thing I wanted my daughter back.. laake do mujhe Meri beti… she screamed.

Leela crying to see her daughter like this.


Twinkle:I don’t want to listen anything.what is my fault in this all Kunj. You don’t know what going on me.. the fear of losing her it’s breaks me down like anything.

Usha: Twinkle Puttar sambal apne aap ko.

Twinkle look at usha with painful eyes..

Twinkle: keshe mummy ji it’s easy for you to say but for me very hard you were not in my place. If on my Aayat place any of your kids is there really you keep quiet.

No you can’t I’m the one who bearing this all alone nobody thinks about me. When my own husband didn’t care about me why I expect from others. How easily he takes me here didn’t think once about me. Who is laying there who is my. Everyone just listing to twinkle they knows she is right absolutely.

Kunj: Twinkle clam down please..

Twinkle:I can’t get my daughter back kunj.

She behaves like mad person.. Aayattt her voice echoed in whole mansion.

I can’t leave her like this she needs me.

Twinkle take step towards main door. Kunj held her hand..

Kunj: Twinkle stop yaar where are you going.

Twinkle: leave me kunj.. I can’t stay here.

Kunj: you can’t go. First see your self twinkle what you made.. I don’t know what will happen to Aayat but sure something will happen to you.. that I can’t afford. Think about Ansh twinkle.

Twinkle: keshe baap ho kunj.. you can’t do anything for your kid.. mujhe Meri bachi chahiye..

Kunj: kaha se laau me.. tu aeshe Mat kar. He to having tears after seeing twinkle like this.

Twinkle: you are happy kunj.. you don’t care about my kids whether they alive or not. Twinkle push Kunj and sit down.She covered her face with her hands. She started hitting herself with her hands..

Rt: Twinkleeeeeee.. rt went near her and cuddled her tightly nahi Meri bachi..

Twinkle: Papa Meri Aayat.??.. she didn’t take breath properly.. ansh wake up and get confused to see twinkle like this.

She went near twinkle..

Ansh: mamma.. twinkle jerk Ansh hand without realising. Anjali Went take Ansh with her.

Kunj: Twinkle yaar get up..

Twinkle: don’t dare to come near me kunj.

Kunj: what I did yaar..

twinkle: today I’m here just because of you. Twinkle get up..

Kunj: Twinkle I can understand your pain.

Twinkle: you can’t kunj.. woh mar jaygi than you will be happy.

Kunj: why I’ll be happy twinkle joh woh teri hai Meri bhi toh hai..

twinkle: nahi hai woh Meri kuch.. Kunj cupped her face.

Kunj: don’t twinkle. You don’t know what going on me to see you like this. I’ll do whatever you say.

Twinkle: acha laao Meri beti..

Kunj: I’m helpless twinkle.

Twinkle: I don’t want anything just let me see her once kunj.. nahi toh me maar jaaugi.. her lungs too breaking.. Kunj immediately hugged her..

Kunj: Mat kar sambal aapne aap ko.. twinkle cry badly in kunj Arms.. Kunj too started with her everyone got shocked to see them.

Usha: kunnnnjj???..

Twinkle: she needs me I didn’t listen her.

I’m very bad.. kunjjjjjj.. they both falls on their knees but didn’t break the hug..

twinkle just screaming loudly.. they break the hug.

Twinkle: kunjjj.. Aayat usko kuch ho gaya toh..

Kunj: don’t think this nothing will happen to her.

Twinkle: don’t know aag si lag rahi hai mere dil me Kunj. While saying this twinkle get unconscious in kunj Arms..

Kunj:Twinkleeeee.. Kunj patting on twinkle face.

Yuvi: kunj take her in room.. Kunj lifted her and take in room. He places her on the bed.

Kunj: Yuvi get water please.. Naman get water give to Kunj. Kunj sprinkles on twinkle face water.. her eyes were closed but she just blabbering Aayat.

Yuvi: kunj yaar.

Kunj: Yuvi yeh kya hogaya hai..

Leela: kunj puttar let her alone she needs sometime alone.

Usha: yes kunj let her cry as much she wanted it’s good for her.

Kunj: how can I maa. ??. Later doctor come examine twinkle tell everyone to rest her. All leave twinkle.. Kunj get Anant call that Aayat operation is successful. Kunj get happy. After sometime later. It’s almost early morning.Twinkle wake up with jerk.

Twinkle: Aayat. ??. She got up. And lock the room door. Everyone is in hall they heard sound of closing door. Twinkle started breaking things.. Kunj and all run to her.. Kunj banging on the door.

Kunj: Twinkle listen to me yaar see Aayat operation is successful.. please open the door.

Twinkle: Leave me alone kunj for sometime. Leela and Usha resting their hands on his both shoulder and gestures him let her. Kunj stop banding the door. And he went near window and see twinkle from window. Twinkle standing near wall like if she hugs the wall tightly tears coming from her eyes..every moment with Aayat coming in front of twinkle eyes how she comes in this world she holds her for the first and her every smile.

Usha: rohne de usko jee bhar ke kunj.

Twinkle: I break my promise I didn’t come. I really don’t know Aayat this happened to you. I’m bad. Kunj can’t see her like this, so he went from there and sit alone.

Twinkle sit down hugged herself tightly.

Twinkle started thinking about Aayat how she can fall down.

Twinkle:something happened to her. And in my emotions I said so much to kunj.

Maybe this all maya plan she did this to me and kunj do something and put all blame on us. I can’t let happen this. Me and kunj bear so much pain.what Maya Bhabhi think she breaks me down she didn’t let me meet Aayat.I m very strong mother. Now I’ll do whatever she (wanted) than Kunj can see her real face. Twinkle wiped her tears..

Next side. Kunj sitting tears falling down. Yuvi see this he went near him.. and sit beside him too.

Yuvi: kunjj. Please you don’t do this who will Handel twinkle. Kunj look at Yuvi. Yuvi hug him tightly. Kunj cried loudly. His emotions and pain coming out.. Yuvi never expect from kunj this.. kunjjj. Pagal ho gaya hai kya tu..

Kunj: yuviiii Aayat.. if I lost her what I’ll do and twinkle she breaks down completely.

Twinkle thought I didn’t care about her kids. If I didn’t show my pain that doesn’t mean Yuvi I didn’t feel anything for them.

Aayat is my life Yuvi I can afford to lost anything, but she I can’t without her I can’t take breath i just make myself strong for twinkle. I don’t know anyone saw us like this telling anything. I just saving her. I know her pain. She is her daughter. Right now what storm breaks down on her but me bhi toh us ka baap hu.. I don’t know want her hard work wasted.. Twinkle standing in side and listing this all she can see pain in kunj voice.

Yuvi: I know kunj but what they did with her it’s not right..

Kunj: I know Yuvi but I’m helpless you know the reason behind. Why I’m silent.

Yuvi: hmm.

Kunj: I’ll talk to them but not now it’s not right time to talk. I’ll see them later this twinkle have to understand.I’m ashamed on myself when I take her. But what to do.

Yuvi: hmm you are right.

Kunj: she didn’t understand others want this only to humiliate her.

Yuvi: Leave this.Yuvi wiped Kunj tears. You are my strong bro na don’t cry and nothing will happen to pidhi.Arey if something happened to her who will buy makeup.. it’s not fair ?. This make Twinkle and Kunj smile cam laugh.

Twinkle went from there. She look for Ansh. Twinkle went in hall and asked Leela about Ansh. All get surprised to see twinkle.

Usha:Twinkle Puttar.

Twinkle:where is ansh??

Mahi: he sleeps di.

Twinkle: okay.Twinkle went upstairs goes in room and see Ansh sleeping peacefully. She lifted him and come downstairs. All look at twinkle what she try to do.

Kunj And Yuvi come there..

Manohar: where are you going twinkle.

Twinkle: I’m going Amritsar back.

Kunj: what why??

Twinkle:I don’t want to stay here anymore kunj.

Kunj: Twinkle yaar see Aayat is fine we will go to her after sometime.

Twinkle: I don’t want to go.And don’t care whatever happened to her.Twinkle words make everyone shocked. Kunj went near her.

Kunj: what do you mean.

Twinkle: simple I don’t care.If she alive or die- only twinkle knows how she said this she put the stone on her heart. If you want to stay here you can but I can’t after what Maya Bhabhi said.

Kunj: what nonsense is this. On this painful Time you behave like kids.

Twinkle:please let me go. Try to understand me.

Kunj: in slow voice. Mat kar.It’s just give you more pain.

Twinkle: it would be good kunj if I leave from here I understand you now.

Kunj: I can’t leave you alone.

Twinkle: I’m not alone kunj.

Kunj: okay fine we both will go.

Twinkle:Nahi kunj you stay here at least.

Babaji show us right path. Aayat needs you kunj.

Kunj: even you too twinkle.

Twinkle: leave this kunj when you are she didn’t need me.

Kunj: at least wait for sometime to meet with her.

Twinkle:I don’t have strength to see her like this kunj. After so many difficulties I

Make myself strong.

Kunj:Twinkle isn’t right way..what I’ll say to her when she asked about you.

Twinkle: bol dena I’m not her mother.

Kunj:are you mad twinkle.Okay you want to go and than go.Yuvi and Mahi will to go with you.

Kunj: Yuvi please you to go with twinkle.

Yuvi: yeah sure. After sometime twinkle and alone with Mahi and yuvi they left for Amritsar.

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Anant and maya sitting beside Aayat who still unconscious. Maya just seeing her face.

Maya: just because of me she falls down if she told this to anyone specially Kunj. O god save me.

Anant: what happened to you maya.

Maya: nothing.Later in morning.Doctor comes to check Aayat.She still not wake up this is not good sign.After sometimes later all family members went hospital. And they all just see Aayat.Maya didn’t find twinkle she asked about her to Sheetal she told her whole story this make maya angry. Kunj went to pay all hospital bills. Like this two days went past quickly.Riya went from there to her in laws house Taneja and luthra family come back to Amritsar.As well Sarna too.Twinkle didn’t talk to anyone she always in her room just thinking about Aayat.Only kunj and maya or Anant stay there.

Twinkle sitting in her room holding Aayat photo. And crying. Just than she got call from kunj. Twinkle received his call with so many difficulties.

Twinkle: hello.. Kunj can see pain in her voice.

Kunj: Twinkle.. how’s you..

twinkle: good what about you..

Kunj: hmm same Kunj knows she lies to him. Twinkleeeee..

Twinkle: haa kunj..

Kunj:Twinkle Aayat is not fine.. why you went at least come here twinkle see her once. After all teri beti hai woh..

Twinkle: Pata Nahi. ??.You promised me you will take her to me.

Kunj: hmmm.I leave everything on god twinkle.

Twinkle:same. Kunjjj ???.

Kunj: mat roh twinkle. Okay I’ll talk to you later.Twinkle cut the call and cried lot. Later she gets up went outside.Twinkle just walking on roads Aayat face comes in her mind only.Twinkle went near some dargha.

She sees many peoples walking on burned charcoals. She went near them and asked one old man.

Twinkle: what is this baba.

Man: yeh beti upar wale se apne ke liye dua maang rahe ki unko teekh karde.

Twinkle: what if I walk on this than my Aayat get fine too.

Man: sure allah sab teekh karde ta hai. Tu bhii maang le us se jo.. he didn’t leave anyone hands empty. Twinkle didn’t think for once while she just removed her footwear’s. And closed her eyes started walking on burned coals. Those standing there they all just looking at twinkle.Twinkle put her leg on coals she winched in pain. But didn’t give up.

Twinkle: I can’t stop I have to do this for my Aayat. Yeh upar wale Tere satke me Meri beti ki jaan bakshde.. each step like hell for twinkle.She didn’t care about herself. Her feet started bleeding.

Man:she is mother. Hope her all wishes comes true.. after so much pain and struggle Twinkle cross the painful path.

Other side in icu room Aayat laying. While Kunj sitting beside her. Suddenly Aayat started breathing heavily. Which make kunj worried for her he just called doctor. Aayat open her eyes with jerk while screaming come and sent kunj outside. Maya and Anant asked him about what happened. Doctor check Aayat and give smile he come outside they all ran near them.

Kunj: Doctor Aayat..

doctor: congratulations she is fine absolutely someone really prayed for her badly. All get happy tears comes from kunj eyes.

Anant: can we meet with her.

Doctor: sure.. they all went inside. Aayat open her eyes and looking at them. Anant and maya take seats beside her while Kunj standing and looking at her Aayat didn’t look at Anant and maya instead of kunj. Maya took her hand.

Maya: Meri betii.. Aayat look at her and remember how she push her.Aayat give smile to Anant. Kunj give them space.

He tries to call twinkle but her phone it’s showing out of the network.

Kunj: now where this twinkle went.

Twinkle sit down. She can’t stand any more.

Twinkle: baba ji mere Aayat save her please. Twinkle see kunj message she read and get happy like anything she forgot her pain too.Twinkle get up and ran from there. Anyhow she reached Sarna Mansion. It’s too late everyone is in their rooms twinkle went upstairs and goes in room. She sees ansh sleeping alone twinkle sit on the bed because she can’t walk more. Her whole feet get burned badly blood oozing just.Twinkle lay down.

After sometime later. Anant and maya get in canteen to have sometime they tell to kunj stay with Aayat till they come back. Kunj went in icu room see Aayat sleeping. He went towards her sit beside her Kunj caress her hairs. Aayat open her eyes due to his touch.. Tears coming from kunj eyes.

Kunj: how’s you in choking voice.. Tears escaping from Aayat eyes kunj wiped them. And kissed on her forehead Aayat started sobbing slightly.

Aayat: kunj chachuu???.

Kunj: Aayat Don’t cry..

Aayat:where is twinkle chachi.

Kunj:wohh she is not well.

Aayat:i hate you twinkle chachi.

Kunj: Aayat how you fall down.. Aayat remember how maya jerk her.

Aayat: I don’t know.. Later doctor check and tell them she is okay now.. Anant insist to doctors to give discharge to Aayat. Doctor agreed.They didn’t tell anyone just left for Amritsar.

Next morning. Everyone having their breakfast. Just than Anant and maya entered there along with kunj and Aayat. Aayat is in kunj Arms she sleeping peacefully.. all turned and see them get happy. They all went towards them.

Usha: you..

Anant: yes MAA..

Manohar:how she is now??

Maya:good. Give me kunj I’ll take her in room. Kunj give Aayat to maya while she takes her and went in room. Anant and Kunj hugged Usha together. In fews days her both sons lost their charms.. Kunj eyes were searching twinkle. He asked Anjali about twinkle. She said she is in her room. Kunj excuse himself and went in his room. Kunj open the room door and entered in room. His eyes went on bed see twinkle and Ansh.Who still sleeping twinkle half laying on bed half down.. Kunj take step towards her. Kunj see twinkle face and get shocked she makes herself worse that he didn’t expect from her.. Kunj eyes went on blood drops which coming from twinkle feet’s.. Kunj see this and freeze.

Kunj: Twinkleeee.. he bends down.Kunj touch her feet due to this twinkle wake up and winch in pain.twinkle see kunj both looking at each other. Kunj immediately hugged her. Twinkle started crying in his arms.

Kunj: Twinkle bas bas.. shhhhh. Kunj cupped her face. Kissed on her forehead. Wiped her tears. Why you do this with yourself haa.

Twinkle: how she is?

Kunj: good after all teri dua uske saath ti how can something happened to her. Mujhe laga ta only I love her this much but today you prove me wrong no one can love like a mother ever. Aww look at yourself twinkle..

twinkle:first look at yourself.Twinkle kissed on his forehead. Wiped his hided tears.

Twinkle about to get up kunj stop her.

Kunj: Twinkle wait.. Kunj get up get first aid box .He back to her.Kunj take Twinkle feet in his hands. Kunj having tears in his eyes after see her feet conditions.

Kunj: how this happened.

Twinkle: wohhh.. twinkle told him everything what she had done.

Kunj: what are you mental twinkle you walk on coals..

twinkle: for Aayat I can do anything kunj. Kunj take cotton slowly he clean all blood blowing air on it twinkle feels pain but stop.

Kunj: sorry it will be painful okay. Kunj bandaged her wounds.. now rest okay I’ll bring something for you to have..

twinkle: Kunj I’m fine.. baba.. you rest.. twinkle get up and went towards wardrobe and take out kunj clothes and give to him. Kunj get angry on her.Twinkle showing him teeth.Kunj went in washroom soon he got freshen up.twinkle get too freshen up in another washroom.Kunj come out and see twinkle sitting. Ansh wake up and see kunj he ran to kunj jumped on his arms.

Ansh: Papa..

kunj: ansh…!

Twinkle: Kunj make him ready..

Kunj:huhu. Now don’t dare to get up from here. I’ll do everything just tell me..

twinkle: okay. Kunj give bath to Ansh and make him ready.Kunj went downstairs bring breakfast for twinkle. They three of them sit together have breakfast. Feeding each other’s with their hands..

Ansh:Papa mamma didn’t eat anything.

Kunj look at on Twinkle.

Kunj: acha now I come na.. I’ll make her like old twinkle..

Ansh: Papa I’ll go and see Aayat.. Ansh ran from there.

Kunj: don’t you want to meet with her haa.

Twinkle: but Bhabhi.

Kunj: you go I’ll see what she will say that time we are in hospital.not now..

twinkle: leave Kunj I don’t want any scene happened just see Aayat na..

Kunj: hmm. Later sometime .

Ansh sitting beside Aayat holding her in his while Aayat sleeping she wakes up and see Ansh.

Ansh: Aayat.

Aayat: ansh.. Aayat hug him tightly..

Ansh: how’s you now..

Aayat: fine.. Ansh lay down beside her. Just than maya and Anant entered in room with food.

Anant:finally my baby wake up.

Maya: come Aayat have your food.They sit beside her.

Aayat:Papa I don’t want anything.

Maya:why?? Baby..

Anant: Leave Aayat I’ll feed you.Anant take plate from maya and started feeding Aayat while she too having nicely well ignoring to maya. Anant give her medicines. Later maya and Anant went in hall Ansh and Aayat sit together watching cartoons. Aayat resting her head on Ansh small lap. While he pats on her head like elder?. Kunj passing from there and stop see this he gives smile.

Kunj: puri family pagal hai maa aur beti and beta too. ????.. Kunj went in hall and sit beside bebe.

Usha: kunj how’s twinkle now..

Kunj: good MAA.

Maya: why what happened to her.

Kunj:nothing bhabhi.. just than twinkle come down she walks slowly.She went to all. Maya give her annoying look.

Kunj: Twinkle lets go meet with Aayat.

Kunj get up hold Twinkle hand about to going.

Maya: stop kunj. I can’t let her meet with twinkle.

Kunj: why??

Anant: maya???.Kunj you go.Kunj take Twinkle in their room.Kunj and twinkle entered in room. Twinkle eyes went on Aayat face she controls on her emotions.

Kunj: Aayat. She saw them and get up angrily looking at twinkle. Kunj take Aayat in his lap.. twinkle sit beside him. About to touch Aayat she jerked her hands and screamed.

Aayat: don’t dare to touch me. This make Twinkle and Kunj shocked..

Kunj: Aayat..

Aayat: kunj Chachu tell her leave from there I don’t want to see her face. Others heard this and they too come in room.

Maya: what happened to you Aayat.

Aayat: you both leave from here.. ??. Anant and Kunj get confused and surprised too why she behaves with them like this.

Maya: Aayat. Baby.

Aayat: goooo.. you both just give me pain ?????????????.started crying.

Twinkle: Aayat.

Aayat: don’t take my name.Maya get happy to see this.. twinkle totally breaks down. Kunj take Aayat from here while twinkle ran in her room. Kunj take her outside.

Kunj: Aayat what happened to you haa.

Something happened.

Aayat: nothing kunj Chachu Twinkle chachi I hate her???.

Kunj: why baby..

Aayat: she breaks my promise. She told me that she will come but she never.

Kunj: hoo Aayat no baba she loves you so much.

Aayat: she just love her son not me..

Kunj: no Baby..

maya standing with Sheetal both smirked.

Maya: Aayat awww.

Sheetal: I didn’t expect this from here.

Maya: now just see..

Twinkle sitting and crying remember Aayat behaviour towards her.

Twinkle: babaji ?????.. just than room door get open twinkle see this kunj entered in room with Aayat.Twinkle get up and wiped her tears. Kunj take step towards her. Twinkle about to go while Kunj Held her hands.

Kunj: stop.! Talk to her.. Kunj make her sit on the bed.. Aayat looking at twinkle.

Aayat: I can’t talk to her Kunj Chachu she is bad chachi.. ????.

Twinkle: Aayat.

Aayat: I’ll never talk to you.. she said this ran from the room. Kunj calling aayat.

Twinkle: kunjjjjj.

Kunj: Twinkle. Give her time.

Twinkle: she is right I’m bad.

Kunj: shhhh chup when she feels hungry immediately comes to you back.. let her do drama after all drama queen ki beti hai.

Like this 3 days has been passed. Aayat didn’t talk to twinkle she just ignore her while maya just filling her ears against Twinkle. Aayat telling so much to twinkle.harsh words

At night everyone having their dinner kunj stuck in meeting. Aayat sitting with ansh.

Twinkle went near them.. and sit beside Aayat.

(Twinj room)

Twinkle: Aayat baath karna mujhse..

Aayat: nahi karni hai mujhe..

twinkle: see I’m sorry na..

Aayat: I was just waiting for you but you didn’t come hate you.

(Tu jo gayi toh sona hoga yeh jahaan

Pheeki pheeki hogi saari yeh daastan

Tumse judi hai har khushi, tere bina kya hai yahaan

Chaahein tumhein hum maange tumhe

Sun le dua yeh aasman)

Twinkle: I know Aayat.. twinkle cupped Aayat face both looking in each other’s having tears in their eyes..

Aayat: now why you care I fall down still you didn’t come.

Twinkle: I did but I come back..

Aayat: why??

Twinkle: aeshe hi..

Aayat: why god save me good I’ll die twinkle covered her mouth.

Twinkle: no kunj Listen this all.. twinkle hugged her.. Aayat started hitting twinkle
Twinkle let her do it.

Aayat: hate you ????. Kunj went to them. Aayat crying loudly Ansh seeing them.

Aayat: nobody loves me all hate me.

Twinkle: no. Twinkle cupped Aayat face give her kisses on her face all over. Both face drenched in tears. Kunj sitting behind twinkle seemed like he hugged her from back kunj rest his chin on her shoulders.

(Chote chote khwaabon ko aa jodenge

Yeh bhi vaada na tumhein ab chodenge

Jeena chaahe phir tere liye aankhein na pherenge

Saansein meri tu le le bhale, ab na tumhein jaane denge) song

Kunj: bas bas Meri crying queens Amritsar me flood will comes???. Aayat nose flowing.. Kunj chiiiii???.

Aayat: haa??.

Twinkle: kunjjj please wait. Twinkle wiped her nose with her duppta.

Kunj: Aayat see my wife love you more than me and my son you were telling that she hates you.. never Aayat. Kunj take her in his lap..twinkle love you more.She never thinks bad about you.. just for you she walks on coals Aayat.

Aayat: than why she didn’t come.

Kunj: Arey asked her na..

twinkle: Aayat Ansh is not well na.

Ansh: yes Aayat.

Aayat: okay.

Twinkle: you forgive me na.

Aayat: hmm. She gives kiss on twinkle cheeks. Hugged her tightly. Kunj went in washroom.

Twinkle: Aayat how you fall down.. Aayat get tensed how she tell her.. twinkle can read her expressions.

Aayat: itself bas..

twinkle: tell me Aayat honestly.Something happened with you..

Aayat: no..

twinkle: Bhabhi tell you something..

Aayat: no.. Aayat escapes from here and make twinkle more doubt on maya.

Something happened really with her I have to find out as soon as possible.

Episode end on twinkle face..

The most precious jewels you’ll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children. Parents love for their kids it’s can’t describe through words..


Precap: Mahi baby shower and maya and twinkle arguments.. let see what will happen when twinkle come to know about Aayat how she falls.


How was the episode???

I hope you all like it.

Thanks for your comments in my previous oo good so many comments thanks to see your love.. keep doing like this only..

this episode for Sameera specially Meri master mind ?????..

Ramadan Mubarak.. ??????

Bye love you all.

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  1. Sameera

    Amazing episode Kiya one of the best Episode till date man just loveddddd it soooooo soooooo much …
    Can’t describe in words SPEECHLESS RYT NOW WITH BLURRED VISION yeah felt twinkle pain today really a mother goes through alott for their baby …hats off to twinkle …hats off to you for describing her character so well ???????????????????????…
    Loveddddd it like anything ….
    Chalo it’s good atleast kunj saw his Bhai Bhabhi real face somewhat chii they didn’t wanted to have blame on them but can take anyone else kid wow so great and this Maya is really a b*t*h ..
    I really want her to cry for aayat like twinkle but she is not twinkle such a b*t*h she is maybe her crying in hospital was also a part of drama ?? such a b*t*h chii I wanna badly slap her and punish her for her deeds …
    Kunj too emotional when he will see his Bhabhi real face huh ??????????? can’t wait for next one ..
    Happy that aayat is saved but seriously she should understand twinkle love too and tell Everything to Twinkle and kunj once …
    I know you will put your best I am again eagerly waiting for next one ????
    Post soon love you ???

  2. Superb amazing
    The way you have written is commendable
    U r awesome

  3. Superb episode kiya post soon dear I think that maya truth will come out soon good twinkle will expose her now excited to know how maya truth will come out
    Ramzaan mubarak to all

  4. awesome episode….and emotional too
    felt bad for both twinj…and aayat
    hope twinkle expose maya’s real face soon to everyone….and tet her daughter back from from that witch maya…she doesn’t deserve to be her jealousy she hut too much that innocent soul..hope everything bec fine soon and aayat also come back to her real parents….
    post soon

  5. Loved the way you described twinkle…….it was marvelous…….hats off to u dear….
    Even though much of maya real face didn’t came out… the epi was awesome……

  6. Fantastic episode…
    Can’t form words to describe this…..
    Thanks a lot for posting early…

  7. Shalu Choudhary

    Fabulous episode dear ? feal bad for aayat in small age she is suffering most and no one understand fealings of this little soul i think twinkle started take care of aayat and her self bcoz in this house they start judge only twinkle not that maya and agar yahi haal raha toh twinkle aayat pagal ho jayegi poor souls i hope anjali yah yuvi mei se koi maya ka real face sabke samne lekai ayhe not twinkle bcoz agar twinkle lekai ayi toh no one trust twinkle and specialy kunj kyoki ushe toh hamesa twinkle glat lagti h or maya sahi well happy ramzaan and be happy take care and post soon cant wait anymore

  8. Amazing
    loved every bit of it..
    loved twinkle today but why everytime she puts stone on her heart due to maya..She doesn’t need to act like stone hearted everytime..Why she will bear all pain alone?She should show to others that how she feels..She is her real mother..she should realize it soon..She have full rights on aayat..Just by giving ur child to someone else u cannot deny the fact that aayat has her and kunj’s blood in her body..A real mother can’t become stone hearted for their child just due to the fear of others..Sometimes I just hate kunj..the worst thing he have done was by giving aayat to maya..Can’t he see twinkle’s pain..Hope that aayat will get back to her real parents soon..
    plzzz post soon.
    lots of love..
    Ramzan Mubarak

  9. Awesome

  10. Kiya di this was rally the most emotional episode till date my Evey’s were filled with tear s and I was damn happy to see ur post di I loved today’s episode and this maya is getting on my nerves plssss di iska jaldi kuch karo ab hadd hoti hai kaminapanti ki aur is maya ne saari vaade par kar di and y is aayat not telling the truth but tg9s maya is very vad if aayat says the truth also she will make tgat also false can’t wait foe the next episode di dil mein bohot saare ladoo phoot rahe hain and kunjs condition was really bad today he couldn’t even cry in front of anyone can’t see my twinj like this loved it di and kunj making aayat and twinkle calm by his jokes lovwd it di pata nahi kitni baar aur loved it likhungi par jitni baar bhi likhu kam hai u r so amazing di and happy ramdhan to u also may allah shower all his blessings on u love uuuuuuuuu take care psot soon

  11. Fantastic episode??
    Loved it???
    Thanks God Aayat is saved??
    Finally kunj saw the real face of his bro….he is not willing to take blame if any thing happens disgusting?????
    Poor twinkle she did so much for aayat
    Felt bad for kunj. He was in so much pain but stayed strong for twinkle??
    That Maya is such a devil???, she only knows how to give pain to everyone
    Hopefully her truth is revealed ASAP and aayat gets to know her real identity
    Amritsar may flood ???
    Super excited for next
    Post soon dear
    Love u loads❤❤
    Ramadan Mubarak??

  12. Anusha

    Kiya its awesome amazing mind blowing and emotional too
    felt bad for both twinj
    Maya and ananth dont deserve aayat they scared to get blame
    and how dare this mayato tell this much to twinkle i just hate her
    Maya is b*t*h
    Aaya should tell that maya made her fall then twinkle will not leave her
    And twinkle being real mother cant see her because of witch maya i hate maya lot
    And you described twinkle emotions very well dear it made me cry and kunj’s too and i think maya only did drama like she is crying she just want to show everyone she is hurt that witch made aayat fall she reason behind everything but she blamed twinkle for everything
    Now Twinkle will expose maya real face to everyone excited for it
    post soon dear
    love you

  13. today I m speechless ……don’t have words……..
    bhut emotional epi tha ….But it was one of best epi ….
    felt bad for twinj …specially for twinkle …bechari …
    this Maya..I just hate her …agr tu kahe to mai iska khoon krna chahti hu ..blo*dy b*t*h khin ki…
    or yr kese kunj ke ghrwale kch ni khte is Maya ko ….ab toh I literary feel ki aayat ko twinkle ke pass hona chaiye …maya aayat ko deserve hi ni krti ……
    ab toh bilkul bhi intzar ni hota mjhse is ff ka…
    luv u

  14. Awesome epi….loved every bit of it

  15. SSK

    That was a fabulous episode dear. Loved it. You are such an amazing writer. Please please now reveal Maya’s true face in front of everyone. She is so mean. Because of her Ayaat is in hospital and she is blaming Twinkle. Seriously, a mother can only feel the pain of her child not anyone else even Anant too. Both husband and wife don’t want to take any kind of blame, but they want Ayaat. Felt really bad for Kunj and Twinkle. Please post soon dear as I can’t wait anymore for the episode. 🙂

  16. Kiya what was that?
    Rula diya twinkle ki haal dekhi nahi gayi.
    It was awesome
    And again aayat e and Ansh love
    That was so cute.
    Lively episode
    I just wish ki maya ki sach bahar aa jaye

  17. God .. It was fabulous.
    Hating this Maya even more now.

  18. Maddy25

    Masha allah amazing episode kiya diii!!!!! Really felt bad for twinkle. Poor soul she always suffers. However kunj i being veryy supportive now. Hope she gets to know maya’s true face soon. Loved the episode. Post soon

  19. Emotional & mindblowing episode
    Plzzz post soon dear
    Luvvv u

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