Love ka hai intezaar Twinj ff episode 88

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Episode 88.

Continued from previous part.

Twinkle busy with ansh in her room. She clean his face. Somewhere twinkle outfit to get dirty due to vomit.

Twinkle: ansh what did you eat it haa. In all wedding you get ill didn’t let me enjoy it why?

Ansh: mamma sorry na I eat pani puri so much so..

Twinkle: okay.Twinkle take out his clothes give him bath. Later wrap him in towel take him back in room.Ansh sit on the couch. While twinkle went towards wardrobe take out his night dress.Twinkle dress to get wet.She went towards him.And make him wear his clothes.Ansh didn’t feel good having bad burps. Feeling hell nausea.Twinkle moved towards side drawer take out acidity medicine for small kids specially recommended by doctor. Twinkle pour water in glass and mixed it. Twinkle sit beside Ansh and make him drink while Ansh making puppy faces while having he closed his nose but twinkle drink him forcefully.

Ansh:mamma it’s so tasteless.

Twinkle: hmm. Now lay down take some rest now don’t go anywhere and if I saw you that you eat anything I’ll not leave you.

Ansh nodding his head in no.He lay down.

Twinkle eyes went on her dress and see someone of drop of vomits.Twinkle went towards wardrobe and take out normal dress look good she went in washroom and get freshen up back to in room. Find Ansh he closed his eyes and getting rest.

Twinkle see him and give smile on it.

She gets relief to see him.She went downstairs to see everyone’s. On nobody is not in hall all is in garden sitting having fun togethers.

She went in kitchen and see maya and Sheetal talking about twinkle on something they saw twinkle and stop immediately.But twinkle see their expression after seeing her. Their expression telling so much.Twinkle ignore them and moved forward and take water glass.Sheetal and maya talking though their eyes balls.

But twinkle caught Their eyes expression.

Now it’s enough for her to bear.

Twinkle: it would be good that if you people talk properly rather than this nonsense way you both find it.

Maya: what nonsense you were talking haa?

Twinkle: you know each and everything bhabhi I didn’t talk nonsense ever it’s you.

Maya give her angry look. While twinkle give her back gruff look.

Twinkle: don’t show me this anger go show to other. [In stern tone].

Maya twisted her hands badly while Sheetal enjoying it.Twinkle try to make her stop but maya grip was very tight as compare than twinkle.

Tears escaping from twinkle eyes. Her hand get red maya fingers print come on her hands skin. Maya leave her with jerks.

Twinkle knee hit with kitchen containers drawers baldy.

Maya show her finger to twinkle.

Maya: [In lewd tone] next time don’t dare to speak infront of me get it. I’ll give you warning that I’ll open it everything. Twinkle stretch her eyes on statement of her she’ll open it everything what does mean it.

Sheetal hold maya and both went out of the kitchen while Twinkle was shocked she didn’t understand why maya said this.

They left her without hearing her question back it.

Twinkle:I’m not getting anything why she said this.Twinkle look at her hands she touches and feel pain on it.She makes lemonade for and fill it in bottle. She clean whole kitchen and see others things which

Were spreading everywhere over. Kids make couch unkempt.Twinkle clean whole living room and other foyer area too. She itself way herself from this wedding and relative because they asked her many questions mostly ladies on her relationship and most on her Aayat. Very long ago. One of the Sarna family function.Some of the relatives talking about twinkle and maya. They asked twinkle about aayat on her upbringing they see twinkle handling Aayat most compare than maya eventually maya heard their talks. There is no fold of twinkle in this all she didn’t say anything even not nodded her head too. Maya gets angry she misunderstood twinkle. And spoil her mood and leave the function and went in her while niki see this and make scene on it.

Others family members misunderstood twinkle and take her wrong and didn’t give her chance to explain herself. Because maya make the environment like this everything is against Twinkle. In front of outsiders twinkle bear slur so much.

The most important thing which give her more pain it’s none other than Kunj.Anant take kunj with him in their room while maya tell each and everything to them.

In her storyline obviously twinkle coming wrong which make Kunj more angry because before giving Aayat to them Anant and Kunj( specially) clear that this kind never happened it. Kunj give them apologies to them behalf of twinkle. All Guest left everyone come in hall and look at twinkle with questions eyes while she stand in side having numbers of tears in her eyes and most the small soul in her hands who looking at her unknown mother eyes.Kunj tell so much thing to twinkle about on this all. If any effect is lifted which maya Riya completed nobody tries to stop kunj because they thought kunj is right didn’t want once at least asked twinkle what happened actually.

Kunj each words sieves twinkle heart like anything didn’t say uff in front of kunj just because of her wife post (ohadda). Quietly she bears everything just tearing coming from her eyes falling down on Aayat cheeks making her cheeks wet.

Maya get relief to see twinkle like This. She makes herself good in front of everyone eyes specially in Kunj eyes she stops kunj.Twinkle eyes just stuck on the floor down.She didn’t look up once. When Aayat started crying for milk maya tell

Her to feed. So twinkle just follow her rules and she went upstairs. Her legs just feeling so heavy.But handle herself.Twinkle went in her room. It’s already too late everyone went in their respective rooms.Twinkle entered in her room. She just went in corner and sit down on the floor.She looks at Aayat who crying like anything. She adjusted her kurta and take Aayat near her br*ast give her milk.Twinkle burst out she cried lot while nourishing her baby. Her whole face become red and filled with tears.Aayat teasing twinkle lot which make twinkle irritated.She did drink

Milk nicely. Just than Kunj entered in room.

And his eyes went on bed didn’t find twinkle there. He turned and see twinkle sitting in corner.Kunj eyes become wet to see her condition.Kunj take his step towards her.Twinkle turned her eyes didn’t see him. She was hell angry at him.Kunj knows this still he try. Kunj sit beside her.

Kunj: why you sit here?. Twinkle didn’t answer him back. While having milk Aayat did sound which echoed in whole room.

Kunj: Twinkle why you did this haa?

Twinkle look at him. Give him drastic look.

Twinkle: really kunj I did this all. Haa. What type of husband you are haa you people didn’t listen me once never bother to asked me once that what is real truth everyone stands and asking me questions. What is my fold in this all. Always I have to bear all humiliation why? Didn’t I have some self-respect. You always hurt me why?.

Kunj: what I do twinkle because of you I too have to bear humiliations haa.Just because of you twinkle I listen so much today why you did it.If you do aayat work you didn’t do any beneficence on anyone’s get it.

Twinkle: really (in anger tone). Why I’ll do it eshaan on anyone kunj. I never show this too. If anyone feels this itself I can’t do anything today I’m saying you last time.

Aayat bite twinkle scream due to this.Kunj get confused.Twinkle look at Aayat who still busy in her feeding session.Twinkle stop feeding her. She got up while Aayat looking at Kunj who still hungry.She started licking her little hands. Twinkle place in her baby bed. And kunj closed his fist and held twinkle her from her forearms badly pin her towards wall.

Kunj: stop behaving like stubborn girl grownup twinkle. Why you spoil my family happiness always haa.

Twinkle: when you know about me than why you take me haa. Kunj Jerk her went out of the room. While twinkle itself lot

Do promise to herself that she take herself. Away from anyone functions specially Bebe family.

Twinkle done with all works.She went in garden see everyone is sitting only family members all guest Already left. Kunj sitting alone in side while bua dadi just blabbing on twinkle that she was absent from whole haldi function.Twinkle didn’t go near everyone. While Usha coverup things.

Bua dadi:Usha now don’t support your daughter-in-law.

Usha: maybe she didn’t fine.

Bua dadi:kyu kya hua usko.Twinkle went back to in her room.After sometime later Kunj to went in his room and see twinkle sitting arranging their clothes.Kunj shut the door with voice.Twinkle didn’t raise her eyes up.Kunj look at Ansh who sleeping peacefully. Kunj break the ice.

Kunj:you were looking very good twinkle.

I didn’t understand till now what you get to give me pain haa.Twinkle look at with blood-red eyes. Kunj throw folded clothes.

Twinkle:Kunj stop this nonsense what the hell is this haa.Kunj forehead fully drenched in sweat.Twinkle throw clothes on his face in anger. Kunj anger increased he held her from her shoulder tightly. Twinkle get shocked to see his behavior towards her.

Kunj: be in yours limits twinkle don’t dare to cross it.

Twinkle: I didn’t cross my limits right now you were crossing your limits Kunj get it.

Kunj: why you force me to behave with you like old Kunj you know what twinkle you just deserve old Kunj you can’t deserve and see me good with you.You can’t digest this. Twinkle laugh in a sarcastically way.

Twinkle: really kunj if you think this than good for your kind of information. But remember that one thing I’m to not that old twinkle who will bear your shitam

pains. What I did.?

Kunj: you don’t know what you did it haa. Just because of nonsense act everyone were telling rubbish things. Did you hear what bua dadi said haa? You were absent from whole function can I know.

Twinkle: why you were so curious and unhappy that I didn’t attend haldi function so listen one thing carefully Kunj. Itself i away from this all. Because I’m least interested in this all get it. And whatever you want to do you can I’ll not say anything really jeshe Tum Meri sunte ho. ?.

Kunj: stop your attitude it will just give you

Loss twinkle. You were just stretching the old things I know you can’t forget it.

Twinkle: I’m impressed with you kunj that my husband at least know about me I thought you were don’t know just simply Imagine stories. I can’t forget that time humiliation you was the one who tell me so much now I don’t have this much strength to bear your harsh words. So this would be good you people enjoy your happiness I’m not important.

Kunj: uff twinkle bas kar. Your this things

Give me pain why you can’t see my happiness You itself wanted and make me sad what type of wife you are. You can’t see your husband happiness.Twinkle immediately grab his collar their face is very close to each other’s.

Twinkle: when you know that I Can’t

See your happiness and you were to same Kunj now you feel how it’s feel when your partner didn’t reciprocate it. It feels so bad kunj.

Kunj:everyone just asked about even Maya Bhabhi went to call you but you just simply said no. This is the way. Haa.

Twinkle was shocked when did maya call her never.

Twinkle: nobody calls me kunj.

Kunj: don’t be lie twinkle.

Twinkle: why will I.

Kunj: okay fine maya Bhabhi didn’t call you what about my MAA I saw with my own eyes that MAA calling you but you just ignore her and went inside.

Twinkle:yes kunj but Ansh didn’t feel well that’s why I didn’t hear anything just take him in room.

Kunj:acha what happens to him suddenly.

I brought dress for you but you didn’t wear it. Ansh he sleeps now.

Twinkle:Ansh ko vomiting ho rahi hai. Kunj was shocked.

Kunj:what? When how he is? You didn’t inform me why? He left everything went near Ansh sit beside him care his forehead.Twinkle tu ladti hai na dekh yeh sab hota hai. You should leave everything just concentrate on your kids rather than to others.

Twinkle: acha now you get time for us.

Kunj folded his hands in front of twinkle in (tart way). After sometime everyone went in their rooms change their clothes and sleep. Kunj went towards wardrobe take out his night dress in frustration. Mess other’s night dress to. Twinkle see this went near him.

Twinkle:don’t you have manners haa.

Kunj:whatever huhu. Kunj held her hands tightly which give twinkle pain more because of maya.

Twinkle: Kunj leave my hand why you people behind me haa. It’s paining. Kunj see her hand skin which already red so much and finger prints too there.

Kunj: why your hand is so red haa.

Twinkle: now don’t act like you care for me. ?. Kunj take her near wardrobe wall pin her against it his both hand resting on the wall while twinkle under in his hands.

Both looking at each other’s in anger tashan both is equal.

Kunj:tell me honestly twinkle what you wanted because I can’t bear this all and I don’t want anything happened wrong between us so please now I’m telling you itself tell me.

Twinkle: acha do you wanna hear what I wanted so listen I don’t want to stay here. Which I told you many times but you just ignore it never takes my talk in serious way. So what’s the need of this now. I’ll tell you and you didn’t fulfill it so.

Kunj: bas yeh hi baath hai and it’s only the one solution you think it twinkle. You know I can’t do it please understand my emotions.

Twinkle: what about my emotions kunj.

I beg you kunj now Paani sar se upar ja chuka hai Kunj.And I can’t Stay with your bhabhi in one roof anymore.Now decision on your shoulders what you decided for us.

Kunj: I can do anything for you even give my life but I can’t do this Twinkle sorry here I’m helpless.Twinkle clapped on his face in dramatically way.

Twinkle: great Kunj Sarna I knew it this. But listen one thing carefully that if anyone told me one thing than in return they have to hear more from me than don’t tell me anything.Twinkle removed kunj hand around her. She wiped her tears lay down beside Ansh.While Kunj too. They turned their face to other side and closed their eyes too. Later in midnight. Ansh wake up feel uneasy he got up sit there only look his parents their back facing to him.He feels nervous suddenly puke. He started vomiting there only on the bed and started crying to as well on the same time. Due to noise twinkle turned her face and see Ansh.She immediately sits there and look at him.

Twinkle: anshhhh.Twinkle hands resting on his back.okay just relax.Twinkle lifted him in his arms take him in washroom hurry.

Twinkle take him near washbasin. Without stop Ansh just doing vomiting. Which make Twinkle worried about him. His face really become wilts. Twinkle wash face with hand and other hand she hold him.

Ansh: mamma ????.

Twinkle: ansh what happened to you haa. He held his stomach and sit in side. Winching in pain. Inside in room kunj eyes open with jerk he turned didn’t find Ansh and twinkle on the bed. While he gets up and see whole bed is dirty. See washroom lights is on.Kunj went in washroom see twinkle struggling with ansh. He went near them.

Kunj: what happened?

Twinkle: Kunj ansh???.tears just escaped from her eyes badly. Same with Ansh too. Kunj first make Twinkle calm down.

Kunj:Twinkle shhhh first calm down you. He wiped her tears with his palm. Kunj went near Ansh.

Kunj:ansh don’t cry please see Papa is here.Ansh puke on kunj. Suddenly blood comes in his vomit.Kunj and twinkle floor breaks down.Twinkle started panicking. Kunj shouted on twinkle to make her calm down.

Kunj: Twinkleee bas let me see ansh.

Twinkle: Kunj blood??.Twinkle wiped her tears take Ansh and Kunj clothes.Kunj clean Ansh and made him change his clothes even did his too.They come Back in room. Ansh is kunj arms resting his head on his chest his body become cold just like ice.

Twinkle: kunj do something.

Kunj: wait you should tell that time only now see his heath become more worse.

Kunj check the time its 3:00 clock.

Kunj: on this time which doctor will meet.

Twinkle: I don’t know whole night is remained I can’t wait you take him now only to hospital.

Kunj: ansh kunj look at him.He just nodded his head.Kunj check his forehead he burned in fever. Twinkle let’s go.

Twinkle: where?

Kunj: come na. Kunj took his car key they went downstairs.Come outside.Kunj give ansh to twinkle. He open the door for them they sit.Kunj started driving the car.

Twinkle: kaun hospital me?

Kunj: don’t know. Let’s see. Kunj see many good hospitals. After so much struggles. They went in very good hospital take Ansh in emergency case. Nurse comes tell them to wait for some time. Kunj and twinkle just freezing don’t know what to do. Later doctors comes.They went in doctor cabin.

Doctor: come. Kunj make ansh lay down on the bed. Doctor examined him. After they sit.

Kunj:what happened to him doctor.

Twinkle: yes doctor don’t know what happened to him suddenly he started vomiting and few blood drops to come.

Doctor:okay. Now I can’t say right now what actual problem is. Without test and reports I can’t start his treatment too. Right now I give him infection from some hours. You people come at sharp 10

Clocks than I’ll see.

Kunj: okay. Thanks. Kunj and doctor shake their hands. Kunj take Ansh in his arms. Who sleep in his embrace.They come out of the doctor cabin.


Kunj:don’t worry nothing will happen to him.They sit in their car.Soon they reached Sarna Mansion.They went in their room. Twinkle change bedsheet.Kunj place Ansh lay down on the bed.They both sit beside him.And admire him just.Who lost his charm in one day.Kunj place his hand on twinkle hand assuming her don’t worry.

Twinkle rest her head on kunj chest.

Kunj: soja see Ansh to sleep.

Twinkle: Kunj I didn’t feel good why? Something will happen I’m sure.

Kunj: uff twinkle leave it doesn’t think nonsense think.I’m here na with you.He gently kissed on her forehead. They both try to sleep but can’t. Just lay down closed their eyes soon. Morning happened.

Next [email protected] coming on kunj face he rubbed his eyes and see its Morning just now they sleep. He turned slowly while twinkle sleep to disturb. She wakes up too.They both sit there looking at each other face than to Ansh.

Twinkle check his cheeks get relief that he don’t have fever anymore.Kunj see amenities on twinkle face. Give smile.

Kunj: now happy see your face in mirror dark circles’ comes on your face ?. Twinkle pulled his cheeks. They both get freshen up soon didn’t disturb Ansh sleep let him sleep.They went downstairs everyone was already there they have their breakfast. Twinkle and Kunj went towards them Kunj take his seat beside om. While twinkle went in kitchen make coffee for kunj after she come back to him give him his coffee while bua dadi asked twinkle where she is it’s too late she come for breakfast downstairs.

Bua dadi: Twinkle can’t you see time.

Kunj: bua dadi. Who we didn’t sleep at last night due to Ansh so slightly get late in morning.

Usha: what happened to ansh.

Kunj: nothing till now. Kunj narrated whole accident whatever happened on last night. Others to get worried about him.

Bebe:monu all things done when we will leave for resort.

Manohar: yes bebe we all have to leave after sometime everything is done. They all have to leave for wedding. It’s destination wedding so they all went to Chandigarh.After breakfast kunj and twinkle went in their room.Twinj see Aayat sleeping beside Ansh caressing his face. They both give smile.

Kunj:today you wake up early.

Aayat: yes. ?.

Twinkle: Kunj I’ll not go Chandigarh.

Kunj: why?

Twinkle: why? Really you know can’t you see Ansh.

Kunj: okay.

Twinkle: if you wanted you can go. I’ll

Manage him alone.

Kunj: huhu. Always taunt me.Later

Twinkle and Kunj take Ansh to doctor. Doctor do his some test. After some reports’ comes nothing is come one report will come later after doctor will tell anything. They prescribe some medicines and tell them care take of him properly. Later they come back home and find everyone gets ready to leave for Chandigarh.They entered in hall.

Manohar: good you both come on time we all just leave now only.

Kunj: hoo.

Usha:what doctor said.

Kunj: nothing Papa now toh he just do his some test and report will come later than only he can say actual thing.

Bebe: you go take your bags. Twinkle didn’t say anything she just simply take and went upstairs. Kunj just confused how he say. He finds words.

Kunj:who Papa we both are not going.

Manohar: why?

Kunj: Papa if ansh is fine I’ll definitely come but now I can’t you all have to understand.

Usha: hmm. While other making faces. Manohar didn’t agree with kunj.

Manohar: it’s not a solution.

Kunj: Papa but I can’t leave my wife and son.

Manohar: twinkle haina.

Kunj: But Papa. You all go please if he gets fine I’ll come at wedding day. Kunj said and went in his room. While others take their luggage’s and sit in cars and left for Chandigarh. While twinkle and Ansh sitting together twinkle feeding him apple with her hands.


Episode end here only.

Let’s see what will happened in Riya wedding with Aayat which make her hate Aayat. ————- hope you all like the episode, I don’t know how’s it because myself I’m out of my zone. Can’t sleep properly just disturb now. And I’ll too.

And thanks ssk and sameera. I read your episode it’s amazing sorry I didn’t comment it I’ll do it. Finally my kamini come back with new ff thanks.

Please ignore any grammatical mistakes because I write in hustle bustle.

Bye love you all.

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  1. hii kiya …..
    it was superb awesome….everything was nicely portrayed by u ….felt bad for twinkle …too much humiliation she had……
    Let c what’s gonna happen in riya ‘s marriage …
    take care
    luv u

  2. awesome episode
    felt bad for twinkle and ansh…kunj is really blind cant he see his so called good bhabi’s deed…hope soon he open his eyes and see his so called family’s real faces before any thing bsd happens with ansh ayat and twinkle
    post soon
    bye take care

  3. Cheena2001Cp

    Kiya, how are you? Take care! ?
    What a terrific episode!! Maya is so cheap!!!! She is the root cause of problems between TwiNj!!!! Why are they always fighting!??!? God!

  4. Hii kiya.. ur ff is awesome dear but mujhe kunj twinkle k liye perfect nhi lagta honestly twinkle isse better life partner deserved krti hai…kunj ka har baar ka drama ha yeh isse better hoga twinkle chod de kunj but mujhe trust ha tere pe tu sab thik kr degi end mein …tc dear ?

  5. Sameera

    Amazing Kiya loveddddd it soooooo much
    Huh these fakeernis Maya and Sheetal ..
    Arey ye Maya ko punishment kab milegi ..
    Lovedd the flashback scene huh kunj ???????? pata nai kab akhal aayegi isko ..
    Loveddd everything ..
    Bechara ansh don’t know what happened to him …
    So twinj are not going for Riya wedding hmm something is fishy don’t know what’s going on in this Maya mind ..
    Post soon ???when ever you feels like ..
    BA BYEE love you ????

  6. Hi kiya
    How are u?
    Hopefully u are better now
    Awesome episode
    Felt so bad for twinkle and ansh…..kunj is seriously blind. He never believes twinkle. He always believe that stupid maya. I just hate her???
    Plz reveal everyone’s reality ASAP
    You have nearly reached century….so plz reveal everything before kunj and aayats identity too
    Excited for next
    Post soon dear
    Love u loads❤❤❤
    Take care??

  7. Oh kiya I was waiting for your ff thanks for posting ?
    About episode kunj should know about that cheepo blo*dy bullshit maya truth soon she don’t deserve to be called a mother
    A mother can’t do this to her child I want her to regret for what she’s doing give big punishment
    U r very strong kiya good stay strong n may allah give you happiness dear

  8. SSK

    Hi Kiya, the episode as usual was fantastic. This Maya, something has gotten into her mind, how an she behave like that with Twinkle. Seriously hate her and Kunj also need to understand his wife. Without knowing her side, he decides what is right and what is wrong and hen Twinkle have to go through everything. You have very well described each and everything perfectly. 🙂

  9. Kiya…..
    It was an nice epi……missed u the most in tu.,..
    Get well soon

  10. Anusha

    Kiya dear how are you now?
    And episode is fantastic as always
    feeling very bad for ansh and twinkle
    hope ansh is fine
    Hate this maya to the core I want to kil her how dare she is to behave like that with twinkle
    and there past story made mr cry really
    twinkle suffered lot sarna family members dont deserve bahu like twinkle cant they see her sacrifices leave them when her husband only doesn’t understand her then wt to expect from them
    and now also wo without knowing what is matter he scolding twinkle and why the hell he beleave b*t*h maya that much
    Really maya should be exposed infront of all family member specially infront f kunj punish her so much
    love you dear
    post soon when you get time

  11. Hi kiya I missed u soo much dear I already read the episode but sorry for commenting late really sorry dear I missed u soo much yaar but thank u for posting and I understand u r going through a hard situation but I hope u will be fine now and coming to the episode it was fab and I felt very nice by seeing kunjs angry side . This maya I hate the blo*dy b*t*h how much she torches our little twinkle . If I would be in place of twinkle I would have literally kick her *** . Twinkle needs to be a bit aggressive so that she can fight for herself . Why always twinkle have to say sorry . Feel very pity for twinkle . Btw the episode was amazing loved it to the core and hope u post soon if u have time love u dear kiya

  12. Shalu Choudhary

    Superb episode dear felling bad for twinkle ansh and aayat hope ansh reports is normal aayat is also and plz take care dont take so much tension and be strong god? bless you

  13. Vibhu

    Woooww yaaar…. What an amazing update !! Hate this Maya ??
    Can’t she go out of twinj’s life
    Post soon

  14. Fantastic fabulous amazing episode dear
    Ye maya chudail to apni limits cross kr rahi h iska kuch krna padega
    Aur kunj ko hamesha twinkle galat lagtu h apni family nhi
    Feeling bad for twinkle
    Aur manohar kaise bol sakta h kunj ko apne saath chlne ke liye usko dikh nhi raha uski wife aur bache ko uski jaroorat h
    Chalo dekhte h ab kya hoga aage
    Luvvvvv u

  15. Awesome Amazing
    I just hope Ansh is ok
    Kuch sahi nahi lag raha
    Awesome Amazing

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