Love ka hai intezaar Twinj ff episode 92

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Episode 92…

Started from Aayat run from twinj room. She makes twinkle started incertitude on maya.Twinkle get up from couch just than Kunj come out of the washroom.Twinkle lost somewhere started thinking.Kunj come he just wearing his pj and towel in his hands just wiped his face wet hairs drop falling on his face.his eyes went on twinkle who losted in her thoughts.

Kunj feel strange in her face expression the way she busy in her thoughts.He takes step towards her..Kunj snap finger on her face.Twinkle come out of her thoughts.

She looks at Kunj he look at her back with mock look.Twinkle gestures him through her eyes what happened??

Kunj: where are you losted?? Twinkle give him fake smile..

twinkle: me not at all..

Kunj: really I can see twinkle.. Seemed like you thinking something really important..

Can I know??

Twinkle: nothing is like that kunj it’s just I’m thinking over as you know about me..

kunj: first timeyou said something about yourselfthat is so true..??kunj smile out.twinkle give him slap playfully…

Kunj: bas bas.. now take it.he gives her towel to dry his hairs.. twinkle take it..

They both looking at each other’s..

Twinkle: now sit I can’t do it you were so tall..

Kunj:yeah how can I forget that.. you (boni)Pygmy ???.. twinkle give him annoying look. Kunj sit down while twinkle sit on the bed.. she started drying Kunj hairs nicely..twinkle look at Ansh and see him.He was busy in iPad nicely..

twinkle: kunjjj look at him.Kunj open his eyes and see Ansh laying his back facing to them. He is on the couch.

Kunj: hmm how nicely he is busy in games.

Twinkle: just now I’ll tell him to do study immediately he feeling sleepy..

Kunj:yeah leave it was headache really mean nobody did their works on time. How’s your day why I’m asking this now toh you are damn happy after all she started talking to you..

twinkle: hmm I try so much, but she just ignored me now I can’t live without talk to her.

Kunj: you can live without talking to me?? Why?? Twinkle smiled..

twinkle: Someone is jealous.. Burning smell is coming out.. ???..

Kunj: acha I’m jealous with that pidhi.. I didn’t understand twinkle one thing why you said her that you come Chandigarh promised to her??

Twinkle: I’ll tell.. wait.Twinkle rubbing her fingers under his hairs which give kunj so relief. How’s you feeling now??

Kunj: great.. just do it..twinkle giving him massage ?‍♂️ she to feel good due to kunj cool hairs. Ansh Leave iPad.’he knows his mamma how she is before her he itself leave.Ansh get up went towards his parents. Ansh sit beside twinkle.. he keeps his head on twinkle lap.. twinkle look at him.He gives her look to take him fully in her arms.

Twinkle:ansh wait I’m giving massage to Papa na.

Ansh: no na..

twinkle:okay come.he come and lay down on her lap.She looks at him and give him smile.

Kunj:twinkle bas.Kunj get up and look at twinkle.He saw Ansh cuddling his mother tightly.Kunj went and sit beside them. Ansh were close down his eyes.He hold twinkle mangalsutra while twinkle caressing his hairs.

Kunj:what happened to him he slept..

Twinkle:how I know??Just come and emphasize to come in my arms.Kunj keep his hand on his hairs and ruffled it.he kissed on his forehead.Twinkle just pat on his back.

Kunj: twinkle he is very smart he knows that you will scold him on games he itself come and sleep didn’t give you chance to say anything. ??.Twinkle look at his face.

Twinkle: haa right after all he is your son how can not he be smart..?good if I deal

With him in my way it’s bad for you both.

Kunj: Acha.

Twinkle: good itself he sleeps.. ?

Kunj:you always behind him twinkle why? Nothing he did it. Still you were so wild with him.

Twinkle: really kunj you didn’t with him full day. It’s me who running behind him. I know what language he understood so. Twinkle raise her hand in way to show kunj. It’s best thing for him to Handel.

Kunj: Acha very bad twinkle you used your hands on them how can be you twinkle?

Twinkle: she makes jostle look. Really kunj and what you mean by on them??

Kunj: Arey On Both of them twinkle.

Twinkle: huhh I never used my hand on Aayat and on others to expect from my son get it why I’ll do it with her.

Kunj: Acha. When you are angry you can do you forget in childhood when she is nearly a one months old you used your beautiful hands on small baby??.. Kunj giving her look now speak. If you don’t know twinkle I’ll remind you If you wanted.?

Twinkle: no need of this I know each and everything you don’t need to give me taunt Kunj..

Kunj: Arey really I taunt you it’s you who always taunting me.

Twinkle: I didn’t use my hand on her from my wish. You know how difficult to handle her she just make me irritated with her teasedway..

Kunj: still twinkle how did this with so small baby I didn’t get chance to asked MAA if she did this with you and her any kids..

Twinkle:Acha but Mummy ji say she did it ?..

Kunj: so you follow my MAA ?.

Twinkle: yes ji daughter-in-law should be like her mother in law???everyone wanted shadow of hers.. ??. And for your kind of in formation that time only did it with her now did you see me any time haa??

Kunj:nope you didn’t have guts to do now?. If you touched her she took whole mansion on her head.

Twinkle: you challenge me kunj. If I wanted no one can’t stop me even you too.Why I’ll behave with her like a mother obviously I’m not her mother just for her works. Kunj smile disappear immediately.

Kunj: twinkle I didn’t understand one you always take a normal conversation on some other way why??

Twinkle: I didn’t Kunj.. she didn’t misbehave with me so I didn’t do anything with her and I’m not interested too act like her mother she had it’s Their headache.

He is enough for me Meri haatho ki shal nikhal jati hai in Comedy way she said which makes kunj laugh.

Kunj: you are mad twinkle just. Ansh pulling twinkle mangalsutra due to in sleep.

Twinkle: ahha. Ansh… twinkle try to take out her mangalsutra from his hand but his grip is so tight..

Kunj: heheh..

twinkle:they both always behind on my mangalsutra don’t know what they get it.

Just want to hold this..

Kunj: yeah.. still they are same na twinkle just time went upon still they are same their habitats too.

Twinkle:hmm you know how Aayat fully break down my mangalsutra If you didn’t see her.

Kunj: haa.You try to hide still she found out. Kunj open Ansh fist and take out twinkle mangalsutra from Ansh hands.

Twinkle:thanks. They both get up went to sleep. Twinkle place Ansh on the bed while he didn’t leave her. Doing sound like crying. So twinkle lay down for him. Lay down in sitting position.

Kunj: kya bache hai babaji neendh me Bhi didn’t want to leave my wife?. After sometime later twinkle try to get up anyhow she got up.

Twinkle: uff finally he slept.. twinkle went towards wardrobe take her night dress and went in washroom.Later she come out and went back to the bed. Kunj checking his mails in phone. Twinkle pin up her hairs she too laid.

Kunj: twinkle you didn’t tell me why you promised her??

Twinkle: woh Kunj what to do she just persisted, so I just tell her I’ll come.

Kunj: ho but when did you talk to her. Twinkle now get tensed how to tell kunj about her.

Twinkle: woh she called me in midnight from MAA phone she cry.

Kunj: what?? She called you but you didn’t tell me twinkle.

Twinkle: I didn’t found it’s important to tell you. You know Aayat in very small things she makes her mood off, so I thought not tell you.

Kunj:still twinkle. And what she does with Leela maa.

Twinkle: that I don’t know you should ask this your Bhai and Bhabhi.. Itself my mother didn’t take her with her. And one thing Kunj why you pay hospital bills.

Kunj: so what if I did it. Do you have problems with that. ??

Twinkle: why I have kunj. I just kunj agar humhe hi Aayat ka sab Karna hai so what they will do it for her kunj.

Kunj: hmm what to do..

Twinkle: you will take me wrong and I sound too kunj. Her all small things you exes Kunj even Anant Bhaiya didn’t give her school fees money too. That’s wrong kunj.

Kunj:so what twinkle if I do. We all know he can’t afford so much. Aayat ka kya hai twinkle whatever i have it’s their only.

Twinkle: I know still Maya Bhabhijust telling everyone that they do this that for Aayat.

Kunj: let her twinkle.

Twinkle: one day they will put all blame on you kunj that you just doing this for your daughter didn’t see your goodness behind your care. Many times I told you when you open your company on her name that time too kunj. Today they don’t have problems it will dokunj try to understand me.

Kunj:you were right twinkle.

Twinkle: when I do something for her you stop me kunj because you know what good and bad after this.. same I too. Only your own family members were talking about this you only do Aayat’s not others.

Kunj: who the hell they are and why I’ll do others haa.. Itself I didn’t do hers twinkle you know this perfectly. I think twice when anything comes on Aayat.They didn’t feel bad. Last time for Anant Bhaiya And Maya Bhabhi i didn’t take Aayat with us to Switzerland. Let her cry.If I heard that immediately give them answer back. I just care about Anant Bhaiya when he tells anything like this that matters for me only. Others are just barking up. Even Maya Bhabhi to said to you at hospital did I give her any answer. When time will come I’ll give her too. If I’m quite that doesn’t mean I didn’t understand for just maintain this house peaceness I do. I started when it would be worse.

Twinkle: bas bas kunj. Twinkle think in her mind. If I told kunj about Maya Bhabhi he surely done something bad which make thing worse.That I don’t want. She didn’t talk to me even I too stop that’s good for both of us. I know kunj how he is. If he understood so much about Maya Bhabhi and Anant Bhaiya on that small hospital incident that time she is fine.Anyone takes she said this all to me in her pain. If I told him about her she told me beyond limited on Aayat he just kill her.’ The most important thing he just belief on them blindly. Leave twinkle you just wanted your daughter happiness bas.

Kunj: twinkleeee..

Twinkle: haaaa..

Kunj: today you behave weird.. something bothering you??

Twinkle: Nahi kunj.. nothing..

Kunj:you should be happy. She is fine and good with you too.

Twinkle:hmmm. When will her stitches open.

Kunj: tomorrow only twinkle.

Twinkle: okay.

Kunj: I forgot to tell you that Anant Bhaiya and Bhabhi going out for some work so they can’t be here, so we have to take Aayat to doctor.

Twinkle: what!!! Why?? Like always they

Ran.. is it good kunj..??

Kunj: Arey they have work baba can’t you understand twinkle you take them wrong. Maya Bhabhi not like Sheetal.. twinkle murmured.

Twinkle: she is more than sheetal. Your Maya Bhabhi is worse no one can’t beat her. Kunj you get best devar award.

Kunj: heh. Why???

Twinkle: because you are chamcha of your bhabhi that’s why?!


Twinkle:every-time they did like this kunj only leave her on us specially on me kunj.

Very few times it’s happened when I leave Ansh on her all started talking i used her.

We about to going Kashmir. Huhu.

Kunj: still you remember that??

Twinkle: when you remember that I beat her can’t I. For the first time you itself get ready to take me out of this house.

Kunj: haa. But I enjoy it lot how you get irritated.

Twinkle:you make me irritated by her Kunj.

Kunj: I’m happy I get time spent with her.

They both went in flash back…

After twinkle pregnancy Kunj give Aayat to Anant and maya. That thing make difference between Kunj and twinkle because twinkle don’t want to give her but end of the day she has to give her to them. In that time period kunj know he had to deal with twinkle in good and sweet way.Twinkle and Kunj talk very less twinkle itself ignore him.Kunj just buttering her to forget that Aayat pain. One day.

Twinkle sitting in her room just doing her work. She just blabbering that Kunj didn’t give her anything the most they both didn’t spend time together. Kunj come back from his office find twinkle mood off.

Kunj take his clothes get freshen up. He come back and sit beside twinkle.

Kunj: twinkle.. yaar you always busy in yourself you don’t have time for me..

She looks at him in a surprise way.

Twinkle:really kunj did you have time for me. More than one year has been passed our marriage i have only one complaint from you. You don’t have time kunj.I get bored in this house. Now I don’t have anything to do. Kunj take her hands in his.

Kunj: hmm.. I know Last few months went very hard for us.

Twinkle: for us but for me kunj..

Kunj: itself twinkle you didn’t let me spend time with you.

Twinkle:acha what effort you did.

Kunj:acha okay only my fault in this. Let’s go out for some days.

Twinkle: with me???

Kunj:Naha not with you but with kim Kardashian..


Kunj: obviously ? twinkle with you only na.. now tell me where you wanted to go. Because I have off from my office now I’m telling you after don’t tell me.. he just doing this to cheer up her.

Twinkle: let’s think.

Kunj: okay good now give me some food.

Twinkle:why didn’t you have your dinner out today???

Kunj:naha. Now i want to have food made by my wife. Now you are awesome cook. ?..

Twinkle: huh buttering master. She got up and went downstairs to get food for him. While Kunj.

Kunj: its good idea we both go for holiday. Twinkle too feel good. Later twinkle come back with kunj food.She went near him and place the food tray on the table.. twinkle went to bed and started arranging the bed. While Kunj having his dinner nicely. Later Twinkle went take out her night dress. She takes and went in washroom. While Kunj done with his dinner he got up take the tray and went downstairs goes in kitchen to keep the plate in kitchen it’s the first time he did this.Twinkle come out the washroom she didn’t find kunj in room.She wiped her face with towel and went near dressing table.Twinkle removed her accessories.

She started combing her hair just than Kunj open the door and entered in room.

Twinkle see him from corner of his eyes. Kunj look at her.Kunj take out his laptop and sit on the bed.Twinkle done she to sit beside kunj.Twinkle see what he does in laptop.Kunj he was checking his mails and some presentation.Kunj look at her.find she wanted to say something to him but something stop her.So he asked her itself.

Kunj: what happened do you wanna say anything to me.. ???

Twinkle:no no nothing.I just how you will take permission from Mummy ji.

Kunj: why you worried about this leave everything on me.. you just say where were you wanted to go.!??

Twinkle:’let me think kunj??? Twinkle think for sometimes later.Kunj we should go Kashmir once what’s say??

Kunj:good idea..they both started seeing pictures on internet where they’ll stay and what place famous there. Happily they both enjoy and see Hotel twinkle choose the hotel it’s five star hotel.They take full package to roam Kashmir nicely.

Twinkle: Kunj I’m so excited to go Kashmir.

Kunj:good. It’s the first time you going Kashmir.??

Twinkle: yes and what about you??

Kunj: me numbers of times I went you know na my Nani staying there only.

Twinkle: means you know everything about this place.

Kunj:little you started your packing.

Twinkle:what about her??

Kunj:means leave her they’ll see her??no problem.

Twinkle:but I feeding her Kunj??

Kunj:hmmm but Bhabhi give her formula (milk powder) many times now she can have milk from bottle..

twinkle:I try to give her, but she didn’t drink milk from bottle just push. Let it be.

Kunj: If is more than take her with us problem solved..

twinkle: do you think Bhabhi will send her with us she got hyper when I take her with me to Taneja Mansion.

Kunj:it’s her problem twinkle. Now everything is final we are going I booked our tickets too.So it’s final we are going locked.Twinkle just smiling she was hell happy after so much pain and tears finally they both spend some quality time

together.Kunj just admire her smile. He got happy to see her happiness.

Kunj: (in heart he think) after so many months later she smiled hopefulLy I see smile on her face.I can give her small happiness after what she had done for me.It’s very small in front of hers.

Twinkle: Kunj you sleep I’ll come??

Kunj: where are you going now??

Twinkle:I’ll come after feed her it’s her feeding time if she sleeps bhabhi will scold me.She come and disturb our sleep in midnight so.

Kunj:okay go take her here rather than go there.

Twinkle:no if you started playing with her once kunj didn’t see the time. No.

Kunj:Kya twinkle hardly i get time to play with her whole day she with them before at least she come here to sleep now that also not..

Twinkle:hmmm.Now let me go kunj. Kunj making puppy faces while twinkle give him smile she got up and went downstairs.

Twinkle come in hall she finds maya and Sheetal were sitting together along with their kids piya and Rahul is 1 year old Sam age because they are twins babies

while Aayat is just 5 and half month old.

Sheetal both kids playing with Aayat. Twinkle went Near them and sit too.

Maya: Arey twinkle come good I’ll just call you now only.

Twinkle:woh I was busy in my work.

Sheetal:what work twinkle??Twinkle give her look. Aayat were looking at twinkle face.She licked her thumb making sound like Oooooo in baby language.

Maya:twinkle you take her before she started crying.

Twinkle:hmmm.Twinkle take Aayat in her arms.I’ll come.twinkle went in side room.

Twinkle entered in room.She went on bed and lay down make Aayat sleep near her. It’s very hard to feed her Aayat is impossible she takes so much time to drink.

Twinkle started feeding her.Twinkle switch off the lights and on dim light in that way she falls in sleep.

Twinkle:Aayat so

sadu is want to play with you but today he didn’t see you.Twinkle kissed on her

cheeks. After sometimes later twinkle didn’t feel anything that Aayat drinking milk.Twinkle check her she slept.Twinkle get up and take her in her arms patting on her back making her take burped. Later Aayat take burped. She get up and went downstairs.Twinkle went towards all. Maya looking for Aayat only.Twinkle give Aayat to maya.

Maya: thanks twinkle Arey Tum ne toh iss ko shula bhi diya good she takes hours to sleep.

Twinkle: it’s okay goodnight.

Maya: goodnight. Twinkle went in her room. While Sheetal look at her angrily.

Sheetal: Maya Bhabhi didn’t you feel that twinkle act so sweet with you now.

Maya: she always sweet with me it’s only me the one who act angry with her. Maya said this and went from there in her room.

Twinj [email protected]

Twinkle entered in her room.Kunj look at her and turned his eyes immediately. Twinkle lay down next to him..

Kunj: aagi haa.. you didn’t bring twinkle??

Twinkle: nope she slept peacefully.

Kunj aside his laptop and lay beside her.

Twinkle rest her head on his chest. Twinkle cuddles him tightly.

Twinkle:Kunj what to do you didn’t let her sleep. You make so difficult to feed her you tease Her lot while feeding.

Kunj: heheheh.. i didn’t..

twinkle:yes you are today she sleep so easily while i nourished her.

Kunj:whatever.. Kunj switch off the lights.

Soon sleep over took them.

Next day In evening. Everyone sitting enjoying tea and snack.While twinkle done their packing. Manohar speaking to his cousin brother on phone.’ Kunj just waiting for chance to tell him.Manohar get up and went in his room. And tell usha about that they were going to Mumbai to attend his cousin brother son wedding. Twinkle and Kunj Kashmir flight at night.

Usha tell everyone that they all going to Mumbai.Expect that twinkle because she was busy in work.Everyone packed their clothes in very few minutes.After they all sit for dinner.

Kunj: Papa I want to tell you something.

Manohar: before I please get ready on time because we have to leave at midnight. Kunj get confused..

Kunj:what i didn’t understand Papa..

where are you going??just than twinkle too come downstairs. And stand beside kunj.

Manohar: we all going to Mumbai for wedding he told him everything kunj get shocked..

Kunj: okay.. Papa even me too going out with twinkle.

Anant: where??

Kunj: woh Kashmir.

Usha: good. After dinner all went in their respective rooms.Twinkle change her clothes she get ready..

In maya and Anant room.

Maya:anant how can we take Aayat with us how I’ll Handel her..

Anant: hmm but what to do.. than send Aayat with them..

maya: what I can’t it’s so cold in Kashmir she will get ill Anant. Think about her too. It’s not important to go Kashmir they can go anytime wherever they wanted. Even twinkle feeding her too.Anyhow she fills Anant ears.After sometime later.They all come in hall. Kunj just waiting for twinkle.

Anant went to him.

Anant:Kunj I want to tell you something.

Kunj: what?? Everyone just looking at them.Twinkle come down and stand in side.

Anant: Kunj we all going to Mumbai and how maya take Aayat because twinkle feed her na.

Kunj: haa so????

Anant: so we can’t take her..

kunj: okay we take her with us..

maya: immediately Kunj this is the only one problem kunj because Aayat catch cold very soon. There weather is so cold it’s not good for Aayat. Twinkle just looking at maya she just controlled her rabidity.

Anant: so you don’t go these time you can go anytime after Twinkle stop her to feed. Maya smirked hide.kunj don’t know what to say he just looking at twinkle understand her expression.

Manohar: it’s fine kunj.After we come you and twinkle go.twinkle went in her room.

Kunj: okay..

Manohar: now lets go.. they all going by road. Maya give Aayat to kunj. And they all left and Kunj closed the door and went in his room.He was so scared very well knowing twinkle will kill him.. still he went.

Twinkle standing in anger she throws things on the bed. Twinkle turned and see kunj.

Twinkle: huhu.

Kunj: Twinkle yaar Listen to me once please.

Twinkle: why I’ll so easily they chopat our plan kunj. I’m so excited. Kunj take step towards her.

Kunj:yes I know what to do Twinkle. Please this time forgive me. Next time we’ll go.

Twinkle:huhh.. she went in washroom. Kunj place Aayat on bed. He got so happy because he got time to spend with Aayat. Nothing is not important more than Kunj to spend time with Aayat. All’s he wanted most but didn’t get it.. he knows twinkle get sad but he is happy ??.. Kunj take his clothes and change there only.Twinkle come out of the washroom. Aayat creeping on bed just rolling her body.They both lay down.Twinkle removed Aayat clothes and even her diaper in Oder to change.Twinkle went and take out her all necessary things. Just than she get call from Chinki. Twinkle received her call. And keep all things on the bed side table and sit on bed.While Kunj take Aayat near him.

Kunj tickling on her stomach while she laughs so out.

Twinkle: Yes chinki.

Chinki: how’s you..

twinkle: good. Twinkle lay down.She told each and everything to chinki.


Aayat:oo haaa.she just blabbering ooooooookunj enjoying it..

Twinkle see them. They both doing so much sound which Chinki too Listen.

Chinki: what she doing it??

Twinkle: playing with kunj bas.. now whole night they both doing this only..

Chinki:great. Kunj take Aayat on his chest make her lay her .. Kunj lifting her catch her back.

Twinkle: kunjj she will fall down..

Kunj: no let us play..Aayat just enjoying and laughing hard. Aayat biting Kunj cheeks with her gums. Making hischeeks wet.While Kunj enjoying very much..

Aayat pinch hisvery sharp nails on kunj face. And pulling Kunj hairs.too

Kunj: leave my hairs.. Kunj wearing ganji Tshirt. Aayat pulling and pointing her finger on kunj chest nip*le.Twinkle just busy with Chinki.

Kunj:you’ll not get anything here Aayat baby???.. Go there. Kunj lifting her back. Mistakenly Aayat head hit with kunj. Kunj like omg.. twinkle see this… Aayat started crying..

Kunj:shit don’t cry baby. Kunj take her in his arm try to stop her, but she didn’t. Twinkle get angry..

twinkle: chinki wait just a minute.. Kunj give her to me.. I told you still you didn’t listen to me haa. See her what you get haa. Kunj closed his eyes.. Kunj make her lay down beside her.Twinkle pulled her near her chest.twinkle adjusted her kurta.

Take her under her br*ast.Twinkle covered her with duptta. While Aayat removing that. She just doing this again and again. Kunj seeing this and giggles too.

Twinkle: chinki yaar I’ll talk to you later okay bye. This girl is impossible.

Chinki: okay bye. They end their calls.. Twinkle look at Aayat who giving her gum smile??..

Kunj: Twinkle I didn’t see anything new?. Which you hided from me but she didn’t let you do it too???.. twinkle give her look.. Aayat making sound like she cry.

Twinkle:bas bas Meri MAA.Twinkle feeding her.Aayat showing her hand to kunj like she flying. Kunj hold her hand kiss on her palm. Aayat making sound its sounded very comedy.kunj and twinkle controlling their laughs..

twinkle: stop it.

Aayat: huhu.. ooooooo..Aayat look at Kunj who having chocolate. Aayat look at chocolate she to wanting.. she leaves twinkle. Kunj give her chocolate in her mouth Aayat started licking.. twinkle open her eyes and see this..

Twinkle: kunjjj.

Kunj:see this twinkle she loved it..

twinkle:again you went to him.haa come drink first.both just wasting my time.. Aayat turned her face to twinkle and started drinking milk.. Kunj come near her ears.

Kunj: Aayat chocolate.. ??.

Aayat:hmmmm.. ???

Twinkle: don’t kunj please Aayat whole face dirty with mike. She done with milk and look at Kunj most chocolate kunj showing her chocolate pieces Aayat take out her tongue to licks the chocolate.

Kunj: what a combination twinkle chocolate and milk..???awesome tasty naa..chocolate shake ??..

Aayat lips area repleted with chocolate and milk..Aayat licking that..

twinkle: chiii.. Kunj.. and look at her how she enjoying it.. don’t you want to drink haa.. Aayat show her hand in no??..

Kunj: ufff twinkle..???..

twinkle:good don’t come to me he’ll feed you only huhu.. later Kunj started teasing her lot and make her irritated with this..

she makes annoying faces..

Twinkle:Kunj don’t do these na because of this I didn’t give her you.. Aayat started shivering due to ac. Kunj bas let me make her wear clothes.. and look at her she Didn’t wear diaper too she pee on your body.

Kunj: whatever ??let me play with her after many days later i get Time to play with her.. I’m so happy kissed on her cheeks.

Twinkle: huhh I knew it you get happy. After flop my holiday.

Kunj: hahha what to do twinkle yaar. I’m so happy today that’s I wanted to play with her now I get.. twinkle can see happiness in his eyes. Twinkle get up and drink water. Just than Kunj feel wet on his body.. he looks at Aayat who giving helpless look. Kunj look down closed his eyes in the way hogaya..???..

Kunj: Aayat why you did this..

twinkle: hehehe???good with you.. I love you my baby..

kunj: twinkle take her na please..

twinkle: pura chocolate shake nikhal Gaya. Give me.Twinkle take her.

Kunj get up. Ran in washroom. Twinkle just laughing on him..

twinkle: come baby I’ll clean you.Twinkle take out wipes and clean her.make her wear clothes.Twinkle kissed on her cheeks.Just than Kunj come out. After take bath..

Twinkle:Mr Sarna come good..

Kunj:don’t fly on 9 clouds.. Kunj went to bed.So what she can do anything.. I don’t have problem..???

twinkle: really..??. Kunj about to take her. Twinkle stop him. Kunj noo already she cried lot now no more. You just teasing her bas..didn’t let her drink peacefully. Aayat look at Kunj like she wants to go to him.

Twinkle: see this girl still want to go to you

Kunj: Aayat chokii??

I love to tease her my baby. Kunj kissed on her chin.

Twinkle: huhu.. don’t give this chocolate to her get baby.. she started talking with her. Aayat baby.. she just looking her both parents.They both kissed on her both kissed. Aayat Pinch her nails again on kunj face..

Kunj: twinkle cut her nails it’s so sharp..

Twinkle: it’s revenge Back. Next time don’t

Mess with my baby.. twinkle cuddles her tightly.Kunj Caressing her hairs..

Twinkle:it’s so good with her.

Kunj:my all stress just went somewhere after see her thing that babaji Give her.. twinkle let’s go for shopping.

Twinkle: no last week you went with Yuvi bring so many clothes for her my whole wardrobe filled up with her clothes only that coming out.. no more she had so much.They just dotting love on their daughter. End of flash back.

Present day @@

Twinkle and Kunj just looking each other and smiling too.

Twinkle: it’s so funny she pee on you.

Kunj: haa and chocolate shake ??..

twinkle:you are so dirty Kunj.. now sleep.

How bhabhi didn’t let us go Kashmir and insisted she and Anant Bhaiya roaming Mumbai come back after 1 week.

Kunj:forget twinkle..

Twinkle:haa that moments is so precious.

They both cuddles to Ansh and sleep.

Next [email protected]

Sunlight coming on twinkle face making her more beautiful.She feels uneasy because Ansh more coming in her arms.

Twinkle wake up she looks at Ansh.Who cuddling her so tightly.Twinkle kissed on his head. Anyhow she come out of Ansh grip and get up and went towards wardrobe take Their clothes she keeps all Ansh and Kunj necessary things on the table.after she takes her clothes and went in washroom. After a hour she come out of the washroom still find father and son sleeping.Twinkle went near dressing table and dry her hairs and get ready.

twinkle:ansh wake up.. twinkle went near him. Anshhhhhh… Ansh open his eyes and look at twinkle..

Ansh: mamma let me sleep..

twinkle:ansh wake up baby you’ll get late for your school.

Ansh: mamma I’ll go tomorrow not today.

Twinkle: why??? Today is your father wedding.Ansh nodding his head in no.. now get up fast.Before i started my action.

Ansh get scared and get up. Twinkle take him in washroom give him bath and while all the time he just caring sad face.. twinkle make him ready for school fully.

Twinkle: Kunj wake up..they both went downstairs.Ansh went in hall and sit there.

While twinkle goes in kitchen and started preparation for breakfast.After sometimes later everyone wakes up and get ready come for breakfast.Maya and Sheetal entered in kitchen in hand-to-hand. Twinkle ignore them.

Sheetal: see Maya Bhabhi today someone did all work..

maya: hmm.Twinkle take all things and place on the table. Maya and Sheetal smirked. And serving to everyone.Other side kunj wake up and get ready.he too come downstairs he went sit beside Anant.Twinkle take plate and went towards Ansh who sitting alone in hall.

Twinkle sit beside him.

Twinkle:ansh have your breakfast..

Ansh:I don’t want..

twinkle: why??

Ansh: mamma see Aayat didn’t go school why me..

twinkle: acha ifAayat will jump in well you will to go with her ha??

Ansh: no.

Twinkle: good now have.Twinkle started feeding him. After all done with Their breakfast. Aayat come and sit on kunj lap. Kunj sitting and working in laptop. Ansh take his bag and about to going while Aayat showing him tongues.

Ansh: mammaaa see her..

twinkle: Aayat.. you go ansh.. Ansh ran from here.Anant just seeing kunj and Aayat he didn’t like it. He makes face which seen by maya she get happy..

Anant: maya let’s go.

Maya: yes.

Aayat:Papa where are you going..

Anant: maya let’s go.he ignored her. Aayat feel this. Kunj please take her to doctor okay bye.

Kunj: okay bye.. maya and Anant left.

Kunj: Twinkle let’s go after I have meeting to attend.

Twinkle: okay. I’ll come.Twinkle bring kunj wallet which he left in room only.They all set to go.They sit in car and left. Usha see this her both daughter-in-law didn’t in formed her before going. While Manohar and om left office and Anjali or Usha too went somewhere.

After sometime later Kunj and twinkle reached the hospital.They come out of the car and went inside. Later nurse called them in dressing room. Aayat hold kunj hand tightly while her hand fully wet in tension.

Kunj:Aayat don’t worry.

Twinkle: yes let’s go.. they went inside. Nurse tell kunj and twinkle go out and wait but Aayat didn’t want to leave them. So nurse tell them stay here.Aayat lay down. Nurse started the process she open Aayat bandage she feel so pain while nurse removing the bandage.Aayat holding her both parents hands tightly.Later she started open the stitches Aayat crying hell.It’s so nosogenic.Later nurse done. She give her medicine to reduce her pain.

Aayat hugged kunj tightly sobbing in his arms slightly while Kunj just patting on her back.Kunj pay the bill and they left from here.

Twinkle:Aayat bas you both brother and sister same to same you call my baby cry baby what about you.?? What should I called you..

Kunj:haa don’t cry.Kunj cupped her face and wiped the tears.after kunj drop them Sarna Mansion. While Kunj about to going his office. His eyes went on the Anjali and Usha they both coming out from some baba place. Kunj feel strange.

Kunj: what MAA and di doing here haa. I’ll ask them later. They both sit and left while Kunj went in baba place and asked them about his mother and sister why they come here.. he told him and Kunj get shocked..Kunj left and office..

Other side twinkle sitting in her room.

Twinkle: how I’ll ask Aayat about how she falls down. Itself she didn’t tell me anything from there I get to know. First I’ll ask MAA how Aayat come to her.. twinkle call Leela she received after two and three rings..

twinkle: MAA.

Leela: yes Twinkle Puttar how’s you..

twinkle: I’m good I want to ask you one thing..

Leela: what??

Twinkle: MAA you bring Aayat to sleep with you..

Leela: no puttar.. I didn’t

Twinkle: then how she??

Leela: I was passing and my eyes went on Aayat who sleeping on the chair, so I take her with me. Even your Papa to get angry.

Twinkle get shocked how can they leave her alone..

twinkle: okay bas..

Leela:anything happened..

twinkle: no.. end the call.I told na something happened to her the way she behaves with Maya Bhabhi just staying away from her. Twinkle think something just than idea click in her mind.. she gives smile.Twinkle call someone and tell to give her whole cctv footage of that resort where Riya wedding happened. After so much insisted Twinkle received all footage of Riya wedding.Twinkle lock her room and started watching. First all Riya parts coming.Twinkle cutting them.. twinkle see the spot where maya and Aayat together.

Twinkle eyes just stuck on the phone screen.Twinkle see maya hold Aayat hand while Aayat try to remove her hands. Maya leave Aayat hand with jerk. And Aayat falls down on the stairs which twinkle can see she get shocked. See her small soul rolling on the stairs. Her eyes filled with numbers of tears. Twinkle just shut her eyes and off the phone.

Twinkle:chiii how dare she did this.. and hospital she puts all blame on me haa itself she was culprit and acting so nice that she caress for my Aayat till now I just thinking that she had problems with me but not with Aayat but she is so nasty woman. Neither I can’t tell this to kunj if I tell him he reacted unbelievably that I don’t want this time I’ll Handle.I Can’t fill anything bad in Aayat heart for Maya Bhabhi.End of the day she is her mother that she doesn’t understand. Whole day passed like this.Later Kunj come from office he directly went in Anjali room.


Anjali: yes chote..

Kunj: where were you went today.

Anjali: no why?? Usha come there. Kunj look at on Anjali hands legs which swollen so badly..

Usha: what happened kunj..

Kunj:how can MAA you can do this.. you take di there why??

Usha:what you talking about.

Kunj:don’t hide anything MAA I saw you both today outside of that baba place.

Now Anjali and Usha understand.

Usha: woh..

Kunj: MAA once I told you that I’ll get best doctors for di but this is not good. And you di Doctor told you taking some other medicines but you deny because of this things swelling coming on di body.. it’s very risky for her can’t you understand you just behind her.

Usha:haa I’m only wrong haa you can’t see my daughter empty hand but I can I’m her mother Kunj.

Kunj: what you will get and what will happen with this nonsense pooja and havan ha maa.. it’s good to faith on god but not like this MAA you give pain to di you take her to doctor for her baby that’s fine MAA but this.

Usha: haa I just wanted happiness comes in her life too she too not stay like Anant alone.

Kunj:what you mean like Anant haa MAA.

Please don’t add Anant Bhaiya in this.

Talking about di.. we all wanted she to become mother but not like this.

Usha: I know kunj but.. people talking rubbish about Anjali..

Kunj: MAA I told before people talking about Maya Bhabhi too that time too I told you let them speak it’s their mouth..

Usha: hmm hope her pregnancy reports comes positive.

Kunj: yeah MAA next time you will do take di anywhere…. get it.. Kunj went in his room.

Like this day were passing.everything is normal twinkle just watching maya how she behave with Aayat. So today is mahi baby shower function. Twinkle was getting ready while Kunj come from behind give her tight back hug rest his chin on her shoulders.

Kunj: looking very pretty.

Twinkle:thanks.this function is so beautiful na kunj.

Kunj: hmm I remember on your baby shower time you didn’t fit in your dress.. ?.

Twinkle:it’s only you who always behind me eat this and that make me so fatty.

Kunj: hmm good but you become so fatty but inside in you baby comes so tiny. Why???you didn’t give her anything

Twinkle:don’t make fun of me. Only I know how I carry your babies in my womb.They both didn’t sit peacefully in my stomach now too. ?. I’m so happy for mahi and yuvi.

Kunj:even I’m too.

Twinkle: hmm let’s go everyone must be waiting for us only.they both hold each other hand come down everyone just waiting for them only.. They all sit to go luthra.. Sit in their cars and left.soon they reached luthra mansion.

Luthra mansion decorating so beautiful.

All went inside. Their closed all family friends comes. Kunj went near malika and Nikhil they both standing together.Kunj joint them.

Kunj: hey love birds???..

Nikhil: hii..

Malika: o kunj.

Kunj: when you both will tie in on knock ?we go get chance to come in your baby shower ?????.,

Malika: shut up.. first I’ll come in twinkle baby shower.

Kunj: her baby shower happened long back malika now it’s your turn??.Just than Yuvi come.

Yuvi: what’s going on..

Kunj: nothing malika just planing for her baby shower..

Yuvi: what???first enjoy mahi think about yours later ??.

Malika: itself he just telling this.

Nikhil: yes. After sometimes later mahi coming down with twinkle mahi wearing red colour lehenga flowing her baby bumped she look so cute.. Kunj see twinkle recalled their old memories how twinkle come like her.twinkle bring mahi down and make her sit on the jhula which decorated by flowers. Mahi looking at Yuvi who giving her smile back.

Kunj: bas Yuvi beta left your smile for delivery day?..

Yuvi: chup saale forget your time haa..

Kunj: hmm between my time and yours very different.

Yuvi: how???

Kunj:jeshe day was coming near to twinkle delivery that fear too started in our heart that baby didn’t stay with us like you.

See mahi how she is so happy on her baby shower but twinkle didn’t Yuvi. I know somewhere I was the reason behind her sadness her beautiful days I make turn in to pain.

Yuvi:hmm let it be bro. While Aayat just looking at mahi and thinking.

Aayat: when I asked my mamma about her baby shower she didn’t say anything. Twinkle chachi told me that maya baby shower didn’t happen because I’m special baby but see now mahi massi celebrating why not mamma every baby is special but I’m more special why???.after some time old ladies tell all men’s go out.They all went.They started baby shower ceremony.

Anita come near mahi give gifts in her joli. And whispered something in her ears which make her smile like this one by one did. But someone stop maya that she can’t do this.

Old lady: Anita don’t you know about rules.

Anita: but let her na.

Old lady:we all know about maya. Aayat open her ears why that lady stop her mother.Twinkle eyes went on Aayat.before that lady speak that MAA didn’t allow because she can’t become mother. Twinkle went near Aayat pulled her take in side..

maya:okay it’s fine.even I’m not interested. Aayat just look at twinkle. Before Aayat speak something twinkle message kunj that come take Aayat outside with him. Kunj come take her. Aayat just shocked. Twinkle get relief.

Twinkle: uff baba ji.. if she Listens this very big blunder happened today. Twinkle Listen old lady telling something to maya twinkle went near them..

twinkle: stop this nonsense. And aap in what dream you living we didn’t follow this rules that time too you did this tell that If Maya Bhabhi in this rasam something will happen to baby.. haa. Nothing didn’t happen to her baby she is fine stop giving pain to someone.. all agreed with twinkle. Mahi tell maya that she can to do this. Maya went near mahi give her gifts and whisper something in ears.All get happy.. after this rasam too done. All men’s come back to in hall.

Aayat and Ansh sitting together.

Ansh: Aayat what you were thinking.

Aayat: ansh sometimes i feel that my mamma is not my mother..

Ansh:what and why???

Aayat:see today mahi massi did baby shower but my mamma didn’t it’s not wired.

Ansh:hmm right but mamma told you na.

You are special baby..

Aayat:but why I’m only special baby not you.. you know what Ansh my mamma didn’t like when I’m with kunj Chachu and twinkle chachi.. if I went in your room first from school mamma tell Papa and he stop talking to me why??

Ansh:Arey MAA and daddy loves you lot that’s why and you are MAA daughter only. Don’t think these okay. Twinkle Listen this all from side..

twinkle:o baba ji these thing started coming in Aayat mind but from where. I have to tell this kunj. But before I have to deal with Maya Bhabhi.after dinner all went back to their place.

At Sarna [email protected]@@

Anjali get call from doctor after listen to her she get so happy her happiness has no boundaries. This seen by kunj..

Kunj:what you got..

Anjali:chote wohhhh. My report come positive anjali eyes filled with tears.. all listen this and get happy like hell. Kunj hug Anjali..

Kunj: I told you na di.. see..

Anjali: Hmm. Om standing beside kunj only.

Om: usha maa now you are happy.

Usha: yes..

Anjali: But chote something happened again.. Kunj cupped her face.

Kunj: nothing will happen this time I’m with you always di you just tell me I’ll come immediately and om hai na MAA Papa everyone.just be happy.He kissed on Anjali for head.

Kunj:think finally my di get happiness. Whatever MAA and Papa did for us it’s un forgettable don’t know in what way I’ll give them happiness.They love us very much.

All congratulations to om and Anjali.

After they went in their room..

maya coming from her room twinkle see her went to her..

twinkle:I want to talk to you.

Maya:yes tell.

Twinkle: not here come with me.. they both went in side.

Maya:yes speak now.

Twinkle:mahi told each and everything whatever happened with Aayat how they handle Aayat. Maya Bhabhi how Aayat falls. Maya look at her and get tensed..

maya: itself she falls.

Twinkle:jhoot Maya Bhabhi I know each and everything. She Didn’t fall but you make her fall down why?? Didn’t your soul stop you before doing this haa??

Maya: how can you put blame on me did I call kunj..

twinkle:sure let him too know about his Bhabhi haa. Twinkle saw her video maya surprised from where she got.

Maya: so what. Intentionally i didn’t do it. She just wanted you only twinkle. She ignores me because of you that I can’t digest this. This give me pain twinkle.

Twinkle:chii than why you make her to hate yourself haa. If something happened to her what will you do Maya Bhabhi.

From where you get her back. Today people crying for Their kids and you do this. If you will kill her me and kunj didn’t say uff because she is your daughter but what doing it’s not good neither I’ll let you do it too.Most we are that position to lose her.Don’t know she is important for you or not but me and my husband very much Maya Bhabhi. If you wanted me to’ll not tell thiskunj than be in yours limits..

maya:what you mean you blackmailing me haa.Bas twinkle chachi whole.Huhu.

Twinkle: why you jealous with me.. don’t be I’ll never devour her from you that you understand. Twinkle said this and leave.

Maya: what this twinkle think about herself haa she blackmailed me my foot,

Maya smirked this all Sheetal heard.

Sheetal: aww maya Bhabhi your tears just for fake heheh????..,

Maya:just wait and watch twinkle the way I always bear pain because of you. You have kids but I don’t have I didn’t give waris to this family. You give Ansh. You Have most of the properties. Maya went from here while Sheetal clapping itself.

Sheetal:Loha Garam Hai Maardo Hathoda.(strike while the iron is hot.) ????. Both side fair is equally lit up Sheetal rani now it’s your turn break them like ashes.. ???.. twinkle twinkle and maya maya ufff Great opportunity I get.

Next scene @

Twinkle changed her clothes and come sit beside kunj. Her hairs coming on her face kunj tucked them behind her ears.

Kunj: kya hi rubbing his nose against her neck.

Twinkle:Nahi kunj..

Kunj: when I see mahi your face coming in front of my eyes how beautiful you look with your baby bumps.Twinkle look at him. Kunj fingers on her cheeks.But you swelled your eye so much.

Twinkle:huhu whole day cried so much.

That fear my baby went away from me.

Kunj: acha ?.. Same to me.Kunj caress her face. Ansh already slept.. Kunj bring his face near her.. twinkle understand.

She closed her eyes in process to give him permission. Immediately Kunj garb her lips.

Both feeling so good. Releasing Their stress.Both kissing each other passionately. After they both Break the kiss ? due to lack of oxygen. Kunj winked at twinkle. While she slap on his cheeks playfully.

Twinkle: shameless ??..

Kunj: uff. I’m.. I didn’t feel sleepy twinkle what do you way kunj lifted his eyes brows in what way twinkle understand.

Twinkle: but I feel sleepy so.. let me sleep kunj. Your idea will not work out.

Kunj: siyappa Queen ?.They both lay down.

Twinkle:I’m so happy for di..

Kunj:even me too.They both said goodnight to each other’s give quick pecked to each other’s and sleep.


How was the episode???

I hope you all like it…

Sorry I’m late because my grandma is not well.. so sorry.. if anything this not well in episode..

bye love you all..

many more drama coming ????..

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    Anant aur maya dono ek jaise h ye desrve hi nhi krte aayat ko
    Flashback scene awesome & sooo cute
    Twinkle dialogue TODAY UR FATHER WEDDING. Heeheeeheee bechara ansg ????
    Yuhi & anom ke liye best day tha dono couple parents banne wale h
    Bas niki anjali ke liye koi problem na kre
    Aur maya sheetal to ek din bahut pitegi kunj se aur me wait karugi us din ka??
    Post soon dear
    Luvvvv u sweetheart ???

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