Love Ka Hai Intezaar 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Ayaan manages to get the antidote

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 28th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vijaylaxmi acting and apologizing to Madhavi, to fail and not get Ayaan for her. Ayaan comes there. Vijaylaxmi says my prediction can never be wrong. Madhav says we should ask Ayaan why did he come. He asks Ayaan s there anything imp. Ayaan sits on his knees and proposes Madhavi. He confesses love to her. Madhav smiles. He says I want to marry you and spend life with you, will you marry me.

Kamini makes Mohini ready. Mohini asks them to take rest. Kamini says when will we get a chance again to make you ready as groom, this necklace is matching. Mohini thinks of Ayaan’s words. Rajmata asks how did this happen. Vijaylaxmi says we didn’t tell you so that you don’t get tension. Madhav asks Ayaan what happened, tell the truth, is he doing this in someone’s pressure. Ayaan cries.

Doctor says Inder has less time, call Ayaan. Ayaan recalls Vijaylaxmi’s words and lies that he has realized love for Madhavi. Madhavi agrees. Ayaan gets sad. Vijaylaxmi thanks him for fulfilling Madhavi and her dreams. She acts sweet. She hugs him and gives him antidote. He runs. Madhavi thanks Vijaylaxmi for getting Ayaan. She says I got what I wanted.

Kamini compliments Mohini. Mohini thinks Vijaylaxmi’s bad sight caught them. Kamini asks her to call Ayaan. Mohini calls Ayaan and asks did you get antidote. He says yes. She says thank God, our sacrifice worked, I m sending you a video, show it to your parents, they will cancel the marriage. He refuses. She says we have to do this. He cries and asks who will take care of me, its all over. She asks him to reach home fast and save his dad. Kamini comes and asks is she still talking to Ayaan, she can stay with him forever. Mohini asks Ayaan to come soon. She tells about pandit’s problem. Kamini says we will celebrate after marriage. Mohini worries.

Vasu worries for Inder and cries. Ayaan reaches with antidote. Mohini asks Sheetal to send the video to Ayaan’s parents. Madhav thinks it happened as Vijaylaxmi said, I will know truth from her today. He gets a letter and checks. He reads the lines which Ayaan said. He says this is Vijaylaxmi’s writing, its like Rana gave me a letter and asked me to tell people. He gets shocked.

Madhavi asks what happened. Madhav shows the letter. Ayaan asks why did dad not get conscious. Doctor says maybe it got late. Ayaan cries and hugs him.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Lakshmi Suma Devarasetty

    Hate this Vijayalaxmi character

  2. Heard this serieal too will end by the month end…
    So Culprits will win in their whole life and the day they will be punished: the serial will end.. whY can’t cv show good moments at least for a week or so..

    1. They never did.most of the time they are showing all goodness only on climax day that is also some time just 10 minutes.

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