Love Ka Hai Intezaar 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Ayaan confesses love to Mohini

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 22nd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayaan meeting Madhavi. She says we will talk all night. He thinks Mohini will be coming. He asks what will she have. She says you, I mean your attention, did you forget my choice. He orders coffee. They have a talk. He keeps seeing time. She asks what’s wrong, you are looking at your watch, is it new, show me. He says I have a business meeting, we will meet tomorrow. She says wait, I need to ask something. He sees Mohini coming and gets tensed. He hides and thinks if Mohini sees him with heroine.

Madhavi says we are good friends right, did you ever think….. He says I have to go with dad, let’s go please, we will meet tomorrow, I just have to rush. He takes Madhavi and leaves. Mohini waits for him. Ayaan asks Madhavi to go. He gets Mohini’s call and lies to Madhavi. Madhavi asks him to answer. He answers. He sends Madhavi and runs back to the cafe. Mohini says why did Ayaan call me dad, is there any lie again.

Ayaan meets her. She asks in front of whom did you call me dad, you lie well, its tough to detect, you have hidden that you are a rich man’s son. He says I m not rich, my dad is rich, I m tired of all this, everyone gives importance to my surname, everyone got friendly with me as I m rich, I just hate that, everyone has seen me externally, none tried to know me within. She says if you told me truth, I would have stayed away. He says its good I didn’t say.

She asks why. He says I would have got away from fun moments and free living, forget what happened before, it doesn’t matter. She says you have sworn to become choreographer, so what happened. He says sometimes our dreams have to be sacrificed to fulfill other’s dreams, I have learnt this from you. She asks whose dreams are you talking about, your parents. He says leave it, I m not afraid to say that our meet was destiny, how two strangers met and stayed in a house. She asks what do you want to say. He says I want to say, that I love you. She gets shocked and looks at him.

She says what did I think before coming here, I didn’t expect this, now I understand why you were helping us. He says don’t link the two things, I would have helped anyone, I m not forcing you, I just said what was in my heart, I didn’t think, feelings came out, you decide what you have to. She says I m getting late. He gives her loan papers. She says you keep this, the day I return your money, I will take papers. Waiter gives him remaining money from first table. Mohini asks were you here, you are a puzzle, I don’t know whatever you said is true or not. She goes. Ayaan asks waiter what would have happened if he kept the remaining money. He thinks Mohini can also hate men like Kamini now.

Ayaan’s parents see the light on. His mum says he is busy in office work. His dad says he didn’t say why he took 17 lakhs, is there anything else. She says you think a lot, come. Ayaan sees Mohini’s pic and says since I met you, my life changed, I m not the one who I was before. Mohini thinks Ayaan is a liar, but today there was a truth in his eyes. Kuch to hua hai…..plays….. Madhavi and Mohini think of Ayaan. Ayaan thinks of Mohini. He thinks I can do anything to get your love, I m ready to put everything on stake. Kamini sees Mohini and smiles. She stops and sees Mohini in someone’s thoughts. She gets worried and thinks of Madhav.

Its morning, Madhavi calls Ayaan and asks when are you meeting me. He says I will call you back. His dad waits for him. His mum says I will see him, maybe he worked late night. Ragini asks Mohini to have tea. Kamini asks where are you going. Mohini says for rehearsals. Kamini says you were going to meet Ayaan. Mohini says yes, I met him yesterday, I told him I will return his money and then take papers. She goes. Kamini thinks is Mohini in love.

Kamini says Mohini is not ready to forget that guy. Mohini asks Ayaan is he serious about her. He replies I love you. Madhav thinks I won’t let wrong happen with Madhavi, I will get her married to Ayaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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