Love Ka Hai Intezaar 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Ayaan saves Mathurs

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 17th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vijaylaxmi insulting Rajmata. Madhav comes drinking. She says if I did not care for my public image, I would have made him out of this house. Rajmata says you are responsible for this. Vijaylaxmi says its his weakness and I m blamed. Madhav and Vijaylaxmi argue. Rajmata says Madhav is your husband, this kind of behavior is not good with him. Vijaylaxmi says I teach the world, don’t teach me.

Madhav says right, this marriage is just a formality, you will not understand emotions, I have bear this burden just for my daughter, else I would have left this relation and house ever, you also know what I was. She says you are not now. He says that’s it, I m not hungry. He goes. Servant goes to remove wine bottles. Vijaylaxmi scolds the servant and keeps the bottle. She says I took years to sink you in wine, you have become helpless and came in my hand, this is your medicine.

Kamini praises Mohini’s cooking. Ayaan sneezes. Kamini asks from where is this sound coming, is there anyone in guest room. Mohini says I was going to tell you, you are right. Manikchand and his goons break inside the house. He demands 17 lakhs. They all ask him to give them some time. Ayaan looks on. Manikchand says I can’t wait now, give the amount today itself or give this house. The goons break the house. Ragini gets hurt and cries. Kamini and Mohini hold her. Ayaan thinks Kamini shouldn’t see me, but I can’t see this torture. Manikchand asks them to sign. Mohini takes a bottle and breaks it. She asks Manikchand to leave, else she will kill him. Manikchand says I won’t do anything, I will go.

Manikchand smiles and catches her. He aims the broken bottle at her neck. Ayaan gets angry. Ragini says leave her. Kamini says leave my sister. Manikchand pushes her. Ayaan looks on. Manikchand says its just a start, see what happens next. Ragini says you want the house, give me papers, I will sign. Ragini takes the papers. Kamini says don’t give this house, its our world, don’t sign. Manikchand says my dream will be fulfilled, come on sign, else….. Ragini cries.

Kamini and Mohini ask her not to sign. Ayaan comes and kicks Manikchand. He beats the goons. Kamini gets shocked seeing him. Goon beats Ayaan. Ayaan fights back. Kamini says he is same doctor, how did he come here suddenly. Mohini worries.

Kamini says this guy can’t stay here. Ayaan leaves. Mohini says you really get mad sometimes. Kamini slaps her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I just dont understand theses types of plots…After everything Kamini is living just as Rana wanted..destitute…what was the point of the romance between prince n her.
    At least he could have had a son to contend for his status..

  2. Celebrities and common people are getting a prince is suffering and his famous actress lover and mother also.moreover cunning people are getting what they want.just disgusting.

  3. This serial is getting boring just dragging the story?

  4. This serial lost the plot as soon as it started.. “love ka hai intezar”.. and the 2 main leads have no idea what is happening with their lives.

    Please take it off air and spare us the torture.

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