Love just happens-manan (episode 5)

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Hello everyone how are you all hope you are fine I know I know I’m very very !ate but please try to understand I was very busy sorry??thanku to those who commented on my last post and plz do comment on this one as well OK done with my talks let’s continue the story
Manan moments
Part 5

Manik attends the call

M:tum logon KO abhi hi call karni this

C:acha an him tughy call bhi nahi karsakty

A:Han an inko hamari yaad kahan at I ho GI

D:Han shai kaha tum NY aliya

M:shut up u all

And then manik talked to them and after finishing went to nandni’s room who was sleeping peacefully manik went near her and kissed her forehead

Next day In India

C:gyes I’m going to Delhi for two days

D:yaar pehly manik our ab tu

C:yaar samajhny ki kochih Karo ager manik yahan par hota toh mein nahi jata

M:chal koi nai tu ja

In murthi mansion

Na:dad I’m going to delhi for two days

Murthi:itni jaldi

Na:ji dad actually wahan per koi problem ho gai hai toh mujhy Jana ho ga

M:OK as u wish

Both cavya leaves from their houses for delhi

In malhotra mansion

Dhrliya and mukhti were sitting when Alia gets a call and she gets panik

D:what happened Alia

A:dhruv actually my latest dresses designs got stolen and they are asking me to come there but I can’t go because bhaiya is coming from Australia after 5 years I really wanted to go to the airport to pick him but……………(actually in my ff manik has asked fab4 to as well follow their dreams along with the music and Alia wanted to be a fashion desinger)

D:it’s OK Alia mukhti and me will go and pick harshad from airport

A:no dhruv I need you bcz u know me how much hyper I become when I am in situation like this

Hearing this mukhti spits the water from her house

A:what happened mukhti

Mukhti while coughing:u mean that I’ll go and pick him from airport alone


Mu:no not at any cost

D:but y mukhti??????

Mu:I don’t know but I’m not going alone

A:plz mukhti try to understand

Mu:no plz u try to understand

A:it means that u don’t like my bhai and she turns her face on the other side sadly

Mu:it’s not like that aloo but…….

A:but what yaar

My:OK fine I’ll go

A:that’s like my bestie

A:dhruv we shall leave now

And dhruliya leaves after they go mukhti sits on the sofa and says

Mukhti to herself:what the hell u did mukhti how can u agree to go and pick him up how u will face him god what will happen and she starts to panick and then she raise her hand little bit and says OK mukhti calm down it’s not a big deal u just have to go and pick him and then come to ur home but it seems easy but it isn’t ahhhhhhhhhhhh

In Delhi

Cabir’s work was done and navya’s as well

Cabir to himself:yaar kaam toh ho gya I guess I should go to any restuarent to have my dinner

While navya found a dhabba and went there while cabir founding the dhabba interesting went there when he came inside he saw navya sitting there

Cabir to navya:hy


C:tum yahan

N:Han actually kuch kaam tha iss liye

N:our tum

C:mein bhi kaam ky lite hi aya that

N:come let’s have dinner together

They both sits and a boy comes and asks them what they want to have they order dal chawal(rice and pulse)after five minutes their food comes cabir use the spoon while navya was eating with her hand navya saw him and said

N:why the hell you are eating with spoon

C:how can I eat without using spoon

N:with ur hand

C:I don’t know how to eat it with hand

N:come I’ll teach u

And navya was taughting him but he was unable to hold them in his hand so navya with her hand started feeding him cabir was looking at her not looking but you can say starring????

While dhruvliya work was done but due to fog they decided to wait there Alia saw an icecream seller Alia demanded for an ice cream dhruv who can’t say no to her bought the ice cream they both were having ice cream and walking along with talking


No response


D:yes alia

A:where you are lost


A:tell na

And both of them sits on a bench beside a tree

D:nothing I was just thinking if manik cabir u and mukhti won’t be there with me what will I do how will I leave without u people if niyonika aunty wouldn’t have helped me what I would have done

A:oho dhruv you think so much(and she keeps her head on his shoulders )if we wouldn’t have been there someone else would have been There for you

And they both kept talking and slept there

In morning

Mukhti went to the airport to take harshad.harshad came Out mukhti saw him and he as well saw her they both shared a deep eyelock


What manik to propose nandni,mukhti got cut on her hand what’s harshad and mukhti’s secret.dhruv thinking about Alia.navya getting mad at cabir

Soooo done with my update please do comment and I want be able to update bcz of exams if anybody have any requests about any of the couple or manan’s proposal please tell I will be glad to fulfill your wishes and sorry for not adding manan scenes I just want to tell that both of them are busy in their work and their last days together are soon going to come bye

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