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As per the previous episode,you gotta read that Dhaani and Viplav are trying their best to go with the flow and accept this relation for the kids..

Now moving on to today’s episode……

Kids are happily enjoying their breakfast while Viplav is watching the happy faces of munchkins while having his breakfast…Unknowingly,his gaze is then fixed at Dhaani…. He smiles…. The trance gets broken by Su and Rishi running after finishing their breakfast happily shouting…playtime….yayyyyyyyy….. He looks at the kids when Dhaani looks on thinking what was Viplav looking at…. Viplav passes a slight smile with a little embarrassment while Dhaani goes from there towards the kitchen with the plates…. Kanak observes Viplav while Shaalu too smiles realizing this…and thinks…Dhaani Bhaabi is the one who would make her Bhaai happy…and the family would get complete…and then looks up smiling thinking about Richa… Viplav finishes his breakfast and goes to get ready for his office……

On reaching his room,Viplav goes to change.Few minutes later when he comes out after changing,he hears the phone ringing.He realizes Dhaani left her phone in the room. He then goes to get the phone for her and sees MAA flashing on the phone…. He then decides to pick up the phone.. He hesitantly picks up the call… Meenakshi,on the other side looks on realizing Viplav picked up the call… and they exchange few words..Realizing Viplav hesitating to talk more,Meenakshi smiles and asks him to take care and hangs up the phone… Viplav sighs..Just then,Dhaani enters the room and sees her phone with Viplav… Viplav quickly says Maa called so he picked up the call… Dhaani smiles and then says he does not need to inform her for simply picking a call on her phone…Viplav passes a smile..and then goes from there taking his laptop bag and few files with him…while Dhaani smiles…

Viplav sees the kids playing and goes to them… Seeing Viplav ready for office,Rishi and Su pout…Viplav chuckles seeing them..He then says he is gonna come soon…Rishi smiles… and says till then we will play with mommy… Viplav kneels down and says okay… have fun my love…and plants kisses in their forehead… They giggle and run back to play…while Viplav turns to go.He stops on hearing a voice… Dhaani asks him to drive safely… Viplav turns to her and passes a small smile… Dhaani too smiles… Viplav reminisces how Richa used to tell him the same holding his hand lovingly…and Dhaani reminisces telling same to Suhaan every time he went out… Before the flashes of the car accident could weaken her,her trance gets broken by Viplav saying he is leaving…Dhaani nods with a sigh…Viplav leaves and Dhaani too goes from there….

Moments later,Dhaani calls Meenakshi and the duo talk about several things…When Dhaani is asked about Rishi and Su,Meenakshi realizes that Dhaani is happy with this new relation as she can feel her daughter’s words..and all the love for Rishi and Su….. When Rishi and Su come running to her…she keeps the phone aside and hugs them… When Rishi asks if she was doing something,Dhaani replies showing the phone..She takes them in her lap…and then says Maa…kids are here…Looking at the kids,she asks if they wanna talk to grandma…. They smile… Hearing kids squealing in happiness,Meenakshi too smiles…and wipes the happy lone tear.

After a brief talk with their grandma,the kids run back to their room and Dhaani asks them not to run fast with a smile plastered on her face. Moments later,she is seen talking to Shaalu about random things. Kanak is with kids as they wanted their grandma to play with them..Shaalu talks about assisting Viplav someday and smiles working on her project..Dhaani smiles listening to her… Shaalu then asks Dhaani if she is passionate about business.. Dhaani looks on..Shaalu too realizes what she just asked and hurriedly looks at Dhaani…Dhaani has a faint smile on her lips..She sighs and says not before Suhaan went… She gathered herself to handle the work till Suhaas was ready to assist her and then take over… Seeing Shaalu regretting asking the question,Dhaani asks her not to feel bad.She has no complaints about her question… Shaalu hugs Dhaani and then goes..Dhaani looks on thinking about office… and then her conversation with Viplav about  not wanting his financial support to that extent… She sighs… and then grabs her phone to dial a number. On the phone she tells the other person that she wants the details of the transactions. On getting some response,she hangs up and says she needs to talk about this with Vip…Viplav…and everyone….She sighs.. Kanak comes to her.Seeing Dhaani hesitating to talk about something,Kanak assures her with a smile..Dhaani smiles as Kanak caresses her hair,Dhaani says that she wanted to work. Kanak looks on and asks her how could she think of.Dhaani looks on realizing Kanak’s anger…and quickly says she will not if…she…. Seeing Dhaani short of words,Kanak cups her face…and smiles… She asks Dhaani if she really thought her as a cruel,conservative mother-in-law..Dhaani looks on confused… Kanak then keeps her hand over Dhaani’s hand and says she will support her in her good works..and if she wants to work,then nobody would have any problem.Dhaani smiles… and asks really Maa???? Seeing Dhaani chirping in happiness… Kanak replies… Yes…. Dhaani hugs her…and Kanak too hugs her caressing her hair…and kissing her on her forehead… Dhaani then looks at Kanak and says she should talk to Viplav about it.. Kanak then says that she needs to share the news with him….he will be happy…. Dhaani smiles and goes chirping when kids come to take her for playing with them… Kanak looks at them happily…..

Scene changes, Dhaani is watching kids having fun with Shaalu… She then glances at the clock …Just then Viplav comes home… Seeing Viplav home,kids run to him and give that heart warming smile.. Viplav too smiles and engulfs them in a warm hug… He then glances at Dhaani who before looking at him,stands up to prepare something to eat for Viplav… Viplav excuses himself to freshen up while kids get busy in their own world…

Scene changes,Viplav is now with kids having fun… He notices Dhaani lost in thoughts and wonders what happened to her. He glances  at the kids playing and then goes to Dhaani… He clears his throat and Dhaani looks at him…. He sits beside her and looks at her.. while Dhaani looks on.. Dhaani hesitates to initiate the conversation. Seeing this,Viplav asks her to tell if there is something,her friend is ready to hear…Dhaani looks at him and passes a smile.Seeing Dhaani smiling,Viplav also passes a light smile. Dhaani then says…she was thinking about joining the business venture she started years ago in Mumbai.. Viplav looks on…and says he had no idea about the business in Mumbai… Dhaani says after getting married …and sighs…She continues saying..she thought she will do it later as she wanted to enjoy the love of the family she never got… Viplav gives a clueless look…Dhaani looks at him…and says she had no idea Suhaan would leave her and go like that…after that she was busy in office with Suhaas and she never got time to think about the business venture she planned to handle…

Dhaani tells Viplav about her plans to handle the business venture in Mumbai as she had to manage the office in Delhi..after Suhaan went… Dhaani has tears in her eyes threatening to roll down her cheeks..She wipes them..Viplav looks at her… She whispers thank you to him… Viplav passes a small smile…and says she should go for work…and he is ready to help her in any manner… Dhaani looks on..and asks if he will really help her… Viplav smiles…and says he will…Dhaani smiles… and chirps happily…. Viplav’s lip curl up to flash that heart-warming smile he ownedd… Dhaani looks at him… Viplav then says a friend in a need is a friend in deed… right? Dhaani smiles…. And says yes…..

Days pass,months pass,Viplav and Dhaani had that bond of friendship with them that grew stronger ..Love was yet to be realized..For now..…Dhaani was trying hard in setting her business that she planned…Seeing her making plans for work…and then taking care of family..Viplav  used to help her sometimes in official works….To let Dhaani focus in the venture…he used to spend time with kids… Dhaani was thankful to him…for being there for her… They had that bond of trust,care between them… During this,Dhaani told Viplav that she planned to work just to fulfill the condition they talked about before their wedding…and then Dhaani admits that she really wants to work ..that would not be only to show her independence… but her happiness in contributing… her happiness in seeing happy faces of people whom she loves and who love her… Viplav listens to her…and then smiles.. Dhaani then says she is really thankful to him for understanding her…Viplav asks her not to say so…and chuckles remembering their conditions they had put forth….They were still on the path of discovering the love…

There were moments they used to get lost in their past…They would weep silently…They knew that they had been crying for sometime….but both of them did not question each other…They knew that their stories were similar..Dhaani and Viplav both lost the love of their life… But they never went back to the feeling they used to have once when remarriage thingy came up…the feeling of cheating your love…Both Viplav and Dhaani had their own shares of talks they were not sharing… Viplav never opened up that bit about Richa…while Dhaani had only told few things about Suhaan and her… They were giving each other the space they needed as husband wife..and the most important thing was that they were just cherishing the friendship now in the relation they made out of the need for their kids…. Time passed….Kids were all set to join school now… Dhaani and Viplav had to go for their admission….They were literally excited thinking about joining the school..getting  a new environment….meeting lots of friends…and various fun things…..Dhaani and Viplav…both were happy to see Rishi and Su smiling …

PRECAP: Kids’ first day at school

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  1. Awwwwww sujjieee awesome episode dear…
    I should appreciate u for ur writing skills….u r not dragging like serials and also mentioning scenes which are important….
    I hope that they both will realize their love soon…..
    And don’t be sorry because ur late was covered up reni with 2 long episodes…
    Hey in this episode u didn’t mentioned Raj and suhaass…I love those 2 characters….
    I am eagerly waiting for ur next update….
    Come soon sujjie…
    Love u…??
    Take care dear??

    1. Sujie

      Hey Lalitha…Thank you for the good words dear….
      I am really glad that you loved it…..
      I thought of posting a longer episode this time…. 🙂 🙂
      Raj and Suhaas would be coming in further episodes yaar… I personally adore their scenes
      while writing…Glad that you liked the characters…Thank you dear….
      Love you too…You too take care…… 🙂 🙂 🙂 <3 <3 will try to come soon 🙂 🙂
      Keep the love and support coming 🙂

  2. Dear Sujie,

    Happy New Year 2018 …
    How did your exams go?? I am sure you have fared extremely well.

    Thanks for the lovely update. Loved the episode to the core. You have expressed all their emotions so well.

    The relationship is developing slowly …now care and trust have taken over. Awaiting their love for each other to take shape.

    I enjoyed reading about Dhani’s desire to work post her marriage. The caring nature of Kanak, Viplav’s support everything is so well expressed. Great job Sujie…

    Now awaiting the next post soon! We have yet to read about Raj, Suhaas and Shalu’s future related to their marriage.

    I am also eager to know who will realize their love first, whether Viplav or Dhani.

    Also excited to see the kids going to school now.

    Anyways, just controlling my excitement till the next update.

    Take care…Loads of love to you.

    1. Sujie

      Hey Janice…..
      Happy New Year to you too dear….
      Glad that you liked the update….❤️❤️
      My exams went well yaar….Thank you for asking….
      I am actually really really happy that you are loving the way the story is shaping up….
      I am going slowly….and would surely bring those parts …Viplav and Dhaani slowly realizing the relationship they share…they are yet to discover their journey……Keep the love and support coming dear????Will post the next part soon?????

  3. Hi Sujie,

    Great to hear that there is much more to come. At least the story will take a long time to end.

    Yes, you can bring the parts slowly with vivid explanation. You express the feelings so well.
    Also waiting for Dhaani’s past to unfold and Viplav’s expression during those moments.

    We just want to read more of Vidhani scenes and more of the entire family.

    Thanks…Take care… Loads of love.

    1. Sujie

      Hi Janice….
      Saw your reply just now and thought to come….
      Glad that you are liking the way it is moving….
      You can be sure that this is gonna take few more months to end as there are lots of updates to go…Thank you for liking the way I am taking the story too…. This is another story that I have written which is close to my heart… I personally adore reading the scenes…and end up re-reading some scenes…
      Dhaani and Viplav’s past are yet to be unfolded completely dear…and that will take pretty much time..
      Thank you for all the love and support yaar…. 🙂 🙂
      Keep the love coming….
      You too take care… I will try to update but no promises… I would be working on it and posting it during Saturdays only yaar or any day that is less hectic… because I would have classes to attend….
      Will try to come soon…..
      Thank you for love and support…. 🙂 🙂
      Much love 🙂 🙂 <3

    2. Dear Sujie,

      Thank you so much… Glad the story has a lot more to unfold. Yes, take your time. No hurry.

      I do know when the update takes place, each episode will be marvelous.

      I too keep reading all the past updates of this story again and again. Never get tired of reading and re-reading them. After Soulmates, this story has held me spellbound.

      Take care. Much love to you dear.

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