Love is riansh (Part 15)

Thanku so much guys for your love and sorry for late but guys try to understand na that mere second term exam aane wala hai so mujhe unke liye bhi preparation krni hai  so itna time nhi milta . Sorry for my mistakes . Now let’s start

In rk’s farm house riansh is lost in kiss and someone click there photo. Then something strike on rk’s mind and she push vansh.

Rk : don’t to dare again touch me neither I will break your bones and goes to her room.

Vansh : ridhima please at listen to me na. Vansh again and again knock on door but all trys are gone into vain because rk doesn’t open the door and goes to his room.

Rk : rk is crying very much remember the past and slept but in sleep she keep blabbering that vansh i will not forgave you.

In ragni’s room ragni is very happy and talk to herself. Ragni you know what ridhima you dare to insult me na and tomorrow how to face this insult srimking.

In mornings rk goes to morning runing but everyone is see and blabbering something then two boys come on her way.

Boy 1 : hii beautiful

Rk : what the hell if you don’t want to go to hospital then just go to your home. Don’t to have manners and same way to talk your sister.

Boy 2 : well ek maried man ke sath afair krne me koi shame nhi ayi Or hume manner ke bare mein lecture de rhi hai

Rk : what the hell how dare you tumhe pata hai tum kisse baat kr rhe ho and put on them gun and said come again

Boys are hell sacred : sorry dii sorry vo apke bare me news me headline me ye sab likha hai sorry .

Rk see the news and said get lost . Boys are run away and rk ek goes to vr mansion

Rk shout : riya riya. Everyone is come in hall

Riya see the rk’s anger and sacred : what happ… end

Rk : why the hell you are stammering un dangerous tone 😠

Rehaan : rk what happened why are you angry bacha relax we here na tell us what happened we sout out.

Rk : don’t you dare come again rehaan and riya answer me.

Riya : rk why are you angry jaan just tell me what happened.

Rk : wanna know what happened hmm fine . rk through the news paper on her face

Riya read the news paper and  news paper slipped her hand  and trying to talk something but rk stop her

Rk : just tell me that you spiked my drink or not

Riya : rk just listen me

Rk shout and everyone is sacred :yrs ya no riya 😠

Riya close her eys : yes and rk raise her hand everyone is shocked but rk hit her on glass on her hand start  bleeding.

Riya crying : rk you angry on me na then why you are hurting yourself please mujhe first aid krne de please

Rk : stay away ok

Ragni : your are such character less woman how dare you kiss my husband

Vansh : ragni stop there

Ragni : I know vansh tumhari koi galti nhi hai mujhe pata hai iss ne hi tum per force kiya hoga. Or mujhe to ye bhi lagata hai ki kran bhi vansh beta nhi hai pata nhi kiska khoon hai najayaj beta and thud

Rk : slapped her come again how dare you who the hell are you said that

Ragni : I’m mrs vansh ria shinganiya

Rk : but mera vansh ka divorce to hua nhi hai and this was shocker for everyone . ab m tumhe tumhari jagh dekhu gi

Ragni : what nonsense is this I’m wife of vansh .

Vansh : no ragni ridhima is my wife

Rk : so miss ragni dare you come in front of me varna iss bhi worst hoga tumhre sath and call khana (he is right hand just like angre to vansh)

Rk : khana kal  midea conference rkhna ok

khana : yes mam

That all for today guys I hope you all like it.

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