Love is Pure and Beautiful Yrkkh (Episode 3)

A chapter begins with Karthik sitting in the room and remember Shubam’s last words

Karthik: Why didn’t you tell me about the Naira Subham drug problem, if you had told me about this before I would have handled this problem would never have happened, why do you think you have to do everything yourself, why not tell me about it.Shubam is my brother and I have a right to know about it

Karthik gets angry at Naira, but suddenly he remembers Naira’s words waiting for him on the terrace

Karthik: Naira is waiting for me on the terrace, why should she wait for me, maybe if she was waiting for me, he runs upstairs, but Naira is not there he is disappointed and he leaves

Naksh came gv home to meet Karthik , but at that moment Swarana was throwing Naira things out and Naksh was shocked to see it

Naksh: What happened, why are you throwing Naira things out

Swarana: Because she will never enter this house again after what she did

Naksh shocked by Swarna’s words

Naksh: What … what are you saying

Swarana: Your sister is the reason for I lost my son

The Naksh could not understand he was confused by Swarna’s words

Karthik came out. Naksh looked at him and went to him

Naksh: I don’t understand what happened , why is Maa saying this? How did Naira reason for Shubam dead?

Karthik is quiet. He asks Keerthi what happened and she tells him the whole incident Naksh is shocked

Naqsh: What is all this ? What is Naira’s fault in this? How can you all blame Naira? Karthik you also believe that naira is the reason for Shubam dead

Swarana: Why do you ask Karthik, Naira already knew about the Shubam drug problem but she did not tell us I would have saved my son if she had told me about this I will never forgive her, I will not allow Naira to enter the house again.

Naksh tries to speak, but at that moment Swarana gets dizzy Karthik holds her Karthik takes Swarana inside

Keerthi: Naksh now maa angry with Naira please don’t talk about this now

Naqsh: Do you also believe that Naira was responsible for Subham’s death?

Keerthi: No, I understand that there is nothing wrong with Naira but I asked you give them time understand about it, but where is Naira now she has not told you anything about it

Naksh: No. Now Naira At the moment ‍naksh’s phone rang it was a Naitik call and he picked up the phone

Naksh: Hello Papa

Naitik: Naksh doctor told to discharge Naira We are ready to go home where are you? Did you go home and talk to Karthik?

Naksh: Haa

Naitik: What did he say

Naksh: papa I will come home and talk

Naksh call disconnected

Naksh: I don’t want to talk about anything here. I’m going home. Are you coming now or coming later?

Keerthi: I will come with you too

Naksh & Keerthi leave from there.

Scene freeze

Naksh & Keerthi went to Singhania house

Naitik looks at them Naitik asks Naksh where is Karthik

Naitik: Naksh where is Karthik did you talk to him

Naksh is quite

Keerthi: papa how is Naira now naksh told me now how is she

Naitik: naira is first now beta Naksh tell me what happened there

Naksh: Where is Naira

Naitik: She is resting in her room

Naksh tells him about the whole incident happens in gv home Everyone is shocked especially Naitik is shocked and he gets angry at Goenka’s

Naitik: What is all this, how can they blame my daughter, what did she do wrong, how did she reason for Suhbam death? Did Karthik even believe this?

Naksh: I don’t know but he didn’t say anything when maa speak

Naitik: Did you tell Karthik about Naira?

Naksh nods

Naksh: They are not ready to listen to me

Naitik sat in the chair

Naitik: Why does Naira face trouble again and again in her life, what did she do, and why does God give Naira trouble?

Naitik sad naksh comforted him Naitik told him not to tell Naira about what Swara had said, but Naira listens to everything, tears well up in her eyes and she goes to her room

Naira: Why does Karthik not believe that I did nothing, I am not responsible for Suhbam’s death. Subam only told me not to tell anyone about his drugs issue, Suhbam also told me that he will tell everyone about the drug problem, that’s why I didn’t tell you anything, I did nothing on purpose

Episode freeze

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