Love is Pure and Beautiful Episode 2

Starting an episode with Naira slowly regains his consciousness

Naitik: How are you Naira now

Naira in a weak voice: I’m fine .. Papa

Naira recalled Kartik’s words

Naira: Where is Kartik I want to go to him.

She tries to get up

Naitik: Naira please don’t get up The doctor told you to rest

Naira feels pain in her abdomen

Naira: What happened to me

Naitik Rajasekar looks at each other and does not know how to say that she lost her child

At that moment the doctor came inside

Doctor: How are you feeling now?

Naira: Better doctor

The doctor examined her

Doctor: mrs naira Is there any pain in your stomach?

Naira nods yes

Doctor: This pain is normal and you will be fine

Naira was confused by the doctor’s words

Naira: But what happened to me, Doctor?

Doctor: Mrs. Naira you had a miscarriage

Naira is shocked

Naira: miscarriage I didn’t understand

Doctor: So you did not know you were pregnant

Naira nods that no

Doctor: the fetus was only a week old. So only You did not know that you were pregnant  Your abdomen hit you hard on the ground when you fell down from the terrace, that’s why you had a miscarriage, now you need to rest, do not take the stress. The doctor left from there.

Naira couldn’t take the shock tear are continuously felling her eyes

Naitik:  Naira Please don’t cry Doctor told you to rest Please don’t stress yourself This is not good for your health

Naira : I killed my baby she cries

Naitik : Naira don’t cry beta

Naira: I want to go to Kartik and see him Please call him papa

Naitik call Kartik phone but his phone is still switch app

Naitik: Naira his Phone is switched off, you relax first he will

Naira wants her Kartik to be near her. Naksh calls Natick and he picks up the phone

Naitik: Hello Naksh where are you?

Naksh: I have just come to Udaipur and I am now going to gv home Where are you papa

(Note: Naksh went to Delhi for business purposes for a one week Keerthi stays in Udaipur only)

Naitik: Naksh I am with Naira in the hospital

Naksh: Papa What happened to Naira

Naitik told him the whole incident and Naksh was shocked

Naksh: How is Naira now?

Naitik: She’s fine now. Naksh do one thing you Go to gv home and tell Kartik the matter and bring him here Naira will be feel better if he comes

Naksh: Of course Papa I will come with Kartik

Episode freeze

Hello friends I have come up with another Love is Pure and beautiful story I am sorry for the previous episode title mistake this is only my story, this story is also on wattpad, I think to write a short story based on manish track, I’m disappointed with the YRKKH team, how Karthik blames Naira, what she did wrong in that accident, how he criticizes Naira, so I thought I would write this story differently from the serial story in which Naira will not be silently listening to Kartik’s blame Naira will speak for herself I hope you all like this story please tell your suggestions Thankyou 🤗

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