LOVE IS LOVE (Episode 2)

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At 7:00pm

The shoot got over.All headed towards the exit to either go to their vehicles or catch a cab. Alina went to catch a cab and Rrahul went towards his car. He went and kept his car in the bag and was about sit in his car when he fainted. Nearly all had gone by then and Alina atlast managed to get a cab and as she was about to enter , her eyes fell on Rrahul who had fainted. She ran to him,took his head in her lap  and shook his face  saying

Alina: Rrahul get up….please get up

But she got no answer ….Then she rummaged through her bag and removed her water bottle and sprinkled water on him…He slowly started regaining his consciousness…once he woke up and saw her , he said

Rrahul: Oh…hi wifey…don’t take much tension….your husband fit and fine…

Alina: ha (smacking him on his arm)…oh mr. ……

Rrahul:  It’s Rrahul(cutting her off)

Alina: ughh(irritated)…yeah Rrahul , first of all am not your wife and secondly am not tensed….i was just worried for the director when he                        would ask tomorrow where is the hero and then he comes to know he fainted outside the set , then he will have a loss….you see

Rrahul: For me you are my wife and i will call you wifey as my wish….if you don’t agree then i will be compelled to tell the truth to the hotel                        manager….now it’s your choice

Alina: ughh(irritated) …ok fine!!!…can i leave now my  dear husband ?

Rrahul: no

Alina: why not?

Rrahul: you see dear wifey , a while ago your husband fainted….so shouldn’t you be taking care of me ?….plus this car won’t drive on its own                       and as you see am not in a condition to drive…

Alina: don’t you think you are behaving like a typical husband , when in actual you are not even my husband , so why should i care about you ?               and about your car , you can lock it and leave it here and take a cab….(a thought strikes us) now see because of you i missed my cab and                 now god only knows when a cab will pass by

Rrahul: you must care about me as am your husband , as per what you told the hotel manager…..otherwise….you know what will happen….if                      you want you can drive my car and drop me home and you can stay the night there , because i don’t think you will get any cab at this                      hour….rest is your wish

Alina: ok fine!!…it’s useless arguing with you…give me the keys

Rrahul: that’s like my wifey…here the keys(handing it over to her)

Alina settled herself in the driver’s seat , while Rrahul settled himself in the passenger’s seat. throughout the ride Alina kept mum and just followed the directions he told ….at last they reached his apartment….they got down and she started following him towards his flat…once he opened the door and he let her come in

Rrahul: wifey that’s the washroom…you can go and freshen up if you want….am going to the room

she nodded and went towards his room


Rrahul went in and while removing  his shirt thought

Rrahul: (in his mind) why did i pay the bill for her that day ?why was i happy when that manager called me her husband and she my wife ? why was i not able to tell the manager she was not my wife ? why do i like when she gets irritated with me ? why do i feel like calling her wifey?

while thinking , someone just opened his door

Alina: Rrahul…oh sorry..

Rrahul who was in thoughts , came to senses and saw hr

Rrahul: so soon you missed me wifey (winking at her)….by the way , not feeling shy to see me without shirt ?(smirking at her)…normally girls shy away

Alina: in your dreams….i’m a modern girl , if i can see shirtless heroes , why not you , plus you are my husband and i have all rights reserved… actually i don’t have any change , plus i needed a towel..

Rrahul: ha…here take this towel(handing her a towel) and as for your change , i don’t have girl clothes ….but yeah i can give you my t-shirt and pants , which should be comfy for you

Alina: it’ll be fine for the night

he handed her the things she required and left his room..both of them freshened up and were sitting on the sofa’s in the hall and were on their phones

Rrahul: wifey am hungry…can you please make something to eat

Alina: actually even am hungry and since you said a please i will cook something

saying this she went towards the kitchen…she found some pasta, vegetables etc…..after she finished cooking , she kept it on the table

Alina: my dear husband , the food is ready

Rrahul came within a second as he was very hungry and eager to know what his wifey cooked for him

Rrahul: so what did you prepare wifey?

Alina: white sauce chicken pasta with french fries

Rrahul: sounds yummy, let’s see if it tastes also yummy

saying so , they both served themselves and started eating

Rrahul: it tastes so yummy…i must say your a good chef wifey

Alina: thank you dear husband

after finished eating , alina washed the vessels and cleant the table and sat in the hall near rrahul who was in his phone

Alina: husband , i’m sleepy, where am i supposed to sleep ?

Rrahul: see wifey there’s only one room with one bed , and i won’t sleep on the sofa as i will get a back pain and i don’t think you will also be comfortable on the sofa….so the option remaining is we share the bed and divide it with pillows…and as a matter of fact , even am sleepy , so let’s go to sleep

Alina: ok fine ….let’s go set the bed and sleep

they went to the room , set the bed and went to sleep

PRECAP: when rrahul got up in the morning he was surprised…

so think why was he surprised, and do comment and give suggestions. i will try to post atleast once a  week if not twice.

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    Thankyou so much for continuing this ff. All the scenes were lovely. I was smiling throughout the chapter. Waiting for the next. Please post soon.

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