Love is in the hospital Episode 2 (Dill mill gaye) inspired

Love is in the Hospital Episode 2

Scene 1 In corridor

Ankita: hey you new doc just remember one thing I am the boss here so always obey me.

Anjali: okay… but there is a problem I just obey my senior and according to me you are not one. and plus no one had told me to obey you so I am sorry.

Ankita: how dare you to talk with me like this. stay in your limits Dr… whatever

Anjali: Dr. anjali you should remember my name because I am going to give you hard competition.

Ankita: oh you will give me hard competition funny…

Anjali: Ankita let see if it is..

Ankita: then let see. ( and look at each other angrily)

Scene 2 In Kriti ‘s office

Kriti: Dr. Sanchi if you have finish all your personal work and your friend ‘s work so can we start our work.

Sanchi: yes.. what should I do.

Kriti: we want all the 3 months previous data of all patients so you and Dr. Aryan will do this.

Sanchi: but Dr. kriti he is Dr kabir ‘s assistant today.

Kriti: I know and I have talk to him so Dr. Aryan will be in file room and you should also go now.

Sanchi: okay Dr. Kriti.

Sanchi: uff oh Now I have to spend whole day with him. my bad. I was taunting Naira and now..god

Scene 3 IN General ward

Anjali: listen Ankita I have to go to office its really urgent I just come and then you can assign me my work.

Ankita: it is not your house you have to listen to me Dr. Kriti have given me your responsibility.

Anjali: it is Dr. Kriti work which I have to do and if you will stop me I will tell Dr. Kriti that you did not allow me to do so then you know….

Ankita: oookay just go and come fast I am not going to wait for you for long.

Anjali: thank you . and she goes out.

Scene 4 In OT 2

there is a doctor talking to Veer

Rihan: hi veer

Veer: hey how r u? senior

Rihan : I am fine but I think you are not I have listen there is some test like what the matter?

Veer: don’t ask Dr. Kabir have announce some test and we don’t know what to do like how can someone take test in the begining of session.

Rihan: listen there are notes. By using them you can easily pass the test but I have put them in library lets go and get them and dont tell anyone that I have given you that notes okay.

Veer: okay bhai.

Rihan: its okay it is nothing in front of that you have done for me. okay so listen I will go and put them notes in some place and then you will come and get that notes okay. ( and he go).

Veer: yes yes yes and now I will be the HOI But I should also tell the gang. (and he message all his gang boys )

Scene 5 IN the nursery ward

Naira: at last these children are sleep. now I can go and have breakfast. and then I can read because I cannot read without eating.

Karthik: hey where are you going?

Naira: I am very hungry so I am going to have something don’t disturb.

Karthik: hey hello you have to take care of children okay it is not your house.

Naira: but kids are sleeping now I can go.

Karthik: you cannot go until its lunch break. or you have just eat a sandwich with cold drink.

Naira: listen I am reading for so much time and also I am taking care of these kids so I am very tired n hungry let me go.

Karthik: okay If you wanna go then go but when Dr. Kriti and Dr. kabir will come for a round I will not safe you. I will tell them the truth.

Naira: uff you are such a bad person I hate you. ( and she was about to go but he catch her) And Karthik says I love you

Naira: what?

Karthik while making her stand: I mean I konsa Love you .

Naira: okay

and they move towards their chairs.

Scene 6 all the boys receive message
Aditiya: wow Now no one can beat me well done veer Now I will tell you Anjali.

Swara: what happen adi all okay . ( and Neha is looking at him in shock)

Aditiya: yes absolutely and he passes a smile to Neha ( Neha also smile).

Aryan: yes great great (and he spins ) great work and then just Sanchi enters

Sanchi: Are u gone mad.

Aryan: no girls go mad on me not I. anyways you have come so stay and check all the files I am going to have a coffee.

Sanchi: hey but we both are supposed to do this.

Aryan: really so where were you when I was doing it alone now you have to do it I just get some coffee.

Sanchi: whatever.

Aryan: * thank god *

Scene 7 boys receiving msgs

Karthik: read it and start dancing

Naira* now what has happen to him* : hey Karthik what happen you should go to mental ward you will feel better with all patients who are like you.

Karthik: okay I am going I will also pick Rohit from there bye.

Naira: hey wait he left me alone here with these patients and not even react when I said him mental I think he is really gone mad.

Rohit: wow great yes mind blasting great perfect .

( and all the nurses and patients are looking at him )

Nurse 1: Dr. are you okay ( he do not react)

Nurse 2: no he is not .

Patients Nana: I think he has gone mad after seeing all these mental patients condition.

Nurse 3 :yes Dr. Rohit look we can understand that it is very difficult to deal with mentals all day long ( Rohit was about to say something but than he thought that it will be excuse for him to go out)

Rohit: yes nurse.

Nurse 1: Dr. Rohit you should go out and fresh n up okay.

Rohit: okay Nurse if you want otherwise it is okay.

Nana: no no you should go

(and he moves out and saw Karthik and they signal each other about msgs and they laugh hard and start dancing)

Nurse 2: it seems both are mad poor.

Karthik: okay now lets go and no one should know

Rohit: we should go from different ways.

Karthik: okay ( and both of them go)

Scene 8 IN OT 1

Aditiya: how can I move out I dont have any excuse.

Ankita: hi adi want are you doing.

Aditiya: Ankita I am preparing for dance. Ankita off course I am dealing with patients.

Ankita: oh you are so funny ( Neha is looking at Ankita angrily) I was thinking to have a coffee.

( Anjali is passing by )

Ankita: lets go Aditiya baby.

Anjali: Ankita ‘s voice and why he is saying Aditiya baby. where are they( and she see them and hide behind the door.)

Aditiya: Ankita* if I will say hi it will be easy for me to escape* baby I can never say you no you know lets go.

Ankita: I know you will say yes lets go.

Anjali: uff this adi he is such a playboy and bad I was right about him. let see where they are going.

Swara: what happen Neha what are you looking at.

Neha: Ankita And adi.

Swara: oh I see.

Neha: are they good friends Swara.

Swara: off course not even adi dont want to see her I dont know why he is going with her.

Neha: maybe he want to have a coffee just because of this.

Swara: yes otherwise adi dont like her ( Neha says okay and get happy)

Scene 9 In Aditiya place

Aditiya: Ankita there is a problem I have to go to Dr. Kriti so can we meet after sometime.

Ankita: okay If it is important.

Aditiya: yes baby but I am sorry I’ll meet you.

Ankita: I don’t know what has happen to Dr. Kriti first she call Anjali and now you.

Aditiya: that new admission.

Ankita: yes you know what I don’t like.

Aditiya: I don’t also.

Ankita: yes he is very selfish.

Aditiya: and ill mannered.

Anjali: they both are insulting me Ankita I’ ll see you and Aditiya you also. but now it is imp to hide after all let me know what are u planning

Aditiya: go I ‘ll go.

Ankita: okay ( and they both go and Anjali go behind Aditiya)

Scene 10 In library

Veer: where are they all.

Aryan : I am here have you get the notes.

Veer: No you stand here and I will get the notes.

Aryan: okay go.

Karthik: Aryan notes.

Rohit: where are they .

Aryan: Veer is getting the notes so both go in the store room I will come with adi and Veer.

Veer:here are notes nice.

Aryan: yes and listen I have send Karthin and Rohit to store room no one will see us here we will go when adi will come.

Veer: great look adi has come.

Aditiya: where are notes and Rohit and Karthik ?

Veer: notes are here and we have send Rohit and Karthik to store room.

Aditiya: okay lets go.

Anjali: what type of notes are they talking about? I think I have to go to store to know everything.

In the Store.

Rohit: hi guys notes ?

Veer: take it.

Aditiya: how did you get to know about notes.

Veer: my a very good friend who is senior told me about notes.

Aryan: So can we easily pass the test by using this notes.

Veer: yes in short they are the key to get highest marks because it is make by Dr. Kabir itself.

Karthik: yes now the girls will know who are we

Aditiya: now we will show that girls .

Anjali: oh so now we will show them what girls are.

( and she message all the girls)

NOTE: guys Varun name will be Veer and it is Rohit not Rohan and Dr. Kabir role will be play be Vikram sir who is playing Dr. Kabir he is Sdch

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