Love Is In The Air Episode 19

Episode starts

Krishna Cafe , Next morning

Naksh is busy preparing the cafe for the day. Shweta comes there

Shweta: Naksh

Naksh turns to see her

Naksh: Arrey Shweta…

Shweta : Can I share something with you. Actually woh

Naksh: Why not?

They seat themselves

Shweta: Woh Aditya kidnapped me…to bring Keerthi there

Naksh: I know it

Shweta: Actually Im the reason for all the trouble

Naksh: I did not get you
Shweta: Actually I gave him the ideas that Keerthi loves him

Naksh is shocked

Shweta: I did it to prank Keerthi. I logged into her account and had a romantic chat with him and later deleted it. She never knew it. As you helped us a lot and your friend is handling the case I thought to tell you. I never thought this will get this much serious

Naksh: A prank? Seriously? Oh come on Shweta….damn it

He bangs the table and gets up with his face red with anger.

Cafe outside college

Samar and gang are having a good time. Naira walks to them

Naira: Samar

Samar: Hai Miss slip..missing Mr.KG?

Naira: I very well know you did it

Samar: Oh great. You are brilliant. Yes I caused the accident.I wanted to take revenge for suspending me. Enough?

Naira slaps him hard

Samar: How dare you…

The other guys try to attack Naira and she bashes them. Anurag comes to her aid. Once he enters the guys run away.

Samar: Oh AB you are with her…but whats the use?

Anurag: Do you want to know it? You will be dismissed

Samar: How will you prove it. Dont joke sir. KG is at home. He wont believe you guys.

Anurag: Kartik…..

Kartik walks there from behind a tree

Kartik: I heard everything crisp and clear. Not only me even the committee will believe them as

Anurag: Naira

Naira takes off the pin microphone from her dress and gives it to Anurag

Anurag: Your confession.
Kartik: Thank you Naira and Anurag sir


Naira and Anurag plan to expose Samar infront of Kartik and call him to the cafe in the evening. Kartik is confused but as they insist he too comes.


Anurag: All credits to Naira. She overcame her fear and approached them alone to gather…

Naira: Dont exaggerate it sir. Its my duty. Im equally responsible

Kartik: How are you responsible?
Naira: Woh,,,for entered

Kartik: Oh come on Naira…this bastard gets into my way always even without you. Please dont stay guilty like this. And a nice slap and fight Sherni.

Kartik goes inside the college to take care of the dismiss procedures

Anurag: Sherni that sounds apt. Okay Naira I guess you have an appointment at the hospital. Shall I drop you

Naira: No thanks sir. Prerna will be waiting for me.
His face changes on hearing Prerna’s name. Naira notices the changes and confirms her suspicion and plan.

Kartik’s room night 

Kartik is in his room. He sees Naira sitting near with a plate of food

Naira: Kartik..its time for food. Ill feed you

Naira feeds Kartik. Kartik opens his mouth for food but no one is there except a food plate on his cot and a photo album with a photomof his mother feeding him. He realises that it was a dream.

Kartik: Why did I dream like this? I feel Maa in Naira . For the first time I feel like this towards someone. Swarna Goenka tried hard to take her place but could not. Naira suddenly took her place in my heart.I do care for her so much. If not …and even she seems to care for me. But is this care love? Kartik beta if not why would her message alone bring a smile to you?  I am I love…wow….this feels strange but..yeah

He remembers Their first meet and him holding her,Holding Naira in the library, he remembers being dumbstruck on seeing her dance.
the smile on his face turns into a blush

Abir’s room

He is playing with his guitar when his mobile rings. It is Mishti

Abir: Mishti..

Mishti: Abir do you know something?

Abir: Whats it?

Mishti: I love you

Abir blushes by her sudden confession

Abir: You called to tell this? I was busy with practice

Mishti: Oops sorry

She is about to disconnect the call

Abir: I love you too

Mishti: What? I did not hear properly

Abir: I love you too

Mishti: Werent you busy?

Abir: Anything is after you my dear. I was just pulling your leg

Mishti: But you were practising. Ill call later. Bye

Abir: I said na I was kidding then what? You called at this time to have a romantic conversation then why are you leaving me?

Mishti giggles

Mishti: Is pulling leg patented on your name?

Abir: Mishti ki bachi

They both laugh out loud.

College Library. Next evening 

Naira notices that Anurag is inside the documents section of the library. She decides to work her plan out and has a huge smile. Naira runs to Prerna

Naira: Prerna …prerna I need your help

Prerna : Haan tell me

Naira: I need to get some documents but whats it na Kartik sir is here too. I want to meet him know na..he will leave soon and library will be closed soon too so…

Prerna: Tell me the name of the document I will get it for you.
Naira tells the name and : Thanks

Prerna: Stupid A friend’s duty is to help a friend in love . Im doing my duty .

Prerna walks inside the documents section. Naira secretly locks the door from outside

Naira : You are right Prerna A friend’s duty is to help a friend in love . Im doing my duty .Librarian  Bhaiya will come in half an hour. Till then we have time. Once they have a good talk Ill open it before bhaiya comes

Suddenly There is loud thunder and lightning. The lights go off and the windows start to rattle. Naira is afraid as she feels a presence behind her. She turns to see Kartik , there is a loud thunder and hugs Kartik in fright. The two hearts which have realised the love are beating close to each other. Waiting for the feelings to be shared

Meanwhile Prerna and Anurag bump into each other. They find it hard to suppress their feelings in the presence of the other. Prerna grabs the document and rushes to the door. To her dismay the door is locked. She struggles with the door as the lights go off. Anurag comes there.
Prerna: Its locked

Anurag: What? I told that fool that Im in here . He locked us. I left my phone in my cabin

Prerna: Mine has no signal. Lights are off too

They both look into each other’s eyes. The thunder is heard. Prerna closes her ears in fright . She yearns to hug Anurag but something stops her.


  1. Kavya_P

    He realised his love
    Plz confession of kaira should take place
    Update soon

    1. Sai07

      Hai Kavya Thank you so much dear ❤️❤️Definitely dear Kaira will definitely take place.

  2. Amazing ❣️❣️ at the end kartik realizes 💕💕
    Pls show kaira confession tomorrow only you can show parellel or one by one just pls pls show kaira confession tomorrow pls❤️😍

    1. Sai07

      Hai Shreya ❤️❤️ yeah at last 😍😍Definitely Kaira confession will be shown dear

  3. Parallel confession would be great

    1. Sai07

      Sure dear ❤️

  4. Jasminerahul

    I cant believe that swetha did romantic chat with aditya as keerthi n that’s y aditya took it seriously.I liked naira slapping samar n Anurag coming to rescue her.its the 1st time I am seeing Anurag Basu being addressed as AB.That was unique 4 me.Glad that they trapped samar.Naira noticing anurag’s face change on hearing prerna’s name was striking.naira feeding karthik..karthik feeling his mom’s presence in naira n realizing his love 4 her was lovely.kaira thunder hug was romantic.mishbir I love u scene was so sweet n romantic.omg anupre stuck in the room.poor prerna is no even able to hug Anurag.I am really waiting 4 the continuation of the scene.I loved the similar scene in kzk2 too.perfect pics

    1. Sai07

      Hai Jasmine Hope you liked Anurag addressed as AB. Happy that you liked Kaira and Mishbir scenes 😇😇Hope you will love this too. Thank you so much ❤️🤗

  5. Such a lovely episode…thank god Kartik realised that it is love..I think anupre confession can be postponed…I am not saying this because I am a kaira fan but as they are too shy to express…I feel it can be postponed….naira hugging Kartik in fear was romantic…wondering who will share his/her feelings first….or both together… exciting…anupre locked in a room…perfect plan by naira… eagerly waiting for the next one….pls upload soon!!!

    1. Yaa…and naira and anurag exposing samar was perfect….

    2. Sai07

      Hai Kaira ❤️❤️Thank you so much dear. Yes indeed he has realised 😊😊😍😍. I understand that dear ❤️❤️. Very happy that you liked Kaira hug. Thats a suspense and I guess you have a surprise in next episode 🤗.

    3. Sai07

      Thank you so much Kaira 😇

  6. Samaila

    Sherni mode I’d back!!!!!!🤩🥳

  7. Parallel confession would be great…

    1. Sai07

      Sure Ria ❤️

  8. Plz post both confessions in next episode I am eagerly waiting for it nice episode

    1. Sai07

      Sure Shreya ❤️❤️

  9. Amazing..😍 Waiting for the next episode..kaira confession please…tomorrow

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Sapna ❤️❤️. Kaira confession for sure

  10. Please show kaira confession only in next episode 😊

    1. Sai07

      Hey Ayaana Kaira will made special for sure. ❤️❤️

  11. Amazing 😍…show both confessions please

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      Sure dear ❤️❤️

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