Love Is In The Air Episode 17

Hello everyone here is next episode

Episode starts

Prerna is sulking as she misses Anurag but she doesn’t know the reason for missing him. Naira tries to persuade her to accompany her to the canteen but Prerna is adamant so Naira walks alone to the canteen

Naira: Bhaiya one kachori please

She is waiting for the kachoris when she hears Samar’s friend on phone

Guy: Hey Samar great job man , he suspended you but now he is unable to come to college

Naira is angered by it yet she listens patiently

Guy: What? You caused the accident…dude awesome yaar

On hearing this Naira is enraged and is about to attack him when she realises what is she is about to do

Naira in mind: No Naira..this is not wise. Let me punish him in a proper way

She decides something and leaves from there.


Kuhu and Kunal panic on not finding Mishti from the previous night. Abir approaches them

Abir: Hey guys where is Mishti? Doesn’t she know about me being here with bhai…she did not come and even I cant find her. Where is she?

Kuhu: Even we are searching for her. She seemed to be upset from last night

Abir: is there any place where she visits when she is upset and wants to be lonely?

Kunal: Haan I know it. There is a lake park where she goes.
Abir: Then lets go

Kunal: Duty ….Keerthi mam will kill us

Abir: No issues I will go

Lake park

Mishti is sobbing as she is crouched on a bench in the park. She feels broken as her love failed within a day. Idiotic thoughts disturb her mind and she decides something. Mishti speeds up to the lake and jumps into it. Fortunately Abir reaches the park at that moment

Abir : Mishti…..

He jumps into the lake and lifts her in his arms. Their eyes lock. Mishti sees pain and care in his eyes and her heart aches more.

Abir takes her to the bench and gives his jacket to her

Abir: Are you mad or what? What do you think you were doing?

Mishti: I fell by mistake

Abir: Dont lie Mishti. I saw you jump on your own. Dont call yourself a doctor. Doctors know the value of life better than anyone else. Then hiw dare you decided to end yours huh? Did you think of your family ?
Mishti: Sorry Abir woh

Abir: If something had happened to you then mera kya hoga?

Mishti is shocked as he breaks down

Abir: Mishti I dont know what you think of me but I really love you.
He pulls her close and holds her face in his hands

Abir: I planned to propose in a magical way once bhai recovers but now you forced me into this. From the day I met you I felt so comfortable with you. I was able to share anything and everything with you. You became so special for me.  I realised that I have fallen head over heels for you. Now atleast tell me the reason for this decision as I dont expect a sudden reply for my love

Mishti: If you had told this earlier I would not have done what I did

Abir: What?

Mishti: Woh…I jumped because of love failure. I too love you Abir

Abir is surprised and shocked

Abir: Then what love failure? I did not say no…oh I never knew that you felt the same for me. Then how did you jump into conclusions?

Mishti: I saw a girl hugging you yesterday night…

Abir: Oh fo she is my cousin Mansi. We were consoling each other for bhai’s accident. My chachu’s daughter…and you thought her as

Mishti: Your lover

Abir hits himself on his head

Abir: Pagal could have at least asked me na…you decided to end your life stupid. What if I had not come huh?

Mishti: Sorry Abir..woh

He pulls her into a tight hug

Abir: Dont dare to do this again. You have no rights for it.

Mishti: I wont do. Sorry

Rain starts to pour soaking them. They have a romantic moment.

Krishna Cafe

Akash is there to see Naina. On seeing him she runs to him and hugs him

Akash: Hey Naina..whats the emergency that you wanted me immediately here

Naina: Akash Mr.Mehta sent another note asking him me to withdraw from this case. He also mentioned about hurting my loved ones including you

Akash: Arrey he is just blackmailing. Dont worry

Naina: If im hurt I have no issues but if you…maa..

Akash: None of us will be hurt. You dont panic

Ishani comes there

Ishani: Hey love birds how are you

Akash: Your friend is becoming a coward do something for it

Ishani cheers up Naina when Akash sees someone watching them. He alerts the staffs and they finally catch the guy

Naira’s room 

Naira is in her room studying when her thoughts fly to Kartik as she rests her head on the table and enters the dream world


Kartik who is hurt is in the bed when Naira goes near him.

Naira: Is it very painful

Kartik holds her closer and

Kartik: Until you are here with me nothing is painful for me

She gently kisses his forehead and tends to him.


She is brought to reality when Naksh enters with her dinner. They have a brother sister moment by feeding each other

Prerna’s home terrace

Prerna is watching stars when Anurag’s thoughts strike her along with the chill after rain breeze

Prerna: Why am I thinking of him? This is also so wrong Prerna. He is a professor and I am a student. The best way to get rid of his thoughts and these feelings is to engage in other activities .
She runs to her room and grabs her drawing board and starts to draw something not knowing that the more she tries to runaway from the feelings the more stronger they become


  1. Seriously kaira slowly falling for each other is amazing 💖💖 i am loving it alot … May kartik release his love for her soon. Mishbir confession was great👍👍😍😍

    1. Sai07

      Hai Shreya Very happy that you are loving it ❤️❤️It will happen soon 😍😍.Thank you

  2. Naira approaches kartik or anurag?

    1. Sai07

      Hey Ayaana she approaches Anurag for a help 😊

  3. Kavya_P

    Two are already on track
    Waiting for others
    Interesting precap

    1. Sai07

      Hai Kavya Thank you so much 😊❤️. Yeah😇On the way 🤗🤗

  4. Jasminerahul

    Shocking that Samar caused karthik’s accident.Good that naira decided to punish him.
    I am shocked that 4 such a silly thing mishit jumped into the lake.Abir saving her n eye lock was romantic.
    Loved this dialogue-
    Dont call yourself a doctor. Doctors know the value of life better than anyone else.
    Loved abir confessing his love to her.rain moment was sweet.
    I liked akash naina ishani scene.i wonder whether akash was pretending to be cool to cheer up naina.finally he caught that guy who was watching them.who is he?kara dream was romantic.Prerna is also trying to suppress her feelings due to guilt.Is that Anurag’s drawing?nice pics

    1. Sai07

      Hai Jasmine She will punish him 😃 Happy that you liked Abir saving Mishti and his dialogues ❤️❤️. You will know it soon 😇😇Yeah its not guilt dear its just she is too confused.Happy that you liked Kaira dream. It is…will tell in episode directly 🥰Thank you

  5. Awesome one!! Mishbir confession was nice..yes naira to teach lesson..I am super excited.. obviously prerna made drawing of anurag..she is falling for him unknowingly..missed scenes of kartik today…but the episode was nice!! Upload soon..

    1. Sai07

      Hai Kaira Thank you so much ❤️❤️She will teach soon 😊😊. Thats…ill tell in episode directly 😍Indeed ❤️. Thank you so much ❤️🤗

  6. Awesome😍 waiting for the next episode…..

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Sapna ❤️❤️

  7. naira is gonna be in her “sherni avatar” , cz someone tried to harm her mendak !!!!

    1. Sai07

      Hey Riya you are absolutely correct. Sherni avatar on the way ❤️

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