Love Is In The Air Episode 15

Hey guys I know you are all really angry for my irregularity in posting. Sorry guys. Practical exams are very near so was busy. Just few days more. Then it will not repeat. Thank you for bearing with me and my irregular nature.

Episode starts

Mishti reaches the play theatre. It is not much crowded and there was a strange scent over the place. She slowly walks through the door after her ticket was checked by a guard. As she enters the theatre she finds that many people have already gone inside and the theatre was almost full. She managed her way to the middle row and seated herself comfortably.

Her eyes started to scan every inch of the theatre. It was centuries old one but has been renovated according to the modern technology. The curtains were still down before Mishti could finish her scanning the initial music began and the crowd started to cheer.

Kaira’s college

Prerna was called by the student secretary for some work and is walking on the corridor which passes through Anurag’s cabin.

Anurag walks out and bumps into Prerna. On seeing her He walks away avoiding her eye contact. Prerna is confused about his sudden change in behaviour. Yet she walks on her way shrugging her shoulder.

In the meantime Naira is walking towards the train station. She is surrounded by Samar and gang

Samar: Hey Miss are you? Whats it between you and KG? He seems so worried for you

Naira: That is not your problem

Samar: Acha…okay but we have other problems our problems with you. Shall we deal it.
They get closer to Naira.
Kartik who is going by his car gets shocked ,slows down and is about get out when Naira gives a nice kick to Samar.He falls down with a thud

Naira: What are you thinking of urself?
She beats the other guys while Kartik is thoroughly impressed by her sherni avatar

Naira: If you come near me again I will break your bones.
Prerna runs to her and hugs her

Prerna: Naira is back. All thanks to your KG sir

On hearing his name Naira blushes. Kartik walks to her.  Both the girls are shocked

Kartik: Well done Naira. You were as fierce as a Sherni.This is how you should fight your own battles. Im impressed

He lets out a small smile and the girls are happy and shocked to see him smile. Kartik walks off

Prerna in a whisper: I never knew he could smile

Naira stares at her. Prerna holds her ears in apology.
Play theatre

The play progresses. Juliet is going through the same confusion and feelings which Mishti had the previous night. Finally Juliet realises that it is love when Romeo meets her at her balcony.  The truth hits Mishti that the feelings for Abir are not random ones but they are the purest feelings called Love. As she realises her love tears drip down her cheeks. She feels that she will never be able to watch the play as she did not want anyone including her to lose her love. So she walks off from the theatre in midway. Finally Romeo and Juliet made her realise her feelings.

Ghat Road

Naksh and Keerthi get down the road into the dry area and walk in search of Shweta. On the way Keerthi gets her leg sprained

Keerthi: Ouch..

Naksh: What happened?

Keerthi: Nothing Naksh just a small sprain.
Naksh holds her hand and takes her with him adjusting his pace according to hers. Both of them feel that there is strange connection between the two but at that moment their concern for Shweta makes them divert their thoughts. Naksh messages his location and details to Akash on the way

Yards later they sense some presence around and find a car left unattended.
Keerthi: There is…

Naksh: She may be there

They go slowly with lot of precautions and find an unconscious Shweta there. While Keerthi opens the door and tries to wake shweta up Naksh suspects a foul play and starts to look around. As Naksh walks away a figure approaches Keerthi and Shweta and is about to attack them when Naksh stops him and throws him on the floor.
Keerthi turns to see
Keerthi: Aditya

Aditya: Hey Keerthi…how is my surprise to you both?
Keerthi: Why did you do this?

Aditya: What else can I do to bring you here. You know right I love you but you wont

Keerthi: Oh shut up Aditya. You were my brother’s college mate thats why I chatted with you. If you think that as love I cant do anything.

Naksh: Whats going on?

Aditya: Who are you?

Keerthi: He is my friend. Naksh I will tell you in detail later. Lets first get Shweta back

Aditya:  Not until Im there

Akash: You wont be there anyway. Im here na how can you be there

Keerthi is shocked

Naksh: Dont worry he is a cop and my dear friend

Akash: Dr.Keerthi right. Heard a lot from Naksh. Nice to meet you but wrong circumstances i guess

Keerthi:  Thank god you called him Naksh

Akash holds Aditya by his collar and : Not much worthy dude. Your gym body could have done it

Naksh and Akash laugh while Shweta gains consciousness. Keerthi hugs her

Mishti’s room Night

Mishti is dancing around in her room

Mishti: Im in love in love woohoo Im in love

Just then she hears a knock and runs to the door to open it

Prerna hugs her

Prerna: Mishti a good news

Mishti: Whats it didi?

Prerna tells her the happenings

Mishti: Wow…That KG sir is a magician indeed. What we all tried to do and failed was atlast done successfully by him

Prerna in mind : Its not just KG magic it is love magic. Kaash I get my love soon

Mishti: Didi..

Prerna jerks and : I thought of giving you a treat. I made pasta for you


Mishti in mind: Its a treat for Naira didi’s return to form and my love. Sorry didi I cant tell you now.
Both sisters have a wonderful time.

Akash’s home

He is working on Mr.Mehta’s case when he feels someone peeping though the window and walks out. Akash is relieved that no one was there but his police mind refuses to believe that it was just a hallucination. His heart over takes it and he is involved in work again. Unfortunately his police mind was right. The stranger is still peeping through the window.

Hospital veranda

Kuhu and Kunal are in their night duties. Kunal drags Kuhu to a lonely spot

Kuhu: Kunal..what are you doing?

Kunal: I am curious

Kuhu: About what?

Kunal: Why did Mishti suddenly go to a romantic play.
Kuhu: Because she is in love

Kunal: I never knew it

Kuhu: As you are a fool. She loves Abir and I knew it before her thats why I did the crush wedding trick to make her realise. Hope she has now realised

Kunal: Brilliant huh

Kuhu: Thank you

Kunal kisses Kuhu and she goes blank. As Keerthi is on her way there Kunal runs away muttering Pyar ka dushman



  1. Hey Sai,The episode is awesome.No problem . The main thing you are posting .I am a Silent reader of all your ff’s.All ate awesome.Every FF has a unique story.Hats Off to ur efforts.

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      Hai Ayesha Thank you ❤️❤️. Thanks for understanding 🥰🥰.Thank you so much 😍😍😍

  2. Radhakrishn

    No problem dear and no need to apologise.

    Loved Naira’s sherni avatar. Happy that Mishti realised her feelings. Keesh scenes were nice. Who is the stanger who us peeping through the window?? Mishti and Prerna scenes were lovely. Kuku scenes were cute. Kunal muttering ‘pyaar ka dushman’ to Keerthi was funny.

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much for undress dear Radhakrishn ❤️❤️So happy that you loved Naira’s sherni avatar . Yeah she did 😀😀. I’ll reveal him soon. So happy that you liked Mishti Prerna and Kuku scenes. Happy that you enjoyed Kunal’s pyar ka dushman 😃

  3. As usual, you rocked. Loved it…This FF is truly amazing and fantastic

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      Thank you so much Sheena ❤️❤️❤️. Very happy that you loved it 🥰🥰🥰Thank you very much 😍😍

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  8. Jasminerahul

    Naira beating up Samar n gang as superb.Aditya is in this ff also n he is damn irritating.What happened to Sweta actually?Finally mishit realized her love.What about Abir?Who is that stranger? Kunal runs away muttering Pyar ka dushman was funny.perfect pics

    1. Sai07

      Hey Jasmine so happy that you liked Samar beaten by Naira . Indeed he is. Shweta was given sedation and kidnapped by him. Abir..will tell soon. Stranger too very soon ❤️❤️.

  9. No problems at all dear..we understand….just try to post it everyday…but don’t worry we will read it regularly for sure…I will try my best to comment on each and every episode but if not.. don’t think that we don’t read.. because there are many silent readers too… Best wishes to you for your upcoming episodes… coming to the was awesome..mendak getting impressed with sherni..each and every element was superb..will kartik share his sorrow with naira?? Seems to be interesting… update soon!!!

    1. And more thing… before Kartik stops drinking..pls add a part where he blurts I love you to naira in drunken position and he even tries to flirt or romance…pls add if u can..

    2. Sai07

      Hey Kaira Thank you so much for understanding dear ❤️❤️I totally understand it my dear. Thank you so much dear ❤️❤️😀so happy that you liked it. Yes dear he will share with Naira. I’ll definitely add it ❤️❤️. Im working on next episode. Just pics pending. Will post very soon may be in 15 minutes dear 🥰

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