LOVE IS BLIND!!!! #Riansh OS by Aayu๐Ÿฅ€


Hello everyone ๐Ÿ’–

Okay so I have asked you all if you want any specific OS do tell me..but none of you commented.. except one..I don’t remember the name exactly…she told me to write on ishangre.which I really don’t know how to write..I will try if something just came in my mind..then I will surely write..



And yes offer is still open..if u want me to write any OS on Riansh u can comment..


So let’s start.. enough of my ratings…๐Ÿ™„


A handsome young man…sitting on the shores of beach..he was not a normal one..

SOMETHING was special…


He was scribbling something on a paper…

Humming a song…


Well He was something different…


Ishani:- Vansh bhai again!! I want to see…I also want to see the one who have done magic on my bhai..


Vansh:- Ishani not now let me complete..


Ishani:- But I will surely see…


Vansh:- Hmmm…..


Scene shifts…


Sejal:- Riddhu..what you think…when u will find ur love??


Riddhima:- Now which romantic story you read last night??


Sejal:- None of your business..answer my question first…


Riddhima:- How I will know..


Sejal:- why?? in that story..


Riddhima:- see I told u na.. don’t compare me with your story…


Sejal:- ๐Ÿฅบ..I hate you!!

What kind of best friend you are??


Riddhima:- melo drama started!!๐Ÿ™„


Scene shifts…


Ishani:- Bhai take some rest…stop for a while..finish your dinner first then you can complete your painting..


Vansh:- you keep the dinner on the table I will have it…


Vansh’s pov..


Hansta Rehta Hu

Tujhsay Mil kar Kyun Aaj-kal,

(Why does meeting you makes me smile, nowadays.)


Badle-Badle Hain

Mere Tevar Kyoon Aaj-kal,

(Why is there a sudden change in my attitude, nowadays.)


Ankhein Meri Har Jagah

Dhoondein Tujhe Bewajah,

(My eyes look for you everywhere, without any reason.)

Yeh Main Hoon Ya Koyi Aur Hai Meri Tarah.

(Is this really me or someone else.)


Kaise Hua Kaise Hua

(How did it happen?)

Tu Itna Zaroori Kaise Huwa,

(How did you become so important (or essential) to me?)


Main Barish Ki Boli Samajhta Nahi Tha,

(I did not use to understand the language of the rains.)

Hawaaon Se Main Yoon Ulajhta Nahi Tha,

(Neither I used to clash with the winds.)


Hai Seenay Mein Dil Bhi

(There is heart in my chest.)

Kahan Thi Mujhay Ye Khabar,

(Where did I know about that.)


Kahin Pe Ho Raatein, Kahin Pe Sawere,

(My nights pass somewhere and mornings elsewhere.)

Ye Aawargi Hi Rahi Saath Mere,

(Only vagrancy ( or homelessness) accompanied me all along.)

Thehar Ja, Thehar Ja

(To stay, To stay,)

Ye Kehti Hai Teri Nazar,

(Your eyes ask me to stay.)

Kya Haal Ho Gaya Ye Mera,

(What have I become in love?)


Aankhein Meri Har Jagah

Dhoondein Tujhe Bewajah,

(My eyes look for you everywhere, for no reason.)

Ya Main Hoon Ya Koyi Aur Hai Meri Tarah.

(Is this really me or someone else disguised as me.)


Kaise Hua Kaise Hua

(How did it happen?)

Tu Itna Zaroori Kaise Hua,

(How did you become so essential to me.)



Scenes shifts to Riddhima..


Riddhima’s pov..


Love is sometimes blind..

It minds us a lot..

It disturb you at the core..

It Adorn you…

It’s something special..

That make us special..

Love is something…

That can dove us in our own world

That own our single and every heart beat..

That mingle with our mind..

And mind our day…

It’s something special!!




Riansh pov…


Love is in air..

Love is the purest thing

Love is love..

That make us blush!!

It’s the lust that win our hearts..

And drove us to the world of ours…



Next morning…๐ŸŒ„


Ishani:- Bhai!!


Vansh:- Yes Ishani..


Ishani:- Dadi said that you are accompany us to temple..


Vansh:- hmmm….


Ishani:- Be ready!!


Vansh pov:-


Maybe I will meet her…

Caressing the painting…


Painting was ready!!


Scene shifts…


Sejal:- Riddhima lets go or else we will be late..


Riddhima:- hmm…I am ready!!


Scene shifts….(Don’t know how many time it will shift ๐Ÿ™„)


Ishani:- Dadi today bhai didn’t refuse to accompany us..


Dadi:- It’s good na!!


After few minutes three of them left for the temple…


At temple…


Dadi:- Vansh you wait here..Ishani and I will just come in few minutes..


Vansh was waiting when he collided with someone..


Vansh:- I am s..or…r..y!!


Riddhima:- It’s okay!

Don’t panic it’s alright..


Vansh:- Can you please help me?


Riddhima:- Yes ofcourse!


Vansh: Can you just tell me after seeing this is this painting look likes…


After seeing the painting….


Riddhima:- You made this it’s exactly looks like me…but how..I never met you?


Vansh:- Yes I was successful!!


Love is something..that don’t needs face it’s need feelings..It’s completely blind it can make you fall…it can make you can make you fly…


So what’s a big deal in making a portrait of whom you never met, whom face you never seen..yes he was blind but love makes you even more blind..but not with eyes with heart…his hands and her presence of mind was enough to make him fall for her….yes he just feel her presence once…


It was love but blind….

It was love……




This was my last draft..and now I completed it…

I hope I was able to convey what I wanted…I wrote this in my absence of my mind…

Don’t know why so pls do comments…

You noticed nothing emotional nor starting neither ending..*patting my back..*

Take care…

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  1. os on vansh obsession.plzzz

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