LOVE IS BEYOND AGES – Vani and Abhigya SS (Chapter 5)


Abhi:- Pragya…

Veer:- Haan, Pragya aunty, come.

Pragya:- Haan.

Veer takes Pragya with him, Bani also leaves with him. Abhi was standing there, Purab consoles him.

Purab:- don’t worry. Everything will be perfect today.

Abhi:- Haan.

Veer cuts the cake, everyone sings the song. Veer feeds abhi and Pragya cake. Bani also feeds veer cake and shares an eyelock. Disha pinches him again.

Veer:- aunty….

Disha:- focus on our plan. After that you can continue..

Veer:- you always understand me.

Disha smiles.

Disha:- now, plan B.

Veer:- ok.

Veer announces dance performance of dishrub. Dishrub dances on the song gerua.

Next veer takes Bani to the floor and dances on the song Dil ibadat.

Bani:- veer…

Veer:- Haan. Say.

Bani:- why are you looking at me?

Veer:- nothing. Can I ask you something?

Bani:- Haan.

Veer:- don’t you feel jealous when you see me with jhanvi?

Bani:- jealous and me. No way. And why will I feel jealous on seeing you both.

Veer:- that is the question I want answer to.

Bani:- woh…

Veer:- woh…tell me.

Bani gets her freed.

Bani:- now we have to focus on uncle and Pragya aunty.

Veer:- yeh I forgot.

Veer takes Pragya and Bani takes abhi to the floor. They were nervous first but agrees on vani’s request.

They dances on the song Allah waariyan..

Abhi:- do you remember, we had already danced on this song.

Pragya:- I don’t forget anything, you forgot everything.

Abhi:- when did I……

Pragya goes from there, crying. Abhi goes behind her.

Pragya:- please, don’t come after me. Now you have a son, if he sees it there will be a problem.

Abhi:- I hadn’t cheated you, Pragya. I had waited for you, but it was my helplessness. And I don’t know that you are single.

Pragya:- please go from here. Veer will see.

Veer:- I know everything.

Pragya and abhi gets shocked seeing them.

Veer:- I know everything papa.

Abhi looks at Disha and Purab, who nods him.

Abhi:- veer…

Veer:- Papa, don’t worry. I understand you. You had lived for me in these years, had sacrificed everything. But now I will not allow it. Pragya aunty now also loves you, that is why she is now alone.

Abhi:- veer, what are you saying? I had become old. And now it has no importance.

Bani:- now also it has importance.

Disha:- haan, bhai. We know how much you love Pragya. It was our misunderstanding.

Purab:- and now we have resolve it.

Veer:- and now, we will conduct your marriage.

Abhi:- but..

Bani:- no more excuses.

Veer comes to Bani and hugs her.

Veer:- thanks Bani. If you weren’t with me, I couldn’t give my father happiness. Thanks a lot.

Bani:- I didn’t do anything. It is your big heart. Otherwise no children will do like this.

Veer smiles.

Veer:- then….

Bani:- then..

Veer:- now papa got his love back.

Bani:- so

Veer:- now it’s my turn. Tell me do you love me?

Bani:- veer, are you proposing me?

Veer:- no time for arrangements. So tell me. Do you love me?

Bani nods. Veer hugs Bani and lifts her.

Kaise hua plays in the background.

Abhi:- Pragya sorry. Please forgive me.

Pragya:- Iam also sorry.

Abhi:- fuggi..

Pragya smiles.

They hugs each other. Dishrub sees this and gets happy.

Next day

Bani calls veer and..

Bani:- veer, where are you? Come fast.

Veer:- Iam coming.

Bani:- ok.

Veer reaches Bani’s house and sees his father there.

Her father was Balwant Sharma.

Balwant:- hii.

Veer:- hii.

Balwant:- Bani told me everything. So you are the person..

Veer smiles.

Balwant:- Bani, make a tea. I need to talk to veer.

Bani:- ok, Papa.

Balwant:- dekho veer. Iam very straight, I love my Bani a lot.

Veer:- I also love her a lot.

Balwant:- but I don’t like your family.

Veer:- sorry, I didn’t understand.

Balwant:- Bani told me that your father is going to marry again, that too at this stage.

Veer:- so..

Balwant:- to be frank, I don’t like this. Iam so embarrassed to get my daughter to a family like this.

Veer looks down.

Balwant:- but my daughter loves you a lot, so Iam giving you a condition. If you want my daughter, you will not conduct your father’s marriage and will come with us to America. Otherwise forget Bani.

Veer gets shocked hearing this. He goes from there and comes to Disha and cries. Disha consoles him.

Disha:- veer, what are you thinking?

Veer:- I won’t let my father’s happiness goes away.

Disha:- then yours.

Veer:- it’s ok.

Veer hugs Disha.

It was a fine day. Abhi and pragya’s marriage was conducted in abhi’s house. Abhi applies sindoor on her hairline. After that they takes photos of each other.

Bani:- veer, come. Papa is going Today. Please drop me there. By the way, yesterday what were you talking?

Veer:- nothing, just…

Bani:- okk. Now come.

Veer:- Haan.

Veer gets tensed.

In the airport, Bani and veer comes to Balwant.

Balwant:- hii veer.

Veer:- hii.

Bani:- papa, you have a surprise.

Balwant:- surprise, what?

Bani shows him Pragya and Abhi coming as a couple. He looks at veer angrily.

Balwant takes veer to a side and questions him.

Veer:- I can’t do as you say. I love my papa very much. I also loves Bani, but not more than my Papa. He has sacrificed everything for me. Sorry.

Balwant smiles. Veer looks at him shockingly.

Balwant:- if you had done as I say, I wouldn’t have give my Bani to you. I was just testing you veer.

Veer gets relieved. Balwant calls abhigya and Bani.

Balwant:- next month, I and my wife will come again to make my daughter veer’s wife. Is it okay?

Veer and Bani smiles.

Abhi:- it’s very nice of you.

Balwant:- till then, you have to look after my daughter.

Pragya:- she is now my daughter. I will look.

Balwant:- I know it.

Balwant goes.

Both Abhigya and Vani comes to the house. Disha does abhigyas grihapravesh. Abhi was going into the house, when they hear Vikram calling.

Abhi gets shocked seeing him. He was standing with a girl.

Abhi:- Vikram, who is this girl? What is she doing with you?

Vikram:- she is that history teacher. I marries her.

Abhi:- ohoo. Good luck for both of you.

Everyone shares a good moment. The screen freezes on their happy faces.

So, ya how was it. This was the last chapter. So please everyone comment and support me. Will come with a new story soon.

Stay safe.

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    Veer disha scene was hilarious. Abhigya vani n pusha dance scenes were romantic.vani cake scene n eye lock were romantic. Abhigya conversation was painful.veer saying that he knows everything n wants to conduct their wedding…bani telling abhi that now also this has importance was nice.veer hugging n thanking bani was nice.vani confession scene was romantic. Abhigya apologizing n hugging was emotional. Balwant as bani’s father was surprising. Happy that abhigya got married.veer crying telling disha about Balwant’s demand was sad.balwant telling veer that he was testing him was lovely.Happy to see that vikram finally found love in the history teacher.superb pics.wish there was abhigya wedding pic.

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    Surprising that the story ends here. It was an amazing story. Abhishek and Pragya’s dance and confession was cute, painful and lovely. Enjoyed Veer and Bani dance and Disha-Purab dance. Bani telling the importance of love and making Abhishek realize was nice. Balwant testing Veer was surprising. Impressed how unknowingly he passed the test. Vikram finding his love was nice.

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